Slick Fallout 4 Sports Car Added to Forza 6

When you play Fallout games and you walk past the countless charred husks of the pre-apocalypse cars, you can’t help but wish you could drive them. While it may not include being able to drift between the rubble of the wasteland, now you can, as the Chryslus Rocket ’69 is being added to Forza 6 as a playable vehicle.

The Rocket ’69 is one of the most strikingly beautiful vehicles from the Fallout series and a great example of the retro-futuristic style of the series world before it was bathed in nuclear fire. The addition of the fictional car has been a long time in the works too, with a collaboration between the Fallout and Forza series being announced all the way back in November, around the time Fallout 4 was released. The first result of the crossover was far less exciting, a rusted 1956 Ford F100 bearing a Vault Boy paint job, with the true prize of the collab, the Rocket, being stated as simply coming “soon”.

This car won’t be available for sale in-game, unfortunately, with only those who have logged time playing both Forza 6 and Fallout 4 while connected to Xbox Live being eligible to receive this fine vehicle. There may be a little longer to wait for those lucky players too, with Microsoft stating that “due to the millions of codes being sent, it can take up to seven days for codes to arrive.”

Dropbox Confirms it Has Been Working on a Google Docs Alternative

It is said that a mysterious product dubbed Project Composer has been seen on Product Hunt, an online community website where a lot of new products are shared and discovered. The product has been available for a short time, but long enough for some users to test it before having their access cut off.

Users who were lucky enough to test it say that Composer is a note-taking tool that allows for multiple users to edit and share files simultaneously. This means that Dropbox users would create and edit documents on-the-fly and without the need to use an external document editing tool.

While it was fairly clear that Dropbox accidentally leaked its project online, the company chose to deny and comment on it… at least at first. Dropbox’s head of product, business and mobile, Ilya Fushman, has confirmed that Composer is indeed one of the company’s new products that is about to hit the market.

“We’re always testing new products. We always have a bunch of stuff we’re working on — and this is one of them,” Fushman told Business Insider.”We’re excited it’s got us on Product Hunt. I think you’ll see us come out with some other stuff in that space,” he added.

However, Fushman did not provide an exact release date for Composer, stating that Dropbox usually tests its new products with thousands of customers before officially releasing it, a strategy that helps the company make sure it has the right market fit.

“We want people to use them and get feedback,” Fushman said. “We might find out that people dont’ like it.” Fushman said.

It was clear that Dropbox was going to make a document editing and collaboration tool sooner or later. Two years ago, the company acquired Hackpad. a startup that was focusing on similar software such as Composer, and last year’s acquisition included CloudOn, a mobile document editing software.

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BMW and Tesla in “Talks”

Reuters reports that Elon Musk has been in talks with BMW over possible collaboration in the design of batteries and other components.

The talks have taken place between the Chief Executive of Tesla Elon Musk and BMW executives. Musk is supposedly interested in working with BMW on lightweight body parts and battery technologies.

“We are talking about whether we can collaborate in battery technology or charging stations,” Musk was quoted as saying in the interview.

Although, a spokesperson later said that the talks were “informal” and not indicative of an official collaboration between the two companies.

BMW has shown an increased interest in electric cars after recently releasing its first mass-produced EV, the BMW i3 full electric vehicle.

Source: Business Insider

Facebook at Work to Launch in January

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook’s ‘Facebook at Work’ product will be launching in January.

The report suggests that the product may be available for free without ads at first, in an attempt to expand its user base. The product was revealed last week in a report by the Financial Times, with Facebook aiming to target businesses and workplaces, helping them to collaborate over work projects using real-time chat and Facebook groups.

The rumour that Facebook is to launch a collaborative social media product aimed at businesses comes a time when many other companies, like Microsoft, are also expanding its efforts in workplace collaboration. Just this weekend, we reported on Microsoft’s announcement that chat will be incorporated into Microsoft Office.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Amazon Working Alongside HTC On Three Smartphones

Amazon and HTC are working on a new line of smartphones, according to a report published by the Financial Times on Tuesday.

Unnamed sources tell the publication that the first of three devices is near the end of development, but Amazon may decide to change its planned release date. The company was planning to release it in 2014 but is now reconsidering its original timeline, according to the report. We’ve contacted Amazon for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

HTC told the Times that it would not comment about Amazon but said it is always open to collaborating with carriers and other tech companies. In response to a CNET request for comment, HTC said, “We do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Rumors of an Amazon smartphone have been popping up for a couple of years now but the rumor mill has been particularly busy lately. When a recent report said the company would give the phone away, Amazon quickly shut the rumor down, saying it had “no plans to offer a phone this year, and if we were to launch a phone in the future, it would not be free.”

HTC has worked on a phone for another major tech brand. The smartphone maker partnered with Facebook to make the social network’s first true Facebook phone, but that partnership yielded some disappointing results because of a lack of interest in Facebook’s Android Home software.

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