Who Needs Smart Tech When We’ve Got Caffeine Wearables!

We’ve seen a lot of wearable tech over the years, most of which now comes in the form of a wristband or a smartwatch device that tracks your fitness and general wellbeing, but the Joule is a little bit different. The new wristband aims to combat the issues with wearing adhesive transdermal patches, the types often used for nicotine and caffeine based treatments. The patches can be uncomfortable due to the adhesive used and can certainly cause various skin irritations for the wearer, but what if you could simply wear it on your wrist?

Joule, a simple caffeine wearable, is designed to be more comfortable and puts the patch in a part of the body that has minimal fat resistance and high blood flow, allowing for a more effective treatment. It’s like the anti-hero to the current crop of connected wearables, in fact, it’s a laughably simple idea when you think about it, but one that could help a lot of people none the less.

“Let’s face it, the main reason most of us wait in long lines, put up with stained teeth and bad breath, keep adding to the old spare tire and take in obscene amounts of sugar is to get that wonderful caffeine boost.

Whether it’s a coffee first thing in the morning, or an energy drink before an all-night study session, caffeine is what we want and damn the consequences! When you think about it…how many issues in your life can be traced to having low energy, no energy, mood swings or general lack of alertness? We all want to cram a lot into a narrow window of time, but when energy levels suffer, so does your performance.

Now….imagine if you could get all the positives of your coffee or energy drink with none of the negatives, and actually pay “less” than you do now. Would you be interested?

Well, No Sh*t Sherlock!

It’s time to modify the way you deliver caffeine into your bloodstream and discover the Joule Caffeine Bracelet!”

The company recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $15,000  and given that they’re already at $8,000 (correct at time of writing) with a month left, I doubt they’ll be having many issues getting the cash together.

Would this be enough to help you kick your coffee and energy drink habit? Or do you prefer your fix to come in a cup?

Hipsters Rejoice! Starbucks and Spotify Team up

Starbucks, the hipster place to have an over-priced coffee and work on that auto-biography. They have now ditched the conventional methods of music to jump on the streaming service Spotify, but don’t expect to walk in and use it like WiFi.

The service will be used to play a variety of songs that have proven popular from the retail stores from over the last twenty years, but not in a conventional loop that is determined by head office. This will be based on a ‘set’ playlist, but the baristas can add songs in, to their tastes.

Starbucks have opted for this new service, one to catch up with the times, but to also offer a loyalty scheme to customers; mainly those who are part of the ‘My Starbucks Rewards’ program. ” If you’re one of them, you’ll have the chance to earn Stars as Currency points for subscribing to Spotify Premium, which offers access to millions of songs that can be played offline, ad-free and without any skip limitations.”

This partnership is set to be launched later this year in America; Canada and the UK will follow soon after. Will this be enough to sway more customers in through the doors? I think I might pick up a coffee every now and then if it means free Spotify.

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Online Matchmaking for Coffee

We’ve all heard of online matchmaking sites when it comes to dating, but this is somewhat more useful. At least to me, and I’m loving this idea, lets hope it spreads to more parts of the world.

Craft Coffee has come up with a concept of matching the perfect cup of coffee to the customer.The company has been around since 2011, offering up a coffee subscription service designed to help users discover new roasts from around the country. It partners with dozens of different independent roasters to source beans and deliver them to customers that would probably never have heard of them.

The subscription model isn’t anything new in itself, but Craft has taken all their information from previous sale and combined it with their knowledge about the beans to create a discovery model based on what it calls the Coffee DNA project. Having shipped over 50 thousand pounds of coffee already, Craft has a big database. That coupled with customer survey and and coffee drinkers will be presented with a products just for his or hers taste.

New customers just sign up and take a short survey, and if they’re looking for something similar or something new and different. They then choose a price level and delivery schedule, as well as whether they’d prefer whole or ground beans.

The new coffee is sent each month, either one package of beans or a sampler from three different roasters. Plans start at $11.99 and go up to $24.99, depending on the quality of the coffee that they send. With thousands of different blends in its database and hundreds of different beans available to ship to its customers at any time, Craft Coffee hopes to find something for anyone. According to founder Michael Horn, the company is building out a distribution network for the roasters that it partners with, who probably wouldn’t be able to reach the customers it connects them with otherwise.

This is technology based matchmaking I can get behind.

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Meet the Alarm Clock That Brews Coffee Whilst You Wake

I’m guessing most people reading this like to wake up with a nice cup of coffee, or tea if that takes your fancy. The problem is we have to get out of bed, trundle down stairs and put the kettle on to start the process. Meet the Barisieur, an alarm clock that brews coffee right on top of your bedside table the moment the alarm goes off.

I for one don’t drink the stuff and can’t see myself starting to now but there are millions of people around the world who just can’t function until they have at least one cup of coffee running through their system. The market for something like this is huge, as I just said millions of people wake up with coffee and I’m guessing they wouldn’t say no to a decent cuppa being made by their own alarm clock right before their eyes.

The Barisieur uses induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings and boils water for a pour-over brew, giving off the aroma of your favorite beans as you rise to start the day. Unfortunately there is only one of these in the world but there are plans to mass produce it for retailers with a selling price of £150 – £250.

Would you pay that much for a Barisieur? All that cash for a little luxury on your bedside table? Let us know below!

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Coffee and Dessert Makes It’s Way to the ISS on ESA Resupply Ship

Now being aboard the ISS (International Space Station) must be an amazing privilege indeed, living way about the earth seeing everything that’s happening below. For the lucky few that get to live/work up there for a living they need to be able to function like the rest of us here on the gloomy earth. Eating, breathing, sleeping, you know, normal stuff that we do becomes incredibly difficult up in space because there is no gravity, which as awesome as that is, can be annoying.

Now astronauts deserve a treat now and again, they are away from their families most of the time, so in this next refueling mission the astronauts are being sent Cappuccino and Tiramisu, as well as Oxygen, fuel and other essentials. The resupply ship is set to dock with the ISS on August 12 at about 9:30 am. This is the last resupply mission that the ESA will perform.

Seeing as this is the last resupply mission ESA will ever perform, someone needs to take over. Russian Progress spacecraft and the Japanese HTC cargo ships will be taking over from ESA. When the resupply is launching from the USA, missions will be handled by SpaceX and Orbital Sciences. So there are plenty of people to keep the astronauts topped up with air, fuel, spare parts and much more for the foreseeable future.

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Drink Coffee During the Day… At the Scientifically Proven Best Times!

Most people drink coffee early in the morning, during the day or at night in order to last the night. Either at work, at home or out with friends, it seems that most people go out for a coffee as a way to socialize nowadays. But the question is, when is it the best time to drink a cup of coffee?

Neuroscience doctoral student, Steven Miller, seems to explain that the best time for drinking coffee is between 9:30 and 11:30. He states that careful timing of when you get your daily dosage of coffee is important and prevents people from building up a tolerance to it. Miller says that it is the same as with painkillers and antibiotics, having them administered only when needed so as to prevent individuals from becoming resistant to their effects. Coffee however does not alter the body’s pain or pleasure, it is merely a way to alter its alertness to fatigue, prolonging the daily activity.

This is why Miller suggests to avoid drinking coffee during time periods when the body is naturally more alert. Just as nobody takes a prescription painkiller for a mild headache, coffee should only be drank at certain times in order to feel the desired effect. More information about the body’s internal clock, the hormones it releases periodically throughout the day and other coffee-drinking best times throughout the day can be found on Miller’s blog here.

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Mobile Phones Could Connect to Public Wi-Fi Automatically in The Near Future

Whenever you are in a metropolitan area, having lots of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. most likely means free Wi-Fi. The only big downside is the endless process of connecting to it. Apparently Google is looking to simplify this process with an app that automatically authenticates the user whenever a free Wi-Fi is available.

Reports say that Google has already begun the takeover of Starbucks franchises all around the US by replacing AT&T as the official Wi-Fi provider inside the coffee shop franchise stores. However, logging into Google’s network will still require authentication.

Google has thought of this impediment and came up with the idea of developing an app which can retain the Google account information between session and logging the user in automatically once the smarthpone detects a hotspot. The app is said to be released for both iOS and Android platforms, having no news on whether or not they will consider the Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 platform at the moment.

Even so, the app is still in the development stages and might not even be released. Though, the idea is pretty interesting and useful since people spend a lot of time attempting to connect to free wireless connections.

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