TteSports Commander Gaming Gear Combo Keyboard & Mouse Review


PC gaming on a tight budget may seem difficult, but with Steam Sales and Humble Bundles being forever present, the cost of finding games to play often walks into pocket-money territory. The range of budget friendly graphics cards and more are also pretty incredible these days, offering some seriously affordable and worthy devices. Of course, to complete the puzzle, you’re also going to need some sturdy gaming peripherals to help you in the heat of battle. It doesn’t matter if you play Elder Scrolls or League of Legends, you’re going to need a keyboard and mouse for the mass majority of PC games, as well as for day-to-day desktop tasks.

The TteSports Commander Gaming Gear Combo offers up a full-size keyboard and an optical mouse for under £30; that’s value that is very hard to ignore! Is it going to blow us away with incredible performance? I doubt it, but I am eager to see just how much you can get for such a wallet-friendly price tag.

Amazingly, both the keyboard and mouse are pretty well equipped. There’s a full-size keyboard, with multimedia shortcut keys, adjustable repeat rate, LED backlighting, plunger switches, anti-ghosting and more. The mouse has an optical sensor with four DPI settings, six buttons and an ergonomic right-hand design; not bad for this price range!

TteSports Challenger PRIME Gaming Keyboard Review


PC gaming can be quite expensive sometimes, but it doesn’t always have to be. The latest keyboard from the legendary TteSports promises a huge range of features for a not so huge amount of money, something that I’m sure will appeal to a very large audience. TteSports have always been known for their competitive pricing, even on their high-end stuff, but the Challenger Prime was designed from the ground up to be affordable while still maintaining excellent value for money.

“The CHALLENGER Prime membrane gaming keyboard packs a whole lot of features at a budget-friendly price. The backlighting system features red, blue, and purple LEDs for static and pulse lighting; Brightness can further adjusted via the dial in the front center of the keyboard. As with the CHALLENGER series of keyboards, the CHALLENGER Prime also features onboard memory for setting the dedicated macro keys. In addition, there are multimedia keys, shortcut keys, repeat rate and poll rate adjustment keys.” – TteSports

It comes with a fairly standard full-size key layout, as well as additional dedicated macro keys, shortcut buttons across the top, multimedia controls, 3-colour LED lighting, a volume dial, built-in wrist rest and more! That’s already a pretty impressive feature set, wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s TteSports giving us a quick run through many of the features you can expect from the Challenger Prime.

First impressions are pretty good, with a nicely designed box that has a clear image of the keyboard on the front, as well as a quick rundown of the main features.

Around the back of the box, a much more in-depth set of features are detailed, but we’ll be taking an even closer look at those ourselves in just a moment.

Aside from the obvious, you’ll also find a couple of booklets in the box, nothing fancy, but we really only need the big item that was in the box.

Overclockers UK Enters the eSports Arena

Overclockers UK is well-known for the online shop full of great hardware and gaming systems, but they aren’t content with just supplying all the gaming components, they want to part of it. Not surprising when you have a company basically made up of gamers and for gamers, those who want the best and most out of it.

They have now formed their own professional League of Legends team in order to take on the online gaming community. Team Overclockers UK is sponsored by Cougar and will be competing in the Challenger Series and various tournaments with the aim to qualify for LCS, the biggest eSport league in the world. Being heavily involved in eSports, streaming and gaming internally with members of the staff, a professional eSports team was the next natural step.

The Overclockers UK team consists of the following people:

  • Marek “Libik” Kręgiel (Team Captain)
  • Kuba “Kubon” Turewicz
  • Wojciech “Tabasko” Kruza
  • Rafal “TakeFun” Górniak
  • Pawel “Celaver” Koprianiuk
  • Fryderyk “Veggie” Kozioł (coach)

The next match is on June the 30th against Team Dignitas and the reverse match will be played the next day, on Wednesday the first of July. The next team they’re up against will be Denial eSports on the 7th and 8th of July.

League of Legends Player Reaches Diamond Tier with Exactly 3,439,140 Mouse Clicks

The Diamond tier isn’t the highest level in the League of Legends title’s ranked mode, but it still is near the top and very hard to achieve. Players who want to climb up the ladder all the way to Diamond (at least) are said to put a lot of effort and time into the game, like three years and around three million clicks, according to a player’s statistic.

League of Legends and redditer r3as0n has reached the Diamond V level, the lowest of the top five tiers that Riot uses to separate each of the seven separate ranks.

Diamond is said to be the third rank, falling short behind Master and Challenger, making it a respectable level to achieve, even with the game’s big community. The redditer has even kept track of the total number of times he clicked the mouse in-game during rank mode and until reaching the Diamond rank.

“I use a Razor Naga MMO mouse for league of legends because i’m not a big fan of shift clicking + Ctrl clicking,” the ranked League player told Kotaku in an email this morning. “I like having the extra 12 buttons at my disposal for key-bindings.”

“I’m reluctant to say that the mouse is the MVP,” he added, “but i’ve had this mouse since 2010 and I’ve never had any issues with it.”

After the last successful qualifying match that placed r3as0n in Diamond V rank, the counter indicated a number of 3,439,140 mouse clicks. This statistic is not just numbers, it also shows how long players are required to play the game in order to just scratch the surface of the upper-most competitive high ranks.

The redditer also admits that he formed a lot of reflexes during his time spent in-game, helping him make quick-judgement and take swift actions during battles.

In the end, given the statistics captured by r3as0n and the high number of League of Legends players, we will probably not see a lot of Master or Challenger ranked characters in the title.

Thank you Kotaku for providing us with this information

TteSports Challenger Gaming Keyboard Review

In the office today we have the Challenger gaming keyboard from TteSports, a budget friendly and somewhat unique gaming keyboard that features a rather interesting feature (gimmick), a cooling fan!

TteSports have a great product line up, and the moment and they’ve got some of the top gaming peripherals on the market too, of course that is a subjective matter, but I have to say I am a big fan of their gaming mice as well as their mechanical keyboards. Yet for all their fancy toys the best part of TteSports for me is their prices, they do seem to offer the best return for your investment and the Challenger keyboard looks set to do the same. Priced at around £25 its far from being expensive, I would even go as far to say this its a pretty modest price tag for any standard membrane keyboard, let alone one that’s been designed with gaming in mind, or that comes with high-end gaming brand name on the box.

Of course, price is nothing if the performance and quality are worthless, but TteSports have proven themselves in the past and I expect to find the same standards here today. Given how involved TteSports are with pro gaming and the eSports scene, they have quite a reputation to maintain and I doubt their in a hurry to ruin that reputation with an inferior product. Yet at £25 I can hardly expect this to be the best keyboard in the world, but it will be interesting to see just where it fits in as TteSports have little to no competition for a full size gaming keyboard within this price range.

The Challenger comes as nicely packaged as anything else in the TteSports range, featuring a really nice styled box, with a good image of the keyboard and a few logos that detail some of the major features such as the cooling fan and macro keys.

Inside the box we have a fold up panel that features some further details on features such as the USB port (input), Macros, multimedia keys, 32KB memory and more.

There are a few nice little extras in the box too, aside from the manual and setup guide we have a little black pouch that contains two false key caps for the Windows keys, a key cap removal tool and two rubber plugs that can be used to cover the fan mounting holes to keep dust out.

The keyboard is hard-wired, but it does still feature a really nice quality braided cable.

The keyboard its self features a full size layout with an extra wide chassis, this provides a sturdy looking design and also offers up a built-in wrist rest.

A stylish little strip of red down each side serves no purpose, but it does add a touch of colour to an otherwire fairly dull colour scheme (not unlike 99.9% of keyboards).

Around the back you can see a single USB 2.0 port, perfect for your headset, USB drive, or similar device and it means the Challenger won’t leave you one USB port down after connection the device. More interestingly is the little device you can see on the right, which is in fact a tiny fan.

It’s a fairly simple and inoffensive little thing, with a simple jack plug on the base ready to be clipped into the keyboard.

It doesn’t look to fancy but its pretty compact and it feels fairly robust too.

It’s as simple as plug and play, clip it onto either the left or right side of the keyboard and it will provide a nice little breeze across your finger tips.

The keyboard features the usual Tt logo in the centre of the wrist rest and while it doesn’t feature LED lighting or other fancy features it does add a nice touch of style to the overall design.

The Fn key opens up a full set of multimedia keys that are paired with the top Function keys, handy for controlling your music and volume mid game.

the reverse of the keyboard is pretty basic, featuring four rubber feet and two fairly standard flit up stands.

Setup & Installation

The keyboard is super easy to set up thanks to its plug and play design, windows found the drivers straight away and the included driver CD serves as a nice backup.


I put the keyboard through its paces in a few of my favourite games, although since I’ve spent more time playing League of Legends recently than anything else it was a great way to really put the keyboard through its paces. While I didn’t have anything bad to say about its performance, I’ve nothing amazing to say either, it’s just a membrane keyboard with a few macros tacked on. It is however quite nicely laid out and the key height, wrist rest and the little fan make for a relaxing gaming position, so it’s not exactly bottom of the list in terms of performance.

General Performance

As far as budget keyboards go this isn’t too bad to type with on a daily basis, sure it’s not as nice as the TteSports Knucker, or their Meka mechanical keyboards, but it was never designed to be either, it’s just a straight forward keyboard, with a few little bonus features tagged on to improve its value. If you’re looking for something to do some light gaming, a bit of work and some web browsing, then this is the perfect tool for the job.

I think TteSports may be over selling this keyboard a little by calling it a gaming keyboard, even though they’re a gaming brand and they make gaming products, I just can’t see anything that stands out as a major gaming feature on this keyboard. The only feature that really makes a difference are the Macros but even while playing League of Legends I didn’t feel inclined to use them to their full potential as I personally much prefer dedicated macro keys.

If I sound like I’m being too hard on this keyboard though, that isn’t my intention, this is a great little product. It’s really nicely built, TteSports have used some good quality plastics in its construction and design, the Tt inlay looks great and the overall profile of the board is slim and light. The inclusion of a braided cable is also highly welcome and it gives a more premium look to the keyboard overall.

The fan might seem a little bit silly, but that’s because it is, its ridiculous, it looks stupid, people will laugh, I laughed, but there is one important factor… it actually works quite nicely! When eTeknix was at iSeries a few weeks back we were in a hot gaming hall and had to do a lot of typing, that little fan blowing across the keyboard was lovely, it’s an extra feature and it adds something new to the mix.

What we have here then is a regular keyboard, with better than normal construction and a few little features packed in to sweeten the deal. Sure it’s not about to win awards for being the greatest gaming keyboard ever, but as a day-to-day, budget friendly product I think we have a winner. At just £25 your getting a great brand name and a little taste of what TteSports have to offer, but if you want something that is really going to blow you away (no fan pun intended), you need to look a little higher in the TteSports keyboard range.