James Cameron Now Wants Five Avatar Films

After the success of Avatar at the box office, James Cameron revealed he wanted not one but two sequels to the film. This has now changed as Cameron now wants five Avatar films in total, all before 2024.

Avatar is often seen as the first film to truly introduce viewers to the benefits of a 3D film, with many leaving cinemas awe smacked by the content and depth they felt when viewing the natives fighting up close. The change came about “after meeting with a team of four screenwriters and a group of some of the top artists and designers in the world”, the ultimate result was that Cameron noticed he had more content than he wanted to fit into just two films, resulting in the dream of three, and then four sequels.

Cameron seems to have high hopes for the Avatar Films, saying that while only a few had seen initial concepts for the next film, those that had were left “speechless”. The next film is set for release in 2018, with the sequels set for 2020, 2022 and 2023, implying that there may be some overlap in the filming schedules to help create a smooth release model for such a large budget film series.

Did you like Avatar? When it comes to sequels are you a happy person or do you prefer to be a little more cautious about expecting great things after the first film in a series?

Pixar Celebrates 20 Years With Special Video

Wow has it been that long already, Pixar is celebrating 20-years in the industry and given me an unwelcome reminder of my own age. In that 20 years, I’ve been a big fan of every movie Pixar has made, perhaps with the exception of Cars, but I digress. I loved their movies as a kid and now that I’m grown up, my kids love watching them with me too. They’ve had a huge range of smash hits, from Toy Story to Inside Out and they’ve got plenty more in the works too.

To celebrate, Pixar has created a supercut of their best BFF moments, from Woody and Buzz, to Carl and Russell, there have been a lot of buddy stories over the years. What’s interesting is that the supercut also features Arlo and Spot, the stars of their upcoming movie The Good Dinosaur; no doubt another movie that’ll tug at the heart strings of the audience.

“A single friendship can change everything. From Toy Story to The Good Dinosaur, join us in celebrating 20 years of friendship from Pixar Animation Studios.” Said Pixar.

Check out the video below and be sure to tell us who your favorite Pixar BFF duo is in the comments section below.

Eager for a Pixar fix? Don’t forget that The Good Dinosaur launches on November 25th!

Remembering Robin Williams 1yr On

Yesterday (August 11th) marked the one year anniversary since the passing of Robin Williams, who was a beloved, charismatic and exciting comedian, actor and personality. Uniqueness is overused within today’s generic saturation of celebrity; Robin Williams was without a doubt unique and creative. His career spanned the silverscreen which included animation to thrillers and everything in between; the diverse acting ability can even be linked within tech, think voiceovers in animated films such as Robots, Aladdin, Flubber and CGI adventures in Night Of The Museum franchise.

A critical aspect of Robin Williams personality was his movement; he could display a wired comic before stepping it down several notches for a moving scene. Below is a video which displays this and comes courtesy of a Vimeo channel video, it begins with a clip from Good Morning Vietnam; I loved this performance because it felt spontaneous, dangerous and exciting.

A comparison of movement is illustrated 1:34 minutes into this video with a clip of One Hour Photo which is below. As you can see, there are two different scenes which are side by side, these could easily contain the same movements, but Robin Williams subtly changes to convey the effect of variation. A person in real life for example walks to work, but they do not walk with the same movements each day, this also conveys the impression of two different days, not the same structured scene which has been repeated.

A clip from Flubber now which is below and illustrates the way Robin Williams acted, I can’t think of many comedians who would be able to successfully convey a story while acting with a CGI non entity, the performance is natural and embodies the character while still managing to project authenticity, it’s also not forced over the top acting for the sake of it, he understands the skills required.


I was going to place comedy from Robin Williams below, but, I cannot guarantee the clips won’t contain swearing, therefore I have not, also, there are clips on Youtube from a US show by the name of Shrink Rap, by all means take a look, it’s fascinating. The clip is 46 minutes long and again, I have not uploaded it because of the reason above.

1 year on and the world still misses a genius.

Brad Bird Starts Writing The Incredibles 2

Writer/director Brad Bird has revealed that he has recently started work on the script for Disney-Pixar’s sequel to 2004’s animated action comedy The Incredibles. Bird told NPR’s Ask Me Another, “It’s percolating. I mean, I’m just starting to write it, so we’ll see what happens.”

Pixar Animation Studios, an innovator in the field of CGI rendering since its inception as a spin-off from George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic special effects department, revolutionised animated films with the release of Toy Story in 1995, the world’s first fully CGI movie. Since then, CGI animation has become the standard, influencing the successful Shrek and Ice Age franchises, and even bleeding through to television, with traditionally animated sitcoms The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park adopting computer animation in recent years.

However, despite Pixar changing the landscape of animation, since its purchase by Disney it has become locked into a cycle of releasing sequels, rather than risk new intellectual properties, with Toy Story 4, Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory, and Cars 3 joining The Incredibles 2 on the follow-up list.

Source: Flickering Myth

Microsoft Launches MS-DOS App for Mobile Devices

Microsoft is going old-school this April Fools’ Day has launched an MS-DOS app for mobile. The app appears to be just like the real thing, having to navigate around by typing DIR in order to list available apps and using CD to enter directories.


If you navigate to the programs folder, you can see a camera.exe app that lets you take an ASCII or CGA selfie and you can even find a Rock Paper Scissors game, taking you back to the Sound Blaster sound card days and CGA,EGA and VGA display settings with the help of Cortana.

Also, by typing WIN you can enter Microsoft’s first Windows platform, Windows 3.1. For those interested in trying out the app, you can download it for free from the Windows Phone store here.

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Toy Story 4 Coming in 2017

The Toy Story franchise may already be a well-rounded trilogy, but given that Toy Story 3 grossed over a billion dollars on its own, Pixar would be crazy to not make another. Fortunately for fans of Buzz, Woody, Andy and more, Pixar have already started work on their next installment.

Disney head Bob Iger officially announced the production of the fourth Toy Story movie, but don’t hold your breath while waiting for it as it’s not going to be out until some time in 2017. Making a movie is a long process and this one is in the very early development stages.

Nothing has been confirmed about the plot of Toy Story 4. We don’t know if it will feature our favourite toys from the previous movies, or if Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will be returning to voice Woody and Buzz, although I hope they do. No doubt Pixar will blow us all away once again with a heartwarming story and incredible CGI technology.

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Disney Renders Its New CGI Film on a 55,000-Core Supercomputer.

Prepare your CPU’s – the new bad boy in computer animation processing has arrived at Disney’s studio – a 55,000-core monster supercomputer, and it’s pumping out over 400,000 high level computations per day. What’s it currently at work at you ask? Disney’s new animated film Big Hero: 6. The film tells the tale of a young boy and his soft robot and is said to be a mishmash of varying super powers (think Marvel or DC Comics) crossed with a technology infused fantasy city called “San Fransokyo”.

The visual workings of the film are staggering, the movie’s been created from the ground up using Disney’s new software engine known as Hyperion. Hyperion accurately analyses and calculates lighting from multiple sources of indirect lighting – allowing artists and graphic designers to create scenes with more realistic and creative atmospheres digitally than ever before. Disney’s offered a few looks into the scenes and lighting that’s being rendered – and we have to say that it’s absolutely stunning. To put the power of Hyperion into perspective Disney’s Animation CTO Andy Hendrickson said that Hyperion “could render Tangled from scratch every 10 days.” The fantasy city of San Fransokyo will feature over 260,000 individually rendered trees, 83,000 buildings, 215,000 streetlights and over 100,000 vehicles. This is on top of literally thousands of crowd extras that have been poured into the animation through a special generational tool called Denizen.

The funny thing about it all is that the extreme envelope pushing technology isn’t the kind of stuff that will ever excite your typical moviegoer. The incredible details and calculations Hyperion deliver are just your typical norms that people associate with the moving pace of technological advancements – however, with that said, the hardware and software powering them is just as staggering and mind blowing as always. With the backbone of the film being rendered via a 55,000-core supercomputer, Hendrickson estimates that most of the fancy effects that will be seen on screen will be taken for granted by most audiences.

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First-ever Fully Computer-Animated Series “Reboot” Making A Comeback

If you’re old enough to remember Reboot it was the first full computer animated cartoon series on TV, if you’re not sure how old that makes you feel let’s keep in mind that it is about to have it’s 20th anniversary in the new year! The show launched in 1994.

Rainmaker Entertainment, the studio behind the original show has just renamed its TV division to Mainframe Entertainment and launched development of a sequel to the first ever series of Reboot. Time to revisit the digital world of Bob, Dot, Enzo, Fristket and of course Megabyte.

Mainframe Entertainment was acquired by Rainmaker in 2006 and it is great to see that they’re going to bring back the show, I was 9 at the time of its original release and my son will be the same age for the new series, perfect!

While this all sounds like “hey let’s all watch cartoons”, I think it’s more important to see a return of the first ever fully CGI cartoon series, it certainly paved the way in the industry and it will be interesting to see how things have changed in the last 20 years.

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