Essential Road Trip Gadgets: CES 2015

CES 2015 is always an incredible show, bringing many, if not all, of the world’s major technology companies into one place, ready to show off their latest and greatest products. This year was a little different for us here at eTeknix. After the show, we took to the roads to visit San Francisco and Los Angeles. On our trip, we stopped by the offices of Thermaltake, Patriot, Corsair, NZXT and more! A trip like CES is a big undertaking, for me personally it requires a four-hour train journey, a ten-hour flight and we clocked up over 20 hours driving over 1500 miles. All that is before the return journey of another ten-hour flight and another four-hour train journey home. All this traveling is enough to make you tired. Fortunately, there were a few luxuries that helped make the journey just that little bit easier for us; without which, we would have struggled.

LUXA2 Phone Dock

First up we have one of the simplest gadgets of them all, but by far the one that helped us out the most on our journey from Las Vegas to San Francisco, then again on our journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the LUXA2 Mobile Phone Mount.

The car we used, a Ford Mustang, has a cigarette lighter high up on the dashboard, perfect for keeping your Sat Nav or mobile phone charged when mounted in a cradle or dock of some format. Even better is how the LUXA2 mount works, as the mount fits directly into the cigarette lighter, giving you a powered USB port directly from the mount to connect your phone, while also providing a sturdy mount that doesn’t have to stick onto your windscreen, or hang from the air conditioning vents. The mount was universal and proved more than capable of housing our iPhone 6 Plus.

Ultra Short Patriot iPhone Lightning Cable

The only downside with this kind of mount is that the normal iPhone cable trails all over the place. Given the phone mount we had, we found the standard cable got caught on the dashboard controls, wrapped around the gear stick and more; not what I would call ideal. Patriot, perhaps better known for their high-end memory products, also make mobile products and quickly came to our rescue. Their new Lightning USB cable is just 6 inches long, perfect for going from dock to phone. This is the perfect cable to keep in the car and it saves you having to bring your full cable with you.

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Sitting on a plane for hours on end is a tedious and often boring affair. Sure you’ve got some in-flight entertainment (on some flights), but the easiest solution is to bring your own entertainment with you. Bringing your smartphone is one solution, but the small screens aren’t really ideal for watching movies and TV shows, and battery life isn’t always enough for a long haul flight; especially so if you’re gaming on it. The Shield Tablet solves a lot of these problems, not only did the battery life hold up for the full ten-hour flight, it also provided us with a unique experience that made us the envy of other passengers; Playing Mario Kart 64 on an emulator with two controllers was by far the most fun I’ve ever had on a flight! As an added bonus, the Nvidia Shield Cover provided the perfect viewing angle for gaming, watching movies and reading articles during the flight.

MEElectronics Wireless Headphones

No journey would be survivable without my music with me, but when I’m carrying around a heavy backpack full of camera and a laptop equipment, as well as pulling along a 25KG suitcase, the last thing I need is a cable getting wrapped around my neck. I love my wired headphones, but the strap from my backpack pulls them out of my ears and it’s simply impractical unless I’m sitting still. A set of high-quality Bluetooth headphones was the perfect fix and while they were excellent to wear while walking around, leaving my tablet in my backpack to stream my music, I found them to be even better on the long flight. Being able to fall asleep on a plane is no easy task, but a light set of headphones and some music certainly helped block out the engine noise; plus I didn’t have a headphone wire getting tangled up in my arms, so that’s always a bonus. MEElectronics promised a 14-hour battery life, so our 10-hour flight proved to be easy work for them on a single charge.

Latest Roccat Peripherals @ CES 2015

Roccat always impress us with their new products and here at CES 2015, they certainly didn’t disapoint. Their new mechanical keyboards still feature the same features and style that we’ve come to know and love from thier product range, but keeping with the market trend, they now also feature gorgeous and fully customisable RGB lighting.

The Nyth gaming mouse is crazy, not only does it have 12 buttons down the left side, but you can remove each one and block them off, replace them with larger buttons or even 3D print your own! If you need a very specific button combination, this is the mouse for you.

Turtle Beach Booth @ CES 2015

Turtle Beach are one of the biggest names in the peripheral business and their booth at CES 2015 really goes a long way to highlighting that. They’ve turned up with dozens of new and exsisting products for the headset ranges for PC, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation and just about any other gaming platform you can think of. They’ve pushed the limits of features, performance, style, price and more to the limits and they’re all pretty much what you would expect from a premium gaming brand. However, one thing really stood out from the crowd in a big way, their directional sound technology.

The flat speakers you can see in the pictures above and below are crazy. Stand outside of where they’re point and you literally cannot hear a thing, sit in front of them and you’re treated to sound. There’s technology at work, but I’m fairly certain it’s witch craft.

This is something else I’m really excited about, Turtle Beach are pushing into the peripherals market! Keyboards and mice will soon accompany their range of headsets.

We’ve got a big box of Turtle Beach products already on the way to eTeknix HQ, so we’ll update you with in-depth reviews of their latest products in the coming weeks!

In Win Unveil Stunning New Chassis Designs @ CES 2015

In Win have transformed their brand in the last few years. They’ve gone from making fairly standard day-to-day chassis, to the most incredible chassis’ on the market today. Their latest models are proof of their design genius and while I’m sure they’re not to everyone’s taste, they’re certainly unique. Their new 503 takes the current K1 design and gives it a sleek front panel overhaul. The S-BOX takes many of the design points of their incredible, and expensive S-Frame and turns it into something more suitable for consumers who aren’t as rich as Scrooge Mc Duck.

The two chassis that really caught my personal attention had to be the 904 PLUS, which is bigger and better than ever, expanding on the design already laid out by their popular 901 and 904 chassis last year. Then of course we have the B.O.S.S. Cube, which is reminiscent of the dual chassis designs from Lian-Li, but still everything bit as awesome as you would expect.

We really can’t wait to put these new products through their paces later in the year, so stay tuned for featured reviews as soon as samples are available.

ADATA Display Huge Range of Memory Products @ CES 2015

ADATA are one of the leading memory brands on the market and CES 2015 is a perfect example of why. ADATA have on display a massive range of products from their product range, including a bunch of new products that will be hitting the market this year. There’s so many to cover that I don’t even know where to start, but lucky for us (and for yourself) they’ve got a lot of handy product cards with all the lovely technical details that we so desire.

There’s not a lot of innovation in storage right now, but that hasn’t stopped ADATA from pushing out some stunning new SSD models, with more competitive prices, improved reliability and more. As well as a range of stunning DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules. We work closely with ADATA, so you can expect in-depth reviews of these products and no doubt many more products throughout the year as soon as they’re available for testing.

New Gigabyte Notebooks and More on Display @ CES 2015

CES 2015 has been full of great products, but some that really caught our attention were the latest line up of gaming notebooks from Gigabyte. We’ve got an impressive roll out of all the latest features on the market, such 4K panels, the latest Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards. Of course, all this is backed up by a wide range of memory and storage options, such as 512 GB mSATA SSD’s and a whole lot more. The designs look great and the performance will no doubt be as good as it gets, just don’t expect them to be budget friendly; if you want the best, you’ll have to pay a premium.

Antec Suite @ CES 2015

Antec are one of the most historic manufacturers in the business and while they had shifted their focus slightly in recent years to promote their AMP (Antec Mobile Products) brand, it looks like they’ll be making a come back to the chassis market this year. Of course, they still have some great mobile accessories, some of the best on the market actually, and their new mobile batteries and bluetooth devices are looking better than ever.

Now for the really good stuff, the latest Antec chassis, the P70, is looking pretty awesome!

It’s a straight forward design, but it has bold looks and plenty of functionality which should lend well to those looking for a quiet focused chassis.

The star of the show is of course their stunning new P380, finally showing that Antec has what it takes to run with the big dogs in the chassis market. Aluminium construction, a bold front panel design, fully modular interior, extensive cooling support and more; I really can’t wait to test this one out in the near future!

A little off the beat of their usual products, Antec have also designed this rather funky Xbox One cooler. The XO doesn’t suffer from the same overheating problems as its predecesor, but dependant on your home environment or general usuage, this could be a great asset for keeping your console up and running for longer.

Loads of great new chassis, some stylish new mobile products and more from Antec, this should make 2015 a really good year for them. Stay tuned for in-depth reviews on all of these products in the very near future.

Latest OCZ Memory Products @ CES 2015

OCZ are constantly pushing to create some of the finest storage drives and devices on the market and their offerings at CES 2015 are a prime example of this. This year they were showing off their incredible Z-Drive 4500, which offers up to 2900mbs read and 2200 MB/s write, more than enough for enterprise use, or even for the enthusiast market. The Saber 1000 SATA may not have the fastest speeds, but it promises to be extremely cost effective, while offering all the features one would expect from an enterprise class drive.

The JetExpress SSD controller powers their new M.” drive, and will be hitting their consumer and enterprise solutions this year.

They also brought along their new consumer drives, including the recent AMD R7 SSD. Nothing especially new here, but all still great drives in their own respect.

As usual, we’ll be releasing reviews of their new products in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for more information on these.

New Kingston Memory Products and Cloud II Headset @ CES 2015

Kingston are one of the leading names in the memory industry and CES 2015 quickly showed us why. They brought along their gorgeous new Savage SSD and their latest M.2 which will be pushing for the gaming market through 2015. It offers all the features we’ve come to expect from a high-end SSD, as no doubt a competitive price tag.

Moving into portable storage, they also brought along their new DataTraveler Locker G3 and latest MicroSD XC 4K2K memory cards; we’ve got these in for review at eTeknix HQ, so expect full performance details on these very soon.

Kingston don’t just do consumer products either, they’ve brought along their stunning 4K instant replay system which features a massive raid array of 16 960GB SSDs, it has some seriously impressive real-time video editing features that will no doubt prove popular with TV broadcasters that want to push into 4K content.

Finally, we have their Cloud II headset. The original is widely regarded as one of the best gaming headsets on the market and our initial impression at the show is that the new one is a lot better. Fortunately, I was able to get a sample from Kingston and you can expect a full review in early Feb.

Latest Zotac Graphics Cards and More @ CES 2015

Zotac are quickly getting a reputation for crazy product designs and looking at what they’ve brought to CES 2015, the much is still true. It’s a tough time for most GPU partners, as there’s little in the way of new chipsets right now, but Zotac have brought along their newly revised GTX 980 and 970 designs that still feature that crazy looking cooler, but with an slightly improved design that offers better temps, airflow and aesthetics in general.

Their HTPC and SFF PC market is still booming too and they’ve got a plethora of compact systems on display that offer up everything from budget friendly workstations, to gaming systems and even 4K capable units; all of which are small enough to pick up with one hand.

They also brought along some cool mods, such as their demo system that has a cool mod, allowing the GPU to be mounted on the outside; could be a great mod for helping keep your GPU running nice and cool.

Latest Silverstone Products on Display @ CES 2015

I’ve yet to see a trade show where Silverstone didn’t impress and CES 2015 is certainly no exception. This year Silverstone have brought along many of their latest products and as usual, there are a lot of them!

Some of the things that really caught our attention this year are their new SFX power supplies, which offer up the highest wattage on the market and this will reap big rewards for those who are planning on building an ultra compact, but high-performance gaming system; Steambox anyone?

Their Tundra CPU cooler is back too, with a new and improved design that should offer incredible performance. The original Tundra was one of the best coolers I’ve ever tested, so I really can’t wait to see what this one does when we get it in for review.

Their new chassis are incredible too. Once again we’re seeing a bigger focus on gaming hardware and their latest slim gaming chassis designs are some of the best around. We really loved their Raven RVZ01 chassis, but the new ones look better in virtually every way and once again, I can’t wait to get them in for review and put them through their paces.

Impressive New Steelseries Eyetracking Device and More @ CES 2015

Steelseries are no stranger to innovation, and they’ve really put a lot of effort into improving gaming performance at CES 2015. Their new M800 keyboard looks like any other, but they’ve refined their mechanical switches, the switch mount and the key caps to improve response times. The keys have a shorter throw and a lighter touch that should reap rewards for those gamers who care about reducing their response times a few extra milliseconds. As an added bonus, the keyboard now also features RGB lighting, bringing it into line with offerings from a few other big names in the industry.

Sentry, this has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages! It’s a special bar that sits along the bottom of your monitor and tracks where you’re looking on the screen. We had live demonstrations of the tech and it works incredibly well. Imagine watcing a DOTA II match and being able to see where the players are looking, it really adds a new dynamic to eSports analysis. Not only that, but the hardware comes with an open API, so you could use this as an input device, use it to launch macros and a whole lot more. The unit will be £199.99 and we really can’t wait to put it through its paces in the coming weeks.

Huge Range of MSI Products on Display @ CES 2015

MSI are one of our favourite brands on the market and we’re very excited about the new products they’re showing at this years CES 2015. One of the hottest products, is easily their GT80 Titan SLI-009 gaming notebook. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of portability, it offers crazy levels of performance thanks to its dual GTX980M graphics cards and latest i7 processor. Input is handled via a full Steelseries mechanical gaming keyboard!

The Shadow offers a lightweight ultra-book with a powerful Iris Pro 5200 processor, great for a bit of gaming on the go. WHen you dock it with your base station, which comes equipped with a GTX Titan, you can convert the whole systey into a desktop unit, meaning you’ll only need one system for work and gaming at home or on  the go.

Something a little different, a WiFi enabled camera that could be great for home security. or for expanding your office connectivity.

All in one systems are not the biggest market, but that hasn’t stopped MSI from going all out. The new AG240 offers a full touch screen display, a 900M graphics card anda  stunning 4K display.

Black and white is the new black and red as MSI are the latest to reveal a black and white themed motherboard, the Z97S SLI KRAIT.

MSI are now the first motherboard manufacturer to support USB 3.1, which features a reversable connector!

2015 also marks the year where MSI make a push into the peripherals market, with their latest keyboard, headset and mouse on display at the show. They’re pretty self explanitory and we’ll be getting in a sample in the coming weeks to give you a more in-depth look at each of these very soon.

Latest Plextor Memory Products @ CES 2015

Plextor make some of the greatest drivers on the market and their latest offerings at CES 2015 are a prime example of their greatness. Their new M.2 2×4 SSD not only looks great, but also offers up blazing fast performance.

Just look at those incredible read and write speeds! I think I’m going to need one of these for my next system.

Of course, that’s only the surface of what Plextor can do and their new PlexTurbo V2.0 takes performance to a whole new level, just check out these performance figures; 8189 read and 7751 write!

The Plex Turbo V2 not only performs great, but it also looks stunning too.

The latest new technology from Plextor is their PlexTurbo WTP, which adds a second cache type system to their drives that gives you high write performance, as well as anti-power interrupt protection.

be quiet! Display Their Latest Cooling Products and More @ CES 2015

be quiet! rarely disapoint and while they didn’t have a huge range of new products on show at CES 2015, they did have their latest and greatest products, as well as a few new coolers on display. Their Base 800 chassis, which is one of the best chassis we’ve ever reviewed, their impressive range of quiet power supplies, their already massively successful range of high-end CPU air coolers and of course their latest cooler model, which Aaron was kind enough to talk through for us in our latest video.

We always wor closely with the team at be quiet! so you can be certain that we’ll be following this up with a featured review in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to see what this new cooler can do!

Latest Mushkin Products on Display @ CES 2015

Mustkin had a lot of great products on display at CES 2015, including their new 1TB SATA 3 Reactor SSD, which offers all the latest features we’ve come to expect from the SSD and Mushkin promise that it’ll be competitively price. There’s little in the way of innovation in the 2.5″ market, but prices are dropping like crazy and that’s no bad thing.

Their latest DRR3 models, which are pretty straight forward stuff, but they do feature a cool heatsink design that will hopefully help push some good overclocks.

Mobile storage may not be too excitingbut their Ventura Ultra offers massive storage, incredible speed and has already proven usful in the industrial market, as they were used by the CGI team for the latest Transformers movie, thanks to their rock solid performance; perfect for rendering.

No line-up would be complete without a range of DDR4 modules. These feature their lovely Ridgeback heatsink design and will no doubt be damn expensive, but offer up crazy levels of performance.

Their new M.2 modules, as well as their PCI adaptor card.

What’s interesting if that the modules can be stacked, allowing the manufacturer to easily build bigger size PCIe drives, while you could always add more, or change the internal drives yourself if you really needed to.

New Deep Cool Chassis @ CES 2015

Another new mini-ITX chassis, this time with bold and somewhat understated looks, room for a long graphics card, a full ATX PSU and as you can see, a large CPU cooler. DeepCool have installed their Lucifer, which can be run in passive mode.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a vertical mini-ITX chassis like this, but this is certainly a cool one. It looks like a tiny version of the In Win 901/904 and that really is no bad thing.

I love that it has a mixture of sleek looks on the sides, but also a somewhat industrial/practical design; either way, it looks like it has great cooling potential.

White Deep Cool Captain CPU Water Cooler Revealed @ CES 2015

We’re back at the Deep Cool suite at CES 2015 and on display is a gorgeous white edition of their lovely Captain CPU cooler, great for the new range of black and white themed motherboards that are hitting the market. The Captain is one of the coolest looking AIO’s on the market right now and we expect this new monotone version to be a big hit.

It looks like 2015 is marking a switch from the common black and red gaming hardware, in favour of black and white, but which colour scheme do you think looks best?

The Latest DeepCool Products @ CES2015

Deep Cool are one of the fastest growing names in the industry and their latest products are a great example of why. The Fang Trinity chassis was developed in collaboration with CyberPower and it’s not only unique, but also incredibly practical and most interestingly, incredibly heavy. It splits into three separate compartments, one for the motherboard and a 120mm AIO cooler, the top section for a high-end graphics card, hard drives and an 80mm fan, the other for more storage and a full size ATX power supply.

This is easily one of the craziest chassis we’ve ever seen and we’re really looking forward to testing it out later in the year, as it has a lot of interesting cooling potential due to its multi-compartment design.

Could you see your next rig in this chassis?

We Visit the Corsair Suite @ CES 2015

Corsair are one of the biggest names in the industry and CES2015 was a big deal for them. They’ve brought along a huge range of impressive products, including their powerful new HX1200i power supply. It’s fully modular and offers up 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, great for ultra-high-end systems.

Also on display are their latest DDR4 modules, which offers up highend overclocking performance for X99 based systems, while keeping in theme with the popular Vegeance memory design.

Corsair Dominator Platinum has long been one of the most popular choices on the market and with 3GHz+ capabilities, we expect the same will be true of these X99 ready modules.

Neutron XT is their latest SSD model, providing high-end performance that will reap benefits for gamers and enthusiasts, as well as 4K video content creators thanks to its impressive read and write speeds.

Two new mid-budget chassis that will be hitting the Carbide range.

We’ll have a wide range of new products from Corsair in for review in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for an in-depth look at them in the near future.

Even More CyberPowerPC Gaming Systems On Display @ CES2014

Cyberpower PC are out in force this year, they’ve bought along an incredible range of systems that will be available from them this year, and they’re perfect proof of why CyberPower are one of the top system integrators in the world. While these systems are great as they are, they’re more a demonstation of what they can do for their customers, as each system is designed to be customisable and upgradable by the end user via their webstore.

What’s really cool are the current prototype steambox style systems they’ve developed which will be hitting the market in the near future. They look a little rough around the edges at the moment, but they’ll be refined and final very soon, offering great performance and competitive prices for big screen gaming.

Nvidia Unveil Now Automotive Technologies at CES2015

Nvidia came out swinging at CES2015 with the reveal of their latest Tegra processor. We were very excited with the initial announcement and so was the rest of the crowd, but I am disappointed to say that there was no mention of integration into mobile devices, tablets or other systems beyond the automotive market. The chip offers extreme levels of performance, but with Nvidia running the impressive Elemental UE4 demo to show off the hardware, only to tell us it’s not coming to a gaming device, nor mentioning on what timeline this hardware would be come available to either the automotive, or any other technology industry left us wondering when we’ll actually see this new technology in the real world.

The new chip, as well as their new systems that utilize it in the automotive world are incredble and unlike anything we’ve seen before. Offering big innovations in self-driving cars, as well as feature packed in-car entertainment and information delivery, but for now, I think it’s going to be a long while before we’re actually able to get this technology in a car that you cacn pick up from your local dealership.

Latest Luxa2 Mobile Products Unveiled @ CES 2015

Mobile products may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but LUXA2 have consistently delivered great quality products that often stand out from the crowd. This year at CES2015 they’ve brougt along their latest range of power banks, portable Bluetooth speakers, phone docks and their funky wireless headphones.

Most of these products are pretty self explanitory, but from what we’ve seen today, I’m pretty impressed with their quality and performance. We’ll be following this up in the coming weeks with detailed reviews and no doubt this will be another great year for LUXA 2.

Latest TteSports Peripherals on Display @ CES 2015

CES 2015 is very busy this year and especially so for Thermaltake and their gaming division TteSports, who have rocked up with a wide range of high-end gaming peripherals this year. Right now they’ve only got a couple of new things to show, but it’s still nice to see all of their current products out on display, as many of you will remember they’ve won a bunch of awards from us here at eTeknix, and no doubt many other sites around the world.

These controllers are really cool, although I must admit they’re not the prettiest design, they’re very practical for iOS gaming. The controller works on tablets easy enough but you can fold out the center holder to mount your phone directly on the controller; this is great for playing games on the Trains when commuting.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t see an RGB product and we’re not disappointed. The popular Poseidon Z RGB will give TT fans the customisation they desire.

This one really caught my attention, it’s rare we see new features on gaming keyboards, but the new Poseidon features a touch sensitive space bar, allowing you to pinch-zoom, or launch macros by sliding your finger accross it. Sounds silly, but it works remarkably well.

Latest PNY Storage Drives @ CES2015

There’s little in the way of innovation in the 2.5″ SSD market right now, but many manufacturers are pushing hard for lower prices, better efficiency and many more minor improvements in 2015, making this the perfect year to update your storage. PNY have brought along their latest storage drives, that offer all of the latest features, as well as some great new designs that will no doubt look great in any desktop system.

Western Digital Displaying Latest Storage Devices @ CES 2015

I stopped by the Western Digital booth at PopCom’s Digital Experience at CES 2015,they didn’t really have a lot of new products to show, but they did bring along a great range of the high-end hard drives from their popular black, blue, green, red and purple series. They also brought along a couple of their new wireless connectivity My Passport units, all this may not be the most exciting tech in the world, but they’re certainly something we rely on every day. It doesn’t matter if you use these drives in your desktop, or in an enterprise solution, WD has got it all covered.

Mionix Display Inpressive New Peripherals and Technologies @ CES 2015

Mionix are easily one of my all time favourite peripheral manufacturers and their latest gaming mouse is a great example of why. It incorporates a series of sensors to monitor your heart rate and galvanic skin response. These statistics allow the mouse to monitor how stressed you are while gaming. Not only is this great for pro gamers, as they can track their performance, but it could also add an interesting perspective on eSports, giving viewers a deeper insight into what is going on in the competitors minds.

One thing I really love about Mionix is their attention to detail. Their mice are full of little features the end user man not even notice, such as the use of different switch types on the top and side buttons. Mionix change the plastic mould of the buttons to allow them to feel the same as each other, while offering improved response time and durability.

The sensors on their new mouse also come equipped with an open API, which can be used to display the statistics as an overlay. We’ve already heard of one developer using the sensors for a horror game, where the game gets harder as you get more scared, awesome!