The Main Suspect behind the Celebrity Nude Leak Denies All Accusations

The leak of hundreds of erotic and nude photos of celebrities quickly got the interest of most of the internet and has dominated the news headlines for the past day already. As it is with every leak, people start to wonder where it came from and who could be behind it. Like before, the users of reddit and 4chan started their own investigation and also got some results quite fast.

They started the claim that the 26-year old web developer Bryan Hamade was behind the hack and leak. This was based on the posted screenshots that appeared online that showed a series of names that could be connected to the web development company Southern Digital Media. At first however they thought it was the 15-year old intern that was the culprit, but quickly changed their target towards the server administrator.

Hamade has given several interviews and is denying any and all allegations that he should be the hacker, saying “I only reposted one thing that was posted elsewhere and stupidly had my network folders visible.”

“I am not the original leaker. The real guy is on 4chan posting intermittently,” Hamade says. “He’s most likely the one behind it, but it does seem the photos passed around to multiple people before being leaked, so it may just be someone who has them and didn’t hack to get them. I’d never in a million years know how to hack into any of the accounts listed. 4chan just attacked me because they like to attack anyone in situations such as this.”

Hamade has also become the target of serious abuse in the wake of the accusations. It’s been a nightmare and he hasn’t slept for 34 hours, he said in a statement to BuzzFeed. He is being bombarded by email threatening him and to hack his websites and calling him at home to insult him only to hang up again. They even said they would hack his mothers website, so he took that down for now.

Hamade really regrets that he shared the photos, specially since he didn’t even get any Bitcoins out of it. “It’s the stupidest thing I’ve done and I hope it won’t ruin my life, though it probably will sine it’s the biggest news story.”

I honestly hope that this story won’t turn into another version of the CCTV investigation by the Reddit community on the Boston marathon bombings, where their identified suspect turned out to be an innocent homeless man, and was found dead. Vigilante actions aren’t the solution.

Apple is currently investigating the breach, but haven’t said anything definite about the attacks yet. “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report,” said Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris. Some reports also indicate that the photos have been sold on black market sites for some time, but it wasn’t until they hit 4chan that the general population found out about it.

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Microsoft Launch the Worlds Most Pointless App

Now please excuse me if I rant a little here, I despise this kind of thing and I’m going to share my thoughts with you all in this article, so please bear with me.

Microsoft have launched an app that is specifically designed to give you the latest news about your favorite celebrities, just in case your life is that small you need to see what is happening in someone else’s life who just sees you as an ATM. I hate the ‘celebrity’ title, they have money and that’s all there is to it really. Some celebrities milk that status just for more money, like they don’t have enough? Anyway, this app is called Snipp3t and yes it’s actually written like that. Snipp3t is designed to bring you all the pointless celebrity news that you don’t need in your life right to your phone in one place. As you can see from the image I placed at the top of this news you can see Katy Perry on the left wearing some hideous outfit with the whole stars and stripes thing going on because it was July 4th or ‘Independence day’ as it’s known in America. Why do people care what she wore that day? How does it affect your life? It doesn’t, I would rather see a picture of cooked chicken wearing that outfit, would make me smile because it’s comical and would make my day that little bit better, plus it’s genuinely more interesting than Katy Perry, mind you, so is a jam sandwich. 

You can also customize which celebrities appear on your feed and which don’t. For example, I’m a completely insane person with no friends and I want to see what One Direction have been doing, I select them from the list and they will now appear on my feed from now on. Now, what I just said represents about 100% of the people who will download this app so I’m sure One Direction and Katy Perry will be getting all the attention they want/need and couldn’t care less who you are as an individual.

So there you have it folks, download the app if you want loads of crap content full of pointless stuff that won’t change your life one bit. Enjoy!

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Future Generations Get To Know How Important People Sounded Like Through Wikipedia

Wikipedia is starting to add celebrity and other public figure voices to one of its projects, called WikiVIP, which stands for “Wikipedia Voice Intro Project”. What is it you ask? Well, Wikipedia thought it could do with some voices through all its article lines, namely important and known people will be voice sampled and the recordings saved on the Wikipedia database for preservation purposes.

The project was started by Wikipedia editors Andy Mabbett and Andrew Gray, who approach celebrities and explained this idea. The first celebrity to join the project was Stephen Fry, who now has a sample of his speaking voice on Wikipedia. The aim is to attract and spread the word so as other public figures, scientists, artists, etc. hear about the project and get their voice sample taken by the Wikipedia team.

Even BBC has reportedly started supporting Wikipedia, having short clips from some of its programming sent for preservation as well. The voices range from Sir Tim Berners-Lee to Augn San Suu Kyi. All recordings have been announced to have an open-license in order to allow others to use them freely. They can be uploaded to Wikipedia Commons in an open format, such as Ogg Vobis, sort of like mp3 but without patents restricting them.

The aim of the project and the preservation of voices is to help “current and future generations” to hear how celebrities and public figures sounded like, basically adding a voice to a face. Those who have Wikipedia pages about them are apparently encouraged to contact the WikiVIP team with a voice recording sample to help contribute to the growing database.

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