Huge Range of ASUS Notebooks @ CeBIT 2015

ASUS, one of the biggest players in the consumer technology industry, never fails to deliver. What started out as a humble motherboard manufacturer has now turned into a dominant name throughout the market. Asus has been in the notebook PC market for a little while and what we saw today a small range of its’ offerings. We were a little more surprised with the Smart Watch on display. A very understated piece, but this felt good in hand and reacted well when used.

Along with the notebooks and smart watch, we saw a little of ASUS’ network offerings, we know how good they are, in fact I’m currently using the RT-AC68U router which we using in our motherboard network testing because it is that good. However, I do want to see a ROG version, a nice red detailed with the ROG logo would set one of their routers off.

We look forward to see what ASUS brings to the table in the future, with smart watch competition heating up and tablets becoming a more dominant portable use, will we see many more notebooks from ASUS? Any news of events from ASUS, we will keep you updated.

ASUS Showcase Mini PC’s @ CeBIT 2015

ASUS, humble motherboard makers have now delved into the mini PC segment. This can only be a good thing, as ASUS know how to make the motherboards, maybe it can produce an extremely compact system from the vast company knowledge. We saw one regular (boring) looking mini PC, the VIVO mini, this could sit happily behind your TV without a fuss. The next was a Chromebox, a little more of a funky design with the power button on the corner, but still nothing too spectacular here. Then we move onto the ROG not-so-mini, mini PC. This little beast is something you want to shout about. Okay it only has a GTX 750Ti for the time being, but it’s only a matter of time before ASUS figure out how to squeeze a GTX 970 ITX graphics card into it. This is a serious bit of kit, with a serious ~£800 price tag. A little over priced for what it is, but innovation has to start somewhere right?

Along with the more consumer-friendly mini PC’s, we also saw ASUS keep things simple, displaying a small range of external Blu-Ray and DVD writers. It’s good to see a huge company keep the old technology users in the loop; maybe they don’t want to go digital just yet.

We look forward to seeing what else ASUS has to offer, maybe they do have a more powerful ROG gaming mini PC coming up, but it just wasn’t ready for the show?. Any news or updates from ASUS, we will keep you updated.

ASUS Showcase Enthusiast Tech @ CeBIT 2015

ASUS displayed a huge range of its technology here at CeBIT 2015. Nothing here today really stood out to use apart from the brand new X99 Sabertooth, full news article to be found here! I’m glad that the decision was made to finally produced this, it completes the range of the already extensive X99 series motherboards. We also saw the Z97-Deluxe and H97M-E, two of ASUSs’ biggest selling Z97 chipset motherboards.

ASUS kept the enthusiast section to a relatively small portion of the whole stand, which I found was a shame considering motherboards are what built it up, its forte so to speak. The most interesting stand out piece of tech on show was the show bench with a Matrix Platinum AMD R9 290X; powering the nearby computer for users to have a quick play on. Maybe we’ll see a little more of the enthusiast segment when we go to i-series in the near future.

We look forward to seeing what else ASUS has up its sleeve, maybe the finishing touches are being put on the Intel Z170 chipset motherboards and R9 300 series graphics cards. Any news or updates from ASUS, we will keep you updated.

BMW Give Samsung VR Test Drives at CeBIT 2015

The wind in your hair, the roar of the exhaust, the trip to the hospital when you skid your knee… this setup has none of that. The BMW booth at CeBIT 2015 has gone virtual, putting Samsung VR headsets on riders, letting them sit on the throne of a new BMW bike and experience the sights and sounds of the new bike. While this isn’t a replacement for a real test-drive, it’s a great way of quickly exploring the options a bike offers, more so than simply looking at it in a showroom. This could a be a great way to learn more about each vehicle before you decide which one you really want to take out on the road and, of course, which one you would want to buy.

It was also pretty funny watching people ride bikes without going anywhere, like a grown up version of the kids rides they have in shopping centers.

Samsung S6 Edge at CeBIT 2015

The Samsung S6 Edge is the latest phone from Samsung and this was our first opportunity to get hands-on with the device. The first thing we noticed, of course, is the curved display, with goes around the left and right edges of the phone. If I’m honest, it looks and feels a little weird and at first, doesn’t really feel as responsive or functional from the edges as a normal display would. Of course, it does give you more screenspace vs a standard panel on a comparable size handset, which is nice, but the phone still suffers many of the issues I notice on previous Samsung models.

The phone still has a light trim around the edge, which many Samsung owners will know, scratches off with extended use.

The phone is super light and nice and slim, one benefit of the curve is that it does give the phone a more ergonomic feel.

The glossy back is slightly curved too, but the camera section is slightly raised above the body, which will once again attract scratches and prevent the phone from laying flat, making it more prone to sliding around on your desk.

The phone did feel fast and responsive, but if curvy displays that don’t really make much difference and phones that are too thin to house their camera modules is innovation these days, I don’t really want it; I’ll stick with my Xperia Z3 for a good while longer yet.

Samsung Booth at CeBIT 2015

Samsung have a lot to offer to the technology industry, as was apparent from the gargantuan size of their booth at CeBIT 2015. They had so much on show, it would take a whole day just to cover it all! The things that did grab our attention were their latest SSD ranges for Datacenters and NAS storage solutions. These drives are some of the fastest and most reliable in the industry, offering impressive price per GB ratios and all the features you would expect from a high-end enterprise drive. While no doubt still out of the price range of your average consumer, they still represent the kind of quality that eventually filters its way down to the consumer level.

Their new PCIe SM1715 drive offers read speeds of 3000MB/s and write speeds of up to 2200MB/s, something I’m sure many of you would love in your own system; you would likely never see a game loading screen again!

SSD storage is already very portable, but these net SSD T1 are some of the sleekest looking models we’ve seen. The drives feature AES 256bit encryption, come in storage capacities of up to 1TB and they look great too! No word on price just yet, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

As with Intel, Apple, Nvidia and many others, Samsung is also trying their hand at the connected car world, offering solutions for multimedia playback, multiple display streaming and control and more. Unfortunately there was a big camera crew packed into the car, so we were unable to get in there for a demonstration.

Intel Show Off Latest Consumer and Enterprise Hardware at CeBIT 2015

Intel is well known for their high-end CPUs, but that’s certainly not all the company does, as they provide hardware for every kind of computer you can imagine and they provide solutions for consumer products and enterprise products of every shape and size.

On Display at CeBIT 2015 was all the latest and greatest Intel hardware, such as their high-end network adaptors and the processing powerhouse that is the Xeon Phi Coprocessor 3120A

NUC style systems are proving very popular right now, as their well suited to everything from the connected home, to digital signage. You’ll also note that many of the SFF style systems on the market right now are powered by Intel processors, thanks to their impressive low power consumption and industry leading performance.

Smart wearables are big business right now and the very cool Fitness and Sleep tracker is a great looking device; if you’re into that sort of thing.

It’s a shame these are locked up in a box, as I’m eager to see what kind of performance we can get from these Intel smart headphones.

A very cool booth from Intel, unfortunately, the booth was setup with a focus on business meetings rather than getting hands on with the products, but they did have this lovely simulator setup to demo ICE systems, a hot topic right now, especially with people like Nvidia and Apple all playing their hand into the automotive industry.


Club3D Booth at CeBIT 2015

Club3D are still one of my favourite GPU manufacturers, as I love the neat and tidy aesthetics of their royal Ace series GPUs, such as the R9 290 seen above. As with many GPU manufacturers, there’s no new graphics cards to display just yet until AMD get their act together, although we are expecting to see new hardware around the time of Computex, assuming there’s no more delays.

Where Club3D really dominate at the moment, is in how you connect your graphics cards to your displays, or your displays to your system for that matter. Their MST hubs are selling like crazy in the consumer and professional markets, and for good reason too. Club3D offer an extensive range of solutions that allow for HD and 4K display connections via USB, link adaptors from miniDP to multiple full-size DP, HDMI, D-SUB, in fact, if you can think of a display output or a HDMI socket, Club3D has a solution for it for one to four monitors!

New Antec Products on Display at CeBIT 2015

Antec have quickly shot to fame again recently with the launch of their stunning P380 chassis and it looks like they’re set to keep delivering great products throughout 2015! First up, we have their new P50 Window edition, which is the latest addition to the booming cube-style chassis market; it features room for two 240mm radiators.

The GX500 does look a little plastic heavy, but it’s well finished and has great ventilation that would make it a prime choice for a low-to-mid budget gaming build. What I really like about it, is the dual fan control switches on the top, which will help you tune your acoustic and cooling performance with ease.

The GX505 looks like a strong contender for our eTeknix Bang for Buck award, it’s packed full of features and promises to be very affordable once released.

This is easily one of my favourite chassis of CeBIT! it’s a standard mini-ITX style chassis, which will require the use of a low-profile cooler, but it’s still got room for an optical drive, plenty of storage, great front panel connectivity and most importantly of all, that incredible thick aluminium front panel; this could be a great solution for a HTPC.

The ISK 600M, for those who need a much more powerful HTPC/Steambox style system.

Last, but by no means least, the VSP 5000, which features a silent design and triple fan control switches on the top, giving you great flexibility over your systems air intake and outtake, as well as the noise levels of your system.

We’ve already arranged to have these new chassis in for review and will update you on release dates, prices and more as soon as we have the information.

Latest QNAP NAS Products at CeBIT 2015

QNAP is one of industries leading names when it comes to mass storage devices and after a quick visit to their booth at CeBIT, it was easy to see why. They’ve rolled out their most popular current product lines, as well as a few new models and revisions for 2015. While they do of course have some consumer friendly NAS solutions, such as their sleek white TS-251C, which offers a dual-core Intel Celeron processors, two-bays, personal cloud, on-the-fly transcoding, DLNA and more, making it a perfect choice for a home entertainment streaming setup, they’ve also got some very high-end stuff too. The TVS-871 is built for those who take their media setup very seriously, with 8-bays, a powerful Core i7-4790S 3.2GHz processor and more, this is the NAS you’ll want in your setup if you plan to stream and transcode 4K content. With features such as QvPC, VMware, Hyper-V and more, you’ll find the TVS-971 to be a very competent all-rounder.

Must like the Intel-powered TVS above, the 863+ is also a featured packed device, but has been better tailored towards HD content and equipped with an AMD quad-core processor.

Of course, QNAP offer a lot more than just the storage side of things. Their booth was littered with demonstrations of their impressive software suites, running everything from virtual desktops, streaming software, security applications and more. QNAP have some of the best NAS software and applications in the business and it’s great to be able to get hands on with them all at the show.

Designed for SMB and the enthusiast market, this 10-bay NAS is bursting with features and extremely high performance thanks to its built-in mSATA modules, offering support for up to 4 SSDs for caching, not forgetting its Xeon E3-1245 v3 3.4GHz processor and 32GB of DDR3 RAM!

Obviously, the only thing missing here is prices and availability, but as soon as we have more news for you, we’ll bring you the latest updates. For now, stay tuned for more exciting coverage from CeBIT 2015.

OCZ Drives at CeBIT 2015

OCZ, a tech enthusiast household name. One of the first companies to mass produce consumer SSD drives and succeeded. They had small teething issues at the beginning with poor read/ write cycle; however they have now sorted the issues and provide some of the longest warranty periods and read/ write cycle life span. We see no new additions to the line-up compared to CES, but there’s not really been any advancements in SSD technology for a little while.

I personally love OCZ products, I’ve owned a few of their SSD’s like the Agility 3 and still use it to this day. We can’t wait for a new advancement in SSD technology for the sector to boom once again. Any news or events from OCZ, we will keep you updated.

LIVA Mini PC at CeBIT 2015

Today at CeBIT, we met up with ECS. They presented us with their new line up of LIVA mini PC’s. The main focus of today’s talk was on the newest addition, the LIVA-X. The LIVA-X follows the new method of using a single piece of pressed aluminium to give it a very high-end premium feel and finish to the product. It’s a little bigger than some of the usual mini PC’s, but this packs a punch. It has enough power to display on 2 screens, using the VGA and HDMI ports.

We were also presented with 2 prototypes which are still unnamed. They followed a similar design process as the LIVA-X, but they had a great connectivity package and some sleeker cases, appealing a great market with a brushed gunmetal case with perspex top and a soft white case; these could typically appeal to the male and female market segments.

We are very excited to see what ECS has presented us and for what they have up their sleeves for the future in terms of both mini PC’s ad motherboards. Any news or events, we will keep you updated.

Latest Zotac ZBOX Systems @ CeBIT 2015

During our meeting with ZOTAC, we were presented with their ZBOX range, a very nice range indeed. Where they offer a comprehensive range, they have now categorised each ZBOX into 6 categories: Epic Gaming (E), Sphere (O), Pico (P), Passive Cooling (C), Multimedia (M) and Basic (B). These categories have pretty much every typical home user covered. A Very simple and small alternative to buying a mass produced tower computer from a high street retailer.

We loved seeing the vast range and diversity from ZOTAC today with all their products. I personally really liked the PICO box, I could use this to present my ideas in meetings, without having to rely on a comparatively bulky laptop and projector combination.

I look forward to seeing additional Mini PC’s added to the range from ZOTAC, possibly a detachable screen added to the top of the PICO box for “on the move” use. Any news or events, we will keep you updated.

Latest Zotac Graphics Cards @ CeBIT 2015

During the second day of CeBIT 2015, we met up with ZOTAC; most famous for their graphics cards and mini PCs. During the meeting, we had the opportunity to handle and fully examine some of their newest GTX 900 series products. Some very high-quality finishes were seen here, the best bit that I took away was the constant questions of our initial feedback on the looks of the products. We appreciate a company that values everything you have to say about their products. We were personally asked about the aesthetics of the tri-fan coolers, Extreme and AMP coolers fitted to the GTX 970 and GTX 980.

We gave our honest opinion which were taken on board; so I wonder if our suggestion of an orange accented AMP cooler will be taken on board. Would you like to see some additional colours used in the cooler design? Subtle or in your face, let us know on Facebook or on our forums.

We look forward to see what other innovative products Zotac can bring us in the future. Any news or events, we will keep you updated.


Plextor Booth @ CeBIT 2015

So we’re here at CeBIT 2015 with Plextor. They brought along today two test benches featuring their M6e PCI SSD drive and their M7e MSATA SSD.

We’ve seen this technology before at CES, but it’s definitely worth mentioning the serious speed increase using the PlexTurbo application to get massive speed increases. We see in the image below, over 8GB/s read speeds and over 7GB/s write speed. To put that in perspective, roughly an hour episode of Breaking Bad at 1080p is roughly 1GB rounded down; this drive can transfer 8 episodes a second at that speed.

We look forward to new innovative technology brought forward by Plextor in the near future. Any news or events from Plextor, we will keep you updated. We even heard rumour that Version 3 of their drive may be ready in time for Computex, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Latest TteSports Peripherals at CeBIT 2015

There’s a huge demand right now for great quality peripherals at very affordable prices. The new Commander Gaming Gear Combo from Thermaltake is the latest addition to this part of the market, offering a backlit plunger switch gaming keyboard, with very funky design, as well as a reliable optical gaming mouse. All this is expected to retail for under 40 EUR and will be on the market within the coming months. Perfect for gamers on a tighter budget, without sacrificing on the kinds of features that gamers want.

Also on display are their current line up of gaming peripherals, such as the Ventus headset, a very comfortable and great sounding gaming headset for PC. As well as their new gaming mice. We’ve got review samples already on their way, including samples of some new peripherals, such as a very sexy new keyboard that I can’t show you just yet, but their new keyboard is one you’ll certainly be wanting to see when we get it in for review!

Latest Thermaltake Products and More on Display a CeBIT 2015

CeBIT is pretty quiet for Thermaltake, although given they revealed what seemed like hundreds of new products at CES, I’m not surprised they had no big product launches at CeBIT. There was one very cool thing, but an NDA on it means that I can’t show it just yet, but it will be worth the wait!

They’ve brought along their current range of PSUs, FRIO coolers, which are very popular in the EU market thanks to their super quiet design and tidy aesthetics; they’re also a great match for the range of black and white motherboards that are starting to hit the market.

Thermaltake are always keen to show how capable their chassis products are, with their LCS certification you know that you’re going to get some pretty hardcore cooling components into their chassis, as can be seen with the demo build below.

The LUXA 2 range, Thermaltake’s mobile division is also something we’re big fans of here at eTeknix. They’ve got a funky headset and also turns into Bluetooth speakers for when you want to be a little more social with your music, as well as a range of car docks, cradles and mobile batteries. Of course, mobile stuff may not seem the most exciting tech ever, but it’s practical hardware that many of us rely on every day, so it’s always nice to see quality products from a brand we love.

Sapphire Demo FreeSync at CeBIT 2015

CeBIT 2015 has been a tough one for Sapphire and many other GPU manufacturers for that matter. With AMD pushing back the release of their 3xx series cards until around the time of Computex, there’s no new hardware to show. Of course, there’s still some great cards recently launched from Sapphire, such as their 8GB 290X, but the only real new hardware at CeBIT is FreeSync. FreeSync is still a little way off, despite many graphics cards having the capabilities required for it, there’s still very few monitors on their way to make full use of it. The BenQ monitor that Sapphire were using was imported, but I’m very glad it was, as the benefits of FreeSync have to be seen to be believed. Are you looking forward to stutter-free gaming and dynamic refresh rates? You should be!

MSI Display New Mini-PC at CeBIT 2015

The Mini PC market is growing, ironically, into something very big. We’ve seen many of these systems at CeBIT 2015 and I have to admit, the new MSI model is one of the best yet. Not only is this a great system with great aesthetics, perfect for everything from digital signage, to a portable entertainment or home work PC, but it’s also expandable. The unit is super small, but it comes bundled with an extra raised panel that makes it a little taller, allowing you to expand from its single MSATA hard drive, by adding a full 2.5″ drive, giving you access to a lot more storage; this could prove very popular with the HTPC market for this very reason.

We’re hoping to get one in for review in the near future, where we’ll be seeing just what this little beast is capable of and exploring the specification options available.

Latest MSI Systems at CeBIT 2015

CeBIT 2015 is in full swing and MSI has really gone all out to display their latest and greatest technology. While again, we have seen much of these devices previously, it’s always great to have a refresh with currently available hardware. The things that really grabbed out attention are their stunning WS60 mobile workstation it’s got more processing power than most people will ever need and it’s a great mobile solution for those who do a lot of rendering, CAD work and other processor intensive tasks.

The GS30 shadow is a great two-in-one unit, on one hand you have a fast and highly portable ultra book, great for working out of the office and even some casual gaming. On the other hand, you’ve got a special dock at home, with a high end GPU, in this case the GTX980, giving you desktop gaming performance, with the flexibility of a system you and pick up and take with you afterwards.

The Titan never fails to impress, a pair of high end graphics cards, a full mechanical keyboard and more. Of course, this isn’t the kind of system you want to carry around all day, but when you need desktop levels of performance away from home, there’s really nothing finer than this absolute monster of a laptop.

There’s a lot more here at CeBIT 2015 and we’ll be bringing you even more updates very shortly, so stay tuned!

Latest MSI Graphics Cards and Motherboards

I’m a big fan of MSI graphics cards, which is a nice coincidence, since their graphics cards feature big fans. While we do have to admit that there’s very little on the market right now that’s actually new, it’s still nice to see MSI continuing to produce high-end hardware with even better cooling solutions and higher overclocks, especially with their latest Twin Frozr V cooler design. MSI have proven time and time again that they can make great looking and great performing hardware, although I must admit I especially love their green and black edition GTX 960; it’s a welcome break from the now black and red theme that dominates the market.

Another pleasant surprise, the new 990FXA Gaming, which features support for the latest AMD processors, USB 3.1 and a whole lot more. It’s great to see more AMD boards packs with new features, especially given the current dominance of Intel hardware.

Finally, a stunning X99 board with support for the latest Intel CPUs, obviously very expensive hardware for this board, but it’s great to see more consumer friendly boards being created and we’re very eager to test out what it is capable of in the near future.

We’ve got a lot more coverage from the MSI event still to come, as well as the rest of the CeBIT event, so stay tuned for more information.

MSI Press Event at CeBIT 2015

It’s not every day you see a motherboard bolted to an Ent, but that’s exactly what we saw at the MSI Press dinner, what an awesome way to show off their new energy efficient motherboard and it’s certainly something that catches the eye! White motherboards are no doubt the next big thing in the component market, so we’re really looking forward to seeing more of these.

While MSI has many of their latest and greatest products on show, the system mods certainly stole the show, at least to a certain extent. This snake head mod really shows off their new KRAIT motherboards, again playing on the black and white themes that are slowly appearing in the market.

After a short presentation, displaying their latest products, new technologies such as USB 3.1 support and TYPE-C support, Haswell-E and much more. Of course, we’ll bring you more in-depth coverage of these products shortly, but for now, check out this 5ft tall, absolutely stunning MSI dragon! We begged them for a free one for the office, but apparently they’re too expensive, perhaps MSI will give us one for competition? 😉

ASRock X99 OC Formula USB 3.1 @ CeBIT 2015

Here at CeBIT 2015 with the ASRock members, showcasing a small range of this current generation motherboard, During our meeting, we noticed this outstanding X99 Haswell-E motherboard. Very similar features that we have come to expect from ASRock and their X99 based motherboards, but this has been equipped with the newest 3.1 USB ports. Along with the new USB 3.1 ports, we have the usual 8 DIMM slots, 5 PCI-e slots (4 gold and 1 black) and a huge expansion slot for a M.2 device.

We will be very interested in any new technology brought forward by ASRock in the near future. Any news and events, we will keep you updated,

Latest ASRock Motherboards @ CeBIT 2015

So at CeBIT 2015, we were presented by a wall of motherboards at the ASRock stand. Short, sweet and to the point, exactly how an established company should be. We saw no new motherboards presented here, but all the motherboards here have the same new feature; USB 3.1. The new USB standard is a dominant theme throughout the entirety of the show.

We hope to see a new USB 3.1 motherboard header to be built onto the motherboard soon for the case manufacturers to be able to offer USB 3.1 compatibility at a later date.

We look forward to seeing what new technology ASRock has to offer in the future. Any news or updates, we will keep you updated.





New Lian-Li Desk Chassis Prototype Unveiled @ CeBIT 2015

Here again with LIAN LI at CeBIT 2015. LIAN LI is no stranger to pushing the design envelope, being one of the first companies to commercially produce ‘desk PCs’ where you can build your PC into your desk for the ultimate ego boost.

We were presented with 2 new desks, the first is in final design stages with will be commercially available very soon (pictured below), the second is an early prototype (pictured above), which in terms of chassis size, it’s the ITX size of the desk PC’s, but will likely have support for larger motherboards. This ‘desk’ is perfect for having sat under a wall mounted TV or even in the middle of the room if you don’t mind wires under carpets. This would make the ultimate coffee table.

We look forward to bringing you more information on these products, and will keep you updated with future press release information.

Latest ASRock AIO Computers @ CeBIT 2015

Following our previous coverage of ASRock at CeBIT 2015, they also presented a small range of their AIO computers. The most notable being the Alienware esq M8. This features a SFX 600W power supply to offer support for a single AMD R9 290x, NVIDIA GTX Titan or GTX 780Ti. The rest of the range was smaller AIO computers like the VisionX 471D. Despite its small size, this comes with a 256GB mSATA SSD, a 2TB HDD with additional space for a 2.5″ drive and an i7 mobile CPU. This little box packs a big punch and is sure to shake up the market.

We look forward to testing ASRock’s future products. Any news or events we will keep you updated.



New Cherry Keyboard on Display at CeBIT 2015

While we’ve seen this keyboard at CES 2015, this is the first time we’ve covered its existence on eTeknix. The new board features Real Key, a stunning new technology from Cherry that uses analogue switch technology to help cut key register time from 20ms right down to 1ms, removing the issues currently associated with switch bounce rate. This means your keys are going to be a lot more responsive, especially for those who play fast paced games and what’s even more exciting, Cherry are pushing these new switches with the launch of their new MX Board 6.0 keyboard.

Premium build quality, ultra-responsive switches and hopefully a competitive price tag. We’ll bring you more information as soon as wel have it.