Plextor Booth @ CeBIT 2015

So we’re here at CeBIT 2015 with Plextor. They brought along today two test benches featuring their M6e PCI SSD drive and their M7e MSATA SSD.

We’ve seen this technology before at CES, but it’s definitely worth mentioning the serious speed increase using the PlexTurbo application to get massive speed increases. We see in the image below, over 8GB/s read speeds and over 7GB/s write speed. To put that in perspective, roughly an hour episode of Breaking Bad at 1080p is roughly 1GB rounded down; this drive can transfer 8 episodes a second at that speed.

We look forward to new innovative technology brought forward by Plextor in the near future. Any news or events from Plextor, we will keep you updated. We even heard rumour that Version 3 of their drive may be ready in time for Computex, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Latest MSI Systems at CeBIT 2015

CeBIT 2015 is in full swing and MSI has really gone all out to display their latest and greatest technology. While again, we have seen much of these devices previously, it’s always great to have a refresh with currently available hardware. The things that really grabbed out attention are their stunning WS60 mobile workstation it’s got more processing power than most people will ever need and it’s a great mobile solution for those who do a lot of rendering, CAD work and other processor intensive tasks.

The GS30 shadow is a great two-in-one unit, on one hand you have a fast and highly portable ultra book, great for working out of the office and even some casual gaming. On the other hand, you’ve got a special dock at home, with a high end GPU, in this case the GTX980, giving you desktop gaming performance, with the flexibility of a system you and pick up and take with you afterwards.

The Titan never fails to impress, a pair of high end graphics cards, a full mechanical keyboard and more. Of course, this isn’t the kind of system you want to carry around all day, but when you need desktop levels of performance away from home, there’s really nothing finer than this absolute monster of a laptop.

There’s a lot more here at CeBIT 2015 and we’ll be bringing you even more updates very shortly, so stay tuned!

New Lian-Li Desk Chassis Prototype Unveiled @ CeBIT 2015

Here again with LIAN LI at CeBIT 2015. LIAN LI is no stranger to pushing the design envelope, being one of the first companies to commercially produce ‘desk PCs’ where you can build your PC into your desk for the ultimate ego boost.

We were presented with 2 new desks, the first is in final design stages with will be commercially available very soon (pictured below), the second is an early prototype (pictured above), which in terms of chassis size, it’s the ITX size of the desk PC’s, but will likely have support for larger motherboards. This ‘desk’ is perfect for having sat under a wall mounted TV or even in the middle of the room if you don’t mind wires under carpets. This would make the ultimate coffee table.

We look forward to bringing you more information on these products, and will keep you updated with future press release information.

New Enermax Products on Show @ CeBIT 2015

We’re here with Enermax at CeBIT 2015. They’re showcasing a small range of products from their line-up, most notable is the 550w digital, modular, 80PLUS Platinum, 5 year warranty and FANLESS power supply. Normally you would only get a small combination of those features, but to have them all in one package is simply amazing.

We look forward to the release of this power supply and the rest of the line-up in the near future. Any further news or events from Enermax, we will keep you updated.

be quiet! booth @ CeBIT 2015

So carrying on with the be quiet! stand at CeBIT 2015. We have a rather impressive range of products on display, from their newest case, the Silent Base 800, down to their range of Silent Wing fans.

All the technology shown here has previously been covered during CES 2015 apart from the new Double Glazing window for the Silent Base 800, which can be found here, and the Dark Power Pro 11 series power supply, which can be found here!

We look forward to see what be quiet! has to offer in the coming weeks and months. We will keep you posted on any news and events from be quiet! and the rest of CeBIT 2015!


Lepa Display Latest Products @ CeBIT 2015

Here with Enermax still, with a small presentation of their LEPA series of consumer goods. Aimed at more of the enthusiast consumer market, they have brought along one of their LV12 series tower cooler and an example of their 240mm AIO liquid cooling unit; the AquaChanger.

Apart from internal computer items, we have a self-contained Bluetooth speaker unit; the BTS002. NFC support along with the Bluetooth connectivity. An impressive 2200mA power unit and a built-in microphone for the freedom of handfree.

We look forward to seeing more from LEPA in the near future. Any news or events from LEPA, we will keep you updated.

Latest Lian-Li Accessories at CeBIT 2015

Here at CeBIT 2015, we caught up with LIAN LI; the Bugatti of the chassis world. Today’s line-up presents some of the lesser known products of LIAN LI, all of the accessories from HDD raid racks to 5.25″ drive bay control panels. LIAN LI don’t do half measures, everything is in high-quality aluminium, keeping in look with their chassis range, but also aids their durability.

One device that caught our eye was the external MSATA enclosure with USB 3.1 optional connectivity. It’s great to see how quickly manufacturers have adopted this new standard, but also give the option of previous generation support for those using slightly out-dated tech.

We look forward to seeing more of LIAN LI’s products in the future. Any news of events from LIAN LI, we will keep you updated.

Xilence Show off Latest Coolers and PSUs @ CeBIT 2015

We are pleased to present Xilence at CeBIT 2015. A rather new brand compared to the usual enthusiast companies we all know of. The difference with Xilence, their ‘motto’ is giving what the customer needs AND what the customer wants at the best possible price. They talk directly to their consumers and produce some very good products as a result.

Their presented cooling range of upright tower coolers consist of the usual heat sink, pwm fan and direct contact copper pipes, but the price point is what really sets these apart. The 2 pipe model is claimed to cost less than 15EURO and the 3 pipe less than 20EURO. Along with the price, they claim to offer performance beating their closest competitor.

We look forward to seeing what else Xilence has to offer in the coming weeks and months. Any future news or events from Xilence, we will keep you updated.


Lian Li Giving a Sneak Peak of the Latest Desk and O Series Prototypes

Lian Li has shown us some really impressive chassis over the years and they’re gearing up the latest prototypes, getting them ready to show off at CeBIT 2015. Two of the new chassis that will be on display at Hall 17, D26 at CeBIT are the DK-Q2 desk chassis and the PC-O8 premium tower with tempered glass, both perfect for those who want to show off their beautiful builds.

The DK-Q2 Desk Chassis Prototype combines the symbiotic relationship of desks and computer cases into one. The DK-01 and DK-02 were the first desk chassis to be brought to the mainstream market and now about a year later the new version is seeing its debut.

The new chassis is the result of user feedback where the major updates include a removable motherboard tray, new leg design, and a slimmer body.

The newest addition to the O Series is the PC-O8. The O Series was initially launched last year featuring a combination of Lian Li’s traditional high-end aluminium construction with oversized tempered glass windows. Perfect for those who want to show off their beautiful builds and expensive hardware.

The new PC-O8 prototype does the same as the previous in the series, but more of it. It is bigger and allows for a lot of hardware to be added into the dual chamber chassis.

The motherboard is located on one side of the chassis, housing all the main components. On the other side, you have plenty of room for storage drives, your PSU, and cables.

The drive rack can hold six 3.5-inch drives and one 2.5-inch drive on top of it. The whole thing has two 120mm fans mounted to keep the drives cool and it can be removed for easy assembly and cleaning.

Dust filters are conveniently placed around the air-intakes to keep your system clean and for you to easy remove and clean.

The chassis comes with plenty of front USB 3.0 ports as well as audio jacks for your headset.

We’re looking forward to seeing these new cases live at CeBIT, the surely look great.

Thanks to Lian-Li for providing us with this information