More Retailers Down – Another Round of DDoS Attacks?

It seems that the DDoS attacks which took down major UK retailers such as Scan, Aria and Novatech are far from over. We’ve seen reports and experienced issues first hand with sites like CCL Computers, Overclockers UK (and their Forums) and Chillblast all being hit last night and today with the sites being unaccessible.

You can try the sites yourself, but popular up-time checker Down for Everyone is showing similar reports. We’ve even seen Chillblast reporting on Twitter that their services have been down, but seem to be back up at the moment.

What’s weird about this attack is that its specifically PC system integrators and retail websites in the UK, so it seems someone has picked this market as flavour of the week. Scan have reported that they received an email asking for Bitcoins if they want their service restored, but it seems that none of the sites hit so far as stupid enough to pay, as that would open the door for further attacks, nor guarantee their recovery in the first place.

Could this be the same? It certainly seems so and we’ll be keeping an eye on the situation as it develops.

Have you noticed any major UK tech websites down today? Let us know in the comments section below.

CCL Computers at Insomnia i52

CCL are one of the UKs top computer retailers and they’ve become one of the most popular booths here at iSeries due to their long lasting presence at the show. Not only are they on hand to offer a great range of products at special trade show prices, such as discounts on a range of Cooler Master peripherals, but they’ve also got competitions, games to play, rigs to try out and of course their legendary iSeries T-shirts, which are unique and highly desired at every show.

The team have been working hard and their booth has been packed all weekend, most likely thanks to it being the very first booth as you walk through the door. If you have chance to stop by and check out their playable gaming PCs, I highly recommend it and don’t forget to ask for your free T-shirt before they run out!

CCL & MSI @ Insomnia i50

One of the most popular booths here at the show is a combined booth, MSI have joined forces with CCL Computers, MSI are out in force to give out prizes, free games such as Crysis 3 and Bioshock: Infinte, while CCL are running a retail unit and offering some incredible deals on the latest tech and peripherals.

With everything from the Cooler Master Aluminum peripherals to these funky mobile controlled football playing robots on offer, the booth is packed with people after a great deal. Not to mention bag them selves a free CCL t-shirt which features a great Grumpty Cat image.

Cooler Master and their gaming brand, CM Storm, feature heavily on the booth and there are plenty of deal on the whole range, so if you are at the show gaming, or just vising for the day, it is well worth checking out.

They’ve got a great range of pre-built systems on display that are available from their website, featuring one of the best small chassis on the market, the Aerocool Dead Silence.

Specs are only half the story and visitors can get hands on and play on the latest CCL systems on popular titles such as Bioshock and even thing 3000i system runs it smooth as silk.

Just along side we have the dedicated MSI team and their LoL gaming challenges, win some great prizes, blag from great free swag and learn all about the latest MSI gaming notebooks. When you see just how well these system run modern games you will be absolutely stunned.

They’re also running  facebook competition, be sure to check it out and win some prizes, even if you are not at the show!

Speaking of free swag, you can nab yourself one of these stunning metal dog tags.

The latest MSI gaming notebooks are easily some of the bst in the business right now, they might not be cheap, but after having a few games on them we can attest that you get what you pay for, simply amazing.

That’s all from these booths for today, but we’ll be back shortly with even more coverage from todays event.

Insomnia i49 – Summer 2013 Live Gallery


We’re back again it Multiplay’s Insomnia gaming festival, the biggest of its type in the UK and its a big one alight. With over 3000 BYOC gamers (Bring Your Own Computer) booked in to come and play some of the biggest games (as well as some of the lesser known games) on one massive gaming network, whether it be for fun or for the pros – for the cash!

Those with a keen eye will see that GamesCom over in Germany has conveniently clashed with this summers LAN event, but that has not stopped us from getting a slice of the action. Whilst Andy and Peter are over in Cologne seeing what’s new in the gaming world, I’m here getting the latest coverage from the forefront of the gaming scene with those that play the games themselves.

For those that have been to, or have seen our coverage of Insomnia before will know some of the major highlights of the weekend – apart from the tournaments – include the grand opening ceremony with tons of swag (including boxes) literally being thrown out for everyone to get a bit of; or in some cases they may have to work a little for their goodies. On top of this there is also the exhibition hall with a wide array of manufacturers and vendors showing off some of the latest and greatest kit, including Overclockers UK who will be yet again offering their delivery to your desk option for hardware purchases – for free!

One of the biggest staged events of the weekend has to be the world famous pub quiz the takes place on Saturday night, and don’t worry if you’re not here as you can take part yourself via the live web feed through the iSeries website.

So all in all there is a lot in store for those that are here as well as those who are visiting, but fear not as we will be here getting a slice of the action to show back to you.