New the Evil within DLC Has Zero Guns and More Cats!

The Evil Within’s latest DLC takes a completely different approach to the game and its stealth/action gameplay. First of all, the most important thing to notice is that the gameplay has no guns whatsoever, forcing the player to use only stealth.

The DLC, named The Assignment, sees a chapter from Juli Kidman’s perspective. A peculiar fact about the game and its gameplay is that the player has to save the game… by petting a cat! Though it may sound strange, if you played the original game, petting a cat is nothing compared to the weirdness found in the game.

As previously mentioned, the DLC focuses mainly on stealth, having removed all weapons inside the one hour gameplay. The players need to rely on sneaking, hiding and distractions to get through, but Tango Gameworks made sure you have all the features required at your disposal. They even added a shouting feature in order to aid players in progressing through the game, as well as new puzzles which rely on Kidman’s flashlight.

There have been a lot of controversy from players who prefer to use the action gameplay when playing the game, however fans of the more stealthy approach will be keen on giving this DLC a try.

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‘WarKitteh’ Smart Collar Turns Your Cat Into Hacking Tool

Security Researcher Gene Bransfield and his accomplice, his wife’s grand motherer’s cat, sound like an unlikely duo for network hacking, but that’s exactly what they’ve been doing together! Equipped with a Spark chip, a Wi-Fi module, a GPU module and a battery, Coco the cats collar is pretty high tech. As the cat wonders the neighbourhood, Coco the cat helps Gene identify Wi-Fi networks in and around the local neighbourhood.

The cat and his collar is capable of discovering all unsecured networks, or at least the poorly secured ones, WAP names and more. Coco found dozens of networks, several of which were easily hacked and four that had no security at all… to be honest, I’m not surprised.

Dubbed WarKitteh, the smart collar cost less than $100 to make and while the creator admits its more of a goofy hack that a security threat, it’s just another way of reminding us that our networks need to be more secure… especially given that there are now cats stealing your SSID’s.

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Dell Find Source Of Urine Smell Coming From Laptops

So you’ve just bought a new laptop, but when you open it up for the first time, you’re hit with the smell of cat pee. Astonished huh? Well that is exactly what a number of people had to deal with for months whilst Dell tried to locate where the smell was coming from.

Thankfully, the smell was only lingering around one particular model, the Latitude 6430u. Following initial advice to blast the keyboard with compressed air, dell continued to scratch through the the components until they found the culprit. Believe it or not the smell was coming from nothing more than the palm rest. Whilst many people are going to be wondering what exactly has been added to this humble component, Dell are keeping quiet on what exactly they added to the product to make the awful smell.

Don’t be alarmed however as it’s not unheard of for urine to be used in a manufacturing process. There have been cases of car cylinder blocks been pee’d on by employees as they stood outside to harden them. Now the reason for this rather extreme process all comes down to the chemical composition of urine. Whilst it is a liquid, as we all know, it has a very high concentration of nitrogen to it and this can be used as an agent to strengthen plastics and metals during the manufacturing process.

Don’t be scared that s0meone has pee’d on your laptop though as it is an alternative substance that is high in nitrogen that has been added to get the same result, even if it does leave the part smelling of cat pee. If your Latitude 6430u is one of the affected units, then fear not as Dell are shortly going to be offering replacement parts soon.

Source: BBC News