New Technology Put to use – a 3D-Printed Castle!

3D printing is an extremely cool concept – some people enjoy printing weapons, others like to make food and there are some really practical applications such as fighting against disability. But why not take it one step further – who doesn’t want to live in a castle?!

Andrey Rudenko from Minnesota is an architect who has taken a liking towards 3D printing, so much so that he’s spent months designing and building this masterpiece. Starting this project in April, Rudenko decided he wanted to set the bar for 3D-printed homes.

This kind of printing has previously encountered some scrutiny, with similar projects to this have been carried out in China. With all new building and architectural technology, the question of stability and longevity of materials is often asked. In an interview with 3DPrint, Rudenko said:

“It has been two years since I first began toying with the idea of a 3D printer that was capable of constructing homes. While testing the printer, I ran into obstacles (such as the nightmare of the extruder clogging) and discovered even further abilities of the printer, like that it can print much more than 50cm a day as I originally thought. I was able to calibrate the machine so that it prints nearly perfect layers now, and I played with various heights and widths of the cement layers.”

Rudenko’s printer uses layers on concrete measuring 10mm high by 30mm wide, allowing him to create this amazingly detailed castle. Often 3D concrete printers can make quite crude and uneven projects, but this one seems like a massive success.

As the technology develops, 3D printing is becoming cheaper and more mainstream. When they become feasible for the ‘average’ public to start purchasing them freely – what will you start making?

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King of the 3D-Castle

We’ve seen many things 3D printed before, but this one is my favourites by far. The Minnesota based Andrey Rudenko has amazed us before with his goal of a 3D printed house and his concrete 3D printer is already a reality. He has shown us some smaller projects in the past and is now stepping up the size.

A couple of months ago he announced that he was going to print a 3D castle as a large scale test before printing his house. Not only has he begun this process, he is almost done with it. The ability to print smaller buildings would give him the confidence to advance on to the full scale, he told.

The castle is big enough for people to both stand and walk inside and he is currently printing 50 cm of height every 8 hours. Test have shown that he could go as high as 75-100 cm during warm temperatures. The dark-grey area on the images show one such printing period.

“I still have some imperfections, mostly when I stop the printer,” Rudenko wrote. “But if I print nonstop, the layers look great.Though I’m not completely finished with this structure yet, from the current progress, I can already see that I am ready for the next step, which is printing a house with this technology.”

Rudenko is still a little behind his original schedule, wanting to start the print of his house this summer. While the summer isn’t over yet, it seems unlikely that he’ll manage to stick to that timeline. The small delay doesn’t diminish the awesomeness of his projects and I for one can’t wait to see this one finished.

Rudenko also told that he still plans to make a few improvements to the printer and redesign a few parts of the house before the actual print. It should be clear by now that his dream of a fully printed house isn’t just a dream any more.

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