Thermaltake Reveals Latest Enthusiast-Grade Core Chassis

Thermaltake have just revealed the latest set of cases in their TT Premium line, new entries in the Core W series, which includes the Core W200 and Core WP200 super tower chassis as well as the Core P200 pedestal chassis. These new cases are set to follow on from the older generation Core W series (WP100 and W100) and are designed with the same core TT Premium values of Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations, and Boundless Creativity to deliver cases that push the boundaries of functionality and aesthetics.

As always, the Core W series provides a PC builder with a true DIY feeling of assembling their computer from parts, while also providing the unique option of including two systems into a single chassis. In order to facilitate all of this, the Core WP200/W200 have an impressive capacity and are able to house over 20 drive trays and as many as 10 expansion slots to allow it to even be used as a high-end workstation case.

With all this space, the Core WP200 and W200 are capable of mounting a wide array of hardware, including XL-ATX, E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX motherboards, and also SSI MEB while also leaving space for top-end components and extensive water cooling solutions. Custom liquid cooling components are also available for these cases allowing for fully modular external water-cooling solutions to be used. If this wasn’t enough, the Core P200 Pedestal can be stacked alongside the Core WP200 and W200 cases allowing for fully modular upgrades or additional case space to allow for extensive cooling and power possibilities.

Full details of these cases can be found on Thermaltake’s website.

Insomnia 53 – Cooler Master Booth

At the weekend we were at Multiplays Insomnia 53, the UKs biggest gaming festival. The winter one is usually quieter than usual, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from some of the products that were on show. One company that was there was Cooler Master, and as a leading brand in the industry with a wide range of quality products including cases, peripherals, coolers and power supplies, they were more than happy to show what they had on offer.

The main products that stuck out for me included the Cosmos II which can be used to house pretty much anything you could ever wan,t right down to the mini ITX cases such as the CM Elite 130. The contrast between the two was great. I also really liked the Aluminium series of peripherals that they have on offer at the moment which includes the Mech, Pulse-R and the Reaper.

As well as the hardware they had 2 display systems on show, one of which had a really excellent paint job from Utopia Computers. The “Keyboard Olympics” game was back again which was keeping the crowd entertained, as well as 4 gaming systems to play games such as League of Legends and CS:GO.

In Win Detail What New Products They’ll Have On Display At CES 2014

In Win will be out in force at CES 2014 and while the sites of Las Vegas will be enough to tempt many media professionals to the show, In Win will have some great sights of their own. Not only will they have their currently unseen, brand new full tower, but they’ll also have some new accessories, information on the availability of its new 904 (ATX) and 901 (mini-ITX) chassis, which comes with its own specially designed 80Plus Gold power supplies to match.

In Win 904 & 901 PC Chassis On Show, With New 80Plus Gold PSUs

In Win has announced the immediate availability of its exciting new 904 (ATX) and 901 (mini-ITX) PC chassis, where the new mini-ITX 901 debuts in public for the first time.

Installed in each chassis are new 80Plus Gold PSUs that are specially modified to fit the special 904 and 901 designs, with fans facing upwards instead of downwards. This has required a reconfiguring of the cable design to minimize its visibility, in order to preserve the overall beauty of the chassis. The semi-modular flat cabling on both PSU’s further complements this. In Win prides itself on this level of attention to detail.

Both new 80Plus Gold PSUs offer 750W (for 904) and 550W (for 901) of total sustained power at 50C respectively, and use FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) for incredible longevity and reliability. Both support the latest ATX12V revision 2.4 and are ErP Lot 6 2013 Ready.

New Full Gaming Tower, Exclusive First Look!

Those attending CES will have an exclusive first chance to see In Win’s upcoming – 707, their brand new gaming chassis!

“This aluminium-SECC steel full tower has a sleek, minimalist design that will certainly appeal to PC DIYers and gamers.” say In Win. “Inside includes In Win innovations such as EZ Swap HDD/SSD bays and outside features elegantly masked fan grills. More details will be made available during CES.” they added.

New Accessories

New PC accessories are also on show, including ‘Mr. Bubble’, a new, colourful headphone stand hand-made from blown glass with aluminium stand; new colourful mouse pads; and a new phone-tablet stand too.

CES Booth Information

January 7-10th 2014: Las Vegas Concention Center, South Hall 1, Booth # 21709.

We really can’t wait to see this new chassis and their other products at the show, lucky for us and for you then that the eTeknix team will be at the show and we will do our best to snap some lovely pictures and get some coverage for our fans.

Thank you In Win for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of In Win.

4 Problems With The IPad 4 We Hope The New IPad Will Fix

Thanks to Les from The Snugg for this post. Les contributes to a number of tech blogs and you can check out The Snugg’s awesome iPad 4 cases at their Amazon store.

Those enjoying their iPad 4 will have heard the countless rumours and hints about the iPad 5, you may even start wondering if there’s a chance you could upgrade only a quarter of the way through your contract to reap the benefits of the latest release. It’s amazing, really, that as soon as you get wind of a lighter, faster, sleeker model, yours starts to look a little frumpy, with every little niggle becoming an unbearable flaw which needs to be fixed right now.

We’ve collated a collection of common problems from the iPad 4 which hopefully, pretty please, will be fixed across the new generation.

Look new:

The main complaint as soon as the iPad 4 was released was that it didn’t look new, even though it was. It was more expensive, had better features and we had to have it, yet it looked exactly the same as what we already had. Overall, most people were unhappy with the static design across the new iPad and its predecessor, so hopefully, and if the rumours are to be believed, the new iPad will have a distinctive difference in design looking a lot more like the iPad Mini. It’s expected to be a fair bit lighter and thinner than the iPad 4, which means hopefully it will not only be better, but look better, too.


The Wi-Fi, or rather the lack of it, seems to be a bugbear for many iPad 4 users. There’s been serious mutterings about the standard of Wi-Fi, with many users regularly suffering no access or poor signal for seemingly no reason. It’s probably not that much of an issue, but we’ve come to expect our internet fast, quick and in the palm of our hands, so we tend to cause a stink when someone takes that away. There have been rumours of the iPhone 6 coming with a Wi-Fi chip which will boast faster browsing, so it may be a sign that Apple has noticed issues with the connectivity of its products, but whether that means the iPad will be improved, no one knows.

Charging problems

Some people out there are reporting issues with charging the iPad 4; many people have issues with the connector not being recognised, even though it champions the all-new lightning connector. It could be the new 8-pin plug that’s causing the problems. It’s so clever that it registers how the phone is plugged in, and sends electric signals accordingly. Either way, for anyone struggling with their charging plugs, the iPad 5 is rumoured to have wireless charging which means cables all together, lightning or not, could soon be a thing of the past.

Released too soon

The only other common complaint about the iPad 4 is that it was released so soon after the iPad 3, and many people tied into contracts couldn’t enjoy the benefits. Rumours of the newest iPad are the fifth release in two years, so it’s a wonder anyone has money left to be upgrading again. Unfortunately, there’s no change with the speed which Apple updates and progresses. The newest iPad is expected to be released just six months after the iPad 4, and although it’s not as fast as the turnaround which brought us the current model, it’s still pretty fast. Rumours are circulating about budget models being released to compete with cheaper Android tablets, so if you really can’t validate the newest iPad, there might actually be something to look forward to shortly after.

Image courtesy of Flickr – Brett Weinstein

InWin G7 Mid Tower Chassis Review

In the office this week I have the latest budget friendly chassis offering from InWin and while they are earning quite a lot of fame and reputation for their, shall we say, slightly crazier chassis designs such as the D-Frame and H-Frame, its easy to forget that they make normal cases too.

InWin is well known in the industry for making some unique chassis and respectable power supplies that have earned them a loyal fan base over the years. The new G7, much like the other recent InWin release (the GT-1) is aimed at the mid market. It’s not about blowing you away with insane features, huge chassis, big price tags and flashy lights. This is a part of the market where most people actually spend there money, your average system builder needs something reliable, that packs all the features they require but that also doesn’t cost too much money and the big question here today is, have InWin struck the right balance between those three aspect.

As you can see from the specifications below its a fairly modestly equipped chassis, but its not exactly lacking in features either. With support for 7 x 120mm fans, 6 hard drives, three optical drives or similar devices, USB 3.0 and even a SATA EZ-Swap bay.

The G7 is budget friendly, so it doesn’t come in any kind of fancy packaging, but it does feature a very dark contrast image of the chassis that gives you a good idea of its general design. There wasn’t much in the box either with only a few basic screws and bolts required to install your components, although that really is all you need anyway.