Resident Evil 4 HD Comparison Screenshots Revealed

The HD fan remaster of Resident Evil 4 is making great strides, if the recent photo comparisons of the game’s new textures and models are anything to go by. The Resident Evil 4 HD Project – the lovechild of two friends calling themselves “Cris” and “Albert” (monikers adopted in honour of messrs Redfield and Wesker, perhaps?) for the last two years – started life as a high-res texture mod, but has evolved to include 3D models.

While Cris has no previous experience with such an undertaking, Albert has worked on RE4 PC texture packs dating back to 2007. While many such fan polishes have been released over the last decade, what marks the Resident Evil 4 HD Project as different, according to the official site, is:

  • Correcting texture mapping and 3D modeling issues. Texture mapping and 3D modeling errors that weren’t noticeable in the original game being played on a CRT television become more apparent when playing in HD resolutions. Examples include objects floating above the surface they should rest on, improperly placed shadow layers, seams appearing where textures are supposed to flow continuously. We are correct these issues throughout the game.
  • Enhancing flat objects to true 3D models. Due to limitations of the original hardware, objects like lamps, candle-holders, doors, decorative emblems, etc. were originally created as flat objects. In many instances we are able to revise these objects to be true 3D models, observable from any angle.
  • Remaining committed to the original visuals. Our intent throughout the project is to remain true to the original visuals and artistic intent. The best kind of feedback we receive is when people say that the game looks like what they *imagined* it to look like when they first played it 10 years ago. While we are not perfect, we continually refer back to the original texture assets to ensure we do not deviate in a significant manner.

Albert, a Spaniard, even travelled across Spain and Wales to take new high-res photographs of the real-world texture samples used by the original programming team. The project even has the blessing of Capcom, which has pinned a link to the site to the game’s page on the Steam forum.

Street Fighter V Ragequitter Punishment Not as Effective as Hoped

Last week, Capcom revealed that they were aware of the issue of ragequitters damaging the online mode of their recently released Street Fighter V and announced there would be a “severe punishment” for those who continued to cheat by doing so. Now a blog post from the developers has declared that around 30 players had been penalized for ragequitting by docking some of their league points. They also stated that there would be weekly checks on accounts that were seen to have abnormally high disconnect rates (particularly at the end of matches) and reset their league points.

The community’s response to Capcom’s call for the submission of evidence of rage quitting has been a great success, with the article stating “we’ve received a ton of videos both here on Unity and our social channels which we’ve been able to cross reference with our data and put together a clear picture as to which players are abusing the system.” They were reluctant to make punishments too widespread or harsh immediately, as the current system of discovering ragequitters still has the chance of catching players with legitimate connection issues. Those who are flagged as rage-quitters by Capcom’s systems are those with a disconnect rate of between 80-90%, far beyond what typical connection issues would cause.

Unfortunately, this system will have to make do for now as there is no current ETA for a permanent solution to the problem, however hopefully the news that punishments are taking place may deter would-be ragequitters and go some way to improve the quality of online play for skilled players.

Capcom to Add “Severe Punishment” for Street Fighter 5 Ragequitters

Street Fighter V’s online play has a big problem, rage quitters. Players who wish to retain their winning streak despite losing can simply leave a game or disconnect just as they lose in order to both preserve their own win streak and deny their opponent the win. This has led to distrust online for those who have large winning streaks, as they are often the result of abusing disconnections. Now Capcom has announced that they are moving to punish the worst offenders in the next few weeks.

A post on the Capcom Unity blog by the Street Fighter V developers, they stated that they were aware of the current blight on the game’s online play and that they will soon be putting an end to it. Exactly what the changes and punishment will be as well as the date that they will be implemented were not part of the announcement, but direct action is set to begin next week, with more details on the subject to be made clear in the coming days. Of course, until a proper system is in place, Capcom cannot fight the problem alone and are asking players to record every instance of rage quitting they encounter. The suggested method is via the PS4’s “share” function after the match, but any other video evidence, such as Twitch archives will serve the purpose for PC players.

On a more positive note, Capcom has also stated that they have rolled out some matchmaking improvements, however, some regions such as Europe, the Middle East and some others are still having problems with the system. They are continuing to address the problem in these regions and monitor the quality of the matchmaking, with more announcements to be made when additional fixes are in place.

It is good to see Capcom addressing one of the problems that are making a very key part of the latest Street Fighter annoying instead of fun for good players. Capcom may take some flak should the punishments be too harsh, however, I am sure that the majority of the fighting game community will welcome anything that makes the online play better for legitimate players instead of abusers.

Capcom Announces Resident Evil Re-Releases to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

You just can’t keep a good T-virus down. Capcom has announced that, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, it is releasing the fourth, fifth, and sixth games in the saga on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

While critical response to both Resident Evil 5 and 6 was variable, at best – players were unhappy at the games ditching the survival horror in favour of a more action shooter style – Resident Evil 4, only the second game of the series to be directed by visionary Shinji Mikami, is still considered one of the best games ever made.

“In March 1996, the world was introduced to the first Resident Evil game, which helped shape survival horror as we know it and has since brought you some of the most loved games of all time,” the official Capcom announcement reads. “You’ve been able to play through the origins stories that started everything with the recent releases of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0, and we’ve confirmed that a remake of Resident Evil 2 is on the way.”

“Since then, the series and story have evolved to amp up the action and introduce new epic gaming moments with Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6. If you haven’t had a chance to play these yet or if you’ve been wanting to play them on your current consoles, we’ve got good news for you. Starting with Resident Evil 6 on March 29, all three games will be available for PS4 and Xbox One for an MSRP of only $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99 each.”

Street Fighter V to Add Story Mode as a Free Update


With the release of Street Fighter V rapidly approaching, many fans of the fighting genre are already eagerly awaiting the game’s release, having already had the chance to try out beta builds of the game. It was doubtless that the game would include the standard array of arcade and versus modes the series is known for, but now Capcom has announced that this latest entry in the franchise will also include a story mode that will be added to the game as free DLC in summer.

All of the Street Fighter games so far have included some kind of plot, usually told through the arcade modes. In this mode a chosen character would typically fight a series of random opponents, coming to a climax when they would fight a number of the series ‘boss characters’, typically including the antagonist, M Bison. The older entries in the franchise would tell their stories through character bios and simple epilogues upon beating the arcade mode, but the most recent game Street Fighter IV included fully animated prologue and ending cutscenes for each character’s story. Series main character Ryu’s story was often the one considered to be the series canon, with a number of the other stories not contradicting his also being part of the universe.

Only time will tell whether the story mode for Street Fighter V will be unique for each character or whether there will be one story, requiring the player to take to the ring as a number of the series’ iconic characters. The best part is that it is free, not a feature to be included with updated ‘Super’ versions of the game sold again at almost full price.

Mighty No. 9 Delayed Once Again

Mighty No. 9’s Kickstarter campaign was funded in a mere two days and went onto amass almost $4 million. Clearly, being the spiritual successor to the highly idolized Megaman franchise encouraged many fans of the genre to invest. As always the case with crowdfunding, it’s important to realize that any payment is an investment and certain risks are involved. Although, if something doesn’t live up to the initial promise, people are rightfully angry and want to regain their initial investment. Sadly, the game’s development has been plagued by numerous delays because of bugs, and inability to properly create a stable netcode. Back in October, the project’s lead pledged there would be no more delays and promised to keep the game on schedule.

Despite these assurances, the game is going to miss the February release target and been delayed once again. According to the Kickstarter update, this is due to issues with the online aspect and bound to cause anger from players only interested in the single player experience. Here is the latest update in full:

“To the fans eagerly awaiting the release of Mighty No. 9,  

Unfortunately, we have an announcement that will be very disappointing to all of you. In preparation for the February release of Mighty No. 9 we have been working hard with our partners to resolve any network issues and porting work necessary to publish Mighty No. 9 on the various platforms. However, the issues relating to the network modes were more critical than expected, and it has become apparent that we will need to delay the game from its February 9th release date. We have been working up until the very last moment to resolve these issues in order to make the February release, but it has become clear that we no longer have enough time to fix the issues and have everything prepared for release.

The reason for the delay is rooted in bugs inside the network modes, and specifically problems with matchmaking. There are two large reasons for this problem, one of them being the large number of platforms supported (the solution for each platform is slightly different) and the other stems from the fact that the engine we are using is no longer being updated which means adjustments for matchmaking and online code are being made manually (actually reprogramming parts of the engine by the dev team themselves). Unfortunately, this is all a result of miscalculations on the part of us, the development staff. As a result, our fans who have been looking forward to Mighty No. 9 have been forced to wait for over half a year longer than expected, and for that we are sincerely sorry. I want to take this chance to apologize personally, and on the behalf of the development staff.

Over the end of the year break and the beginning of 2016, the development staff has been working on these issues non-stop without break, and thanks to their hard work the end is in sight. We continue to make progress to resolve these last issues that have been holding up the release of the game on the different platforms.

Because we are constantly working on it in cooperation with all our partners, we want to wait and make sure that everything is confirmed to be ready before giving a new specific release date. But we expect it to realistically be in Spring 2016.

For this 3rd delay of the game, we have no excuses for disappointing our fans and especially our backers once more. We want to take this chance to express our sincerest apologies to everyone who has looked forward to the release.

Although we are far past our original release date, the release of Mighty No. 9 is still right around the corner. We are all working hard to make sure that we can finish and release the game to all of our fans as quickly as possible, and ask once more for your support of this project that we have created together over these last few years.”

With the huge amount of money at the development team’s disposal, it’s absolutely absurd to see the game being delayed time after time. Usually, I defend the notion of delaying games, because at least it releases in a proper state. However, Mighty No.9 is becoming a laughing-stock, and mocked online each time the release date is put back.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Sales Surpass 180K During First Week on Steam

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an enthralling action packed RPG set in a thrilling open world environment. Furthermore, the game was directed by Hideaki Itsuno, and spearheaded by other leading staff members who worked on classic franchises including Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Breath of Fire. The end result is magical although the definitive edition only arrived on the previous generation consoles in 2013. Thankfully, Capcom decided to eventually launch the game on PC and cater to RPG aficionados dreams. The PC version was completed by QLOC and is for the most part fairly competent barring some issues with 21:9 UI scaling. This developer worked on a number of Polish localizations which includes Resident Evil 5, Mafia II and other mainstream releases.

According to data from SteamSpy, the game has sold over 180,000 copies within a single week. This is marvellous news and exemplifies how successful games can be on the PC platform. Even though the visuals look rather outdated, this doesn’t detract from the core experience and I’m sure the modding community will help add some polish. SteamSpy’s data is reliable and provides a true indication of a game’s active community, unit sales and buying behaviour. Here we can see, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen managed a steady increase in sales numbers over the first week. Perhaps this is helped by the very respectable $29.99 launch price which makes it affordable for a large number of people.

Hopefully, the success of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen encourages more Japanese publishers to give the platform serious consideration. Thankfully, this is already happening and more JRPGs are coming to PC all the time! There’s never been a better time to play on PC given the huge library, cheap games, and affordable hardware. Clearly, this is helping the platform to grow at a fantastic pace and make it more profitable.

New Resident Evil 2 is Not a Remaster

Back in August, Capcom announced that it was working on a new version of its classic survival horror game Resident Evil 2. Following the success of the recent HD version of the first Resident Evil game, plus a translation from Capcom’s second-quarter 2015 financial report, it was assumed that the re-release of the second game in the series would be a remaster, much like the hugely successful release of the first game. However, it now seems that report was mistranslated and that the game will be a from-the-ground-up remake.

The matter has been cleared up by Stuart Turner, Marketing Director for Capcom UK, via Twitter:

The English translation of Capcom’s Q2 2015 financial report has also been amended [PDF, Page 13], changing the word ”remaster” to “full remake version”.

When Capcom first canvassed fans via its Facebook group, it asked for opinions on the Unreal Engine 4 remake of Resident Evil 2 and whether Capcom itself should take on the endeavour. Later that day, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi – a Capcom producer who worked as a programmer on the original game – posted to the Facebook page, in relation to Resident Evil 2, writing that he aimed to create “a worth-seeing game to answer these fans full of passion.”

No release date for the Resident Evil 2 remake, nor which platforms it will be available on, have been announced.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC Screenshots Released

Dragon’s Dogma, the best RPG of a generation that you’ve likely never played! Of course, if you’re fortunate to have known about or  played the PlayStation 3 original, you’re certainly a very lucky gamer. The game is a throwback to the RPG epics that dominated the PS2-era of gaming, huge open world, complex character building, insane monsters and terrifying difficulty are all present in this lore-rich game.

With all that in mind, you’ll be glad to hear that Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is heading to PC and looking at the new screenshots, things are progressing nicely. Capcom’s Senior Director of Digital Platforms, William Bacon, stated that the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will use original, uncompressed assets, so it should look a lot better than the somewhat blurry original release.

“While textures won’t compare to current gen titles built from the ground up, the assets in DDDA PC will look better than past gen console versions since they’re original, uncompressed assets.” said William.

What’s even better than the screenshots is that the official PC system requirements will be revealed next month, possibly around December 3rd. William added that a high-end GPU should be able to push the game at 4K/60fps, so it’s nice to know they’re going to support the resolution, and with any luck, perhaps even 21:9 support.

Street Fighter V to Include “More Player-Friendly” Microtransactions

Capcom’s abysmal reputation among the fighting community stems from an investigation by Destructoid into on-disc DLC. Unbelievably, Capcom tried to sell Ogre-Gill, Dudley, Elena, Cody, Guy and other DLC characters in Street Fighter X Tekken while the content was secretly locked onto PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 retail copies. Even more astounding, Capcom defended the move and proclaimed:

“The character information and files were intentionally included on retail versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game to save hard drive space and to ensure for a smooth transition when the DLC is available, allowing players who choose not to purchase the content the ability to play against players that did.”

Despite this, Capcom hve produced a number of excellent fighting games in the past decade and Street Fighter IV is played worldwide in professional tournaments. As a result, fans of the genre cannot wait to try out Street Fighter V but there are some concerns regarding the business model.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Capcom’s senior product manager Matt Dahlgren directly addressed these reservations and said:

“I think, definitely – and it comes down to our philosophy. We’re trying to reward players who stay engaged with the game, and we have respect for our competitive players and we’re making sure that everything that can impact the outcome of a match needs to be earnable with in-game fight money. Microtransactions can be perceived quite negatively, but this time around it’s much more player friendly – players have more choice about what they want, previously it was bundled in one pack and now you can pick and choose what you want to work towards and get that content for free.”

Sadly, Street Fighter V will receive microtransactions and I honestly believe they could alter the multiplayer’s balance. While Capcom reassures us this won’t be the case, I’m quite skeptical. Furthermore, any full-price release which implements microtransactions only makes me wait for a hefty discount.

Are you looking forward to Street Fighter V?

Street Fighter V Release Date Announced

During Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, the executive producer of Street Fighter V revealed that the release date for the long-awaited fighting game would be February 16th 2016 in the US and Europe on PC and Playstation 4.

In addition to this, the popular stretchy yoga-master, Dhalsim was confirmed to be part of the game’s 16-strong roster at the game’s release, but with a new look and perhaps a host of new moves. That brings the amount of confirmed characters up to 15 of the game’s 16, which leaves the question of who the last character will be? There are a number of popular characters currently unconfirmed that could see a comeback for the new title, such as the Sumo E. Honda, Guile, Blanka and a number of others who have been mainstays since the franchise boosting Street Fighter II. The alternative is that Capcom is keeping another new character under wraps, with almost one-third of the announced characters being new entrants to the franchise.

And worry not, should your favourite character be absent, Capcom also outlined the release plans for Street Figher V’s inevitable DLC. This will come in the form of 6 characters released over the first year following release. And the best part? They’ll be free. The only cost will be that of the in-game “fight money” currency which will be used to unlock them for play.

So, are you hyped up for the newest entry in the genre-defining franchise, or do you plan to wait for the almost-inevitable “Super” edition?

The Humble Capcom Bundle is Fantastic Value!

In the last few months, there has been a sharp decline in the quality of PC bundles mainly because many offerings were repeated. Originally, the folks at Humble focused on DRM-Free titles and tried to give a platform to niche indie titles. As time progressed, we began to see mainstream franchises on sale from EA, SEGA and even Nintendo. The latest bundle is certainly one of the strongest I’ve seen and includes a number of superb games providing you beat the current average price of $7.04.

The $1 tier isn’t too enticing apart from Strider, a hack-and-slash action game. Although, Lost Planet 3 has its moments and shouldn’t be dismissed for the insanely cheap price. Out out all the games on offer, Devil May Cry is my favourite and features some of the most fluid, and intense combat I’ve ever seen. Additionally, the PC version is excellent and well-optimized. I am interested to see which other games are added to the second tier, and perhaps, Duck Tales could be on its way!

In the last decade, the Resident Evil franchise has become insufferable with an over-reliance on combat instead of tense, atmospheric gameplay. However, the Resident Evil Revelations games are surprisingly good and manage to evoke what made the original titles so special.

What is your favourite Capcom game of all time?

Capcom Unveils Street Fighter V PC Requirements

Capcom has revealed the official PC requirements for Street Fighter V and recommended configuration to play the game as intended:


  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz
  • Memory: 6 GB DDR3
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 480 (or higher)
  • Network: Broadband Connection Required
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 11
  • Soundcard: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset


  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K @3.50GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB DDR3
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 960
  • Network: Broadband Connection Required
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 11
  • Soundcard: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset or better

As you can see, the minimum requirements are fairly reasonable and should work on any gaming rig from the last few years. However, publishers are always quite vague with these specifications and there’s no information about resolution, graphical settings or achievable framerate with each configuration. On another note, Street Fighter V will be a Steamworks title with cloud saves, achievements and trading cards.

Unfortunately, there’s no launch support for DirectX 12 but this isn’t a major issue if the game runs well enough on a wide array of systems. Street Fighter V looks impressive and I cannot wait to test the game out with my Hori Fight Stick.

Are you looking forward to Street Fighter V?

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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen’ is Finally Coming to PC!

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is one of the most imaginative, and thought-provoking role-playing-games from the last console generation. Unfortunately, PC players didn’t receive a port and struggled to accept the sub-30fps performance in certain areas. Surprisingly, Capcom has announced a PC version featuring “stunning high-res graphics and improved fidelity. Additionally, the game will launch at a very reasonable $30 on Steam and is scheduled for release during January 2016.

At least Capcom is now more open to PC remakes and prepared to implement high-resolution support. Although it’s uncertain how well the game will adapt to keyboard and mouse. In theory, the key combinations via keyboard and mouse should offer a spectacularly, in-depth experience. Over the years, there is a huge quantity of console exclusives I’d like to see on the PC platform. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is one I never expected and near the top of my list.

Japanese publishers appear to be porting more console-focused franchises to the PC and we have already received classics such as Ikaruga, and Valkyria Chronicles. There has been much speculation about Capcom’s financial standing and dubious business practices, such as, on-disc DLC. Whatever the case, it seems the reasons to own a console are diminishing every year.

What is your favourite RPG of all time?

Street Fighter V DLC Can Be Unlocked For Free Through Gameplay

Capcom have dramatically altered their policy on post-release content and decided to offer future DLC for free providing you invest enough time playing Street Fighter V. Previously, the studio was heavily criticized in lieu of evidence which proved they sold individual characters already stored on Street Fighter X Tekken’s retail disk. According to the PlayStation blog, each piece of DLC can be acquired via “Fight Money” which accumulates as your playtime increases. The press release specifically stated:

“Players also have more freedom in their decisions, as they only need to purchase or earn the content that appeals to them. This will also create more long-term engagement, because the more you play the game, the more you are rewarded and can earn new content. The player base is never shrunk by requiring a paid update like in years past. Players can take a break from the game, but then come back at any time and continue to play with the characters they already own, with the newest gameplay balance.”

This system also caters to players without a lot of spare time and allows them to purchase content through “Zenny”, a premium currency. Balancing both of these initiatives in a fair manner is extremely challenging. While I’m pleased to see a more consumer-friendly approach, I cannot help being skeptical of Capcom given their recent history. What constitutes enough gameplay to access new content? Will it be a sensible amount, or implemented in a grind-fest free-to-play model?

Street Fighter V is set for release in March 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC. The launch version contains a core roster of 16 playable character with 4 brand new exclusive models.

Trailer for Resident Evil 0 HD Released

We live in a world of zombies, they are the reanimation of old dead entities. Much like the long list of games that are being remastered, remade, enhanced, redone and fixed. There is no escape from them. I get the reason that publishers do this, money. They make more profit from ‘tarting’ up an already established game than creating one from scratch; easy money.

Although my statement above sounds negative and full of criticism, I am all for a good re-release of an old game. Even though I don’t believe that graphics is the be all and end all of a good video game, there are games I used to love that I cannot play anymore due to the poor visuals.

So as an ‘anything-zombie’ fan, I welcome another one of the Resident Evil franchise being remade. This time it’s a return to the origins of the series in an HD remaster of the 2002 original, Resident Evil 0.

Let us know if you will be enjoying the HD goodness of this when the game is released on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in early 2016.

Here are the new trailer and some gorgeously gloomy screenshots.


New Dragon’s Dogma Online Trailer Shows Sweeping Story and Epic Battles

Capcom Online Games has released an impressive new trailer for its forthcoming free-to-play MMORPG Dragon’s Dogma Online. The game is set for release on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 later this year.

The trailer introduces us to Leo, Iris, Vanessa, and Fabio, all members of the White Wing Corps, and their monumental battles against the game’s huge bosses, including one of the titular dragons.

Source: DualShockers

Dragon’s Dogma Online to be Free-to-Play for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3

Details on Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma Online have emerged, thanks to Japanese video game magazine Famitsu. The MMORPG will be free-to-play, but rely on microtransactions in lieu of a monthly fee, à la World of Warcraft. Produced by Minae Matsukawa, directed by Kent Kinoshita, and executive produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, it will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

You will play as an Awakened, exploring the land of Lestaria in four-player parties, made up of either AI pawns or real players. A “quick-matching” feature is available, and socialising takes place in huge town lobbies that can hold up to 100 players at a time. In-game jobs include Fighter, Hunter, Priest, and Shield Sage, and roles can be switched, player and pawns alike, at any time.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is entirely open-world, with regular updates planned to expand the playing area incrementally, and raiding parties of eight players is to be another future introduction. Four NPC characters – Fighters Vanessa (voiced by Atsuko Tanaka) and Leo (Koichi Yamadera), Hunter Iris (Marina Inoue), and Fabio (Yoshimasa Hosoya) – are to be introduced, as members of the White Winged Buddha Corps.

Dragon’s Dogma Online is set for release in Japan later this year.

Source: Gematsu

Capcom Teasing New Dragons Dogma and Devil May Cry

Dragon’s Dogma is one of my all time favourite games, it’s a little rough around the edges, it’s bloody hard to complete and it’s a throw back to the epic RPG days of the PlayStation 2 era. So I’m extremely excited at the concept of not only a sequel, but the prospect of an MMO version of this series.

The image above was posted on the Capcom website, although it has since been removed. Capcom recently trademarked “Dragon’s Dogma Online”, but it’s currently unknown if this relates to the Dragons Dogma 2 sequel or something else entirely.

“We’ve got several games in the pipeline right now. One of them is even in the last stages right now. We should be able to announce it soon”. – Dragon’s Dogma director, Hideaki Itsuno

The image above teases both Dragons Dogma and Devil May Cry, but it does sound like Dragon’s Dogma will the one closer to being revealed. One thing is for certainly, 2015 is going to be an interesting year for Capcom.

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Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition Coming To PC

Capcom have announced that the ultimate HD edition of Resident Evil 4 will soon be available for both download on Steam globally and available at retail in Europe. PC gamers will be able to play the groundbreaking survival horror masterpiece in the highest visual fidelity ever with stunning HD running at a smooth 60 frames per second for the first time. Resident Evil 4 will be available on February 28, 2014 for $19.99/€19.99.

Alongside the announcement, the Steam pre-order campaign is already live, which includes a digital soundtrack with more than 60 tracks and a digital artbook for those that purchase early, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards, global leaderboards, and full game controller support and previously released bonus content such as the Separate Ways epilogue are all in place, but the best thing of all is the visual improvements. A complete visual overhaul has been performed to bring this revered title to the highest graphical quality ever. Fully optimized for wide screen, text has been sharpened and textures have been upgraded on characters, backgrounds and in-game objects as well as a big improvement in bringing the engine up to 60fps.

“In Resident Evil 4, special agent Leon S. Kennedy is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter who has been kidnapped. Finding his way to a rural village in Europe, he faces new threats that are a departure from the traditional lumbering zombie enemies of the earlier installments in the series. Leon battles horrific new creatures infested by a new threat called Las Plagas and faces off against an aggressive group of enemies including mind-controlled villagers that are tied to Los Illuminados, the mysterious cult which is behind the abduction.” – Capcom

To complement the exciting new direction, the game introduced a modernized control scheme, rear third person view and gameplay mechanics which have blazed the trail for subsequent action titles. In short, this really is what a HD re-release should be like, let’s just hope it is as awesome as it sounds!


Thank you Capcom for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Capcom.

Dead Rising 3 Has a 13GB Patch Going Live Today

There is a new patch coming for Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One, and you better hope that you’re not getting close to your monthly internet data usage, seeing as this patch will be a whopping 13GB. To date this is one of the biggest game patches in history in terms of file size, with most patches being anywhere from 500MB up to around the 2GB mark. Why is this patch for Dead Rising 3 so big and should we accept that all patches for next-gen game to be this size? According to Dead Rising 3 executive producer Josh Bridge who released a statement about the patch and upcoming content for the game;

“The patch is designed to both fix issues and ensure compatibility with the online players and all of the upcoming add-on content that is coming out shortly as well”.

Screenshot of the Dead Rising 3 Patch Size

Looks like the patch came out at the right time, if the patch is to fix compatibility with the release of the games first piece of DLC coming out tomorrow. For those wondering that DLC will be titled Operation Broken Eagle. For those owners of Dead Rising 3 who are getting close to their data limit or just simply want to put of downloading the patch it is as simple as disconnecting your router or your Xbox One from the internet. however if you want to play Dead Rising 3 online you will need to download the patch. Hopefully this patch doesn’t set a precedent with all the new games coming out on the next-gen consoles and patch sizes are kept to a minimum, whilst it is not a huge deal for most some users in countries with slower internet may find this patch a bitter pill to swallow.

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Images courtesy of Game Informer and The Escapist

R.I.P Greg Martin, Video Game Cover Artist

Some of the art work by Cover Artist Greg Martin

Sad news today, with Artist Greg Martin passing away. Greg was a very talented artist who started off working as an animator for Hanna-Barbera where he worked on such series as The Jetson, The Flintstones, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Thunder Cats. However it’s his work on Video Game covers that I know I personally remember the most. These Video Game covers such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Duck Tales 2, Adventure Island, Bomberman II and many more games from Hudson, Namco and Capcom.

What makes these Video Game covers stand out to me so much is the fact they were done before photoshop was even invented. These covers were all hand airbrushed, sometimes onto huge 24 to 30 inch paintings that would take just over a week to put together.Mr Greg Martin was a talented artist and will be sadly missed. Condolences go out to his friends and relatives that he’s left behind. R.I.P Greg Martin.

Some of the cover work done by Mr Martin

Duck Tales 2 (1993)

Taz-Mania (1992)

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (1994)

Bomberman II (1991)

Adventure Island (1993)

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Devil May Cry Online Project Black Sheep World View Trailer Unveiled

Pmang has updated their trailer for the upcoming online iteration of the Devil May Cry franchise. The new trailer now features an English narrator and unveils the new world view of action MMORPG that is Project Black Sheep.

With the cooperative efforts of the development teams at Rockman, Neowiz Games and Capcom, Project Black Sheep is already shaping up to be something special. Using the Havok physics engine to handle the combat actions, basic behaviours and real-time interactions in a similar way to Diablo III, rather than use pre-set behaviour and fixed animation. It’s also said that the game will feature combat styles that have never been before in another online action game. Massive interactive scenes content, heavily stylized combat, online MMO and RPG elements all add up to make Project Black Sheep on of the hottest projects to keep an eye on in 2014.

Project Black Sheep’s first closed beta is scheduled during March and April 2014 and tens of thousands of players have already registered for the first closed beta test on South Korea. Check out the teaser trailer below and let us know what you think.


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Epic Looking PS4 Exclusive “Deep Down” Will Be Free-2-Play & Have A Beta

Deep Down has already been confirmed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but Capcom have just pulled another trick out of their bag by announcing that the premium quality dungeon crawler will now be a free-2-play title, although unfortunately that is the only detail they’ve given so far on the payment structure for the title.

The game is looking super cool so far, gameplay videos and more have been leaking online from the Tokyo Game Show and things are looking very promising indeed, mixing the tense exploration of classic Capcom titles such as Dino Crisis with the brutally intricate combat of something like Dark Souls.

The game randomly generates dungeons for you to work through and it really can be luck of the draw on how hard the game is each time you pick an area to play, much like the world creating system used for FTL: Faster Than Light.

Hopefully the game will be a proper free-2-play title that can be “completed” for nothing, but with the temptation of extra content, DLC or new weapons for those willing to spend a little extra, compared to the less favourable options that allow a little free content, then ask for money, or systems that require you to spend on lots of micro transactions to be competitive.

A lot of questions will be answered prior to release though as the Capcom do plan to hold a Beta close to the Japanese launch of the PlayStation 4, so it will only be a few months until we know for sure.


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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PlayStation 3 Review

The original Dragons Dogma is one of my all-time favourite games and yet it’s also one of the least refined games I’ve ever played, but it offered something special, something that really stood out from the crowd and it’s easily one of the purest and most engrossing action RPG games of this console generation, the likes of which haven’t been seen on consoles since the PlayStation 2. While that may not sound like a long time ago, keep in mind that the PlayStation 3 is now 7 years old, the PlayStation 2 13 years old.

Yet with all the changes in popular gaming, FPS titles dominating the market, yearly sports updates from EA and RPG’s becoming ever more copy / paste in their design, let alone the fact that Final Fantasy titles have become more and more watered down over the last decade, Capcom still threw caution to the wind and created a hardcore, rough around the edges, challenging and unique RPG experience, a breath of fresh air and one that was welcomed by the gaming community.

In a market that at the time was dominated by the finely crafted Skyrim, Dragons Dogma seemed like a big middle finger to the world of AAA games, it has a low internal resolution, pop up on draw distance, mechanics that make navigation and battle a challenge, some laughable voice acting and many other issues, but it had the right balance of the things that mattered, gameplay, action, a fairly interesting story, giant bloody monsters and epic dragons, a robust levelling system a sizable challenge in the face of modern “easy” RPG’s and most of all, it was fun.

New Features

  • 25 new enemies.
  • More skills, equipment and augments
  • Over 100 pieces of new equipment
  • All new high level weapons and armor sets
  • 14 new character and Pawn augments
  • New tiers of equipment enhancement
  • Increased character customisation options
  • Item appraisal
  • Option to select Japanese voice over

Dark Arisen is an expansion pack, not to be confused with DLC. This of it as if Capcom finished making Dragons Dogma, released the game and then realised “whoops! We forgot something”, they went back made even more content, continued the story, added new locations and integrated it all with the original game. The disc for Dark Arisen features the entirety of the original Dragon’s Dogma, so if you’ve never played the original, you can, the “add on content” is essentially near the end of the main story. If you’ve played the original, you can carry over your save game and pick up where you left off and take all your levelled characters and items with you to Dark Arisen, but if you like to play you games on a more sadist difficultly level, you could always just jump straight into the add-on content at low level, early on in the game, just don’t expect to live long if you haven’t got the stills of a gaming ninja, Dark Souls could be considered easy in comparison should you attempt to do so.

Bitterblack Isle is a premium example of what a dungeon crawler should be, while certain death awaits around every corner, more than enough lethal foes to keep you cautious about the level of hack and slash you go in for, but it’s also filled with loot, secrets, hidden paths and more than enough to keep your pushing forward throughout.

The new content features even more hard-core versions of the common foes from the main quest, go in unprepared and you’ll find even small goblins can cast a one hit kill on your and your pawns, which is great because you can continue with your high level characters and still get a good challenge out of the game.

The Dark Arisen content also brings a few new fast travels to the game and while it does make transporting around the game world a tiny bit easier you should still be prepared to do a lot of walking, a lot of walking through large dark places, full of things that are going to make mince out of you if you are not prepared.

If you’ve got a high level character to take into Dark Arisen, you can clear Bitterblack Isle in about 16 hours, but anything lower than a level 50 mage will find that time will be extended considerably.

Graphics and sound are on par with the rest of the game, this isn’t a sequel so there haven’t been any major overalls to the engine or anything like that, this is more of the same game that you know and love and for that, I applaud Capcom. Dragons Dogma is far from perfect, but there is something magical about what they do have, all the bugs, errors, graphical shortfalls and more add up to make it what it is, every effort has gone into making the gameplay challenging and exciting and that’s something that is still true about Dark Arisen.

If you miss the days of proper dungeon crawling RPG’s, that don’t hold your hand throughout, with complex level design that encourages you to explore ever last inch, then you really need to play Dragons Dogma and if you’ve already done that, but need more from the beast filled landscape, this is a perfect continuation of the Dragons Dogma series, just enough to keep us busy until they make Dragons Dogma 2.


Resident Evil: Revelations Review

The Resident Evil franchise has been part of the gaming diet for three full console generations now, seeing iterations that have spanned the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC platforms as well as various mobile editions to name but a few. Some have been great, some are truly classic and others have been a little off tempo, so where does Revelations fit into all this?

Some of you might be thinking “hey wait a minute, Resident Evil: Revelations isn’t new!” And you would be absolutely correct. This game did in fact see an original release over a year ago on the 3DS where it received favourable reviews and user feedback, but likely not that many sales. The developers at Capcom clearly saw an opportunity here and decided to port the game to PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Wii U, bringing the game to a wider audience and no doubt aiming to target some larger retail sales given the larger install base for each of the ported formats.

Of course, you cannot simply port a game from a handheld to the big screen without some serious improvements, especially when it comes to resolution and textures. That isn’t to say that the handheld edition of this game doesn’t look great, because it does, but you can get away with a lot more in terms of lower quality graphics, textures, antialiasing, filtering and resolution on the small screen that would just look dreadful on the big screen. This is an issue easily resolved of course and Capcom have given the game a tasty high definition make over that gives it a new lease of life and makes it a lot easier on the eye than its handheld counterpart.

Capcom released not one, but three Resident Evil games last year and with Operation Raccoon City being somewhat tedious in my opinion, Resident Evil 6 being less thrilling than 5, it was Revelations that really stood out for me, one of the defining titles for the often overlooked 3DS and its immediately clear to me that what made the 3DS edition so great has been buffed to a shine in this console release. They’ve even fixed the typo on the box (yes, there was a typo on many of the original 3DS retail boxes that read “Revelaitons” haha).

The game plays off many of the crazy plot twists that pad out the rest of the Resident Evil series, especially the more recent titles at least, evil corporations still defy logic in their pursuit for killing everything, most often including themselves, monsters that make no logical sense, with ever more insane limb and torso combinations seek to kill you with alarming frequency and yet another variant of the zombie churning virus is doing the rounds, the T-Abyss virus this time, not that I care as every strain makes monsters, nothing new there.

Monster design is top notch as always and while they are ridiculous they do tick all the boxes for kick-ass video game monsters and while the game used to be about Zombies, the Resident Evil franchise has been wise to diversify from the slow waddling brain scoopers. Add to that the tense atmosphere and frantic action and you’ve got everything you need for you modern survival shooter.

It’s not all perfect however and while the game does feature some great content it’s marred by a somewhat shaky presentation. Episode style levels were the format of choice for the 3DS edition and this was mostly because of the technical limitations of the device, but the format remains on the consoles and you’re pestered with recaps of game events even though you’ve just done them. That’s not directly Capcom’s fault however as this is for all intents and purposes a port, so maybe changing this aspect would have meant a lot of dev time, so I’ll let it slide, this time haha.

Next up we have the famous Resident Evil acting, which for the most part has been laughable for longer than I can remember, voice acting and of course the words that are coming out of their mouth, some may refer to this as “the plot” are diabolically bad at the best of times and you’ll find yourself cringing at them more often than not. Yet personally this is something I’ve come to expect from Resident Evil and while a well scripted, well-acted game would be awesome, the ham fisted approach used by Capcom has become part of what makes Resident Evil what it is, entertaining in more ways than one.

Those seeking a challenge may want to bump the game up a notch or two and with the option of both Hard Mode and Infernal Mode you’re sure to work up a sweat on this one. It’s not a scary game by any measure, but things do get more intense on hard mode and you really can feel pushed to survive at the best of times, this is exactly the sort of action I like in my games and it keeps a great balance that is often lost in many of today’s shooters where you typically find you are overpowered. This is pushed further with sparse ammo and it’s often wise to flee than fight everything you see, because there may be something more dangerous around the corner that requires that last clip of ammo.

The game can also be hard for another reason, controls, they’re far from perfect and the aim mechanics leave little to be impressed about, yet with a little practice and patience you can get used to its nuances and things do pick up after a couple of hours of play, but it would have been nice to see the aim controls better balanced to the analogue sticks (in this case the Xbox 360 controller).

The biggest let-down for me though was the lack of true couch co-op, I was really looking forward to ripping thought this title in split screen and you simply cannot do it. This is a blow softened by the rather Awesome Raid Mode, which unlocks after completion, allowing you to co-op your way through some remixed main campaign missions, with better weapon choices etc, more akin to a Mercenaries mode of other recent RE titles.

If you played or you own the 3DS edition, stick with it, there really isn’t much new here for you, but on the other hand if you missed out and you’re looking to complete your Resident Evil collection, then this is the perfect addition to your set.

It’s far from perfect and while Capcom could have done a better job with the port, with better textures and improved controls it’s still clear they’ve made an effort to make it more enjoyable on the big screen to a certain extent. It’s a lot of fun to play and given that you can already pick it up for just under £30 new on the Xbox and PS3, or just £20 on the PC, it’s already good value for money too.