Gamers For Giving Halo Tournament Cancelled

Contrary to popular belief many gamers enjoy getting out and about, nothing more so than when it comes to a charity tournament. Gamers For Giving Halo Tournament has been running for years now letting gamers play their favourite games with the event raising money for charity. Sadly this year though that may not be so as the Gamers for giving halo tournament has been cancelled.

The tournament has been running for years but “due to encountering an unrecognizable error in the custom games matchmaking platform” the tournament has had to be cancelled as the event couldn’t create the games in a “reliable tournament environment”.

They tried, with everything from testing different network configurations and swapping the hardware itself and even talking with talking with 343 Industries (the creators of the latest halo game), the decision was reluctantly made.

The organisation will be issuing full pass refunds for those who request one by the 21st March, but if you feel like giving that money to charity still they will be offering Sky loft passes to teams who don’t request a refund. Offering passes for teams to come enjoy the event, even though they can’t take part in the Halo tournament part of it, is a great move on their part and a great way for the community to show just how strongly they want to help charity more than show off their skills.

The cause of the cancellation is still under speculation but all signs point to a recent patch in the game. In a blog post on the gamers for giving page its stated that the patch notes contain “improved stability when joining custom game lobbies”, something which alongside the “resolved issues surrounding multiple Xbox ones playing on the same network” would point to changes that may not have been best suited just before a big tournament.

Daybreak Games Pulls the Plug on EverQuest Next

If you were looking forward to the release of EverQuest Next, the I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The games developer, Daybreak Games, has revealed that they’ve made the tough decision to pull the plug on their project, stating that the game would not meet the expectations that they or their fans would have had. This is not the best news at all and it’s a shame to see them fall so far into the project; aat least they stopped rather than release a product that was not up to a good standard.

Daybreak games President Russ Shanks released the following statement:

“To Our Daybreak Community,

I’m writing today to let you know that, after much review and consideration, Daybreak is discontinuing development of EverQuest Next.

For the past 20 years EverQuest has been a labor of love. What started as a deep passion of ours, as game creators, grew into a much larger passion shared by you, millions of players and Daybreakers alike. Watching EverQuest’s ability to entertain and bring people together has inspired and humbled us. It’s shaped our culture and has emboldened us to take aggressive risks with our game ideas and products. When we decided to create the next chapter in the EverQuest journey, we didn’t aim low. We set out to make something revolutionary.

For those familiar with the internals of game development, you know that cancellations are a reality we must face from time to time. Inherent to the creative process are dreaming big, pushing hard and being brutally honest with where you land. In the case of EverQuest Next, we accomplished incredible feats that astonished industry insiders. Unfortunately, as we put together the pieces, we found that it wasn’t fun. We know you have high standards when it comes to Norrath and we do too. In final review, we had to face the fact that EverQuest Nextwould not meet the expectations we – and all of you – have for the worlds of Norrath.

The future of the EverQuest franchise as a whole is important to us here at Daybreak.EverQuest in all its forms is near and dear to our hearts. EverQuest and EverQuest II are going strong. Rest assured that our passion to grow the world of EverQuest remains undiminished.

Yours truly,
Russell Shanks
President, Daybreak Games”

The team aren’t giving up on the franchise yet, and their passion for EverQuest will continue. How they will move on remains to be seen, but it’s likely they’ll start a new project from scratch, so stay tuned for an update from the team later in the year.

Windows Phone Won’t Be Getting Ported Android Apps

Microsoft is known for their software, with Windows 10 being offered as a free upgrade, with everyone from offices to the Pentagon. Windows 10 isn’t the only software Microsoft hopes people will pick up. Windows 10 mobile was destined to be great but recent sales and rumours could see the mobile phones ending. One of the issues for Windows 10 mobiles bad sales was the small number of apps you can find. Now it sounds like one of the last hopes for the mobile OS could also be gone.

In hopes of boosting sales, Microsoft was working on a project to port android apps across to the windows mobile operating system. The hope was that any phone you can get on android could instantly be accessible, Project Astoria was there to help make the phones more appealing.

The project has now been terminated, with Microsoft Directory Kevin Gallo writing that they had received “a lot of feedback that having two Bridge technologies to bring code from mobile operating systems to Windows was unnecessary”. This doesn’t mean they’ve given up hope for mobile operating system, with plans to bring iOS based app to the app store and Android through their purchase of the company Xamarin. Xamarin is known for their ability to write software once and deploy to all major mobile operating systems, Windows phone included.

Ant Simulator Shut Down By Rogue Developers

Kickstarter is just one of many ways for people to create games without the need for corporate backing. Crowdfunding has enabled giant projects like Star Citizen and Grim Dawn to go from a concept to a fully fledged game, gaining millions of pounds in support from the people who want to see them made. The downside though is that not all crowdfunding projects go well, some ending horribly. This is sadly the case for yet another project with Ant Simulator shutting down.

Eric Tereshinkski is the lead programmer on Ant Simulator, a game that would have seen players play in a survival game with a unique twist, this may not be the case anymore as Tereshinkski has resigned from the project.

In his youtube resignation, Tereshinski explains that he signed an LLC agreement a year and a half ago with two people who he had called friends for around 11 years. While the game has made great progress, his ex-partners had spent their Kickstarter and investment money on everything from alcohol to adult entertainment.

With the “friends” then stating that if the game was released without them, it would result in a lawsuit against Tereshinski. In a comment that asked about seeking legal advice, Tereshinski clarifies that they protected themselves, claiming that the alcohol was consumed in business meetings (with minutes and paperwork to prove it to that effect). They even listed themselves as consultants, meaning while not obligated to work on anything they still had the right to spend corporate money.

It would appear well thought out, and the pain in his voice is clear in the video above. A betrayal like this is not just to the backers who spent money (and will be getting refunds) to support the project, or even just the developers, but the whole crowd funding scene which will now have trust issues and fears when it comes to creating groups for likewise ambitious projects.

We are sad to see the project end and hope that he is able to recover from this and continue to make great games with the support of those who would like to help, rather than betray, the community at large.

Saints Row: Undercover Playable ISO Officially Released

The Saints Row series is best known for its wacky, puerile comedy and over-the-top gameplay. While the first two games adopted a more serious tone, the developer began to focus on including sexual weaponry, silly physics and a story which doesn’t revolve around gang culture as much. This allowed the franchise to offer a unique open world experience which didn’t simply clone the very successful GTA formula. In addition to home console/PC games, the studio also commission two handheld games.

The first was entitled, Saints Row: Undercover, but also referred to as Saints Row: The Fall. Sadly, this project never came to fruition and was cancelled during development. Initially, the plan was to simply port a working version of Saints Row 2 to handheld devices. However, the project eventually turned into a brand new title with its own story, characters and gameplay mechanics. If you’d like to read more information about the game’s history please visit here for some additional background information.

In a rather surprising move, Volition has created a playable ISO of the Undercover prototype and released it to public. At the time of writing, you can acquire the game from the links below:

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

The reason I say this is a surprising announcement revolves around the way modern publishers treat their intellectual property. There’s numerous examples of cancelled projects, and fan-remakes being removed from websites, and video services. I have to commend Volition for adopting such a consumer-friendly approach and providing an insight into what the game was all about. Perhaps, some very talented modders could complete the project or update the graphics slightly. In theory, this should work with any PSP emulator on the PC, or on a soft-modded PSP console. However, it’s still early days and I’m sure there’s going to be some problems running it on certain bootloaders or specific models. Thankfully, in time the community will learn the game’s quirks and how to make it run properly.

Hilarious and Sad Open World Star Wars Kickstarter Cancelled

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and similar fundraising sites are a really great idea and they have helped a lot of projects to get off the ground, into production, and out to the end users. The idea is to give people with an idea and the skills to make this idea come to life a way of doing so by backing the person or group financially. There have been many great projects and more than one person got rich thanks to these sites. However, once in a while something hilarious comes along, among the thousands of campaigns running and this is one of them.

Let us just call it what it is right away, hilarious in every way but with a touch of sadness. The Kickstarter campaign didn’t really have a name in itself as it basically just was an idea by Devin: An Open World RPG “like” Star Wars Game. That’s the official Kickstarter title from the campaign that quickly got cancelled again. After having run just three days, the project was cancelled by the creator due to the feedback.

So what makes this so hilarious? Well, there are several things. Starting with the basic project information that is very short and comes with very bad grammar and spelling for a native English-speaking person. Basically, he had an idea, but no skills or real plan how to achieve it. On top of that, it’s doubtful that Disney, Lucas Arts, and who else has rights in the Star Wars world would have taken this sitting down.

Sadly the original project description has been replaced with his campaign cancel message, but that is equally hilarious – sent drunk from a bar and proud of it. Some might say he’s a Texan through and through. The full message is quoted in an unedited form below.

The sad touch that I mentioned earlier is the amount of funding that he received before the project got cancelled. He didn’t come close to the $200,000 he was looking for, but he did manage to collect a total $18,325 from 118 pledges ranging from $5 to $1500. Yes, you read that right, and even worse, there were four people pledging that amount to get “a small contribution inside the game, like your name appearing as one of the characters in the game or a planet named after you, or a special lightsaber that you help create.” Smaller pledges would give you a letter thanking you for either $5 or $10 while people pledging $60 would get the full game “when it becomes available.”

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that would like an open-world (open-space) RPG star wars game, but Devin won’t be the one to bring it. Oh, and in case you wonder, the image above is the only thing he actually created for the campaign.

Hello Everyone…

I’d like to start off by saying I’m sorry to Disney for using their logo and name. Having said that, I find it very disturbing that you want to report me to them. As if they didn’t already know. You truly want to see some be in debt for the wrest of their life because they had a dream for a video game that they never created. Very selfish, and very ironic. Disney was created because Walt Disney had a dream, was it not? I find it ironic because on a lot of the news and the forums there was a quote from something I said. It read ” I have talked to Disney, and they have informed me to contact Lucas arts”. I believe most of you said quote ” that’s like a father telling the kid to go ask their mother because they do not want to deal with them.” Yet I recieved emails from random people basically telling their dad to send me to timeout because they don’t like me.

Secondly, I am taking this kick starter down myself. Disney has not contacted me to tell me to shut it down for those of you who think you own Disney. I am taking this kick starter down, because I very much respect Disney, and I do not want this to get to big. I love all their pirates of the Caribbean movies. I always wanted to be captain jack, but I think Mr. Depp is to good to be replaced. I have faith that somewhere in the future, a game like the one I described, will be made by Disney/EA/LucasFilms/Bioware or whoever is going to do it.

Thirdly I know my spelling and grammar sucks, but all you need is the force and you will do ok in life. I wrote the entire thing on my phone while in Childress Texas with a JUAN bar. So I did not care for spelling mistakes, because of that and I really didn’t think I’d actually be doing this. As many of you pointed out I am highly unqualified. The point of this whole Kickstarter is to not let your dreams be dreams. Don’t say tomorrow just do it.

-Devin Tripp

Thanks for all the backers. It made this whole thing extra funny

Zano Expenses Revealed

Kickstarters are becoming all the more popular these days. With anyone being able to come forward with an idea and express it to the public. That very same public then support it by pledging money, normally in exchange for early backing rewards, and watch as the inspired products and creations come alive. Ideas range from the insane to the ridiculous, with some in between including bringing back old series like Mystery Science Theater 3000  to creating the NoPhone, a plastic block shaped like a phone with the intent to help people who are “addicted” to their phones. There is one problem though with a system like this, and that is that the developer, after getting funded, can actually supply their product.

Most projects include stretch goals, where if a certain level of funding is reached, new features or additions are added to the product. This means that people are rewarded for over supporting projects, and the Zano is one such example of a project that reached beyond its goals.

The Zano is a mini drone built by Welsh start-up, Torquing Group. It received large amounts of public attention and ended its Kickstarter with a whopping £2,335,119. The original target, as set out in their stretch goals, was a mere £125,000 (just under 0.02% of the end result). So why are none of the drones operating as they are meant to? That is if your one of the lucky ones to actually receive a Zano, many are still yet to receive theirs.

In their latest update, as requested by their backers and Kickstarter themselves, a full review of their expenses have been revealed, in an attempt to find out why and how such an over funded project can fail to produce anything close to its initial goal.

Featuring a colorful pie chart, the update shows that 46% of the funding went on Stock & manufacturing (roughly £1,074,154). Citing developments made during the initial stages, including the “creation of a bespoke and automatic testing rig had significant financial and timeline impacts upon the project”.

They go on to explain that delays in shipping dates coupled with problems encountered with calibrating the “product in large volumes” affected the basic performance in large amounts of their production units.

We’ve reported on the Zano before, as have groups like the Ars Technica, who stated that when they visited the site to report they weren’t able to see the drone in flight.

Kickstarters are great adventures for people to support, but these few times when companies over promise and oversell millions of pounds from everyday supporters has to make you worry about just how can you trust schemes without seeing the product with your own eyes?

Mythbusters Cancelled After 14 Seasons

Mythbusters have graced our TV’s for years and have shown thousands of experiments. The hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, have spent hours on screen taking tales and myths to the workshop, hoping to prove or disprove a myth by finding the facts (or lack of) within the tales, but sadly that is all to end next year with the final season starting in January.

Discovery has confirmed that the popular fact-checking show has been cancelled and will stop after the 14th season next year. Stating “248 episodes, 2950 experiments and 900 explosions”, you won’t be left shy on experiments to watch before it leaves our screens.

The hosts were not surprised by this news, and in fact state they had been preparing for this news. Savage stated, “It was my greatest fear that Mythbusters would just stop and we wouldn’t be able to do proper final episodes”, even going on to say he has mixed feelings about the end of Mythbusters, something that he and Hyneman have hosted since the very beginning.

Not to shy away from the last season Hyneman stated that the 14th season will be anything but dull and how they are proud to consider it a ‘strong point’, he explained this by saying “We’ve tried to go as deeply as possible into the things we’re doing, and gave them the respect and care they deserve”.

With so many explosions and experiments under their belt, the show will be missed. Are you a fan of Mythbusters and if so, what was your favourite experiment?

Dead Island: Epidemic is Shutting Down October 15th

Dead Island: Epidemic is a fairly-well received MOBA which adopted Valve’s Early Access programme. Unfortunately, the developer after a great deal of deliberation, has decided to cancel the game and close all remaining servers on October 15th. The team announced the news in a Steam Community post and said:

“Dear players,

Ever since starting with the Closed Alpha, and all the way through the Closed Beta and Open Beta, we’ve received a great amount of useful criticism and encouraging feedback from our players. This has been invaluable for all the teams involved in developing the game.

Over the past weeks and months we’ve been evaluating how to proceed with Dead Island: Epidemic and looking towards the future for the game. We’re sad to announce today that we’ve come to the conclusion to cease further development.

We will be leaving the servers open until the end of October 15th (Pacific Time), during which time we’ll run a very large discount on all characters and boosts to give everyone a chance to spend any remaining currency on characters and items you may have wanted to try before, but never did.

We want to thank everyone for their support, their feedback, and their time playing Dead Island: Epidemic! The game would not have been the same without you.

Team Dead Island: Epidemic”

This is extremely disappointing and reiterates how perilous it can be to purchase games in such an early development stage. Thankfully, this particular case utilized the free-to-play business model, but customers who made various micro-payments will be rightfully upset. It’s always a shame to see any game fail and especially a PC-exclusive title. Also, this is the major problem with multiplayer-only games as the servers can be switched off in the future and render any title completely useless. That’s why I’ll always prefer a narrative-drive single player experience.

Plextor Sadly Cancels the Altaplus M7e SSD

It hasn’t been going that well for Plextor’s solid state series even though the M6e Black Edition was an amazing drive. Although it wasn’t a top-performer, the looks and software made up for it in my opinion. At Computex 2015 we saw Plextor announce the follow-up to that drive, the M7e, a drive built on Marvell’s Altaplus controller. It looked great in itself and I for one was really looking forward to this new PCIe solid state drive.

Now the sad news is that it looks like we won’t get this drive at all. Plextor was supposed to bring the M7e products to the Flash Memory Summit, but the product was a no-show. It looks like the drive just couldn’t compete with what the competition put on the market, mainly Samsung’s SM951 SSD, and there simply isn’t any point in bringing a product to the market that can’t compete. Instead, Plextor chose to go back to the drawing board and work on the Eldora based M8e drive. I for one wish Plextor the best of luck with this new drive and hope that they can land another success with it.

While one SSD less on the market probably won’t create the big ripples in users, it will be missed for a while because it was scalable up to 1TB capacity on the M.2 22110 form factor (22mm wide, 110mm length).

Thank You Tom’s Hardware for providing us with this information

More Than 400 Flights Cancelled Due To Technical Glitch

So it’s the weekend and you’re flying out somewhere nice? The problem is your flight has been cancelled, and so has over 400 other flights. The reason, a bug in the system.

This weekend over 440 flights was cancelled while hundreds more were delayed on the east coast of America this Saturday. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated that they believe a center in Leesburg, Virginia may be the cause of the problem. The problem itself being that a bug in the tracking software resulted in the system going haywire.

While expressing its resolve to work with carriers to resume normal service they expressly stated that the incident had nothing to do with “an accident or hacking”.

It should be noted that while tens of thousands of passengers were affected in the cancellations and delays, severe and large-scale weather systems can cause cancellations numbering upwards of 1,000 per day.

With technical problems ranging from the wide systems used in this example to the systems used on a single flight, with researchers claiming they were able to issue commands to a plane’s engines through its WiFi. Is it time for us to upgrade the technology we use on an everyday basis and that a lot of us take for granted when going on holiday or travelling for business?

Thank you Yahoo News and Engadget for the information.

Image courtesy of Picture Depot.

Project CARS Wii U Version Has Been Cancelled

Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed the cancellation of Project CARS on the Wii U after numerous delays affecting the development schedule. This isn’t a surprising revelation given the graphical fidelity and horsepower required to run the game at a decent resolution. The Wii U is severely underpowered by today’s standards which resulted in a lack of third party support. We should give credit to Slightly Mad Studios though for attempting to release the game whilst most AAA publishers disregarded the Wii U immediately after the Xbox One and PS4 launch. The studio’s creative director, Andy Tudor, issued a personal apology and argued the port was no longer a viable possibility:

“Despite much perseverance on the Wii U version of Project Cars, we will no longer be actively pursuing development on it as the quality does not meet our own high standards nor our intended vision for the title on this platform,”

“We eagerly look forward to any announcement of further hardware from Nintendo but right now Project Cars is simply too much for Wii U despite our very best efforts.”

“Apologies to our Nintendo fans out there that have been waiting for further news on this but we have no desire to release a product that isn’t at the very least comparable with our highest-rated versions on other platforms.”

“We optimistically look forward therefore to what the future may hold.”

While expected, it is a very disappointing move and the studio might release Project CARS or Project CARS 2 on a future Nintendo system. However, many publishers have shared similar intentions which rarely come to fruition. Why? Nintendo doesn’t focus a console’s life cycle based on compute power. The Wii U’s successor, codename NX, already has rumours circulating about its lack of graphical prowess. For example, a reliable source close to Nintendo hinted that the NX would be less powerful than the PlayStation 4. Additionally, there is no chance whatsoever of Project CARS suddenly appearing on the NX anytime soon. There have been no reports of development kits which suggests the NX’s core line-up might be some time off. Many users suspect the console will arrive in 2016, but I feel 2017 makes a lot more sense.

The head of Slightly Mad Studios is a rather colourful character and hasn’t broken the news in a PR-friendly manner. On the official site’s forum, he said,

“Yup, and if you need to pass this on, we really dislike Nintendo users.”

It’s difficult to deduce if this remark was made in an ironic fashion, but it looks aggressive, and could be taken on face value. Furthermore, Nintendo fans are a passionate bunch and rightfully adore the company’s history.  This attitude is very bizarre as the Wii U gamepad could have been used to perhaps show a circuit layout or contain touch controls to make pit requests. I really hope Nintendo targets widespread 3rd party support and don’t rely solely on their own IPs.

Thank you GameSpot for providing us with this information.

Arkham Knight Batmobile Collector’s Edition Cancelled

There is some sad news for the people who pre-ordered the Batmobile Collector’s Edition of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game just got cancelled – and that with less than a week until release. There is no doubt that this will cause some sad faces here and there as it really was a cool edition.

GAME has been sending out emails to affected customers and Warner Brothers Games also posted a note on their official forums about the incident.

“We regret to inform you that we are not able to release the Batmobile Collector’s Edition of Batman: Arkham Knight due to unforeseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality of this extremely limited run of product.”

It looks like the quality of the morphing figurines just didn’t live up to the standard that has to be and that WB probably just feared a lot of angry customers with faulty or broken collector items – and that wouldn’t be good for anyone. And while this cancellation is a sad thing for many, I think it was the right decision.

If you have pre-ordered the Batmobile edition you can get a refund, switch to another collection, or even use the credit for another game, so you don’t need to worry about lost money. As a little band-aid, WB will be giving out the new 52 skin pack free of charge to everyone who purchases Batman Arkham Knight.

Metal Gear Solid PS4 Remake Kickstarter Canceled After Absolutely No One Pledged

Some Kickstarter projects are doomed to fail from the beginning, and it was no different for the ridiculous Metal Gear Solid PS4 remake on Kickstarter

The original creator of the game, Hideo Kojima, said at the Taipei Game Show that he’d like to see a remake of the game but that it was hard to find volunteers for the task.

A user named Tom took it upon himself to fulfil this dream and created a Kickstarter project for the game

Metal Gear Solid is one of the best experiences on PSX.  With the Fox Engine and next gen graphics, we will relive all of the best moments. For those of you who have not played it yet; Now is your chance to see what all the fuss is about!

Not just updated graphics, this will be a whole new level of cinematic depth only the fox engine can handle!  

We won’t keep you waiting!  This is a long awaited project that we can’t wait to start!

 Thanks, you’re pretty good!

But even Tom had to face his fail with this ridiculous attempt and the funding has now been cancelled – with absolute zero pledges. Nothing. Not a single cent was pledged.

Thanks to DualSHOCKERS for providing us with this information

Hungary’s Internet Tax Cancelled after Mass Protests

It hasn’t been a very long time since Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, proposed the Internet Tax. This wasn’t well received by the internet dwellers or anyone else, and huge protests arrived almost instantaneously.

It started to escalate for real on Sunday 8-days ago as large-scale protests began and demonstrators hurled old computer parts at the headquarters of Mr Oban’s ruling Fidesz party. The demonstrations continued throughout the week and on Tuesday thousands of protesters marched across Budapest’s Elisabeth Bridge in a protest against the new law proposal.

The citizens were both afraid of the financial burden as well as the restriction on freedom of speech and access to information that comes with it. The EU also condemned the law, because it was a unilateral measure applied to a global phenomenon.

If the law had passed, it would have cost 150 forints per Gigabyte of data traffic, that is about £0.40. The government tried to calm the protesters during last week by adding a cap of 700 forints per month for individuals and 5000 forints for companies; that wasn’t received any better than the original proposal.

The new law proposal was finally cut on Friday. It was clear to Viktor that he had lost the battle against the best-organised community in the country, the internet, while fueling the political competition with free ammunition.

Thanks to BBC for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of BBC


Macworld/iWorld Postponed in 2015


IDG have just announced that their Macworld/iWorld Expo has been put into a hiatus, cancelling plans for their 2015 event which was set for San Francisco.

Originally starting in 1985, this event has been held annually to varying degrees of success but has forever stood as one of the major Mac-based trade shows hosted globally.

There has unfortunately been a steadily reported decline in popularity in recent times of this once very popular event, with Apple pulling out in 2009 and many vendors following suit. To put it bluntly, one observer ‘dwman’ commented on MacRumors: “Sadly, the writing has been on the wall since Apple pulled out. Unfortunately, 10 booths with different iphone cases wasn’t going to cut it long term. It was fun while it lasted. :(“

The official release from Macrworld/iWorld reads:

“Macworld/iWorld will not take place in 2015 and the show is going on hiatus. The show saw a remarkable 30 year run that changed the technology industry, provided an important forum for Apple developers to bring new companies and products to market, delivered world-class professional development to Apple product enthusiasts, and fostered the development of one of the most dynamic professional communities in the tech marketplace.”

With crowds no longer being drawn by the live release of new Apple products, the numbers have seen a massive dip in previous years. However, although reportedly laying off editorial staff and cancelling its print magazine, Macworld/iWorld have used the word “hiatus” which hints the possibility of a return in the future.

Were you looking forward to attending this event? If not, what exactly would draw you back to something like this?

Image courtesy of MacRumors

Don’t Count on GTA V for PC and Next Gen Any Time Soon

New rumours are starting to appear that we shouldn’t expect to play GTA V on our PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4 during the Christmas holidays as many had hoped for. Some point towards a 2015 release date while other suggest the project has been completely cancelled.

There are a lot of conflicting information at the moment, and in a way it seems unlikely that it would be cancelled after all the extra effort they put into the PC specific features. The lack of their presence at this years Gamescon on the other hand shows that something could be fishy in the Rockstar pond.

Users have let their rage over this out over at 4chan and their user-base has hacked the Rantic website leaving a message that reads “Dear Rockstar, Hacked by 4chan, Give us our GT5 for PC”. Rantic is a PR company and it’s founder who currently is  known as Brad is also an Rockstar North employee. Brad had shared concerns about the current state of the game on the Rantic website and the chairman backed up the rumours in an interview, saying they (Rockstar) never wanted to create a PC version and only did so due to their customers pressure.

It’s yet to be seen if we get our GTA V on PC and next gen consoles or not, but for now the user-base from 4chan has sent a solid signal to Rockstar. They want it, and they are willing to fight for it. I’m sure Rockstar will be forced to come with some sort of public statement now, something they usually don’t do at all.

Thank you gamersky for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Rockstar


Unofficial Minecraft Convention Packs Up – $500k Now Missing

Mineorama was set to debut in New York City as a massive fan made tribute to the ever-popular game Minecraft. But ue to some recent changes, Mineorama’s twitter has been taken over by a 16 year old who eloquently stated on August the 10th:


The creators of Mineorama had announced last minute that their whole convention was cancelled and the $500k raised from pre-purchased tickets would not be refunded to any customer.  But don’t worry, they made some solid assurances:

“PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A SCAM. It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that @mineorama has been postponed, stay tuned for updates..” @mineorama

Whilst assuring their fans they are not scammers, the Mineorama website has been taken down by the hosting company, a 16 year old has taken control of their Twitter account and their small Facebook page has become completely inactive. The last contact was from Mineorama’s Executive Producer, Lou Gasco, on July the 8th. In this tweet he mentioned that all questions would be answered on a live Twitch stream – which did not eventuate.

What’s going to happen with the money and where can you complain? Unfortunately, we don’t have answers for either of those questions – but when something comes to light we will surely report on it.

Image courtesy of Minecraft for XBOX

Phone Glitch Had Major Repercussions Upon UK Airports This Weekend

An issue regarding a phone glitch at the National Air Traffic Service (Nats) has had flights in and out of the UK grounded this weekend. Airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Cardiff and Glasgow were all affected by the phone glitch.

Apparently the cause of the problem was generated by a complicated internal telephone system, which failed completely. The system is used by controllers at traffic control centers such as the ones in Swanwick and Hampshire. However, Nats has announced at 19:30 GMT on Saturday that the problem had been fixed, but some airports had delays continue into Sunday. The crash happened when the system tried to switch from the nighttime mode to the daytime mode.

During the downtime, none of their computers worked, and instead of 3,500 flights, they have only been able to process around 2,800. Ryanair was most annoyed as it had to cancel many its flights and it could not sell so many overpriced sandwiches or charge for people carrying more than a paper napkin. Ryanair noted that 300 of its flights were delayed on Saturday, having 12 cancelled.

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FEZ II Canceled “I am done. I take the money and I run” Says Developer

FEZ an independent puzzle game, originally was announced in 2007 by Phil Fish. Polytron Corporation headed up by Fish has announced the cancelation of FEZ II. FEZ was long waited before its release for Xbox 360, which wasn’t released until 2012, while PC users needed to wait until 2013 for release.

On the 27th of July, Phil Fish announced on Polytron Corporation official website the following

“FEZ II is cancelled.
I am done.
I take the money and i run.
this is as much as I can stomach.
this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign.

you win.”

Fish has not commented as to why he is leaving the gaming industry, but it could be likely that the reasoning is because of comments made about him from Angry Gamer Marcus Beer on a podcast from GameTrailers.

Video contains strong language [NSFW]


I don’t know why Fish has gotten into the gaming industry, but I seriously doubt it was to be praised, or even for the money. Fish has been able to produce a game, a game that is loved by many. But with all the love you get from something, you are sure to get some haters.

In 1 year Fez sold 200,000 copies for Xbox 360, selling for 800 Microsoft Points, roughly $10 each. Fez sold over 100,000 on Steam in just the first 48 hours of release.

Fish really needs a wake up call, someone put him back into the water, and show him what he got into the gaming industry for. If he started producing video games for the money, and since he is not making money he is going to leave. Good riddance. But, if he got into it to make quality video games, and for the fun, he really should stay. Buck up, and get back into the game.