Best of CES 2016 – NZXT CAM Software

CES 2016: NZXT has been working hard on making their CAM software the ultimate one stop shop for monitoring and getting the most out of your desktops performance. Previous versions of the software were certainly impressive, but with CAM 3 and what we’ve seen is to come in updates throughout 2016 and beyond, it’s already the best of the best.

After speaking with NZXT, they told us how they’ve focused on pushing new features to the software, doubled the number of staff working on its development and the end results are certainly starting to show. There’s still a stigma in the community that you need NZXT products, such as Hue lighting, Kraken coolers and more to use the software, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth, as it’s compatible with any desktop Windows system. However, if you do own other connected NZXT products, they can all be controlled from extra tabs that will appear in the software, giving you even more control over your system.

Innovative features such as the average temperature monitoring are really cool. If you have a GTX 980Ti and 5000 other users of the software do, you can see what the average idle and load temperatures for that card are amongst other users, allowing you to better detect if your card is really reaching its full capabilities in terms of performance and cooling. Another in development feature looks to do the same for overclocking, monitoring what other models of the same card achieved and allowing a one-click apply of the average; super easy overclocking for all.

Colour customisation, customisable in-game performance overlays, performance logging so you can compare your per-game, daily, weekly, monthly figures to see how your system is doing, or if updates and overclocks have made a real world difference. There’s also a rather fantastic full-screen mode, great for tracking performance on multiple display systems.

The list goes on and on for features of CAM, and we highly recommend you try it out. If you’re still a little sceptical, we’ll be bringing you an in-depth review in the very near future.

NZXT CAM Software

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NZXT Take CAM Software to the Next Level @ CES 2016

CES 2016: NZXT may be best known for their chassis, cooling and power supply products, but this year it’s all about software. Their new CAM software is currently making a mockery of the current crop of desktop overclocking and performance monitoring tools and after chatting with their software manager, it’s only going to get better and better throughout 2016. The software is extensively updated, bringing it up to version 3.0 and adding a whole host of new features. All the basics are here, temperature monitoring for your hardware, storage report, usage, etc.

One thing that really caught my eye is how the software uses the cloud to track your stats, so you can check multiple devices in your setup, or from remote locations. The cloud data is then used to compare to other users. If you have a certain GPU, you can see what the average user temperatures for that card are for all the other users, which could let you know that your card is running higher (or lower) than expected.

The overlay at performance tracking software is the best we’ve ever seen. Need performance stats and FPS overlay? You got it. You even get a breakdown report afterwards that are all backed up, allowing you to track performance over time, great for system testing and overclocking, aswell as bragging rights that you’re hitting 60FPS+ in whatever you run.

There’s also a full-screen interface, which is great for multi-display setups. If you’re using a workstation, test-bench, rendering system or just doing performance analysis, this is going to be a fantastic tool to have.

Of course, that’s not all! There’s colour customisation, screenshotting features, and more settings than you can shake a stick at. On top of that, there’s soon to be overclocking features added for your GPU, as well as a cloud-based overclocking tool that will help you get the most power from your GPU settings at a single click, achieved by checking the average OC for your particular card and easily applying it.

There’s more functionality here than we can capture in a few simple images, so expect us to take a much closer look at the software in the coming weeks.

Old Dropcams to Stop Working – Owners to Get New Model Free

In a surprising example of customer generosity, owners of the original Dropcam and Dropcam Echo, the earlier models of the easy-to-use Wi-Fi security cameras, will receive brand new models for absolutely no charge after the company announced that the older models will stop working.

Yes, Dropcam, a company part of Nest which has been acquired by Google, will be completely ending support of its older cameras rendering them completely useless. Why? Because Dropcam says that the technology is incompatible with the new and improved online service it is going to provide.

So from April 15th, the old cameras will no longer work. So what do you do after that? Buy the new ones? No, they really are sending every owner of the old models a brand new camera for each camera they own, free of charge.

A pretty amazing way of keeping customers up-to-date.

Source: TechnoBuffalo 

TRENDnet Announced WiFi HD Baby Cam

There is no doubt that the most valuable thing we have in this world is our children, they are our future as we know. And to keep an extra and easy eye on them, TRENDnet has created the WiFi HD Baby Cam that allows you not only wireless and internet based monitoring, but also to send sound or voice back trough the built-in speaker.

The WiFi HD Baby Cam can be universally placed on either a wall or tabletop. It can record up to 2.5 days continues video onto an added 32GB memory card while it also allows you to save your recorded video onto a connected NAS device for nearly unlimited recording time. The 720p camera comes with night vision to provide you with the video feed of your loved ones no matter how much light there might be.

It further has built-in motion detector to trigger recording, 5 pre-recorded classical music tracks to sooth your toddler, and a built-in thermometer to monitor the room temperature.

“The 720p HD TV-IP745SIC is easy to install and packed full of features,” stated Zak Wood, TRENDnet director of global marketing. “Users will also be excited about the ability to save video to a MircoSD card or NAS device without having to pay a monthly recording fee.”

The TRENDnet TV-IP745SIC WiFi Baby Cam comes backed by a 3-year warranty and should be available now for an MSRP of $139.99.

Thanks to TRENDnet for providing us with this information

Image and video courtesy of TRENDnet

See Earth Live From Space via Webcam

Want to view earth from space but haven’t got the time to train as an astronaut? Well now you can, via a webcam on the web.

The ISS High Definition Earth Viewing Experiment allows you to get a view from a window on-board the International Space Station as it circumnavigates the earth.

The project, which has been viewed by 32 million people since April, aims to give people a 24 hour view of the ISS on its daily orbit around earth. It is also a NASA experiment, which has been designed to test the effect of space on video cameras, with the objective of finding the best way to record video in zero gravity.

Source: Business Insider