Revolights City v2.0 AKA LED Rims For Your Bike

If you ride a bicycle, you likely ride it in the dark. If you don’t ride in the dark, you might ride at dusk or dawn. Riding a bicycle even in daylight is dangerous, but riding it in the dark or even near dark can be dangerous. You might notice signs on the road that state that there is a “Daylight Headlamp Section” of road, this is to provide better visibility to other drivers on the road. Revolights sticking with the standard of keeping a reflector in the wheel, but making a slight change incorporating LED lighting directly onto the wheels. Essentially making you visible to everyone on the road when visibility might be at a minimum.

Revolights original LED bike lighting system was not easy to install, so the company completely rebuilt the system and came up with Revolights City v2.0 which are bicycle wheels with the lights built into them! The lights are designed to increase the riders visibility to motorists, hopefully preventing deadly accidents. The wheel comes with removable batteries that last for up to four hours of lighting they are rechargeable via USB.

The Revolights are kind of like a light show for the street, though, that is not their intent, their intent is to save lives. I am sure that is just what they will do, hopefully preventing thousands of accidents each year. Unfortunately safety does come with a price tag. And for this price tag they had be indestructible, currently available for pre-order, starting at $229 + S&H. The wheel comes in multiple sizes so when you order you will want exact dimensions.

Do you know someone who might benefit from using one of these systems? What do you think of the price tag? Let us know in the comments below.

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