New Form Of “SmartShoe” Shown Off At CES

The tech industry is focused on pushing forward with the notion of “Smart Tech” from washing machines, self-driving cars and also intelligent fridges, gadgets are quickly moving forward, but a SmartShoe? It is not too unusual when you take into consideration Nike’s inspiration for a Back to the Future-style smart self-lacing trainer which was shown off by Marty Mcfly himself, Michael J Fox in 2015.

Now, a new SmartShoe has been conveyed to audiences at CES and includes functions to warm your feet, which is handy, tighten automatically and are controlled by an app. The company in question goes by the name Digitsole and below is an image to convey this SmartShoe.

As you can see, they look futuristic but I feel the design looks rather clumsy and dated, perhaps they will be refined before launch. The company stated that the warmest these shoes can be heated to is 38 degrees, now, when I read this I thought Fahrenheit, erm, no, it has been reported that it is Celsius or 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Hopefully, the companies inbuilt thermostat will be able to control the heat within the shoes, otherwise, one can see you will also need an inbuilt fire extinguisher.

The price for these shoes will be around $450 dollars or (£307) and are likely to contain Digisoles heated insoles which are already on sale for $198 dollars or (£130)

The company also plans to launch both a slightly more stylish pair of trainers and also a smart high-heeled shoe, both these styles will also come with the hot heated sole function as well as motion tracking and also other options, below are images to convey both these styles of SmartShoe.

Smart shoes will have a market as tech involves into this sector, it will be noteworthy to see how fast consumers are willing to adopt such tech within their daily lives.

Images courtesy of Mashable and digitsole

Samsung Galaxy S4 Almost Sets Sleeping Girl Alight

Most people charge their phone overnight, right? This unfortunate story might make you reconsider.

Ariel Trolfree, a 13-year old North Texas girl, got a rude awakening last week when the Samsung Galaxy S4 she plugged in to charge just before falling asleep woke her up by emitting an unusual odor. Unfortunately for her, at first she couldn’t figure out exactly what the issue was and started searching around the house for a burning smell. She eventually found that the S4 she had wedged under her pillow had not only burned up her pillow, but been transformed into a blob of melted plastic and electronics.

FOX4 reported on the issue, talking to the victims father:

“The whole phone melted. The plastic, the glass. You can’t even really tell that it was a phone.”

It is suspected that the device, whilst charging, overheated which caused the battery to swell and start a small fire. Samsung does however provide a warning in their customer guide which points out that covering a charging device with bedding or other material is unacceptable as it restricts airflow and can cause such issues. They also pointed out that Ariels phone was using an aftermarket battery and not an official Samsung product.

Nevertheless, Samsung are said to be providing Ariel with a new phone, pillow and bedding – along with asking for the faulty device back for quality control and testing. Their rep has stated that Samsung takes all battery fire related issues very seriously.

Image courtesy of FOX4