Incredible Deep Sea Wonderland Constructed In Minecraft

Looking at this is satisfying, incredible and fantastically creative, oh right, need to explain it first. You know the game building phenomenon that is Minecraft, where players have the freedom to create epic structures’ and worlds, well a team of nine expert players have constructed a “deep sea” world which is in a league of its own.

Check out the images of this stunning world! As you can see, the first image is what looks to be an open undersea world, it reminds me of an environment akin to Bioshock where it is possible to roam the landscape.  The colours are vibrant, exciting and helps to draw your eye with the aim to immerse yourself in the world.

This image below does remind me of a lit city at night, the intricate detail looks as if a major gaming studio has published this as a standalone title.  The creators explained that ” the concept behind this project was exploring the parallels of Deep Space and Deep Sea, although Space is considered as mankind’s final frontier, even today much of the deep ocean is a mystery to us and host to creatures just as alien as those we might imagine on other planets.”

This is compelling as it allows the designers to create a world which lies in the imagination instead of being restricted by known facts. A mind can be polluted by the notion of reality, if we don’t know what lies within many of the deepest parts of the ocean, it allows the free range to design.

This image looks like Coral you would find at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef, yes I know, tangent time, whoever’s idea it was to initially allow dumping of waste into this magnificent part of the world needs to be constructively fired from a cannon.

Last image and this one below reminds me of Tetris, don’t know why but it does, it looks as if coral from thousands of years has built up to form this underwater world.  This creation should be a wake up call to lazy but professional developers, if nine people can create this, why are there not more original concepts instead of the generic war and sport simulators.

If you like this project and would enjoy seeing it in action, then you can by downloading the project links on Planet Minecraft. Creativity at its best, there you go David Cameron, teach this to children instead of the generic, the Internet is evil and bad for you.

Scientists Create Transformers-like Self-Building Robots

With all the cheap 3D printing methods out there, anyone can make anything with a little bit of imagination. This is how a few researchers from Harvard and MIT have created cheap, self-assembling complex robots that can transform from a something that looks like a sheet of paper to a fully fledged walking robot.

The scientists have said that they got the inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of origami. This, along with some children toy ideas and Transformer fan imagination, they were able to create the robots that can build themselves.


The robots are said to be built out of hobby shop materials that cost around $100, having tiny motors and batteries power them up. With this, a paper robot is said to transform to a four-legged automaton in just four minutes.

The self-assembling robots are said to benefit space exploration missions, dangerous environments, search-and-rescue missions and much more. Sam Felton, robotics researcher at Harvard, stated that this technology could be as technology-changing as the 3D printer. Having robots which can be built in your home for as little as $100 is everyone’s geeky dream come true.

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Apple Made In The U.S.A.

Apple Computers Incorporated has been in the news a lot lately. Either Apple is being sued by someone or suing someone over a patent or something else. They are also in the news because of the large amounts of money they are keeping in off-shore countries. Personally I was a huge fan of Apple and their products a few years ago, but I have since gotten a sour taste in my mouth from them.

Many years ago it was a privilege for an American to purchase a new product that bared the words “Made in USA” unfortunately most products that are purchased in the United States have the words “Made in China” or somewhere else. Apple has been outsourcing work to different countries around the world, primarily China. Personally I would rather purchase a product that is from home, or close enough to home, as I assume you and everyone else would as readers. You most likely would like to purchase a quality product that was made where you live. even if it might be a couple hundred miles away.

I sit here, and I look at the different products on my desk. Keyboard, Made in China. Mouse, Made in China. The list goes on, and it saddens me that so many products that could easily be made where I live
Many years ago Americans would buy the majority of their products only when they were “Made in U.S.A.” but now, most products purchased are marked with “Made in China”. Apple Incorporated has been in most of our lives for quite awhile. Most products were Made in USA for a long time, but they have since outsourced all of their products to different countries around the world, primarily China.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has stated that he invested over 100 million US Dollars to bring a factory to Texas where the new Macintosh computer will be assembled. If you’re like me, you are not completely satisfied with this, but it is a step in the right direction for the corporate giant. Apple will continue to work with Foxconn for their motherboards, which will also come from Texas, as Foxconn has factories in the United States. Foxconn is a business primarily based out of China.

At the same time, they will only be building their Power Macintosh (tower) in the facility. I must say though, it is a good start on their part to bringing us products that say Made in USA once again.

The question I have is why Texas? With Apple Head Quarters located in California, why not build their computers in California. Personally I doubt I would purchase one of these Made in USA computers, but I am all for the effort that is being made.