Brydge Mobile Accessories @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Tired of using your touchscreen for typing those long emails or Facebook posts? The latest range of accessories from Brydge certainly solve the issue! The cases attach to your iPad or tablet of choice, offering a firm connection and a high-quality design. The cases have a built-in high-quality keyboard, allowing to to turn your tablet into what looks more like a Macbook, albeit at a fraction of the cost of buying a macbook and an iPad.

The build quality is fantastic and as you can see, they look pretty great too.

There’s a whole range of sizes on offer too, covering all the popular sizes, including the iPad mini’s.

I really like these keyboards, they’re a lot better to type on than I had expected and they’re in a different class compared to the huge range of clip-on keyboards that currently flood the market. We’re hoping to get one of these into the office for further testing in the near future, but would you use one of these with your iPad?