Brutal DOOM 64 Early Alpha Gameplay Revealed

Anticipation has been building ever since Sergeant_Mark_IV, the man responsible for the Brutal DOOM mod, revealed he was working on a new version of DOOM 64. To sate that appetite, Sergeant_Mark_IV has revealed the first glimpse at Brutal DOOM 64 in a new video. Though the YouTube clip shows the gameplay of only an early alpha build, the impressive video makes me want to play it right now:

“This is a VERY early alpha gameplay,” Sergeant_Mark_IV writes. “Lots of things are subject to change. Just demonstrating on this video some basic stuff such as gibs, lightning effects, and brightmaps. There is no release date yet. An official trailer will come up soon, showing more enemies and weapons.”

Brutal DOOM 64 is a mod of the GZDOOM port of DOOM 64, which, according to Sergeant_Mark_IV, introduces “new special effects, particles, lightning, gore, new sounds, more weapon animations (shotgun reloads, smoother minigun barrels, etc.) and monsters and stuff cut from the original Nintendo 64 version.”

The mod is compatible with GZDOOM and Zandronum in OpenGL mode, though ZDOOM and Zandronium software mode are not compatible.

Sergeant_Mark_IV’s original Brutal DOOM mod, the latest version of which was launched at the turn of the year, is available for download from ModDB.

Brutal Doom Receives a New Version and a Gameplay Trailer

When I played Doom for the first time I found it to be quite brutal, but now that I look at Brutal Doom, I realize that the game’s goriness was actually quite toned down. Brutal Doom is immensely popular right now, as it gives people a very good reason to pick up the classic shooter once more, so many years after its original release. The gameplay mod was created in 2010 by Sergeant_Mark_IV, and it has recently received a new version named Version 20b. The main additions include an improved melee system, better gibs, more death animations and performance improvements, not to mention the substantial new map pack, which adds new locations and plenty of enemies.

Separately, the team behind Version 20b has also released something called a “Starter Pack Map Pack” that comprises no less than 32 new maps, which depict realistic outdoor areas and cities. The pack actually offers a sizeable playable campaign with its own story and progression, and according to its creators, it looks like the missions that take place on Earth also include daytime progression, as the first map starts off at dawn while the next one takes place at noon, and so on.

Below you will find a gameplay trailer that shows off Version 20b of Brutal Doom.

First Brutal Doom, Now Brutal Half-Life

After the gorefest of the Brutal Doom mod took the gaming world by storm, it was only a matter of time before its influence bled into other games. Now, fans of Dr. Gordon Freeman can spray blood across the walls of Black Mesa, bludgeoning the brains out of Vortigaunts to their heart’s content with a new Brutal Half-Life mod.

The mod’s developer, Zoonyarts, has released the following trailer for your appraisal. Enjoy!

Source: Dark Side of Gaming

New Brutal Doom Mod Update Makes It More… Brutal!

I’ve been following the development of this mod carefully, as talented modder SGtMarkIV has taken one of the most iconic FPS games ever and made it many times more awesome and many more times more brutal!

The latest update to Brutal Doom adds destroyable bodies, a welcome addition after the revised shotgun which was added in the previous update.

This is certainly a mod you’ll want to keep an eye on, as new features are being added constantly. If you’ve played Doom before, it’s a great opportunity to want to replay the game and if you’ve never played Doom before, it’s a great demonstration of why it was so popular in the first place!

Brutal Doom Mod Gets Awesome New Update (Video)

One thing I love about the PC modding community is that they simply never stop. Doom was one of the first PC games I ever played and thanks to the work of modder ‘SGtMarkIV’ I’m going to be playing it again very soon.

The latest update to the Brutal Doom mod adds improved gore effects, new rotation sprites, a redesigned shotgun and more. Enough of the details though, because the video really does speak for itself.

Thank you Brutal Doom for providing us with this information.