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Netflix 4K Content Leaked to Torrent Sites

Netflix has been phasing in 4K content since last year, and industrious pirates have now found a way to circumvent the video streaming site’s copy protection. Netflix’s Ultra HD version of Breaking Bad’s first episode –…


Breaking Bad Scenes Recreated in GTA V

Note: This post covers spoilers for one of Breaking Bad’s most famous sequences. Grand Theft Auto V is such an awesome open world game with stunning graphics which makes everything possible. Breaking Bad fans took it to…


Vimeo Joins Original Programming Game

Streaming video site Vimeo will be joining the online original programming game, with the launch of 6 new episodes of ‘High Maintenance’. ‘High Maintenance’ is centred around a drug dealer called ‘The Guy’ in Brooklyn, New York…


Better Call Saul Gets the Green Light for a Second Season

If, like me, you’re thinking “Wait, when did the first season come out?.” Don’t worry, it hasn’t even been aired yet over in the USA but the executives at AMC have just given the prequel series…


Real Life Breaking Bad? 64 Year Old Busted For Meth Lab In Retirement Community

In a true story that seems a bit to “Breaking Bad” for my liking an old white American man was arrested for the possession of a significant amount of methamphetamine. After arresting the man, Robert Short…


‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off Comes To Netflix Next Year

Bob Odenkirk plays lawyer Saul Goodman in the upcoming series “Better Call Saul” available on Netflix For all those Breaking Bad fans out there who subscribe to Netflix in the US and Canada aren’t quite as…