Microsoft Starts Selling Windows 10 on USB Sticks

When the packaging for Windows 10 was first revealed, we got a glimpse of what the USB retail box would look like. Later on, we got images for what the USB flash drives would look like, with the flashier version meant for retail. Now, we’re finally getting a glimpse of what the real world retail packing and USB drives look like.

Straight from the  first retailers to get the OS from Japan, the first impression is that Microsoft has switched things up before the launch. For one, gone is the dull USB box art for the retail package. It looks like Microsoft decided that the DVD box art would be much more appealing to customers and it’s hard to disagree.

For the flash drives themselves, Microsoft looks to have done a slight color change. Instead of a metallic blue for the drive body, it’s been changed to more of a silver color. The blue plastic cap remains, but the color has been washed out a bit, resembling the blue Windows 10 logo more in tone.

With Windows 10 free to upgrade for most users, these retail boxes probably aren’t selling too well. Windows 10 is of the more popular Windows releases in recent years and has already been installed on 75 million devices.

Thank you AkibaPCHotline for providing us with this information

Intel Skylake i7 6700K and i5 6600K Boxart Pictured

While the Windows 10 box art from Microsoft was pretty bland, Intel sure is spicing things up with their new Skylake packaging. In a series of leaked images, we are treated to the new box art of the i7 6700K and i5 6600K and boy do they hearken back to the old days. The last time I recall seeing a similar design was back with the original Pentium series up until Pentium IV.

Intel looks to have taken a liking to the old blur of the Pentiums, with the blurred lines likely trying to invoke a sense of speed. the i7 takes on a warmer red/purple/orange hue while the i5 sticks with plain old green/blue. At that point though, the similarities end, with Skylake coming with the now standard stickers for LGA 1151 and the one showing all the specifications. The manufacturing location is listed as Malaysia, which reminds us of the fact that Intel has closed down their Costa Rica packaging facility.

From the box window, we can see that the steppings are SR2BR and SR2BV for the 6700K and 6600K respectively. The product code is BX80662I76700K for the i7  and batch # is L519B744. Clock speeds are also what previous reports and images have shown, at 4.0Ghz nad 3.5Ghz respectively. Both ship with support for DDR4 and DDR3L as well as integrating intel’s HD 530 graphics. With actual retail chips and boxes being leaked, there is little doubt that Skylake should launch within the week.

Images courtesy of reddit