Battlefield 4 Player Aces Phenomenal Kill Streak

This battlefield 4 player has clearly gotten to know the game inside and out. A video was posted on YouTube a short while ago showing how this player gets a phenomenal kill streak.

He picks up an SV-98 sniper rifle equipped something rather strange, not a typical sniper telescopic sight but instead, an iron sight. When I saw him do it I thought he was crazy. However, he manages to get a whopping kill streak. A regular scope is rather hard to use in close quarters so the best thing to do is to go with a small scope or just plain iron sights. But it’s really hard to be successful rocking a single-shot bolt-action rifle and iron sights at close range.

You can see Julle993’s awesome kill streak in the video below:

As you can see on his stats on the bf4stats website, he is a seasoned player. Clocking up over 73 days of play time (1768 hours!).

He has played  8000 rounds and is ranked in the top 1% in the rankings. With 171,594 kills, 24,006 pf those being headshots. His favourite gun is an AEK-971 with the m16A4 being julle669’s second favourite weapon. He also seems to like his aircraft, having spent 117 hours in an AH-6J and gaining 19,908 kills with it. Julle993 doesn’t seem to hold back on the battlefield.

What are your stats? let us know in the comments below

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Battlefield 4 Tastes High Tickrate

Battlefield 4 arguably had the most ‘disastrous’ launch we have witnessed till now. Game was shipped uncooked it absolutely damaged player’s trust on DICE’s capability and lost faith in EA. They also celebrated ‘Player Appreciation Month’ almost 3 months after the launch to cover up the mess that DICE Stockholm made. The players suffered severe server and client crashes, choppy frame rates, poor netcode. Almost a year after the launch, DICE LA took over and Community Test Environment (CTE) was launched. It was basically a Battlefield 4 environment where involved players can help in testing new features, improved/changed content and provide constructive feedback. It is only for players with premium membership. It smoked a new life into the game as patches, netcode fixes, weapon balances took place. Since the introduction of CTE, the game’s condition is improved.

Yesterday, probably the best thing to the Battlefield franchise happened. DICE LA with support from Visceral Netcode research team started testing high tickrate servers that was said to be impossible previously for a game like Battlefield. There are 2 servers up running at 60Hz and 120Hz tickrate. This means that the time delay between receiving damage and shooting animation is non-existent. This change is not going to be in the retail version (non CTE) of the game anytime soon as these changes impacts the performance of the server. DICE LA can’t confirm if it is ever going to leave CTE.

It will be amazing for players participating in competitive matches. We hope that it eventually makes the way to the retail version. DICE LA is doing great job with Battlefield 4. They are even giving away all the future content of BF4 for free as seen hereLet us know your views in comment section.

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Battlefield 4 Future Content to Be Free, DICE confirms

Battlefield 4’s soldiers, cheer up! DICE LA Producer David Sirland has confirmed that all future content will be free for everyone, doesn’t matter if the player’s premium membership status. The game is over a year old now and still the game’s developers at DICE continue to produce new content for the game considering the fact that Battlefield: Hardline is out. The new content will include both the new maps, and the upcoming Gun Master game mode and new weapons. The Spring patch is set to include patches, netcode fixes from CTE (Community Test Environment) and the new content already mentioned. The weapons to be included are –

  • AN-94 – Assault rifle
  • L86A1 – Light Machine Gun
  • Groza 1 – Carbines
  • Groza 4 – Personal Defense Weapons
  • Mare’s Leg aka Saddle Gun Sniper – Sidearm

The night map update will contain the nighttime version of existing maps like Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311, and Golmud Railway. A new forest themed community-developed map which entered Alpha stage recently will be out in few weeks.An unannounced map remake from a former Battlefield game is also in works. All of those will be out for free regardless of the premium membership status of the player.

I am quite excited for upcoming awesomeness, are you? Let us know in the comment section.

Vacation is over, Soldier. Report to The Battlefield ASAP!

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Megalodon Dwells in Battlefield 4

Presence of Easter Eggs spices up the experience and when done in a Multiplayer oriented game like Battlefield 4, it takes it to another level because it usually requires multiple people to be in the server and create the specific conditions . Yesterday, easter egg hunters figured out how to trigger the event. The event being ‘Calling the Megalodon’ ( prehistoric shark ) in the vanilla (non premium) map ‘Paracel Strom’. Popular YouTuber JackFrags has posted the footage of it. It was speculated to exist in the game since the launch. It appeared for the first time on Premium Multiplayer map called ‘Nansha Strike’ over a year ago.

With the latest Patch to the CTE ( Community Test Environment ) DICE included two easter eggs, one of which is discovered. This can not be found on the retail version of the game. However premium members can sign up to get access to CTE version which is constantly being updated. The event can be triggered under specific conditions mentioned below.

  • Any Phantom camo/paint should be unlocked and deployed on the weapon
  • Land on the Windmill and get struck by lightning
  • Find parrots on the palmtree, as the storm arrives and shoot the little light on the ship

Battlefield-ers have done it again! Just like they did in cracking Phantom assignments and others mentioned in UFO in GTA V . As I’ve played it for over a thousand hour, I’ve witnessed the effort required to solve the mysteries of it. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

See you in The Battlefield, Soldier!

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Man, the Bow and Arrow in Battlefield 4 is Effing Powerful

Which gun is the most powerful in Battlefield 4? None; it’s the bow and arrow.

The Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4 is damn powerful, as the video below shows off. Kotaku reported the news from Reddit, with some awesome editing, music and so many ‘splosions. Makes me want to install Battlefield 4 again!

Source: Kotaku.

Battlefield 4: Final Stand to be Released on November 18

EA has announced that the final map pack for Battlefield 4 will be released this week, with Battlefield 4: Final Stand being made available for premium members on November 18.

Final Stand will include new weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and 4 new Russian arctic maps. As for the new vehicles, we can expect a Snowmobile, and a Hovertank. The Rorsch MK-1 railgun is included as a new weapon, while we have some new maps to choose from, too. Siberian is up first, while a “blizzard-ridden” Operation Whiteout and Hammerhead also make the cut, with Hammerhead having gamers take to a submarine base to duke it out, the military installation of Hangar 21 and Giants of Karelia, which is a “massive map designed around a weapons factory”.

Source: Polygon.

Battlefield 4 Free on Origin for 1 Week

The latest Battlefield is now free to play on Origin for a whole week!

That’s right, a whole week, 168 hours of EA’s latest FPS blockbuster for free. Don’t worry if you haven’t instantly jumped onto the download either. Origin have made it so the counter only starts to tick AFTER the game has downloaded and you launch it. As long as you have added it to your game library before 6pm BST on August 14th (that’s 10 AM PDT), you will still have the whole week. Also, if you decide to actually buy the game after the week is out all of your in-game progress will be saved.

This is the second promotion like this EA has done. The first was with Titanfall in June but they only offered it for 48 hours. It seems it must have been a success for them to do it again, this time for even longer. Its about time EA did something positive with BF4, its release hasn’t been very well received by the FPS community and with the latest BF4 DLC expansion, Final Stand, now being delayed till “Q3” maybe this will draw in some new customers for EA and get their older players back on.

To get Battlefield 4 you can download via Origin Here

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Megalodon Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 Making Waves

Battlefield 4 has seen better days. With game launch woes and continuing server issues EA needs to step up it’s game if it’s going to want to stay relevant against the likes of Call of Duty or the recently released Titanfall.

But one thing you can definitely count on DICE for is easter eggs. This one for example is a monster of one. Ever see the movie Sharknado? No you say? What rock have you been living under? Go watch it…NOW!

But if you’re one of those lucky ones to have seen the movie you can relive all that amazing B rated goodness over again as long as you have 9 other buddies that are willing to lose their lives just so you can live to tell the tale.


The people at IGN list out the rather easy steps to bring out the beast:

  • 10 players are needed to bait out the shark.
  • Load Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC, specifically the map Nansha Strike.
  • Head out to the water’s lonely buoy with 9 other suicidal players, just outside of C.
  • Once all 10 players have gathered the shark will break the surface, landing atop of anyone brave enough to swim it’s waters

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EA Investors File Suit Over Battlefield 4

It looks like the PC version of EA’s popular game franchise Battlefield 4 has landed itself in hot water again. Two days ago we brought you the story of EA patching Battlefield 4, only to find new bugs within the game after the patch. Well now it looks like a lawsuit could be on EA’s hands with the securities firm of Robbins Geller & Dowd LLP filing a suit on behalf of a Mr. Ryan Kelly (and anyone else who purchased EA stock between July 4th and December 4th 2014).

However this isn’t the first time a lawsuit has been mentioned in regards to EA and the problem filled Battlefield 4 game (well the PC version anyway). Another law firm, this time being the Atlanta firm of Holzer & Fistel seemed to be looking at statements made by EA between July 24th and December 4th. Although nothing has yet to eventuate from Holzer & Fistel, it seems that the firm of Geller & Dowd LLP are going down the same path. However  this one looks legit with the first steps towards a class-action lawsuit against EA being logged in a U.S District Court. The suit will claim that EA lied during the development and release of the game, by repeatedly boasting of the “quality” of the game that they knew would be marred by technical woes after launch to boost sales.

It seems that both firms were looking at the promises made by EA during development of the game, stating that the “quality” of the game would be outstanding. It seems that EA might have been referring to the “quality” of the content and not the “quality” in terms of the functionality that the PC version of the game seems to be having problems with. Although this case seems bogus and would probably never make it to court, it does set a dangerous precedent. Of course it sucks when a game is released and is plagued with nothing but bugs, however the game has only just come out and EA have been working tirelessly to fix these problems which can be very hard to work out given the complexity of PC compatibility. A lawsuit for this reason just seems silly, we’ll keep you updated on more information about this case when it becomes available.

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New Battlefield 4 PC Patch Fixes Some Bugs, Introduces New Ones

The Latest patch for Battlefield 4 on PC has fixed the “kill trading” bug, alongside the sound loop error and a bug related to the China Rising expansion’s SUAV not exploding properly. The phenomenon of kill trading, or when two players seem to die at the same time after shooting at each other, has had the time window of being able to get a kill after death decreased for players with higher latencies, which should alleviate the situation for many players.

However since releasing the patch, players have been reporting two new bugs. DICE has released a statement saying

“We have noticed that players who have SLI enabled (using two graphics cards at once to render a single screen) on their graphics card may be experience graphical flickering. Also we are looking into the issue where the revive bar would get stuck on-screen in some instances. Both of these issues have our attention and we are investigating both of them.”

DICE’s full patch notes for it’s December 16 update:

  1. Fix for a crash that would cause the game to stall, resulting in a sound loop. This should eliminate most of the problems relating to this.
  2. Fix for the SUAV (introduced in the China Rising expansion pack) not exploding when hitting enemy soldiers. While these indeed should be deadly, they were never designed for “road-killing opponents.
  3. Fixed one of the issues related to the so-called “Netcode” (see below for details).
  4. Fix for an issue where 4x the damage from a vehicle’s mini-gun would be applied to the chest when a player had the Defense Specialization equipped.
  5. Fix for player tags not always showing when needed to, resulting in players shooting team members.
  6. Fix for graphical flickering appearing on terrain.
  7. Fixed the instance where players suddenly would transition into Spectator Mode while playing the Defuse game mode.
  8. Fix for a Defense bug where none of the teams would win a round by letting the timer run out.
  9. Fix for players getting stuck in the revive screen after being killed.
  10. Fix for players getting stuck in the kill camera after being revived.
  11. Fix for the game mode specific ribbons being counted twice in the multiplayer progression.
  12. Made NVidia 331.82 or later driver versions mandatory for all players.
  13. Disabled DirectX 11.1 on NVidia cards that have outdated drivers.
  14. Fixed driver version not being properly detected on NVidia Optimus systems.
  15. Fixed a minor crash that could occur when bringing up the scoreboard.


Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

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Massive Battlefield 4 Update Deployed, Many Major Issues Fixed

A massive update has been rolled out for Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4, fixing some pretty major issues that have been causing the game to crash, the sound bug that have been driving some users crazy and disabling of the irritating EMP blur effect in multiplayer that has been sending everyone dizzy.

  • General stability fixes that should remove a large amount of the client crashes we are currently seeing on the PS4
  • Fixed the audio drop outs that could occur when playing on large maps. Typical map affected was Golmud Railway in Conquest with 64 players. Ambient sound would sometimes cut out, like foley sounds from player running, vehicle engine sounds, vehicle movement sounds, and map ambient sounds
  • Removed the blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders were using EMP attacks
  • Further reduced the probability of getting a corrupt save file by doing miscellaneous changes to the save file system. These include removing the save file saving again when quitting multiplayer
  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur when bringing up the in-game Battlelog during round transition
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the BattleScreen
  • Fixed a random crash related to destroying vehicles
  • Fixed minor destruction issues in the terrain

This update is great, fixing many issues that have been ruining the game since release and it comes just after the release of the top issues tracker that DICE launched, allowing people to log their errors. The game isn’t going to be perfect just yet, likely never will be, but this patch certainly is a step in the right direction.

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AMD Releases Catalyst 13.11 Beta8, Fixes Battlefield 4 Crash

AMD has kept its word and delivered a driver which should fix game crashing in Battlefield 4. A number of users have been complaining about crashes with Battlefield 4, particularly on systems with AMD graphics cards and Windows 8. AMD had promised that it would fix the crashing, and as said, it has delivered.

The new Catalyst 13.11 Beta8 driver should have fixed the crashes that users are experiencing. As with most drivers, it contains all the extra goodies of the previous driver release.

The driver has support for Windows 7 and above machines, paired with HD 5000 series and above graphics cards, of course including the new R9-290X graphics card. It is available for download here.

Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta8 Driver for Windows:

  • ​​Includes all Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta7
  • Resolves intermittent crashes experienced with Battlefield 4 on Windows 8 based systems

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Battlefield 4 Tournaments Announced For ESL 2013 – 2014, €132,000 Up For Grabs

Electronic Sports League (ESL) announced this week that the brand new FPS from EA, Battlefield 4, will be joining their European gaming competition. With more than €132,000 on the line, players will compete in both amateur and professional tournaments for a chance at glory and bragging rights on the battlefield. Over the course of a year they will battle it out in leagues using ‘Domination’ mode, in the hopes of making it in front of thousands at offline events.

Ulrich Schulze, Managing Director Pro Gaming for Turtle Entertainment – “We are looking forward to hosting great competitions for what we believe to be an amazing game. With all its eSports features, Battlefield 4 will make a lasting impression on the scene and give us many moments to remember.”

Battlefield 4 will be featured in four ESL leagues including:

EMS One – Featuring the best professional Battlefield players on the scene, the EMS One tournaments showcase the highest level of competitive play provided by ESL. Consisting of four seasons spread across the course of a year, starting this December, the EMS One tournaments let Battlefield 4 teams wage all-out war online. Each season will then be culminating in live event finals with a total prize pool of €120,000.

Go4 Battlefield 4 – Geared towards serious teams that want to take it to the next level as well as professional teams, the Go4 Battlefield 4 will be players proving ground as they compete for cash prizes. The Go4 Battlefield 4 matches will happen every weekend with the first one taking place as soon as the 10th of November.

A-Series – Looking to get accustomed to the demands of professional play in Battlefield 4? Then the A-Series is for you and your team. The A-Series features the European A-Series, a pan-European online league, and the National A-Series that includes local level tournaments in countries including the UK and Ireland, France, Germany and Austria, Poland, Russia and Spain. The best teams from both series qualify for the highest level of competition, the EMS One.

Versus – Designed for teams and individual players to hone their competitive Battlefield 4 skills, Versus utilizes ESL’s matchmaking system and additional anti-cheat measures to provide a fair and level battlefield while giving you the tools to create your own team.

Battlefield 4 is already shaping up to be pretty epic and with launch pretty much upon us for both current gen and next gen consoles, as well as for PC, it couldn’t be a better time to get the game involved in eSports. One thing is for certain, with the Frostbite 3 engine powering the game it will make for some serious eye candy when watching the pro gaming matches.

Battlefield 4 will be available in Europe October 31 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation and PC. Battlefield 4 will be available November 22 for Xbox One, and November 29 for the PlayStation 4.

The official ESL portal for Battlefield 4 can be found at

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Battlefield 4 Single Player Story Trailer To Impress With Characters, Storyline, And Visuals

The latest Battlefield 4 game trailer from EA is here, and this one is a single-player story trailer that gives you a taste of the sort of character arc you can expect from the game. The trailer starts out with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and, as everyone would expect, things get a little chaotic on the way out.

Previous videos of the game have been impressive, and this one is no exception. It looks like there’s a good bit of drama and intriguing characters in the single-player story to go along with the killer gameplay and superb graphics. However,  Battlefield 4 is basically a more polished version of Battlefield 3, but in a good way, with brighter and clearer visuals, easier navigation, improved audio, and a number of small upgrades that add up to a better experience. And there’s of course EA’s levolution, which allows players to change the terrain by, essentially, blowing things up.


Fans can pre-order Battlefield 4 now, and the game will be out for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 29th. For the PlayStation 4, it will be out on November 12th, and the Xbox One on November 19th.

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Battlefield Director Says Linux Only Needs One Killer Game

Linux is about to become bigger than ever, with SteamOS set to tip the balance of power in the PC gaming community with the offer of a rock solid distribution platform, a multitude of home entertainment features and support from an existing library of Linux Steam games, not to mention the fact that the whole thing will be free to download and install, making the option of a 2nd gaming PC a Windows licence free option.

Battlefield developer DICE know there is big change on the way and they don’t want to be left behind the pack on this one. Stating that Linux will only take one “killer” game to explode into mainstream gaming, and DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson said himself that “We [DICE] strongly want to get into Linux for a reason. It took Halo for the first Xbox to kick off and go crazy — usually, it takes one killer app or game and then people are more than willing [to adopt it] — it is not hard to get your hands on Linux, for example, it only takes one game that motivates you to go there.”

He has a point and this is really hot stuff to hear from such a big developer, this could be the first indication that Linux may be getting something big like Battlefield 4 and if this is true, you can back your backside that other developers such as Ubisoft and Activision will follow suit for fear of letting their rivals get all the glory.

“Basically for different ways of accessing customers and giving them possibilities of play, I think it is super exciting. The only thing I know is that from five or ten years from now gaming and especially how you consume it won’t look like it does today. I do think with streaming services and new input devices and so on, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is less need of hardware and more on demand gaming experience.” said Lars while speaking with Polygon about the SteamBox and SteamOS announcements.

SteamBox is going into Beta soon, SteamOS is right around the corner, all while we sit on the edge of a new generation of consoles, next year is shaping up to be a huge deal for gamers!

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Battlefield 4 Public Beta Goes Live

The first public beta of Battlefield 4 just went live this morning, letting Origin users at large experience online multiplayer gameplay of the season’s most hotly anticipated game. The 5 GB Origin download lets play levolution map “Siege of Shanghai” in two modes, conquest, and domination. The game sees the comeback of the Chinese faction into the Battlefield universe, who are equipped with top of the line equipment, new vehicles, and so on.

Early access is reserved for Battlefield 3 Premium members, customers who pre-ordered the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on, and registered owners of Medal of Honor Warfighter – Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition.

The times and platforms on which the beta goes live are listed below:

Exclusive Beta Rollout Times (October 1st):

  • PC: Currently Live
  • Xbox 360 worldwide: 2-6 AM PDT (11am – 3pm SAST)
  • PlayStation 3 (Europe): 7-11 AM PDT (4pm – 8pm SAST)
  • PlayStation 3 (US): 3-7 PM PDT (Midnight – 4am Wednesday SAST)

Open Beta Rollout Times for non-premium members (October 4th):

  • PC: 1 AM PDT/9 AM UTC (10 am SAST)
  • Xbox 360 worldwide: 2-6 AM PDT (11am-3pm SAST)
  • PlayStation 3 (Europe): 7-11 AM PDT (4pm – 8pm SAST)
  • PlayStation 3 (US): 11 AM PDT (9pm – SAST)

To play, simply make Origin point to and download the beta.

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EA Details The New Battlefield 4 Battlelog

Battlefield 3 set some new standards with its Battlelog system and Battlefield 4 is set to continue that trend and bring even more features to gamers fingertips regardless of their platform of choice.

“The most advanced installment of Battlelog is set to deliver a new level of social integration that enhances the overall Battlefield 4 experience. This superior gaming companion connects the Battlefield community from multiple devices by giving gamers a unique tool that provides a deeper and richer network inside and outside the game.” – Battlefield PR

Anytime, Anywhere – No matter where players go, Battlefield is always at their fingertips. Whether they’re heading home on the bus, taking a lunch break at work or lounging on the couch, players can log into Battlelog and check out their stats, interact with friends and much more from their smartphone, tablet, browser or directly through their console.

Battlescreen – Battlelog is now more seamless, offering a coherent second-screen experience to give players the chance to better enhance their game. Whether it’s highlighting attack points on the mini map, keeping track of squad members or playing as the team’s Commander, every move made in Battlelog reflects directly back to the game in real-time.

Real-Time Load Outs – Gamers can now switch their weapons, change their load outs and check their progression at any time, all with real-time results in-game. Players can also select servers or even launch a match from their devices, making the transition between game sessions easier.

Missions – Want to find out who is the best tank destroyer is or who can capture the most bases? A brand-new feature called Missions will allow players to custom create challenges for their friends to compete. Battlelog will also notify players when they have been kicked out of the number one spot so they won’t miss a beat to boot back up and fight for the title.

Geo Leaderboards – Battlelog is introducing targeted, geo-localized leaderboards that will allow players to not only compete with everyone in the Battlefield community, but with people in their city, in their country or on their continent. This is a great way for gamers to rank up while making new friends, or even adversaries, on the battlefield.


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Battlefield 4 News At Tonights Xbox Event

DICE just can’t contain their excitement and with Microsoft’s event just hours away they have let slip that there will be some Battlefield 4 news very soon. Of course by very soon they mean today and by today, they mean at the Microsoft event and this will likely be EA’s big reveal at the event and one that is likely to put Microsoft on firm ground with hardcore FPS fans.

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

According to industry sources that announcement is definitely today and while it’s a little sneaky that DICE have let the cat out of the bag on this one, we expect to see a lot of these teasers throughout the course of today as everyone involved will want to make sure that as many gamers and potential customers are watching the event, otherwise whats the point in having a show in the first place.

There is plenty of speculation about this reveal, it could just be something from the games multiplayer, or it could be exclusive Xbox content for the game, either way it’s going to be worth tuning in as both Call of Duty and Battlefield on the same bill should make for something truly spectacular.

Well keep you posted on further developments on the Xbox event throughout the day, be sure to check back for all the latest.