Inside Be Quiet Offers a Behind the Scenes View Into the Company

If you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a power supply and cooling manufacturer or if you just are curious about, then you should check out Be Quiet’s Inside section.

Inside Be Quiet is a list of blog posts with images and videos, giving you a great view into the production and a lot of information on the products that might be in your very own system.

The latest blog post gives a view into how Be Quiet’s power supplies produced using straight Power 10 as an example. It is interesting to see how much work is done by hand, way more than you might imagine.

“We would like to give all interested parties an insight into the production line of the Straight Power 10. In this installment of INSIDE be quiet! we show you step by step how a be quiet! power supply is created and which tests it has to undergo during production before it makes its way to the warehouse and ultimately to you.”

Skimping on quality isn’t beneficial for anyone, not for you as a user nor for the company that will end up with a lot more rejects and fails. Be Quiet uses german attitude and attention to detail and they have implemented many additional QC checks in various steps of the process.

If that peaked your interest, you can head over to the Inside Be Quiet blog and read the first five installments.

How It’s Made Video Shows How 3D Printers Are Born

If you ever wondered how 3D printers are made, then you need no more. The answer is surprisingly simple as most parts are printed by other 3D printers.

The Science channel visited a 3D printer manufacturer to take a look at how they create them, and the surprising thing is that they just print them. Okay, there are some things such as the electronics, the aluminium frame, and the glass that can’t be printed and they also have to be assembled, but it’s still pretty close to calling it self-replication.

About 40 of the components used in the LulzBot line of 3D printers featured in the video are 3D printed. They use their own 3D printers to produce their own machines more than any other manufacturer. In fact, they have just 3D printed their 500,000th part a representative told Motherboard in an email.

I’ve always loved watching those ‘how it is made’ videos ever since I was a little kid, it is fascinating to see how the things we use each day actually come into existence. The video below gives in inside view into the manufacturing process of the LulzBot TAZ, which is manufactured by Aleph Objects, Inc.

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Behind The Scenes of Star Citizen – Planet Creation

Star Citizen is already shaping up to be one of the biggest and most bad ass games of our generation. This game is going to be freaking huge, not only in terms of the amount of players eager to get their hands on it, but also due to the sheer scale of the games galactic settings.

The developers at Cloud Imperium games have released this new video which takes us behind the scenes, showing us how the art and assets are put together to create the planet side locations you’ll find dotted around the SC universe.

The graphics on this game already look immense and since the developers have said they want to give PC gamers something that really shows what PC can do, even going as far as saying there is no way consoles could run this kind of game, we should be in for a real treat.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

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A Behind The Scenes TV About Twitter Has Been Commissioned

The creation of Twitter is soon to be the focus of a new behind the scenes TV show, and Nick Bilton, the Author of the book “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal” will be working writing the screenplay as well as producing the show.

“Twitter has transformed almost every aspect of our lives from politics to business to friendship and I can’t think of a more compelling story to adapt for television right now,” said Kevin Beggs, chairman of Lionsgate Television Group. “Nick’s book has all the elements of a great drama with its complex characters, high-stakes power struggles and betrayed friendships.”

Just how interesting this show will be remains to be seen (obviously), but the book was a big seller and it could provide some insight into how the microblogging site operates. Given that Twitter has recently gone onto the stock market, and has struggled to turn a major profit for a few years. No word on what network the show will air on, but given the nature of the material it’s likely to assume it will hit an online service such as NetFlix.

“The story of Hatching Twitter really speaks to a generation that has searched for friendship through technology and it will be very exciting to see it brought to life on screen.” added Kevin Beggs.

Can the TV studio behind the same shows as Mad Men, and movie adoptions such as The Hunger Games turn the story of Twitter into something worth watching? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.