U.S. Judge Tried to Bribe FBI Agent with Beer for Text Messages

We’ve all heard the stories, governments and agencies using every method under the sky for obtaining information. Although, I think this is the first time that I’ve heard someone try to obtain information by offering beer, at least that’s what Wayne County Superior Court Judge Arnold Ogden Jones is accused on.

According to initial reports, the judge asked the FBI official to obtain the text messages of two phone numbers on the 27th October, with it being clearly outlined by offering a few cases of beer for the action. The next issue arrived on November 3rd, when the Judge stated the had the FBI agents “paycheck” in his back seat. It was then changed to $100 and in return the agent provided a disk that was meant to contain the text messages from the two numbers. The judge was then arrested the next day and release without bond.

The total sentence for the three crimes committed is set at 37 years, with two charges of bribing a public official and one for attempted corruption of an official proceeding.

Do you think that sentence is a little too lenient? Clearly he could have gotten away with it if he had offered the Agent a new Apple Watch or maybe a Drone.

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Grab a Duff! Simpsons Beer May Become a Reality

Long-running animated cartoon show The Simpsons has morphed from a simple premise of daily family life into a cultural phenomenon, which has firmly embedded itself into the consciousness of countless fans and countries. It’s now been announced, and I am surprised this concept was not officially implemented into the commercial environment sooner, that Homer’s favourite beer could be produced in the real world.

Duff is set to be released by 21st Century Fox in Chile, with plans to expand the brand into further regions of South America and Europe by early next year. The media colossus has been discussing the notion of a Simpson’s beer with a manufacturer in order to get the flavour just right. It also plans packaging which does not identify the TV show—just an exact replica of the fictional town’s favourite beverage. This could be because The Simpsons is aimed at children as well as adults, if a child spots Bart on the label of a pack of beer, there could be legal problems.

Just to go off on a tangent for a mo, it would be nice in today’s world if everyone took personal responsibility a bit more seriously, yes you do not want a beer marketed at children, but it’s the same with video games. Said parent purchases GTA for her 10-year-old, lets him play it for hours, and then sues Rockstar for selling a game which was available to buy.

Fox are also exploring the prospect of marketing Duff within the US, but there is not an official date for this as yet. Fox are attempting to counteract replicas which have sprung up over the years, in the 90s, Lion Nathan brewery in Australia distributed a Duff beer to consumers. Fox did not like this and sued for infringing their trademark, to which the brewery had to cease trade of the iconic Duff name.

Personally, I am not sure I desperately need a beer which tastes like a cartoon show, but, it will find its fans and will sell well in its first run.

Thank You Wall Street Journal for providing us with this information

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AmazonFresh Has Stopped Alcohol Deliveries

AmazonFresh, the e-tailer taking on the big supermarkets with their crazy deals. The scheme is only available in the US right now, but it looks likely to be making its way across the pond to hit the UK very soon.

It started out offering all sorts of groceries and other goods, but reports have come in that beer and wine have been removed from the online service without any warning or an information on whether it will return. It is believed that some US states restrict the delivery of alcohol and some states require delivery services to adhere to strict guidelines have given Amazon the scare; however this is still unknown. Whichever way you look at this, you are going to have to resort to other means of alcohol transportation such as Drizly. Luckily for UK drinkers, Amazon.co.uk still offer tasty beverages on their online store.

Michigan Bar Teaches Stock Exchange Principles – Through The Love of Beer

Beer is a globally recognised staple and the price of beer is something that we can all relate to but let’s be honest – we all complain when the price of our chosen brew goes up and cheer when it goes down, but when we see the stock exchange figures scrolling across the bottom of the TV and news channels, generally speaking we have not got a clue what it all means. This is where Kalamazoo, a Michigan beer exchange comes into play with their ever-changing beer prices, all because of the fundamental principles of economics – supply and demand.

Positioned around the bar are a number of monitors giving the drinkers the latest price for their chosen brew and this is where the economics part of it all comes in to play.

The principle behind supply and demand is that as more of one product is consumed, the price will start to rise – this is the demand. The higher price will allow the [hypothetical] supplier to invest more to increase their supply to meet the demand. We can see this from the ‘Arcadia War Craft’ where the price has been driven up to $5.50.

On the other hand, some of the other beers are not consumed as much as others creating a backlog of supply. Bringing the price down step by step will entice people to start consuming that particular product in order to clear the supply backlog.

The same principles as seen in the beer exchange are mirrored in the real world stock exchange and at random intervals the beer market may crash, causing the prices to instantly drop thus giving a great deal on many drinks.

Personally I think that this type of bar is awesome and The Exchange, the people behind the construction of the bar and a few others across the land, should sure has hell get their feet over to the UK so that we can have just as much fun [and subliminal education] as those in the States. If you don’t understand supply and demand now then there is a strong chance you will after drinking there – even if you are slightly inebriated afterwards.

Source: The LAD Bible

Researchers Create Hydrating Beer By Adding Electrolytes

The Huffington Post reports that Australian researchers have developed a beer that hydrates you. If you didn’t already know the beer we currently drink actually serves to dehydrate you the more you drink, the main reason you may get headaches, hangovers or aches and pains the next day if you drink too much of it.

Australian researchers at Griffith University Health Institute say they have found a way to combat dehydration from beer. Simply explained they add electrolytes to the beer, electrolytes are a common ingredient in sports drinks. That said it wasn’t simply as easy as adding electrolytes because the researchers said they had to reduce the alcohol content for it to work.

The specially designed light “hydrating” beer is 33% more effective at hydrating than normal beer so should prevent a hangover, but the beer is probably so weak that you have to drink gallons of it to even come within danger of that. The researchers did not specify the ABV. It is good to see technology being put to good use!

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RFID iPourIt Self Service Beer System, To Pour or Not to Pour


The next time you go to a venue you may be offered self service beer. iPourIt, has offered a solution to patrons who like to drink beer, and businesses who like to serve beer. Businesses like bars, restaurants, casinos, cruise lines, stadiums, etc.

Each person who uses the service will swipe their government ID card (ie. drivers license), their credit card, and then they will be provided a paper RFID wristband that will allow them to use the beer taps. This gives the user and the bartender the ability to track how much alcohol someone has consumed. It will also inform them if someone has consumed a certain amount, also preventing the tap from continuing to pour the beer. There is an override where if a bartender deems appropriate will be able to override the system.

This works by having an RFID reader in each handle, which when an RFID wristband is next to the tap will allow a valve on the beer lines to open up to serve the beer when the tap is pulled. A workstation is used by servers and management to monitor and adjust settings.

With this system in place it will allow patrons to get their beer, allowing bartenders to focus more on mixed drinks. Also, virtually destroying spillage losses for businesses giving more profit! This could be the optimum service for a large popular bar. Not to mention iPourIt has a website where customers can see their history of pours where they have visited. Personally I don’t know who would really like to serve their own beer, as I do not drink beer. Though many people may actually enjoy using this service, with less wait times, allowing them to spend more time with their friends!