The Apple Watch Affects Your iPhone’s Battery Life

After the recent launch of the Apple Watch, numerous owners expressed their own opinions about the product, and most seem to agree that it’s a pretty handy device overall. Furthermore, even though some people voiced their concern regarding the Apple Watch battery life, it looks like the watch itself can remain functional up to a day without a problem. Actually, the iPhone seems to be the one that is affected the most.

As you already know by now, the Apple Watch needs to be paired up with an iPhone in order to function properly, which means that it makes use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies in order to receive and deliver notifications. Some users reported that, as a result, their iPhones boast a better battery life, while others stated exactly the opposite. It’s hard to say what exactly causes the iPhone’s battery to be drained so quickly in some cases, but some people seem to think that the Companion App is the main culprit. Others say that checking email on the Apple Watch is more likely to be the cause.

If you own an Apple Watch, please let us know if you’ve seen an improvement or a decline in your phone’s battery life.

Thank you Macrumors for providing us with this information.