‘Drone’ That Hit Plane in London May Have Just Been a Plastic Bag

A few days ago it was reported that a drone may have hit a British Airways jet flying out of Heathrow. The transport minister Robert Goodwill has yet to confirm if that’s the case, saying that it could have just been a plastic bag.

The incident is believed to have occurred at around 1,700 ft, over four times the legal limit for people who want to fly their drones in the open air and while the Air Accidents Investigation Branch is investigating the incident alongside the Metropolitan Police there has been little in the way of information released to the public.

Goodwill did respond to comments regarding “geo-fencing”, a technique where drones would be blocked from entering restricted areas by means of having ‘no go zones’ installed on their devices by the manufacturers. Goodwill didn’t show great promise or belief in that option as he said it would be vulnerable to “somebody who could get round the software”.

With people speculating that the plane struck a drone, a thought that has occurred many times before and almost happened on several occasions, Goodwill did say that it “has not been confirmed it was actually a drone”, instead saying that the original story came from a local police force who tweeted the news about a reported drone colliding with a plane. “There was no actual damage to the plane and there’s indeed some speculation that it may have even been a plastic bag or something”, the latest news seems to be that if it was a drone or unmanned electronic device, they don’t even know what it could have been.

Going on to explain the current information, Goodwill explained that “there was no actual damage to the plane and there’s indeed some speculation that it may have even been a plastic bag or something”.

So no confirmed Drone could mean that people are overreacting to what has been a nightmare scenario for many groups for a while now, with incidents involving everything from illegally flying their drones during major events to even crashing into famous landmarks.

Apple Will Start Phasing Out Plastic Bags This Month

Buying an Apple product is almost as symbolic as the illuminated apple located on the back of your device, with the whole experience of walking out the store reminding you of that new gadget feel before you’ve even opened the box. Part of this experience is the bag you get the new product in, a plastic bag emblazoned with the Apple logo. This part of your experience may be changing with Apple looking to phase out plastic bags later this month.

Revealed by 9to5Mac, a note sent to employees reveals plans for the bags to be replaced by paper bags. The new paper bags will be made with 80 percent recycled materials, a move intended to further Apple’s goal of leaving the world “better than we found it”.

The change will start on the 15th April, with stores looking to use up their plastic bags as soon as they can. Much like when you go shopping customers are now also going to be asked if they want a bag and being given the choice between medium and large sizes, both of these actions look to help reduce the number of bags used and the amount of material given away in the form of bags.

If this wasn’t enough, people who are looking to recycle their iOS devices will get a new “Apple Renew” card, a gift card made out of recycled paper.

With Apple already running their facilities on renewable energy and now using recyclable materials for their stores, leaving the world better than we found it is a step closer to being a reality.

Knomo London Demos Luxury Bags Featuring Fast Charging Pocket @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Mobile phones have almost become a status symbol as SIM-Free handsets can exceed £60 and showcase an individual’s wealth. Although, it seems pretty strange to see luxury items being stored in cheaply made cases which utilize a poor grade of materials. However, in recent years, fashion companies have started to judge the buying habits of the high-end market and unveiled leather cases which look fantastic. Despite this, the majority of cases only function to store devices and do not implement technology in a useful way. Thankfully, Knomo London has crafted a number of interesting products which combine technology and sophisticated fashion in a very impressive manner.

Instead of creating a simple, mass-produced case, Knomo London decided to manufacturer leather handbags containing a pouch to store your device. Additionally, the pouch utilizes fast charging and makes it remarkably simple to keep your handset powered on. Unfortunately, this requires a custom designed case which only works with the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Nevertheless, it’s a really innovate idea and the target market will primarily be iPhone users, so this makes business sense.

In terms of pricing, the bags can cost upwards of $35o, but this isn’t a surprising revelation considering the high-grade leather, excellent stitching and superb design.


What’s the maximum you would pay for a phone case?

Bag of ‘Kanye’ Tour Air Sells for $60k on eBay

Ahhh eBay, that wondrous place where you can sell your unwanted possessions and make money. Well yesterday saw the auction end for a bag of air taken from a Kanye West show. Was about time all his hot air was used for something useful.

The budding entrepreneur ‘Stangeedon1’ was the first major lister of this baggie of air, now at least a dozen more have followed suit, hoping to cash in on the internets stupidity.

Where there’s Kanye, Kim isn’t far behind, promoting her husband’s ability to market nothing.

Now this isn’t the first time the internet has gone bonkers over something celebrity related; remember that apple that Britney Spears took a bite out of all those years ago? Yeah me neither. I wonder how long before cans of the stuff turn up?

Thank you Mashable for providing us with this information.