HyperAdapt – The Shoe With Self-lacing Technology

Years ago we were introduced to the concept of self-lacing shoe laces. The idea that we could place our feet in a shoe and have them tie themselves to the perfect level of comfort and grip was beyond imagination and yet so simple. Several months ago we reported that Nike was working on just that technology and then Michael J Fox, the star of Back to the future 2 where the concept was first shown, kindly revealed his pair of self-lacing shoes. We now have a name for the shoes and that name is HyperAdapt 1.0.

Previous ideas regarding self-lacing shoes were designed and marketed for limit release, with the idea being that people in the general public didn’t want shoes that self-tied if they came at a cost. This seems to have been changed thanks to the HyperAdapt 1.0 which could see its place on the market this year.

While you may be jumping around wondering which of the three colours you would buy, you may have to be a member of Nike+ in order to grab these shoes, which sadly are still manually triggered by a button either side of the shoe.

Plans are that you could soon see the shoes automatically tightening and loosening their fit on the fly, but sadly this is just a future dream at the moment.


What Year is This? The DeLorean is Back in Production!

Great Scott! It’s like something out of Back to the Future today, as the iconic car, made famous by the now legendary time travel movie is back in production!

Thanks to a recent change in the federal law, the facility in Humble, Texas, is now allowed to start making the car again, for what will be the first production of the car in thirty years. The DeLorean was first made famous all the way back in 1985, but it seems the movie fame just wasn’t enough to sell the already failing and somewhat ahead of its time (no pun intended) vehicle. This was further ruined after the founder, John DeLorean, who was arrested on drug charges, and the company went bankrupt shortly afterward.

The cars are iconic, a much-prized collectors item, especially so if they’re modded to look like time machines, flux capacitors and all. How successful the return will be still remains to be seen, or how the car will come back. Will it be improved, or will they keep that iconic if somewhat rubbish specification in its original format? The company is said to use the original authentic parts that have been stored away for many years, but how they use them is what could be interesting.

“It’s fantastic! It is a game changer for us. We’ve been wanting this to happen,” said Stephen Wynne, CEO of DeLorean Motors.

Want to get one ordered? There will be around 300 cars put into production, with the rollout starting at one per month and slowly moving to one per week. With a referb currently costing around $50,000 and a new one $100,000, not a lot of people will be opening their wallets, but the prospect of seeing more of these cars on the road again is one that’s just too fun not to think about.

Would you put in an order for one of the new DeLoreans? If you had the money for it of course!

Get Your Own Levitating DeLorean on Indiegogo

We have barely entered 2016 and I think that I’ve already found my favourite collectable of the year, at the very least it will be a very tough one to beat. I almost missed this completely, but I’m glad that I came across the Indiegogo campaign site for the 1:20 sized and first truly Levitating DeLorean Time Machine collectible, the well-known vehicle from the Back to the Future movies.

The Levitating DeLorean Time Machine collectible is off to a good start in both the development and the fundraising campaign. The working prototypes have been created and the Indiegogo campaigns funds will be used to create the molds and get the mass production going. All the early-bird specials are gone, but there only were 100 of them and the only bonus here was included shipping. Anyone else can still get their pledge in for $195 USD plus shipping costs. At the time of writing, the Levitating DeLorean Time Machine collectible has gathered $25,000 USD out of the $30,000 funding goal.

The company behind the collectible is Kids Logic Co Ltd based out of Hong Kong. The toy manufacturer was established in 2009 and has already created high-quality official collectible toys from titles such as Transformers G1, Saint Seiya (Japan Anime), Arale (Japan Anime), Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Street Fighters.

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Dr Emmett Brown, Back To The Future II

The model is based on the car from the 1989 Back to the Future II movie and in 1:20 scale with its 22cm length. The magnetic floating base pushes the DeLorean Time Machine into the air where it will levitate for as long as the power is connected or the batteries don’t run out of juice. It can be powered by either a 12V AC/DC adapter or sixteen AA batteries via the included battery pack enclosure.

The base has LED lighting around the base when it’s turned on and also showcases the Back To The Future II logo on the front. The car itself is also filled with LED lighting effects and you can also switch the wheels between flying and driving mode. The flying mode wheelset also comes with built-in LED effect. In total, the car has over 30 LED lights at various points. The model is built from over 200 individual pieces and carefully painted to resemble the original from the movie. Details are important in collectables and this is one and not a toy, just to clarify.

There’s still 23 days left, so that’s plenty of time to secure yourself one of these very cool levitating collectable Time Machines in the form of a Back To The Future II DeLorean. You can find the Indiegogo campaign here.

First Prototype

Second Prototype

More LEDs


Back to the Future II’s Self-Drying Jacket is Here

We’ve already seen the release of self-lacing Nikes and Pepsi Perfect to celebrate the recent Back to the Future Day (October 21st, 2015 – the date visited by Marty McFly and Doc Brown during Back to the Future II), and now, a little late, we have the opportunity to buy our very own self-drying jacket, similar to the one worn by Marty while posing as his own son in 2015:

A Kickstarter, launched by startup Falyon Wearable Tech, is seeking support for its Self-Drying Jacket, or SDJ-01, the special edition of which is styled on its fictional counterpart from Back to the Future II. Backers can get the BTTFII version of the jacket in return for a $159 pledge, with standard versions available for $10 dollars less.

The jacket’s drying power is powered by its built-in air amplifiers. Falyon describes the process:

“The air amplifiers are capable of redirecting air with extreme high pressure and flow at rates equal to or surpassing commercially available hair dryers. Despite their power, they are not exceptionally bulky or heavy, weighing about 4oz each. For comparison, an iPhone 6 weighs 4.55oz.

The air amplifiers function in the space between the jacket’s exterior and the inner lining. This serves to keep the high pressure air circulating in an enclosed space, maximizing the drying capability. This also ensures that the jacket dries from the inside out so the layers closest to your skin and clothes dry first.”

The SDJ-01: Self-Drying Jacket has raised $5,131 of its $12,000 goal, with 20 days remaining.

Michael J. Fox Demonstrate Nike Self Lacing Shoes From Back To The Future

Yesterday was the day for Back To The Future fans, the day that Doctor Brown and Marty McFly travelled to the future and we were promised dreams of hoverboards, flying cars and self-tying shoelaces; two out of three isn’t too bad is it?

First we had the hoverboard, made by Lexus, the hoverboard floats but does require you to have a metal floor beneath it. And now we even have Nike revealing the self-tying shoes that we dreamed of. Not only did Nike make these, but who did they send a pair to? None other than Michael J. Fox.

More than happy to show them off when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show Live, showing off how a button on the side of the ankle can be used to tighten and loosen the laces, meaning you no longer need to tie all those knots.

As if this wasn’t good enough, all proceeds from the shoes will go to the Michael J. Fox foundation, a charity dedicated to helping conduct research into Parkinson’s Disease. While Fox owns one of the only pairs at this moment in time, more are set to go on auction next year with the hopes to help raise funds to eliminate Parkinsons within our lifetime.

A great gadget and a great cause, what more can you ask for?

Meet MARTY – Stanford’s Self-Driving Drifting DeLorean

On the day that most of us are asking “where is my flying car and hoverboard?”, Prof. Gerdes of Stanford University and his students revealed a kind of DeLorean you won’t see in Back to the Future. It doesn’t fly, it doesn’t run on fusion power and it definitely doesn’t travel in time, but it does drift all by itself!

Named MARTY, which stands for Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control, the name doubles as a tribute to the film series that made the DeLorean famous. It may look like a regular DeLorean on the surface, but under the recognizable steel bodywork is a whole different machine. After all, a stock DeLorean would struggle to drift even under the best circumstances. Instead, MARTY sports an entirely new electric engine and gearbox supplied by Renovo, able to deliver over 20-times the power of the standard DeLorean V6 as well as a new steering system incorporating the ability to self-drive. And in the footage released by Stanford University, the results are sublime. The simple drift on open tarmac doesn’t seem like much, but it is just a stepping stone towards greater things, with Gerdes and his team aiming to have MARTY compete in drifting competitions alongside human drivers.

The idea of a drifting DeLorean competition seem all fun and games, but the research going into its functionality has very real applications in developing self-driving cars that hold up even outside of very controlled situations.

“The very best rally car drivers do this all this time, sacrificing stability so they can use all of the car’s capabilities to avoid obstacles and negotiate tight turns at speed. Their confidence in their ability to control the car opens up new possibilities for the car’s motion. Current control systems designed to assist a human driver, however, don’t allow this sort of maneuvering. We think that it is important to open up this design space to develop fully automated cars that are as safe as possible.” said Gerdes.

Maybe one day we’ll all be treated to a casual drift to work courtesy of our self-driving cars. It’s good to dream, right?

Image via

Back to the Future’s Pepsi Perfect Coming This Month

We’ve had hoverboards, self-lacing Nike MAG shoes, and even a 30th anniversary cinema re-release of the film that born them, and now the latest vision of the future from famed sci-fi sequel Back to the Future II to be made a reality is the sleek Pepsi bottle, as delivered to Marty McFly via pneumatic tube in the retro Café 80’s. Pepsi is releasing the limited edition Pepsi Perfect on 21st October, 2015, the very day that Marty and Doc Brown visited as they jetted into the future to save Marty’s son from prison.

“Fans have always been a little crazy about it,” Lou Arbetter, Senior Director of Marketing  at PepsiCo, said, “and so we wanted to take advantage of the fact that Marty travelled to the future, to this month, and wanted to actually come out with the product.”

Only 6,500 Pepsi Perfect bottles will be released, costing $20.15 each and sold exclusively online. The drink inside is not, however, a new flavour of Pepsi, but the regular, real sugar version.  A further 1,500 Pepsi Perfect bottles will be distributed at this week’s New York ComicCon.

“We’re fans of this popular trilogy, and just generally, if you work at Pepsi you’re fans of pop culture. The brand has made its mark in pop culture frankly since Michael Jacksonmoonwalked. We’ve been dancing in and around pop culture for a while,” Arbetter added. “So we look at this as another opportunity to have a little bit of fun.”

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Michael J. Fox is Back as Marty Mcfly in Lego Dimensions!

Michael J. Fox is a science-fiction icon and gained notoriety in the cult classic film series Back to the Future. While accident-prone, Marty Mcfly is quite adept with a guitar and loves to show off his skateboarding skills. If that hasn’t convinced you to watch the trilogy, I’m not sure what could!

After all these years, Michael J. Fox is reprising the role of Marty Mcfly in the upcoming video game, LEGO Dimensions. Even better, Christopher Lloyd is also returning as Doc Brown. This is certainly going to a wonderful reunion and tingle the nostalgic memories of Back to the Future.

LEGO Dimensions is an amalgamation of many classic shows and features a number of beloved characters. As you might expect, it doesn’t really deviate from the traditional gameplay but should provide a bundle of laughs. Personally, I’m overjoyed to see a mini-reunion of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. This is honestly the best way for a reunion without applying too much pressure and having super-high expectations.

Back to the Future has such a loyal following, so it will be interesting to see the reaction from fans when the game is unveiled. Speaking of the release, LEGO Dimensions will hit the shelves tomorrow in the US and on the 29th in Europe.

What is your favourite moment from Back to the Future?

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Lexus Release More Footage of Their Real and Rideable Hoverboard

Marty McFly would be so proud of the people from Lexus, that is if he was a real person. Back to the Future 2 told us that there would be rideable hoverboards in 2015 and they were spot on. We’ve seen three different ones so far, but Lexus version is the most impressive to date. Other than Lexus’ hoverboard, there were the Hendo Hoverboard and the Leafblower build hoverboard – both work, but in a limited fashion.

Up until now Lexus had only teased us with a very short video that barely showed the board itself and no riding action at all, but all that has changed with the new video released yesterday. It works and it works on all surfaces as demonstrated by skating over a small pond. Again, Marty would be proud of the Lexus engineers.

The sad part is that we most likely never will be able to ride it ourselves, but we can dream and we can see that it is possible to create it. “There is no such thing as impossible, it’s just a matter of figuring out how,” said Haruhiko Tanahashi, chief engineer at Lexus.

There’s also something to laugh at as the riders aren’t the most skillful and fall on their rear a few times. It’s all in good fun and it is one of those videos that can put a smile on your face. So enjoy this footage of the first real rideable hoverboard Anno 2015.


Lexus Shows Real Rideable Hoverboard?

We’ve previously seen the some attempts to create hoverboards, but none of them were the real deal. The Hendo hoverboard requires a specialized metal surface to operate and while the leaf blower home build did work, it wasn’t any beauty nor was it as compact as a normal skateboard.

Now someone else enters the arena and it is a surprising contender. The car manufacturer Lexus has shown off a video on YouTube with what they claim to be the real deal. A working, real, rideable hoverboard. The demonstration video is very short and doesn’t show much, but what it does show looks pretty amazing.

The new hoverboard project is called SLIDE and it is the fourth project in the ‘Amazing in Motion’ series by Lexus where they challenge themselves in order to create something unique. The Lexus hoverboard

Lexus defines the SLIDE hoverboard as true engineering innovation, and they will bring regular updates on the progress of this extraordinary projects on the future.

What do you think? Is it the real deal or just a clever marketing stunt? Would you want one if it is real? Let us know in the comments. We’ll make sure to keep you, our readers, updated with anything new in this area.

The Surfboard that Acts Like a Hoverboard

With it being 2015 and with that being the future according to Back to the Future, we’ve seen a number of devices that claim to be hoverboards or devices that act somewhat like them. While many of the so-called hover boards we have today barely get off the ground and move quite slowly, one board seemingly ticks all the boxes; except that it only runs over water.

Meet the Foilboard – a new board that is essentially a surf board with a hydrofoil motor attached to it. Once the surfer using the board gets up to speed, he or she can almost literally fly above the water. It’s amazing to watch – it’s like a motorised surfboard, a surfboard faster and more capable than any other.

Be sure to watch famous surfer Laird Hamilton give the board a try in the video below.

Source: Gizmodo

Is a New ‘Back to The Future’ on the Way?

Universal Pictures posted a cryptic tweet on Wednesday that has left many Back to The Future fans giddy with excitement. “The Future is Coming” it says, leading many to wonder whether a new movie could be on the horizon.

Well, it is 2015 – the actual future according to second movie in the series. So could it really mean that Marty McFly is back? Maybe. While it could be a whole new movie, it’s unlikely they would have been able to keep it under wraps so soon before the crucial date of October 2015.

So what could it be? Maybe a short film or a TV special perhaps? Or maybe it’s just an event to celebrate the arrival of ‘the future’? Who knows.

If we could get in the DeLorean and find out right now, we would, but it seems that we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: @UniversalEnt on Twitter

Watch Tony Hawk Ride the World’s First Hoverboard

In March, Tony Hawk pranked us all by riding the fake ‘HUVr‘ hoverboard.

But now, he’s released a video of him riding another board, except this one is real. In October we reported on the successful Kickstarter campaign for the Hendo Board which uses magnetism to levitate you like Marty McFly. Or Tony Hawk. Hawk gets up to some pretty impressive stunts on the board, with him at one point spinning the $10,000 piece of kit at a frightening velocity.

Source: TIME Magazine

The Worlds First Hoverboard on Kickstarter

It’s been 25 years since Back to the Future Part II was released and since then it has been every boys dream to have their own hoverboard. In the movie, Marty McFly is visiting the future 2015 where he ends up in some trouble with Biff and has to escape. For this, he uses the hoverboard.

Now that very same thing is becoming a reality with the new Hendo Hoverboard making its appearance on Kickstarter. The prototype is real, it works and it can be yours in the very near future. The company shortly mentions that there was a movie about something like this, but nothing more. There is no need to be drawn into any arguments with anyone that might delay the launch. Smart move.

This isn’t just some one-man idea put on Kickstarter in the hopes to get it off the ground. There is a big team behind the hover technology and the hoverboard is just one way to demonstrate their invention in a way that everyone can understand. It can be scaled up and down to suit almost any needs. The current version is the 18th prototype of the hoverboard, so there clearly went a lot of time, research and development into it.

The Kickstarter campaign is about getting the final production started and creating the physical skateparks where you can ride them. The hoverboard uses four disc-shaped hover engines that create a magnetic field which literally pushes against itself, thereby generating the lift which levitates the board and you off the ground. 250 pounds are the current limitation on the lifting power, so even large adults should be able to enjoy it.

When we’re moving off the ground, we’re also eliminating the directional boundaries of wheels and can move equally in any direction. The board is designed to work with your natural movements and can use the engines to propel you in any direction. There are only two factors that impact your movement, the applied force and its direction.

There is only pmr little hitch on the hoverboards, the surface currently needs to be a non-ferromagnetic conductor. That’s why they need to build special hover-skateparks, after all you’d want a place to ride your incredible toy. Right now sheet metals are used as the surface, but the company is effectively working on new compounds and configurations to maximize the technology.

The technologies used aren’t really new as such, but no one has ever brought them together like this and made it work in a usable size. The hoverboard of course features numerous safeguards from the ability to detect interference on the surface to automatic power down. Battery cells are located in the middle of the board so they won’t impact the balance.

You’ll really have to want this hoverboard to get it at the current state. Not because it’s shabby nor because of the surface limitations, but rather because of the price. If you want to be one of the first 10 world-wide to own these boyhood dreams, you’ll have to pledge a whopping $10,000 or more.

The price tag and limitation of just 10 devices will limit this technology from most of us, or will it? There is another option in the form of the Whitebox Developer’s Kit.  The box contains all the same technology used in the hoverboards, but in a scaled down version for you to take apart and apply to anything you’d like. You can then remote control you hovering items with an Android or iPhone app on the plus version.


This puts hover control and propulsion capabilities in your hands. The current version uses rechargeable LiPo batteries that give 12-15 minutes of hover with a charge time of about 2 hours. Make your model cars hover, or how about your PC case while the system boots or shuts down? There aren’t many limitations besides your fantasy and the battery time.

The Whitebox Developer Kit will set you back a pledge of $299, or £349 if you’d like one with a nicer skin. If you’d just like to support the project there are smaller pledges that will reward anything from stickers to desk memorabilia. If you can’t afford the hoverboard itself with its steep $10k price, you can get a replica without the technology inside, to display on your wall or trophy case. The replica will set you back $449.

This is all very cool, but as we know not all Kickstarter projects become reality within a timeframe we’d like. Hendo has a nice looking timeline with the first merchandise delivered Q1 2015. Whitebox Developer Kits and hover-replicas will be delivered in July and August 2015 whereas the actual hoverboard will launch at the Hover Event on October 21st 2015. If the date sounds familiar to you, there might be a reason for this.

No one has grabbed any of the 10 hoverboards at the time of writing this, but I’m sure it won’t take long before they’re gone.

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Images courtesy of Kickstarter

DeLorean’s Flux Capacitor from ‘Back To The Future’ Now Available for $25

Back To The Future movie series fans should be familiar with the Flux Capacitor, the item that makes the DeLorean car be an actual time travelling machine. According to Doc Brown, the character from the movie, the Flux Capacitor is the thing that ‘makes everything work’.

Every fan would like to have such a device in their car. At least for show if not for actual time travelling experience (which is not possible of course). However, the item now appears to be for sale, courtesy of ThinkGeek. They have apparently made something that looks like the real flux capacitor, aside from the time travelling feature of course.

The device is said to be a gadget which you plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. It has two USB ports which can be used to charge your phone or other gadgets such as GPS or others. Also, a great feature about the flux capacitor is that it lights up, similar to how the original flux capacitor from the movie does.

The gadget is said to have been unveiled back in April as an April Fool’s joke. However, due to the overwhelming demand, it seems that ThinkGeek made a real product, which is said to be selling quite nicely. The flux capacitor is selling on ThinkGeek’s website, having it priced at $24,99 and expected to ship to buyers in September.

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Image courtesy of Ubergizmo

Back to the Future II “Pit Bull” Hoverboard listing on eBay

Whether you love it or hate it, the Back to the Future collection is a massive hit and rightly so with the internet world turning to memes about how the world has only 2 years to make hoverboards a reality. Well it seems that reality is here, in a roundabout kind of way with the original “Pit Bull” hoverboard appearing on US auction site eBay.

Branded as the Back to the Future 2 Griff Tannen “Pit Bull” hoverboard, it comes in with a stonking buy it now price of $12,995 US Dollars but you’re also welcome to make an offer if you haven’t quite got that much disposable income, though the seller will still charge you $79.99 in shipping costs to mainland USA and $99.99 for international FedEx economy shipping if wanting to buy from the UK.

The underside features two vaccu-form anti-gravity plates, and there is some damage to the prop as expected with a piece of nostalgia dating back over 20 years and the rear foot pad component is missing from the top of the board.

The listing clearly states that it’s the original, though don’t expect it to fly as it purely is a prop but is classed as extremely rare. The board is made from wood, resin and metal and measures in at 26″ long and includes a Hollywood PARTS Certificate of Authenticity.

Why not check out the eBay listing yourself and maybe make an offer? The seller can only say yes or no, and you may be lucky enough to get your hands on something that changed the face of futuristic movies for all of us in one way or another.