Nike Reveals Back To The Future II Self Lacing Shoes For Real

At the start of this year, we as consumers were promised sneakers (Trainers in the UK) with power laces, film buffs will no doubt remember these from the hugely popular and successful franchise Back To The Future 2, but did sportswear manufacturer Nike deliver on those promises? It turns out yes they did and they look amazing if the illustrative images are anything to go by.

Nike is coining it an “individually responsive system that senses the wearer’s motion to provide adaptive on-demand comfort and support”. This basically means there is a hidden powered mechanism that automatically tightens the laces when a consumer inserts their feet. Below is an image that illustrates the trainers, as you can see, they would be fantastic to own.

Before anyone feels the urge to run down to their local sports shop in order to purchase the shoes, there is a caveat.  Nike has stated that the “Nike Mag is a limited edition release and as such will only be available via auction with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research”. Further details concerning the auction will be posted to Nike News and via Twitter @Nike in spring 2016.

I dread to think what the eventual price may be if it’s entered into an auction, the average Joe/Johanna might have to sell quite a few things in order to be able to afford to bid on such an exclusive item.  It’s certainly a worthwhile cause however when you consider that an estimated 6.3 million people have Parkinson’s disease worldwide. Hopefully the potential money raised can be used to further research possible treatments for the disease.

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Enigma Machine Sells For $232,000

Famous for being used by the Germans in World War 2 the device was used to send and receive encrypted messages, and with their destruction being commonplace in order to prevent enemies from getting their hands on one, they are thought to be extremely rare. This, coupled with their famous presence during the war and the technical brilliance of the encryption used by the devices for the time have meant that they are exceptionally rare to find and even rarer to be able to acquire.

Originally estimated to sell at Sotheby’s in London for between 50 and 70 thousand, an unnamed buyer purchased the device for a grand total of £149,000. Almost three times its lower initial estimate, and over twice the upper estimate, a price that is small compared to the impact the device has had on the world.

The enigma machine is famous for being cracked by Alan Turing and the others at Bletchley park after the creation of the Colossus, a machine considered to be one of the first implementations of modern computer design.

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Tron: Legacy Motorcycle Replica Auctioned for $77,000

People pay a lot of money on things they like on the big screen. But fortunately, some of the things they buy are quire awesome. Take the bike from Tron: Legacy for example. Who wouldn’t want to own such an electrical-powered beauty? I would!

Disney’s Tron: Legacy had its debut back in 2010 and since then, there have been a few people interested in buying a replica of the light cycle. Parker Brother’s Custom Choppers are said to have sold 10 such replicas for a price tag of $55,000. Even so, it looks like others are still interested in buying more of them.

An auction held by father and son Paul and Chris Andrews that took place on the 2nd of May at RM Auctions Sotheby’s brought forth everything from model car engines to customized classic cars. Amongst them was another Tron: Legacy light cycle replica, which apparently found an owner willing to spend $77,000 on it.

The vehicle is said to run on a 96 volt electrical motor and comes with light features to recreate that Tron: Legacy look and feel of the real light cycle. Would you have bought something similar if you had the money? All I can say is this:

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The Pope’s iPad Sold for $30,500 at an Uruguay Charity Auction

It looks like technology brought some support for the poor over in Uruguay earlier this week. The Castells auction house reportedly hosted a charitable auction, having Pope Francis’ old iPad up for the taking. There are a lot of antique fanatics out there, and such an item was bound to attract some attention.

Reports state that a buyer, whose identity is not known, bid a large sum for the old iPad, having the device scoop up a sum of $30,500. The iPad is said to have inscribed “His Holiness Francisco. Servizio Internet Vatican, March 2013” on the back and comes with the Vatican’s signed certificate and a black Logitech keyboard.

Auctions such as this are perceived by a lot of people to be gatherings where rich people go and bid large sums of money, while sipping expensive champagne and eat caviar, in order to fill up their ego and other people’s pockets. This time around, all the money raised went to a local school for the poor.

This act proves yet again that Pope Francis’ is extremely open to technology and believes it is a “way to foster dialogue across different faiths”. Whether or not you believe the same thing, just think of this: what do you use to check in at your favourite coffee shop or friends on the other side of the world?

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Real Rideable TRON Lightcycle Available for Around $40,000

Though 2010 sequel TRON: Legacy was hardly a storytelling triumph, it boasted some of the most impressive film visuals of this short century, including the immaculately designed lightcycles, and now you can buy your own… if you have a spare $40,000.

The car collecting Andrews Family is selling off a large chunk of its vehicle hoard, including a custom replica of the lightcycle, built especially for the family. It runs on a 96v direct-drive electric motor with lithium batteries, has a computer-controlled throttle, and a seat height of 28.5-inches. The bike is practically brand new, having only been ridden in the Andrews’ car museum.

The TRON lightcycle goes up for auction on 2nd May at Sotheby’s, and is expected to sell for between £25,000 and $40,000.

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Bag of ‘Kanye’ Tour Air Sells for $60k on eBay

Ahhh eBay, that wondrous place where you can sell your unwanted possessions and make money. Well yesterday saw the auction end for a bag of air taken from a Kanye West show. Was about time all his hot air was used for something useful.

The budding entrepreneur ‘Stangeedon1’ was the first major lister of this baggie of air, now at least a dozen more have followed suit, hoping to cash in on the internets stupidity.

Where there’s Kanye, Kim isn’t far behind, promoting her husband’s ability to market nothing.

Now this isn’t the first time the internet has gone bonkers over something celebrity related; remember that apple that Britney Spears took a bite out of all those years ago? Yeah me neither. I wonder how long before cans of the stuff turn up?

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#00001 PS4 20th Anniversary Auction Goes for $127,000

Sony Computer Entertainment held a special auction recently, selling off one of their incredibly popular 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles. Sony promised to donate the proceeds to the Japanese branch of Save the Children.

The auction was hit with several prank bids, which had a negative effect on the whole event, but eventually the console reached a highest bid of 15,135,000 yen ($127,000). Unfortunately again, Sony then revealed that the bid had not been fulfilled and that the sale had ultimately failed, causing the sale to be postponed.

Good guy Sony kept their word and have pledged to donate the sum of the highest bid to Save the children regardless, with the addition of a sum of money generated by their “PlayStation Love Tweet” campaign. In total, Sony donated $127,278.

Why someone would screw around with an auction that was for a children’s charity is beyond me, but it’s good to see Sony put things right in the end.

20th Anniversary PS4 Bought for $130,000

Thought those sales of 20th Anniversary PS4s couldn’t get any crazier? Well they just have. It turns out that someone has bought one of the prestigious units in Japan for $130,000.

Thing is, this wasn’t any regular 20th anniversary Ps4 – this was number 00001. Yes, the very first unit to roll of the production line. The sale was by Sony themselves via the popular Yahoo Auctions site in Japan, a website frequented by video game collectors all over the world.

The special PS4 was released by Sony to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation, a console which launched in 1994. The company held a host of special events to sell off the 12300 consoles that were made, including setting up a pop-up shop in London where they sold a limited number for just £19.94.

Apparently, there are still a few of the consoles to go around, so expect to see more events and auctions in the coming months.

Source: The Verge

Fake Apple Watch ‘Prototype’ Sells for $260

It seems that the Apple Watch is being ripped off long before you can buy the real thing – first we saw those fake watches being sold at CES and now this, the story of a supposed ‘prototype’ on eBay that actually sold to a gullible buyer for $260.

Just looking at the pictures, most people would tell straight away that this was not the real deal. The image on the screen looks like a sticker and the bezel is massive. There’s also the hilarious giant Apple logo on the back in the place of the biosensors that feature on the real thing.

It does get some aspects correct – its shape is about right and it does have a crown, like Apple’s ‘Digital Crown’. The strap however looks extraordinarily cheap as do the rest of the materials used on the ‘device’.

The real thing is due out in the next few months, with Apple hastily tweaking the software and battery life to ensure all goes well upon launch. The latest rumours have suggested a March launch date for you to get your Apple Watch fix.

Source: Variety Report

1990s Flying Car Prototype Up For Auction

Back in the late-eighties, ambitious aeronautics company Sky Innovations pumped $6 million into the production a flying car. The result of that folly, the Sky Commuter, helped bankrupt the business. Only three prototypes of the Sky Commuter were produced in 1990, and the last surviving model is being put up for auction this coming weekend.

The technology behind the Sky Commuter is the same that allows a Harrier Jump Jet to take off from a standing position, known as vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). However, Sky Innovations were never able to prove – either in practical demonstrations or photographs – that any of the three Commuters produced could achieve VTOL flight, and the model on sale is being sold as a non-working prototype.

The Sky Commuter last sold back in 2008 for $130,000. Here is the description of Sky Innovation’s VTOL from that previous auction:

It has a operational electric gas assisted lexan bubble canopy. Electric controlled directional driving and landing lights. Electric Joystick and two foot pedals on both side and the craft was meant to be controlled from either seat. Advanced front dash shell made of Carbon fiber and Kevlar. Rear engine and electronics bay accessible by tilting seats forward and removing the back panel. (3) huge 3 foot lifting fans CCW/CW rotation. This was made to take off in vertical fight and land. It can be landed on water and float like a boat and take off of water. The targeted dream was to lift above it all and not deal with the daily gridlock traffic. Nearly at the finish line it all came to an abrupt stop and all the years, investment, R&D and production remains in this one craft shown here.

The Sky Commuter is being sold at the Barrett-Jackson classic car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday, with no reserve.

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First 20th Anniversary PS4 Model to be Auctioned for Save the Children

The first 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4, numbered #00001, is to be auctioned off by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), with the proceeds donated to the Save the Children charity. The auction will take place on Yahoo Japan, starting on January 23rd, 5pm Japanese time, until 25th January. Whatever the limited edition PS4sells for, Sony will double the figure before donating it to Save the Children.

In addition, Sony have launched its own hashtag charity campaign: for every tweet that contains #ps_20th_love, Sony will donate 20 yen ($0.17) to Save the Children. The PlayStation Love Tweet campaign is meant to celebrate memories and anecdotes associated with the 20-year-old console.

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Apple Co-Founder Ron Wayne to Sell Personal Archive

Apple’s third and largely unknown co-founder, Ronald Wayne, is planning to sell his personal archive of Apple memorabilia.

Wayne’s archive most notably features an untouched pre-order form for the Apple II and perhaps more importantly, blueprints for the same machine and proof sheets for the hallowed Apple I.

Even though no hardware will be included in the auction, the guide price for the documents is $30,000 – $50,000. The auction will be held by Christie’s on December 11th.

Ronald Wayne is Apple’s little known co-founder alongside Jobs and Wozniak. He was essentially brought into the company by Jobs to bring some business expertise to their rapidly developing company. Initially he was given 10% of the company, but later gave it up, declaring that he couldn’t deal with the two Steve’s endless bickering.

There’s no doubt Ron regrets that decision now though – 10% of Apple today would be worth $70 billion.

Source: The Next Web

40 Years Old Apple-1 Sells at Auction for $900,000

With almost 40 years on the clock, the Apple-1 is certainly showing its age, yet it is certainly one of the most iconic pieces of technology ever created. There may be a lot of love and hate for Apple these days, but there is no denying that the Apple-1 set in motion the computer industry I know and love today.

There are very few Apple-1 systems left in the world, only 50 were made in the first batch and a further 150 followed shortly after. This one, which is said to be in working condition, went up for auction in New York on Wednesday, where it sold for a staggering $905,000.  Bonhams auction house expected the machine to sell for $300k to $500k. All of these figures are a far cry from the original $666.66 the computers were original sold for.

The last Apple-1 sale we know of was in 2012, when Sotherby’s auction house sold one for $374,000. Perhaps the next time an Apple-1 hits the auction house, it’ll break the $1 million milestone.

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Action Comics Issue 1 is on Ebay for $1.75 Million

Yes, you read that right, the first ever issue of Action Comics is on sale on eBay for $1.75 million! Why eBay you ask? I can’t answer that question, surely something of this value and importance to fictional character history would be sold at a very private auction where only extremely rich and insane people gather to spend ridiculous amounts of money on what is essentially, paper.

This comic is the alpha comic book, the grand master, this is the very first comic book ever to feature Superman, call it his debut of the world if you like. It’s “The finest known copy of the most sought after comic book in the world. A 1938 museum piece with PERFECT WHITE pristine pages”, now if anything has a description like that, you know it’s going to be worth mega bucks. The owner is lucky chap Darren Adams and he purchased the copy from a collector who kept it locked in a bank vault, guess that protection is paying off now. Adams also says “I’m hoping that the next person can enjoy it as much as I do. I’d love it if a museum purchased this book for all to see”.

This comic has been around since 1938 and for it to have pristine white pages after all this time is nothing short of amazing. You can find the auction on eBay here.

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Mr Sam Sung Auctions Off His Apple Business Card for Charity

Apple and Samsung may have been scrapping on a legal front for many years over product names, designs, patents and a whole lot more, but if it were not for all the competition between the two companies, this guys name would have no comedy value what so ever. Mr Sam Sung was an Apple employee, making him one of the few, if not the only Sam-sung “thing” allowed anywhere near the Apple campus.

Of course Sam Sung sees the funny side of his own name, and despite the fact he no longer works for Apple, he discovered one of his old business cards and decided to put it on eBay for a quick profit… only joking, he did it to raise money for charity. It’s a unique item for Apple fans eager to own an Apple business card with the name Samsung on it, but it’s all in good spirit and for charity so let’s not mock the people who are bidding.

All funds minus eBay fees are goign to Children’s Wish, BC & Yukon, a non profit organisation that helps grant wishes to sick children. Sam Sung’s card as well as his old uniform and EasyPay tag have been signed and mounted in a frame for the auction.

The auction is active until August 15th and at time of writing it was just over $6000 (Canadian). Check out the official listing here.

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A 4Chan Post Sold For $90,900 on eBay… Wait, What?

Everyone can sell literally anything on eBay nowadays. For example, this eBay seller has auctioned a simple 4Chan post and expected to get a lot of money for it.

The really interesting part is that the user actually made a fortune off the post. It is said that Artnet originally caught the post, a vendor known as “Artwork by Anonymous”, who turned the simple Chan post into a $90,900 masterpiece.

The post originally started at $500, which is still a lot of money for a common thing you find on the internet, only to end at the above mentioned bid price. Also, the lucky bidder is said to enjoy free expedite shipping for the product at hand.

Re/Code mentions that the bid reached the five digit count in just 36 hours, confirming that the auction is fake since it is pretty easy to inflate an eBay listing. Even so, people can just bid and not pay for it, a common practice found on the site.

Anyone who has missed the first auction can now enjoy a second listing of the Chan post, which seems to have a starting price of $500 as well. As for the eBay seller, it seems that art doesn’t have to be unique in order to get a heap of money out of it.

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“GayStation Edition” PlayStation 4 Auctioned off $4,126

Swedish Retailer Webhallen put up a unique listing this week, offering a “GayStation Edition” PlayStation 4 console via online auction site Tradera in celebration of Stockholm Pride Week.

The console is still a stock PlayStation 4 500GB console underneath, and comes bundled with four games much like any other console bundle, but of course there is one thing that really stands out about it, that fancy rainbow-coloured paint job and pixel art heart on the top.

The auction raised 28,300 Swedish Krona (around $4,126) and all proceeds are said to be heading for the Swedish LGBTQ-rights organization RFSL.

“To a lot of youths, gaming is a helping hand to escape from abuse or worse in the real world.

We at Webhallen are gamers in our hearts and souls, wanting everyone to be apart of the worlds fastest growing hobby, computer and video games.”

The twist here being that “Gaystation” is often used a slur against the group, but this auction has acted as a way of using the slur for good, and it certainly seems to have worked.

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Longest Dinosaur Poop Goes Up For Aution, Any Takers?

We’ve seen loads of cool stories about weird and wonderful things going up for auction here at eTeknix, from the recent Aphex Twin album that Notch bought, the worlds first microchip30k BitCoins and even a fully working Apple I computer. They’re what I would personally class as the wonderful stuff, but this new one is certainly going under the weird column.

Between 33 and 5 million years ago a dinosaur stopped to take a massive dump, before moving along and forgetting all about it. Skip forward a few million years and that deposit is on a plinth in an auction house, just waiting for you to make a bid for what could be a truly unique conversation starter next time you have a date over.

Knows as a Coprolite, a fancy word for fossilized feces, the fossil is currently on sale at the I. M. Chait gallery in Los Angeles, California. With the following description on the listing:

This truly spectacular specimen is possibly the longest example of coprolite – fossilized dinosaur feces – ever to be offered at auction. It boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow coloring and terrifically detailed texture to the heavily botryoidal surface across the whole of its immense length. The passer of this remarkable object is unknown, but it is nonetheless a highly evocative specimen of unprecedented size, presented in four sections, each with a heavy black marble custom base, an eye-watering 40 inches in length overall.
Estimate $8,000-10,000″

So there you have it, a piece of history is awaiting your bid, any takers?

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Unreleased Aphex Twin Album Auction Was Won By Notch

I’ve long been a fan of Aphex Twin, despite my persistent obsession with multiple forms of heavy metal and guitar based music in general, so I was very pleased to find out this month that a whole album of unreleased tracks was discovered recently. The album went up on Kickstarter in a bid to recover the ultra rare vinyl LP, which resulted in the kick starter backers receiving a rip of the album in the form of a digital download.


The original was later put up for auction, but it’s who got the winning bid that grabbed my attention, Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of the gaming sensation that is Minecraft. The auction ended with a winning bid of $46,300 and a portion of the money will be going to charity.

The person holding the auction said on his blog “He’s a really cool guy, and didn’t even consider the charity aspect when buying it (but was really happy to hear that half is going to charity) — he’s been an Aphex fan since he was young. My daughter was blown away that the guy who made the game she endlessly plays bought a record off her dad for 46K.”

“So I kinda paid a lot for a double LP from the ’90s..” Said Markus via Twitter.

Bit of a random story we know, but it just goes to show how one crazy little indie game has grown to the point where the creator can now cough up tens of thousands on a rare vinyl such as this. Although personally speaking, if I could afford it I would have done the same, Aphex Twin are awesome.

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World’s First Microchip Auction Failed to Meet Reserve

A few days ago we brought you news that the worlds first microchip was going up for auction, unfortunately for those involved it looks like this historic piece of hardware didn’t meet its reserve. The handmade chip was created by Jack Kilbe in 1958 at Texas Instruments, earning Kilby a Nobel Prize for his efforts and it really is one of the corner stones of everything we have come to know and love about modern computing.

Made with germanium wafer, gold wiring and mounted on a glass plate, the circuit is a far cry from the advanced fabrication processes used in the kind of chips used in our modern electronic devices, but the chip was still expected to fetch in the region of $1-2 million at this weeks auction.

The chip was up for sale along side a second prototype, which used silicon substrate, as well as a written statement of Kilbys which described the process of the invention, which was dated 1964. Christie’s auction house estimated the lot would reach at least $1 million, going up to around $2 million, but bidding only reached as high as $850,000, so for now it is unclear what will happen with the iconic hardware.

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1958 Integrated Circuit Prototype Up for Auction, To Bring Around $1-2 Million

Integrated Chips have revolutionised technology throughout the years, and it’s not just desktops, laptops and smartphones. ICs can be found in TV units, microwaves and even in vehicles nowadays. From the 50’s until today, ICs played an important role in technological advancements.

One of these early integrated circuit prototypes, namely the one built by Tom Yeargan in 1958 while working at Texas Instruments, is being sold at Christie’s auction house this week. It is a doubly diffused germanium wafer with flying gold wire and four leads, built between 18 July and 12 September 1958 in order to demonstrate Jack Kilby’s theories on how to bring miniaturization to the enormous computers from back then.

The IC is said to be kept inside a plastic case covered with glass, having Kilby’s signature label and accompanied by another prototype, namely a silicon circuit with five gold and platinum leads, as well as a statement of three pages wrote by Yeargan on the chronology and building of the IC invention dated March the 6th, 1964.

Kilby eventually won a Nobel Prize in 2000 for his invention, though he never took credit himself for the IC at hand and never did up until he died in 2005, having stated that the invention was made possible by “the contributions of thousands of engineers and scientists in laboratories and production facilities all over the world”.

Anyone looking into acquiring the IC must also have a deep pocket as well, having the auction estimating the historical piece to fetch around $1-2 million at the end.

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$750,250 Final Bid For World Largest Video Game Collection

Michael Thomasson set the world record for having the worlds largest video game collection, as he had amassed over 11,000 unique games over the years since 1998 when he started work for a video game resale website.

Just last week, Michael put his record breaking collection up for sale, which attracted over 50 bids, including a tech world celebrity in the form of Palmer Luckey who made two bids, although he didn’t win the listing. A bidding war quickly broke out that shot the listing past the $500,000 mark, as the listing shot up by more that $250,000 in just seven hours.

Michael is now sitting pretty on $720,250 for his collection, that works out at $68 per game. The collection is obviously huge, but its real magical feature is that all the games are original and every single on is still in their original packaging!

Michael has also included his Guinness World Record certificate along with the games, so who ever owns the games, also owns the rights to the official world record.

Personally I would rather start a collection from scratch than invest so heavily in one that was already done, as with most things in life, it is putting in the effort that makes something like this so rewarding.

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30,000 Seized Silk Road Bitcoins to be Auctioned

When the illegal online market place Silk Road was taken down by the United States government, nearly 30,000 Bitcoins were seized. It was long suspected the the Government would simply cash them in and well… they are.

The huge haul of crypto-currency is set to be auctioned off by the U.S. Marshals Service, bidders will need to register by June 23rd and make a refundable $200,000 wire transfer to a government bank. Which is another way of saying “no time wasters”.

The auction will be set to sell nine blocks of 3000 coins, followed by one more block of 2657 coins, and with a current market value of $650 each, the U.S. government could be set to haul in around $20 million in profits.

“All the bitcoins that were held in an FBI wallet have been transferred to two U.S. Marshals wallets. One wallet is being used for this auction, and the other wallet is being used to hold the remaining approximate 144,342 bitcoins that are part of the civil forfeiture and criminal action brought against Ross Ulbricht and the assets of Silk Road.” said the U.S. Marshal’s Service in a recent press release.

With Ulbricht now in prison and awaiting trial for attempted murder and no doubt a string of other charges, it looks like the Silk Road story is far from over.

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NASA’s Auctioning Off Lunar Lander Joystick And More This Month

If you’ve got a spare £180,000 lying around and you’re dying to own a truly iconic piece of human history, then why not buy the joystick from the lunar lander? This actual joystick was used to steer the Apollo 15 Lunar Module Falcon in 1971 and will be made available in an online auction with a starting price of £5,900 on the 15th of May. Of course the stick is expected to fetch around £180,000 and personally I something this unique is worth far more, but I’ve only got $20 spare, so I’ll not be bidding.

This iconic joystick would certainly make for an awesome collectors piece, as will many of the other items going up in the same auction. Buzz Aldrins glove which he wore on the first lunar landing, a handed painted prayer made by British primary school children which was presented to an Apollo astronaut over 40 years ago, and the copy (obviously not the original) Declaration of Independence which was flown on the Apollo 11 mission to name but a few.

I’m interested to see how much all this will raise, although I’m not sure why it’s all going up for sale, maybe they’re just having a clear out of some old storage containers and fancy making a few extra bucks. Personally I think it’s all better suited to a museum than a private collector.

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Ultra-Rare Nintendo Game Hits eBay, Bidding Already Passed $22,000

A rare Nintendo game named Nintendo World Championships is to be auctioned on eBay, bringing a significant amount of cash flow to both eBay and the seller himself. Why is it so rare and why eBay? Well, eBay is known for being one of the best online auction platforms on a worldwide scale, and as for the game, there were only 116 game cartridges ever manufactured.

It was designed for a game competition that would play out across multiple cities and states in 1990. 90 of the 116 cartridges were of the official grey cartridge seen on most NES games, while the remaining 26 were golden. While the grey ones were given away to semi-finalists of the original competition, the golden ones were given away in separate Nintendo Power magazine competitions. The eBay cartridge is one of the grey oldies, in bad condition however, having its label torn off and written Marion on it with a pen.

Nonetheless, it is still valuable to Nintendo collectors, even in its current state. The motherboard appears to be fine, which is a good sign. Taking a look on eBay, we’ve seen the current bid going from $20,000 to $22,000 in just a few minutes and there is still 1 day of auctioning left. The bidding will be fierce, and what the actual value will become at the end, it is everybody’s guess. But you are welcome to check it out here.

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iPhone Prototype Sells On eBay For Just $1,499

Apple’s iPhone is a love hate device, you either love the phone or you hate the people who do (I’m kidding… a little). One thing that is certainly true is that old Apple products prove a popular pick for collectors, and the original iPhone prototypes are certainly a cool thing to have in your collection.

The prototype model was listed on eBay and certainly looked like a legit prototype to us, but unfortunately Apple hasn’t commented about the listing to confirm or deny that it is the real deal. The listing didn’t give details on how or why the seller had one of the prototypes in his possession, but there is no doubt that this is a rare device.

The iconic hardware picked up a tidy sum of $1499, but who knows what it will be worth in a 7-8 years! Would you have bought this handset, or would you rather see it in the 1p bargain bin?

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Working Apple I Computer Sets Auction Record At $632,590

There are just six of the original Apple computers in the world that still actually work, but only one of them was being shown off to bidders last Friday before going up for auction over the weekend.

Estimates where that the computer could fetch a staggering $400,000 but that quickly went out the window when the device raked in a mind blowing $632,590 at the Breker auction in Cologne, Germany.

With over 3000 times the processing power of the modern iMac, the Apple 1 isn’t going to be winning any performance benchmarks any time soon, but with it being the company’s first ever model it’s hundreds of times more expensive and endlessly more exclusive and rare.

Last year the same auction house sold one of the other six Apple I’s for $640,000 while a New York auction house sold one for $374,500 but that’s obviously nothing compared to the $632,590 that this most recent sale collected, making this the most expensive Apple computer to date.

Not only is this computer rare, but it was also hand built by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and while Apple might get a lot of stick these days for being money grabbers it’s amazing to see just how far the company has come and the Apple I is the crown jewel of that historic timeline.

With an original retail price of $666.66 in the mid 1970s it’s safe to say that the value of these computers have gone up considerably. The buyer has remained anonymous but Breker auction house did say that the “an Asian client has purchased a functioning 1976 Apple I at a record price.”



Image courtesy of Breker