Video Chat App Renders in ASCII Text


Video chatting online has become pretty good over the years. Two people can have quite a normal conversation with each other, from the other side of the planet. However, there’s some people who think this is just too good and that it needs to be worse. Much worse.

I say worse, but that’s not to say video chat in ASCII text is not pretty damn interesting. The app in question, p2pvc, basically allows you to do Skype Linux-style, completely from within a terminal window. And as you can see, as well as being interesting, it looks pretty damn cool as well.

Now some of you technical types might think Skype is a little too easy to set up and you’d prefer something more technically challenging. Well p2pvc is your answer – for starters you need a Linux OS to run it, but if you’re running anything other than Arch Linux, you will be required to compile p2pvc all by yourself.

While it won’t appeal to everyone, it does make a fun way to chat while using very little data. You can download it here.

Source: Geek