Silverstone Single Monitor Arm Review


Following my recent look at a monitor arm from Peerless AV, I’ve been a little intrigued to see what other options are on the market and after a little searching around and finding a number of other arms, I found a new line of products from no other than Silverstone. For the most part, we commend Silverstone for the high level of quality that go into their cases and power supplies and also their many other system accessories such as magnetic fan dust covers.

Monitor arms are a new line for Silverstone, and without even getting a chance to get the arm out of the box, I have the impression already that what I’m about to play with is going to be an item of top quality, both in its feel, but also looks and more importantly its use.

The arm that we are having a look at today is capable of holding a single panel, whilst there are also models that can hold two or more panels accordingly. As we can see from the top right of the box, the ARM11 comes with one of three mounting solutions but we’re going to have a look at the most commonly selected option – a desk clamp. The rest of the box gives us an indication on the design of the arm and inside the arm comes in a number of parts with a user manual to show you through the setup process. Silverstone promise that this arm can handle panels up to 10kg in weight, so for the purpose of this review I’ll be using on of Dell’s 30″ monsters – the 9.2kg U3011.