Apple Hires a Digital License Plate Engineer for Project Titan

It appears that Apple is still looking to expand the team currently working on “Project Titan”, which represents the company’s attempt at creating an electric car. After hiring a series of engineers straight from Tesla and a Deep Learning director from Nvidia, Apple has recently taken on another skilled engineer named Rónán Ó Braonáin. Rónán Ó Braonáin actually used to be the Director of Engineering over at Reviver, a company that hopes to create “the world’s first digital license plate.” The license plates in question are expected to feature wireless connectivity and should be able to alert the authorities if a vehicle is stolen or its plates have expired. These certainly sound like useful features to have in modern cars, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Apple is actually going to install them on its own vehicles.

That’s because the company has yet to confirm its electric car project, even though it’s not hard at all to figure out what Project Titan is about considering the key people who Apple has managed to bring together so far. As for Ó Braonáin, a quick look at his LinkedIn profile reveals that he is currently describing himself as a “Secret Agent @ Apple.”

I for one can’t wait for Apple to issue an official statement concerning Project Titan, mainly because I’m just a huge fan of electric cars.

Apple’s Project Titan Receives the Green Light

The Apple Electric Car Project, otherwise known as Project Titan, has officially received the green light, which means that it will now engage even more Apple employees in an effort to create a fully-functional electric car. The project’s deadline is set for 2019, and even though that seems like plenty of time to build a car, the date is actually quite ambitious. The project’s 600-man team is going to be tripled in order to meet the deadline, but even though there are quite a few autonomous driving experts among the members, sources suggest that the car in question will still require a human driver.

It definitely won’t be easy for Apple to create an electric car, especially since the company itself has no experience in the automotive field. Batteries, sensors and specialized software will probably need to be designed from scratch, but since funding is not likely to represent an issue, I think that Apple might actually be able to create a decent product. By 2019, many other major players in the automotive industry will be rolling out their own long-range electric vehicles, including Tesla’s Model 3 sedan that’s set to be revealed in spring. Project Titan remained in research for a year before it received the green light for production.

Would you drive an Apple car?

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