Cover Lock Screen App Hits The Play Store

Cover is bringing its situation-aware lock-screen to more Android users today after its beta test launch six weeks ago. It’s now available in the Google Play store to Android 4.1 or above firmwares in the US, Canada, and Europe. Cover’s 100 new improvements include cutting down battery drain and being better at detecting if you’re in your car, at home or at work so it puts the right apps on your lock-screen.

“The big question I had personally was whether users would understand the concept of the lock-screen” Cover founder Todd Jackson tells me about what he’s learned from its thousands of beta testers since October. “Turns out they do. We were specifically focused on building a lock-screen rather than a launcher. They like the flexibility of being able to use Cover with other launchers.”

Steamrolling over a user’s existing customization was sticking point that hurt Facebook Home’s early adoption. By acting as an interaction layer that floats on top of a user’s Android homescreen, Cover has found people more willing to adapt to how it radically alters their lock-screen.

Cover can recognize when you’re at home, work, or in you car, and shows you the apps that fit that situation. The suggestions are based on crowdsourced data at first, like that people often use Dropbox at work and Netflix at home, but Cover learns what you use in these situations too and adapts its lock-screen shortcuts. Cover’s Peek feature lets you quickly look inside your apps, and its fast-app switching drop-down menu makes it a breeze to bounce back and forth between maps, messaging, or what have you.

It’s quite nice to have a clever little app like this working in your advantage every time you unlock your smartphone’s screen. But whether all people will cope with it or if it would have the ability to provide accurate needs based on the location you are, this remains to be seen.

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User Location Shared To Advertisers With The Help Of An Android Flashlight App

People nowadays depend on smartphones in their daily life, whether to check their e-mails, go on social media applications or even pay directly with them. That’s why most of this information is encrypted or it’s done via user discretion. Sometimes though deceptive developers employ backdoors in their seemingly harmless apps to steal user information. That is what GoldenShores Technologies, the developer for Brightest App for Android did to its users, and yes, unfortunately the application had a so-called backdoor in it.

The app transmitted precise user location to third-party advertisers along with a unique device identifier. Thankfully though the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has taken action against the developer who has agreed to settle charges.

“When consumers are given a real, informed choice, they can decide for themselves whether the benefit of a service is worth the information they must share to use it,” said Jessica Rich, director of the FTC bureau of consumer protection, in a statement. The app has over 50 million users.

GoldenShores Technologies will be forced to give a way for users to have more control over how their location and the feature to share it. The strangest part is that the app would have stated the location sharing feature upon installing it. Who would have used such a flashlight application with geo-location sharing features attached to it?

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Western Digital My Cloud 2TB Review


Over the last few years, the concept of cloud storage has been growing rapidly around the globe. As you may imagine, there are a large number of applications for cloud storage, be it for a small set of personal files that are kept on the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive; to the hosting of entire websites on cloud servers, but there is one area where many users see a flaw in this concept – security. Before I get on to the reason why some people are put off the cloud, its worth noting that it has a huge number of advantages. Firstly, when we start at the smaller scale options and look at the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive, there is the obvious advantage that you can access your files wherever you are with ease. I personally use both Dropbox and Google Drive for on the go storage and with the added factor of being able to access both services from my Nexus 4 smart phone, I’ve not go to worry constantly about having to copy files to a flash drive so that I can access them at home. With the cloud, as soon as I save them in the respective online folders, they are almost instantly available at home.

Looking at more of a larger scale, there is cloud web-hosting. Now obviously the internet is online, but for the most part, the website that you are accessing, such as us at eTeknix for example, is stored on a single server in a single data centre. Whilst there is a certain element of redundancy with the likes of RAID10 drives setups in place and of course backups are taken care of, what happens when the data centres link is lost to the outside world? It’s quite simple, the site goes down. Downtime for us is something that we dread and cloud web-hosting is built to solve this conundrum. With cloud hosting, a website is stored on a number of different servers that are located in different data centres – the result of this is near 100% uptime.

Bringing all this back down to earth and to the home, I will now refer back to the [above mentioned] worry that many people have when it comes to cloud file storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive – Security. When you upload a file to the cloud, how can you be sure that someone else has not had access to your data? After all you are not able to pinpoint exactly where your files are being stored at any given point. This whole worry over security and knowing where your files are being stored is what has driven Western Digital to come up with a simple, affordable solution. Bring forward the My Cloud.

The My Cloud comes with a very concise set of accessories, there is simply a quick setup guide, Ethernet cable and a power adaptor with UK an EU tips – no bits of unnecessary paperwork to be found here.

Nook App Available In 32 Countries For Windows 8.1

According to an article posted by NextPowerUp, the Barnes & Noble rolled out its official app for Windows 8.1 in 32 countries, and in 21 languages as well. It grants users access to their purchased content over their Nook accounts on their Windows 8.1 based desktops, notebooks, and tablets and can be downloaded via the Windows Store. It enables reading magazines purchased over Nook with their original color content, something not possible on e-ink variants of Nook. Among the 32 countries are Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

“NOOK is committed to bringing its best-in-class digital reading experience to millions of new customers around the world, providing readers with a strong and proven alternative to what’s currently available in their areas,” said Jim Hilt, Managing Director, Barnes & Noble S.à.r.l. “NOOK is one of the leading digital reading platforms in the US and UK and we are confident that new customers across the globe will love our immersive discovery, shopping and reading experience through our highly rated NOOK App for Windows 8.1.”

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Ratings and Reviews Added in the Latest Microsoft Store Update for Windows Phones

Microsoft has recently updated their Store application for Windows Phone to version 2.3 which is said to bring improved customer experience in the catalog, but according to WP Central the store is still a little slow and confusing to use as no category for phones exists and users also need to use search to find Nokia Lumia devices.

In spite of the above, the new 2.3 version displays ratings and reviews for products, as well as allowing users to add shortcuts to the favorite categories. Another neat feature pointed out is the ability to see what’s going on at your local store directly form the Microsoft Store app. If you want to attend an event at your local store, you can use the app to view a schedule of what’s happening there in the next few weeks.

Windows Phone users can also browse the app to shop online for products available through the Microsoft Store. A list of the store’s features and improvements can be viewed below:


  • Find your nearest Microsoft Store
  • See store details including hours, map and directions
  • Schedule an Answer Desk, Personal Training, Personal Shopping or Business Consultation appointment
  • View events happening at a particular store
  • See latest Microsoft Store news from Facebook, Twitter and the Microsoft Blog
  • Shop for Microsoft Store products online

New in version 2.3:

  • Improved customer experience in the catalog
  • Ratings and reviews for products
  • Favorite shortcut to your favorite categories

It is not a massive improvement, as the Store app still needs a lot of work added to it, but at least Microsoft is taking things further instead of the other way around. For more information about the latest Store update you can head on over to the Windows Phone website here.

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Facebook Messenger For Android Gets A Huge Overhaul

When it comes to communicating with our friends and colleagues, a number of us chose to do so through social media messaging as opposed to sending an SMS from our phone. One such service is Facebook messenger and for those of us that use it on our Android smart phones, messenger now looks a whole lot different.

The new layout of messenger wipes the slate clean over previous versions of the app and after a period of beta testing where the app was only available to a limited number of users, Facebook has rolled out the new design to everyone.

Along with a new icon design, the app now offers a simple white and blue design which is less cluttered in its appearance, even though there are a number of additional features crammed into the latest update. The most significant of these is the added ability to now message anyone using just their mobile number. Whilst this may feel as though Facebook are diverting us from using our phones own SMS service, people with a limited number of messages per month will be pleased to see the new options.

Roll-out of the new app is already in full swing and unless your app has already updated automatically, you can download the latest version from Google Play.

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Vine Application Released On Windows Phone Store

Good news for Windows phone users. Vine, the new short video service from Twitter, has finally arrived in its official avatar for Windows Phone. Users with smartphones based on Microsoft’s OS can now tap and hold the screen to create short, looping videos with sound, use camera tools like grid and ghost (which “help you shoot like a pro”) and essentially can put users in the spotlight with the front-facing camera.

The release of Vine on Windows Phone does not come as a surprise as it was one of the new apps announced during Nokia World at the end of October, along with Flipboard, Temple Run 2, FIFA 14, and Instagram. However, Twitter video-blogging app managed to get ahead of Facebook’s Instagram.

Windows Phone users get some exclusive features such as the ability to pin their favorite accounts to the home screen, which allows for easy and quick access to the same. The app page is now live and can be downloaded right away from the Windows Phone Store.

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Quick Fix For “Unable To Download Facebook App.” When Trying To Download Update

Facebook’s latest iOS 7 update is experiencing some issues when attempting to download the new released version. After being updated, many users are reporting that they are unable to download Facebook app and it’s been crashing on the launch. Today, an updated version v6.7.1 was released with bug fixes, however, many users are simply unable to download Facebook app update from the App Store.

The error “Unable to Download App. “Facebook” could not be downloaded at this time.” shows up when you try to update Facebook on iOS. Similar error also shows up when you try updating it from iTunes on the desktop which is giving “There was a problem downloading the artwork for Facebook.” error message. These both errors confirm that something is definitely going wrong with the iOS 7 Facebook app. However, it is unsure if the issue is at the end of Facebook or some problem with Apple’s App Store.

If you are one of those users who are unable to use Facebook when download failed on you, a very quick fix is to delete the Facebook app and reinstall it again from the App Store. The Facebook app will be downloaded, but without the update. Do not attempt to download the update again as it will just hit the issue described above again. Instead, iOS users should wait for a fix to be available for this issue before proceeding with the update again.

Google Now Updated With Notifications, Reminders, And More For iOS

Google Now’s been bringing all kinds of handy new features to Android in recent months, and now its time for iDevice users to get a slew of new functions too. With today’s update to the Google Search app, the iOS version has gained notifications, reminders and several new types of cards.

Plus, iPhone users can now simply say “OK, Google” to their handsets to start a Now-powered search. Among the new cards are those showing your event tickets, flight updates, car rental reservations and public transit info. Along with those very useful additions, the app’s also received a revised, simplified homepage, some UI tweaks and one touch sign-in should you already be using other Google apps on your device.

The new changes bring the iOS app very close to equal with the Android app, but unfortunately Google’s already announced a major update for the Android version that will be released in just a couple of weeks.

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Blogging Platform “Medium” Gets Out Of Closed Sign-Up

Medium, a blogging platform founded by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, has been a closed sign-up based app up until now. Today, the platform sent out an email with the news that anyone can now sign in and start writing. There are a few requirements set out to sign up and use Medium however. You must be writing from Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers, and you must have a Twitter account to post. There’s a verification link sent via email that you click on and then you’re in. Posting apparently is still not available from mobile devices.

So what’s the story behind Medium? TechChurch had Williams tell them about his vision of the app:

“I think more people would be in a better place if more people shared their ideas,” says Williams. Seen this way, Medium is just the next logical step in Williams’ three-product cycle to inject better ideas into the world. Blogger helped open the doors for pajama bloggers to compete with the media moguls. A few years later, Twitter gave the power of broadcast distribution to everyone who had 140 characters to share.

Now, to complete the circuit, Medium wants to make viral information more substantive — the hope in the Pandora’s box of communication. “It’s also an optimistic stance to say that we can build a system where good things can shine and get attention. And there’s an audience for ideas and stories that appeal to more than just the most base desires of human beings.”

Medium has managed to gain some relative popularity among a sea of other blogging alternatives, but not always for the best reasons. While there has been some interesting content, there have also been missteps like a false claim of government email snooping and Peter Shih’s ‘10 things I hate about San Francisco’ post. Topics like these have given Medium a rep for being an incubator for lack of self-awareness and inaccuracy. Still, Williams addressed those issues fairly plainly in his interview. Anyone interested in testing the Medium app can sign up here.

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BBM for Android and iPhone Arrives On The Store

BlackBerry’s BBM messenger service finally arrives on Apple’s AppStore and Android’s Google Play, but nothing is as simple as it seems. BBM fans who signed up on the official site will be able to use the application immediately, but unfortunately those who haven’t can download the app to “hold your spot in line,” and will get an e-mail when they can start using the service.

BlackBerry said 6 million people signed up for information on “If you didn’t sign up in advance, don’t worry — we are focused on moving millions of customers through the line as fast as possible,” the blog said.

BBM was supposed to launch last month, but was pulled after a leaked copy was distributed and performed terribly in the wild. BlackBerry said the unintended launch caused issues that the company needed to resolve.

The fervent demand for the app is a counterpoint to the common thinking that BlackBerry isn’t long for this world. While sales of its newer BlackBerry 10 devices are in retreat and the company has whittled its focus down to the big businesses and governments, BBM persists as a popular messaging platform.

BBM continues to be a popular platform around the world, particularly in emerging markets where cheap, older BlackBerrys are still in demand.

Still, the delayed service for many casual users interested in BBM may turn off some users who had abandoned BlackBerry to go to Apple or Android, but were interested in reconnecting with BBM friends.

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Google Newsstand Rumored To Be Introduced In Android 4.4

The Play Store is set to undergo a few changes, and news this afternoon suggests some new media content. While Play Magazines has long been a middle-of-the-road option when compared to similar services on other platforms, Android Police is reporting that it could be changing for the better.

In their ongoing teardown of Play Store APKs, the team over at AP found mention of Google Play News a few months back. While nothing came of it, this recent teardown of Play Store 4.4 reveals several mentions of Google Play Newsstand. This hints at a long-rumored digital news service, much like Play Magazines. If the code is unchanged, we may also get the same service we saw with Play Music All Access.

With All Access, we were treated to a free trial before deciding whether or not to take the plunge and subscribe. It seems that Google Play Newsstand may offer the same kind of free trial. What lefts to be known is whether or not it’s a one-price unlimited news aggregate like All Access is for music.

If it is, news that they could couple a news service with Play Magazines is their saving grace. Of course, which partners they have on-board for any service is what will drive it. As great as All Access is, it can leave users wanting compared to competing services. With the proliferation of information sharing across the web, we’re left to wonder just how Google plans to make this worth while to consumers.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s ready for prime time, either. We would like to see it come to light with Android 4.4, but we’re not holding out hope just yet. It’s in the code, and obviously ready to launch, but we saw this with Play News months ago, so we’ll wait to hear something official before speculating much more.

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Hulu Plus Available On The Nintendo 3DS

Hulu has today announced that it will provide access to its library of streamable TV shows and movies to Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS owners. Will this app kill your cable subscription in the future? Who knows.

According to the official blog post, Hulu and Nintendo worked together to provide a solid experience across the various handheld gaming devices, one that “takes advantage of the systems’ dual screen option. This means that users can be viewing Hulu content on the top screen while browsing through content options on the bottom screen. And where browsing is concerned, Hulu ensures that it’s the same user experience Huluers have grown accustomed to, with trays for each category of content including recommendations.

In addition to the above, Hulu users who have both the Nintendo 3DS and a Nintendo Wii or Wii U are in luck. Hulu has built out the 3DS app to automatically swap a show from the Wii to the Nintendo 3DS as you leave the house. Clever. The Hulu app on 3DS also comes with a feature called Smart Play, which lets you instantly resume the last episode you were watching on any device from a single button.

Finally, Hulu has implemented a Kids Lock on the 3DS app that only lets users surf content from Hulu’s kid’s section, which is pretty important considering the demographic of Nintendo 3DS and 2DS users. As with any new sign-up on Hulu, you’ll get a one-week free trial here.

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Name It! Acronym GameTo Be Released On The App Store This Month

An interesting new trivia game that tasks players with knowing abbreviations, acronyms and symbols is coming to the Apple App Store later this month. If you are the kind of person who gets great satisfaction out of knowing what OMG and YOLO means, this game is for you.

The game is called “Name It!”, and the players will have to match clues with the correct abbreviation, acronym or symbol (AAS). After that the AAS will be dragged into difference categories. The players can then choose one of the AAS’s and will be required to answer 10 questions (minimum) about it and what it represents.

The game is fast paced and there will be timers to beat to earn extra points. These are the features of the game;

· Lots of different AASs/clues
· Several bridge AASs
· At least 170 multiple-choice and true-false questions
· Lots of interesting info
· A lightning round with 10 new AASs/clues

You can also go to the website and submit an AAS if you think you have a good one for them to include in the game. Geeks will definitely love this game.


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Homeless Man Launches His First Mobile App After NYC Man Teaches Him Java

Patrick McConlogue of the website Medium had a idea last August that involved a homeless man he had met while he was heading to work. The homeless man called Leo goes by the nickname “Journeyman” and to Patrick, he seemed a smart and driven character who had just fallen on hard times. Patrick decided to give the man something, either $100 right now that he can take away and spend however he likes, or three JavaScript books, a cheap laptop and one-hour of coding lessons a day for eight weeks.

“He told me I could have a laptop and learn how to do something and I figured it could turn into something more. It’s not like I don’t have the time to learn to do it.” – Leo

Leo took the latter option, learned to program and has been working on his own mobile app called Go Green. In the 8 weeks he has been learning to code he has become quite the popular man, being interviewed by Business Insider, Mashable and a few others, not to mentioning visiting the nearby Google NYC offices who were kind enough to let him charge his laptop there.

Leo’s story is far from over, his app is about to go public, his fame in on the rise and as far as we know, he is still actually homeless too. For more updates on Leo’s progress, there is an official Facebook page setup to keep track of him and his app.

“Life can still be good even if you’re homeless. I don’t need a million dollars to be happy.” – Leo

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Xfactor – An App for Everything

We’re almost at the live shows in the year’s X Factor competition, and this is where the action really starts to heat up. Which judge will bring it home for their category this year – Louis with the Boys, Sharon O with the Over 25s, Nicole with the Girls or Gary with the Groups?

Even if you decided to skip the preliminary rounds, it’s a good idea to start tuning in and working out who you want to place your best on. X Factor betting has become a bit of a phenomenon with millions of people putting their money where their votes are in a bid to cash in on their favourite.

As usual this year you can follow the competition and X factor bets and tv programmes online as well as on TV, but there are some changes for 2013. You can now download the X Factor app. It’ll give you the chance to get properly involved with the live shows by playing the Fifth Judge Game. This gives you the chance to rate the performances as they happen.

In between shows, you can use your app to predict who you will think will make it through each week, as we get closer and closer to the final. You can also test out your in depth knowledge of the X Factor, both for this series and for previous contestants and seasons.

If you’re good enough you can level up all the way from Couch Potato to x Factor Judge. Like all the best apps, it’s also possible to synchronise your gameplay with your Facebook account. On Facebook you can compare your score with your friends but, much better than that, you get the chance to win the chance to go to a live show and even pretend to be a judge for a while. Yep, you get to sit in a judge’s chair – imagine the feeling of power!

The app will also let you keep up to date on all of the backstage interviews with the contestants and judges and watch your favourite performances over and over again mere seconds after they have been on live TV. The app is free and works on Android and iOS.

You can also check the odds of your favourite contestants online and find out how their performances are affecting their future in the competition. Do you fancy backing the token quirky girl with a guitar? Or are you hoping for a new 1Direction? It’s unlikely you’re hoping for another Matt Cardle or Steve Brookstein but then, experience tells us with the X Factor that talent doesn’t necessarily have much to do with who ends up winning. Either way the app can help you get more involved and work out your best bet for recouping some cash on this year’s competition.

Western Digital Announce New Product Line – My Cloud

Cloud storage for a number of people is a precarious storage solution as the worries about other people potentially having access to their data is something that lingers over the public cloud storage market. Many people are familiar with current online cloud storage options such as Dropbox (of which I’m a user myself), iCloud which all iOS devices have access to, and Google Drive amongst others.

The problem with all these options however is the fact that you can’t yourself pinpoint exactly where your data is stored and all of these providers will tend to scan your content for viruses etc, meaning that its not going to be up there without it being viewed in some way or another.

Being able to have you data stored at home and then shared out to the internet in your own personal cloud is a solution that for many users has not been possible for a long while. True if you had the knowledge, you could share a drive on to the internet, presuming you had a router that supported that feature such as Netgear’s R6300 and you know what your IP  address was at all times, but this is not the most secure nor the easiest of options either.

This is now where Western Digital have stepped up to the mark to create a drive that simply plugs into the existing home network and with the use of a mobile app or desktop management program, is able to share file, securely through 128-bit AES encryption, to anywhere in the world. Bring forward the ‘My Cloud’.

Built around a dual core ARM A9 CPU and paired with 256MB or DDR3 memory, the small system that is no bigger than their current products such as the MyBook Elite, comes in a range of capacities ranging from 2TB up to 4TB. On top of this the My Cloud also features a USB3.0 port for expansion by connecting another storage drive that will show up as a separate shared folder on the system, or which can be used to create a backup of the entire system in the form of ‘Safepoints’.

The My Cloud can be accessed either on the local network via a desktop management app or can be remotely connected to from anywhere in the world via the mobile app or web based user interface. Sharing files to friends and family is also very simple, files are given a unique URL, and this can be sent to a third party so that they can get access to that file only. Access to sync the drive with other cloud solutions such as Dropbox is also made simple with seamless integration through the mobile app. The mobile app will also be fully backwards compatible with the current line of My Book Live devices and users will notice that the WD-to-Go app will be updated to the new My Cloud app through their relevant app store

The My Cloud, priced at £129 for the 2TB model and £159 for the 3TB model (4TB model due later in the year in November is awaiting UK pricing) will be available from today through a number of online e-tailors such as Dixons online. This makes the price for storage far cheaper than online cloud options which charge a yearly fee in some cases only provide a fraction of the storage capacity for a higher cost.

Source – WD Press event

Researcher Hacked Apple Dev Site To Show Flaws

A researcher from London has claimed that he hacked the Apple Developer site to prove a point about flaws in their security and that his attack wasn’t malicious, although the site remains shutdown after much sensitive information was apparently taken from their servers last week, which has forced them to rethink their security and Apple are still in the process of getting the service ready for redeployment.

The attack happened last Thursday, although it took apple three days to announce why the site was taken off-line while they investigated the damage done. This came at a tough time for Apple as many developers are busy testing apps for iOS 7 which is set to launch later this year and Apple had to make sure everything was safe as there was a fear that financial information could have been breached, fortunately it wasn’t and if the London based researcher is to be believed, nothing was truly “stolen” either.

While Apple haven’t officially revealed anything about the attacker, security analyst Graham Cluley noted that London-based researcher Ibrahim Balic had claimed responsibility for the hack to show Apple how insecure their system were. “Balic protests that he found the security hole in Apple’s Development Center, and sent details and screenshots of it to Apple via its online bug reporter,” Cluley said on his blog, noting that he did download 100,000 users’ details first to prove the flaw.

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Google Glass Prohibits Sexually Explicit Content & Pornography Apps

According to an article on Mashables, sexually explicit content has been banned on Google glass

Everywhere on the internet we see sexually explicit content, including pornography. Should a company that provides a product or service be able to prevent the user from using the product how they want to use it? Google seems to think that they can do just that. Recently the first pornographic app reared its face on Google Glass, shortly after Google changed their policies for Google Platform Developer Policies, to prohibit apps that contain sexually explicit content.

“Content policies” section now reads: “We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography. If we become aware of content with child pornography, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and delete the Google Accounts of those involved with the distribution.” as it reads in the “Content policies” in the first paragraph.

The app was most likely called Tits & Glass was designed to allow users to watch videos and see photographs. The developer behind this app is MiKandi who has produced over 7,000 adult apps. had a very strong following when it was released producing nearly 10,000 unique visitors in a day. It has been said that MiKandi was going to take it a step further allowing users to have “two-way adult interaction” though with the new policy preventing this type of content, the app has likely been placed on the back burner, MiKandi said that they will comply with the updated policies, and will be releasing a new app without the sexually explicit content.

Photo Courtesy of:

Paul Sakuma/AP – Google co-founder Sergey Brin demonstrates Google’s new Glass, the wearable internet glasses shown at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, June 27, 2012.


Facebook Home Received Poorly By Android Users

Facebook home created quite a bit of hype throughout the mobile world, promising to change the way you use Facebook on your Android smartphone. However, all that hype doesn’t appear to have amounted to anything good if the Google Play Store feedback is anything to go by. A couple of days after the launch of Facebook’s new “revolutionary” app and Facebook Home is scraping a quite mediocre 2.4 average rating from 3018 reviews.


Nearly half of all Facebook Home users on the Google Play Store gave it a vote of 1 star which is really quite bad. The app is criticised for being un-intuitive, poorly customisable and lacking integration. I haven’t had a chance to use Facebook Home but based purely on user feedback I can’t say I am feeling tempted to do so. It has been described as an app for “Facebook Junkees” but then surely you would of expected such a thing? People misinterpreted Facebook Home as the Facebook Phone when it was in the run up to being launched so surely you would of expected it to be totally Facebook orientated?

What have been your experiences with Facebook Home so far? Have you enjoyed using the new app? Would you recommend that other people try it? Or if you didn’t like it – then what didn’t you like about it?


WhatsApp Responds To Google Buyout Speculation

Just two days ago we brought you the news that Google was reportedly planning to acquire WhatsApp for a fee upwards of $ 1 billion USD. This rumour isn’t exactly the first to concern WhatsApp and the potential for it to be bought out by a bigger company. In December last year there were rumours that Facebook would be making the acquisition and WhatsApp said that this rumour was also factually inaccurate.

WhatsApp have responded saying the Google takeover rumours are unfounded and that they have not been in talks with Google. Neeraj Arora, WhatsApp’s business development head, denied the rumour fully by stating that there had been no sales talks with Google about an acquisition.

It did almost seem counter-intuitive that Google might be looking to buy WhatsApp even though it was already investing a lot of time and money into its own equivalent yet-to-be-released service called “Babel”. Even though WhatsApp is clearly capable of growing while remaining independent there are still a lot of companies out there that could benefit from acquiring it.

Some have cited that Yahoo might be well placed to acquire WhatsApp as Yahoo certainly needs to bolster up on the mobile front if it wants to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile applications in the world for cross-platform messaging. The app allows photo, video, text, audio and location sharing between all mobile operating systems it supports. The app costs $0.99 on iOS and in some countries $0.99 per year on the Android OS.


Google May Be Looking To Buy WhatsApp

According to rumours technology giant Google is looking to acquire the software company that have developed and created WhatsApp. The move by Google is similar in style to that performed by Facebook when they acquired the social photography website Instagram for $1 billion USD.

So far in the mobile space Google have mainly relied upon their own products such as the Android OS and Apps like Google Maps. The move to buy WhatsApp suggests Google wants to make much more rapid progress in the mobile market.

Digital trends has stated that the deal between Google and WhatsApp could be worth well over $1 billion USD, which is what Facebook paid for Instagram. Interestingly, Facebook were also interested in WhatsApp at one stage so it is still possible WhatsApp could be negotiating with many companies at the same time.

The acquisition is by no means guaranteed as Google is currently developing its own social messaging service called “Babble” or “Babel” which is likely to want to invest most of its time and money into. However, given the limited success of Google + it seems likely Google may purchase WhatsApp as a back up plan, should its own messaging service not end up as successful as Google wants it to be.

What do you think of Google trying to buy WhatsApp? Is it a good business move from Google? Are any of you that use WhatsApp worried by the prospect of Google buying it?


BBC Sport App Quick Off the Starting Block

For a large number of us, Sport is less of a hobby but more like a religion and that could be either towards football, golf, rugby, horse racing so on and so forth. In the UK especially and globally, BBC sport has a big presence and its sport pages on-line gets a constant stream of hits day in day out from fanatics wanting to keep up to date with the latest scores, fixtures and up to date news. Due to this, the BBC released a whole new mobile app just over seven weeks ago to give users the freedom to get all their updates in an easy and convenient location.

The app is a spin off following the success of the app that was released for the London 2012 Olympic Games last summer and although it was initially only available to iOS users in the UK to start, three weeks ago it went to the international download stores and just under a week ago it became available to UK Android users as well.

Fresh reports are coming from the BBC that the new app has not only been successful in its initial few weeks of download, but it has sailed right past the point of over 1 million downloads and given traffic to the BBC Sport site in general a huge boom in traffic. The BBC has stated that January just gone was a record month for overall traffic towards their sport sections and with over 42 million unique visitors and 1 billion page views, the record that was set last summer at the 2012 games has been well and truly smashed.

This drive in traffic and rapid rate of downloads goes to prove that there is a rapid shift towards the use of smartphones and tablets as we have been noting for quite a while now and with a 13% year-on-year gain in mobile traffic for the BBC, this number is only set to rise.

The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play

Skype mobile to get video message functionality – iOS and Android users rejoice

I’m a heavy Skype user as I use it on a day to day basis with the general running of eTeknix, and while I can’t be stationed at my desk 24/7, Skype mobile comes in very handy indeed, though sometimes video functionality is needed to put the icing on the cake, as photo messaging, iMessage and Facetime isn’t always possible, especially if talking to someone on an android device, or if they are desktop bound too.

It seems that now (with thanks to The Verge), since Microsoft have taken over the reigns of Skype, they are looking to launch an update which includes video messaging. The service will allow the user to send up to three minute long video messages to each other and will see this being rolled out to iOS, Android and Mac devices while Windows phone users will sadly have to wait until the end of April.

This is definitely a step in the right direction, which allows users to share content a lot more freely without the need for a fully fledged video call.

Obviously, software widely used such as Whatsapp already offers this service but with MSN Messenger users being migrated over to the Skype platform, this is definitely the right time to see extra functionality being added in.