Apacer Unveils BLADE FIRE DDR4 Memory Kits With Pulsing LEDs

Intel’s latest LGA1151 chipset has brought DDR4 memory into the mainstream market and is no longer exclusive to the expensive X99 platform. This means, it’s possible to acquire extremely fast and large capacity kits at a very reasonable price point. As a result, DDR3 memory is slowly being phased out but this is obviously going to take some time until consumers make the switch and upgrade their hardware. In the last couple of years, memory companies have created a number of ostentatious designs to compliment a system’s colour scheme. This can involve pulsating LEDs, unusual heatspreaders and more! The first company to really open my eyes to this new design philosophy is Avexir with the gorgeous Sabranco DIMMs featuring a white PCB.

Today, another leading memory company, Apacer, unveiled their latest DDR4 series which utilizes a striking design. The BLADE FIRE DDR4 kits sport a heartbeat LED pulsing at 44 beats per minute. Additionally, clock speeds will go up to 32GB 3200MHz with a low voltage rating of 1.35V and timings of 16-16-18-38. I’m quite fond of the memory’s style and it should fit perfectly alongside a wide range of custom builds. Sadly, there’s no information yet regarding the pricing or availability. Although, I’m presuming this should be revealed extremely soon.

Hopefully, we should be able to receive a sample and analyse the memory’s overclocking prowess! As with any DDR4 kit, consumers tend to fixate on either memory speed or just choose a kit which suits their personal taste. The BLADE FIRE is certainly one of the nicest designs I’ve seen and I’m sure it looks even better in person. It’s also great to see a black PCB as it contrasts so well with the black heatspreaders.

While some users prefer a more subtle styling, other consumers really enjoy extravagant designs which act as a talking point.

Apacer Unveils Panther Series DDR4 Memory

Since the release of Intel’s Skylake architecture, the price of DDR4 memory has come down at an exponential rate. Additionally, manufacturers are creating more lavish aesthetic designs to suit the gaming market. Typically, consumers chose memory based on a colour scheme as gaming tasks increased frequency has a minimal effect. Unfortunately, most companies appear to fixate on the standard red and black theme and it can be difficult to acquire DDR4 modules which suit yellow motherboards like the ASRock Formula series. Thankfully, Apacer has launched the Panther memory kits to provide a visually unique design which fits perfectly with motherboards sporting yellow or gold accents. In terms of its technical specifications, the memory comes in 2133MHz, 2400MHz and 2666MHz configurations with tight 15-15-15-36 and 16-16-16-36 timings. Furthermore, the DIMMs support XMP 2.0 and utilize 1.2 volts. This guarantees stability at low voltages and doesn’t require a boost to 1.35v.

While it’s not the fastest memory on the market, as many DDR4 kits reach speeds in excess of 3000MHZ, it’s still extremely fast and I love the colour scheme. Additionally, the black PCB adds to the overall look and makes for a superb finish. Hopefully, we should be bringing a review of this particular memory kit very soon.

Apacer Reveals Pricing on 3000MHz NOX DDR4 Laptop Memory

Apacer promised to release the final pricing for their new NOX DDR4 memory when we could report about it a little while ago and they’ve kept that promise. Apacer’s NOX DDR4 SO-DIMMs are quite impressive on several fronts and they could quite easily be described as the most advanced laptop memory to date.

With 64GB capacity and up to 3000MHz, we can imagine that these modules aren’t going to be cheap, but it is probably not as bad as you might have imagined. For $299, the 3000MHz version can be yours. The slower modules in the same series are a little cheaper and the 2800MHz SO-DIMMs can be yours for $239, 2666MHz for $219, and 2400MHz for $139. Availability for all four types is set for the end of November, so you might have to pack a little more patience before you can upgrade your mobile gaming station with these modules.

The label on the front isn’t just decoration, it is manufactured in detail by Z511 Lab team and it is able to stand 120°C heat with metalloid material. The well-developed front label helps the system stay within thermal limits during the regular use, and even during those marathon gaming sessions. This allows NOX to provide its highest performance possible under narrow and hot environment within the laptop. The low power consumption of just 1.2V is another thing that laptop users will benefit from, extending your battery time.

Apacer Releases 64GB 3000MHz NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM

The times where the best hardware was limited to desktop PCs is long over and we can get all that power in portable units today too, may it be high-end i7 CPUs or multiple graphics card solutions. All this raw power also needs some memory and Apacer’s latest offering might come in handy here. The newly released Apacer NOX DDR4 modules take all that goodness and brings it down to the smaller SO-DIMM form factor.

The new Apacer NOX DDR4 SO-DIMMs are available with an impressive capacity of 64GB and speeds of up to 3000MHz while only consuming 1.2V. This is so far the most impressive and highest capacity SO-DIMM on the market. The NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM series also comes in slower speeds for those who don’t need as much. Other options include 2400, 2666, and 2800MHz.

The modules have all undergone strict testing and have been built with handpicked DRAM IC to create the best possible product. Apacer did not reveal the pricing at this point, but that will follow at the end of this month. Whether the availability will be at the same time is anyone’s guess. We will just have to wait and see. Either way, this is a seriously impressive memory module.

Apacer Unveils 128GB microSDXC U1 Memory Card

It might be tempting to take along the old memory card when getting a new smartphone or tablet, and while that choice might save you a couple of bucks to begin with, it might cost you your time instead. A great example would be LTE users, it doesn’t help you much to have a fast mobile connection when your storage can’t handle the same speeds.

Apacer has just unveiled their latest memory card, a microSDXC UHS-I U1 memory card with 128GB capacity. The new U1 rated card can achieve speeds up to 80MB/s reading and 20MB/S writing while having enough storage space to keep a lot of captured moments stored. A 128GB card like this can store around 32 thousand JPG photos or 45 hours of HD video.

Apacer will also make smaller capacities available: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. No word on pricing or availability yet, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Thanks to Apacer for providing us with this information

Apacer Launches AH154 “Star Wish Drive” USB 3.0 Waterproof Flash Drive

Apacer has gone a little mushy and released the Star Sand USB 3.0 Flash Drive to “Guard your every little wish!”. The new AH154 Star Wish Drive is available as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities while being waterproof, dustproof and shockproof to protect those valuable stored memories.

“We all remember that we have once received a glass bottle filled with white star sands. We sealed our wishes in the bottle with a cork and waited for them to come true. For many people, star sands carry numerous romantic memories. Each grain of pure white and perfect star sand represents unforgettable memories and promises.”

The compact and light drive has full IPX7 waterproof features and comes with a chain to hang the drive on a bag, key ring or mobile strap. The chain acts as a cap holder at the same time, so you won’t lose or forget it. Apacer also launched the AH139 simultaneously and is the USB 2.0 little brother to the AH154. The aqua blue and pure white dual-color drive is available as 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities.

The new Star Wish Drives also come bundled with the free-of-charge ACE compression software that can increase the capacity by up to 500%.

Thanks to Apacer for providing us with this information

Apacer Rolls Out Commando DDR4 Overclocking Memory Module

Apacer has recently launched their brand new generation of Commando DDR4 Overclocking Memory Modules with the newly designed weapon-styled assault rifle heat spreader to display the aggressive speeds. The new series is tailored for the latest Intel X99 chipset and Haswell-E processors and the whole series supports the latest Intel XMP 2.0 standards for maximum compatibility.

All but one model in the new series run with 16-16-16-36 timings while the frequency ranges from 2400MHz to 3200MHz. The 2400, 2666 and 2800′ modules consume the default 1.2 volt while the 3000 and 3200MHz models consume a little more: 1.35 volts. The series adopts Quad-Channel packaging and supports different capacity combination of 16GB (4GB x4) and 32GB (8GB x4)

Apacer’s design team pointed out that they adopts“maximized capacity and flexible tactics” as the design philosophy of Commando Series DDR4 Overclocking MemoryModule, and have balanced maximized heat dissipation effect and brilliant appearance. Hence, this series provides stable and excellent efficiency for long-standing e-sports battles as well as an amazing visual effect of e-sports equipment platform.

No word on pricing or availability yet.

Thanks to Apacer for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Apacer

Apacer Announces Two New SSDs with Improved ECC

Apacer Technology has launched two new ultra slim industrial SATA3.0 SSDs. The SFD18SH-M that complying with the JEDEC MO-297 standard and the mSATA H1-M that is compliant with the MO-300 standard. Both models are made under 1ynm process and are said to be extremely price competitive for their ultra slim appearance, high speed, and high stability

Both new drives are built with industrial grade flash chips, they are based upon the SATA 3 standard and come in capacities ranging from 16Gb to 256GB. The performance is rated to 515 MB/s for linear reads and 180MB/s for the writes, without any more specifications.

To enhance data security, Apacer improved on the ECC (error correcting code) capability and raised it to 72bit/1K bytes for both the SFD18SH-M and mSATA H1-M. This is quite a bit better than what we’ve seen up until now. The new DEVSLP power saving function has also been added to both models.

While these most likely aren’t SSDs that we ordinary users get to see, the important part here is the improvements on the ECC and that is something I hope will make its way from here and into the consumer and prosumer market.

Thanks to Apacer for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Apacer

Apacer Launches Dual-mode SATA and USB3 SSD

I am one of those people who gets exited every time something new that hasn’t been seen before is launched, especially if it’s storage technology. It’s not only my bread and butter, it’s also my biggest interest. Apacer has just launched its newest AS710 SSD drive and it isn’t like anything we’ve seen before. This is a dual-mode drive that works as-is in two modes. You can either connect it via the default SATA3 interface or you can turn it around a use the USB 3 interface. The new Apacer SSD AS710 is the first SSD that comes equipped with both these ports at the same time.

Apacer is no stranger to making weird storage modules, at least looking from a normal perspective. They’ve both released USB Disk Modules as well as ultra slim SSDs that only measure 5 mm in thickness.

Apacer promises that they only use the best flash chips in these drives, but we wouldn’t expect anything else from them. The speeds look quite promising with a read speed up to 550 MB/s and the sequential write speed reaches up to 530MB/s. It isn’t shy on speed over the USB port either and can offer up to 380/420 MB/s read/write speeds when connected to a USB3 interface. These speeds of course require your USB host to support UASP, but even without it should give great speeds to the possible maximum.

In addition the AS710 supports Microsoft Windows-To-Go. This allows you to store the start-up system of Windows 8 Enterprise on the SSD. When connecting it to other computers via USB, one can enjoy fast start-up and run one’s own Windows 8 desktop. This is a great addition, allowing you to use your own system with full mobility and convenience without having to have all hardware with you.

The drive comes in a simplified black with a metallic cutting design and can withstand 30G vibrations and 3000G shocks, thus also protecting your data from corruption while on the go. It measures a default 7 mm in thickness and weighs 75 gram. It of course has built-in wear levelling and error correction code (ECC) as well as trim support.

The only place this drive lacks a little bit is on the capacity, as the release only mentioned a 120 GB model, which isn’t really that much in today’s storage needs and there’s no word on pricing or availability just yet.

Thank you Apacer for providing us with these information

Images courtesy of Apacer




Apacer Launches AH334 Galaxy Express USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Apacer launches the latest AH334 “Galaxy Express” USB 2.0 flash drive inspired by the stylish bullet train. The new drive comes in two colours, Starry Blue and Rose Pink and with an “intimate design of a hidden push key and a personalized grommet.”

With a unique streamlined look, the design of Apacer AH334 is inspired by bullet train’s shape for low wind resistance, highlighting a perfect balance between speed and large capacity. The designer team of Apacer meticulously offers two stunning colours– understated and chic “starry blue”and lively “rose pink”, turning the flash drive into a distinctive, stylish accessory.

With the design concept of “pleasant experience from every use”, Apacer focuses not only on the appearance, but on the detailed user experience enhancement. In addition to the excellent hand feel provided by the back material, the hidden push key provides the combination of intuition, ease-of-use and appearance integrity. The specially designed texture on the surface makes it easy to hold. The built-in grommet allows users to freely attach favourite ornaments to create personal style, or integrates the flash drive with straps or badges, bringing more convenience.

AH334 adopts the USB 2.0 interface and supports main operating systems available on the market such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. Equipped with a capacity up to 64 GB, the flash drive is capable of storing 16,000 MP3 songs or 21,000 photos, and renders portable HD movies. Available in multiple capacities (4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB), AH334 comes with ACE compression software that can boost the capacity by up to 500%. With emphasis on environmental protection, AH334 complies with RoHS environmental regulations in an eco-friendly way. Moreover, AH334 provides lifetime warranty, fully displaying Apacer’s confidence in the premium quality!

Since neither the press release nor product page display any speeds, we can assume it’s just an ordinary USB2 stick like so many other, but with a compression feature. It does look nice though.

Thank you Apacer for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Apacer.

Apacer Reveal Thunderbird Series OC RAM

Chinese DRAM vendor Apacer have unveiled some pretty unique looking RAM modules that will be part of their new “Thunderbird” series of RAM. Apacer will offer these modules in four different colours, pictured above – black, orange, red and light blue.  Each module is themed with a Thunderbird sticker over a heatspreader with some additional shaped metallic heatsink designs across the top. In my opinion these modules are definitely an acquired taste but they do come in a wide range of high performance speeds that are sure to please enthusiasts.

The Thunderbird kits are available in 8GB or 16GB dual channel kits with 1600/2133/2400/2666/2800/2933MHz kits available. Apacer claim a unique 8 layer PCB design on these modules for enhanced overclocking. If you can manage to pick these modules up from a retailer that stocks Apacer then you can probably expect some very high pricing on those higher frequency kits.

Image courtesy of Apacer

Computex: Booth Babes Part 2!

We already brought you our “booth babes part 1” and now its time for another dose of some Computex booth babes.

First up we have a lovely booth babe with the PQI team marketing their storage options.

Next we have three Asian Persuasions working with Apacer in some rather questionable outfits.

Next is a rather stylish looking lady with the memory vendors Team Group who make DRAM, SSD and Flash memory products.

V-Color have made a big show of force with their booth babes, out in a rather striking skimpy red outfit to lure those punters in.

I think you’d be rather fortunate to slip by quietly without receiving about 10 leaflets from the V-Color girls.

ADATA had a selection of rather colorfully dressed ladies out and about holding some ridiculously large cardboard SD cards!

Moving onto another booth we had a couple of strangely dressed booth babes with Apotop the Wi-Fi and networking company baised in Taiwan.

Avexir were playing it quite safe with their booth babes opting to wear a decent amount of clothing!

Finally we had Vatyn using some cheap tactics to get punters to check out those “80 PLUS Gold” certifications that so conveniently happen to be printed onto this booth babes womanly parts.

Stay tuned to eTeknix for more Computex (and booth babe) coverage in our Computex section.

Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex