Anidees AI-06 V2 Silent Mid-Tower Chassis Review


Today in the eTeknix office we have the brand new Anidees AI-06 V2 mid-tower chassis, which offers up a big revision of their popular AI-06 model. Taking an already robust chassis, adding in more flexible storage solutions, a card reader, improved cooling support, a larger side panel window (on the relevant model) and more. Today, we have the Silent equipped model, which comes fitted with sound dampening materials on the interior, although windowed and standard solid side panel without noise dampening materials edition are also available.

Equipped with an aluminium finished from panel door, multiple radiator and fan mounts in the front, top, back and bottom of the chassis, removable storage bays, an SD card reader and more, we’re really looking forward to taking a closer look at this chassis, so let’s get it out of the box and see what it has to offer.

  • Rotate door with Aluminum line-finished for elegant look.
  • Moveable front mesh design for ventilation and easy maintenance.
  • Accommodates 120 mm radiator in the rear, 120/140mm radiator in the bottom or 240 mm radiator on the top or front.
  • Dust filters on the front and at the bottom.
  • Rear retaining holes for water cooling kit.
  • Cable management and CPU retaining hole for easy maintenance.
  • Air cooling support 6 fans, 140mm fan*5, 120mm fan*1
  • Supports up to 140 mm fan x 5
  • New Velcro fastener design for better power supply stability
  • USB 3.0*2, USB 2.0*2, SD Card reader, Fan controller on the top
  • Smoky Transparent side window (optional)

As you can see, the silent edition comes with a solid side panel on the left. The panel is held in place by a pair of thumb screws at the back, nothing fancy, but a well-tried and tested design overall.

There’s some branding in the bottom corner here, it’s quite tastefully placed and this means the front panel can be left looking nice clean.

Another heavy panel on the right, looking good in that lightly textured matte black paintwork.

The front panel is really smart, finished with a good layer of brush textured aluminium, giving it a nice premium look and feel.

The door is held shut with magnets on the right side, allowing you to easily open it up to access the front panel component.

In the door cavity, you’ll find a thick layer of noise-dampening materials, which should soak up a lot of unwanted noise from your systems cooling solution. There are three 5.25″ drive bays on offer also, each with an easily removable lock-in cover.

Further down, you’ll find a large ventilated panel for the front mounted cooling.

Around the back, you’ll find a 120mm fan mount, seven expansion slots, two water/cable routing grommets and the PSU cut-out; all pretty standard stuff, but that’s no bad thing.

The covers are reusable and come with some ventilation to help with overall airflow.

The top panel follows the design of the front of the chassis, curving at the edge to create a nice flowing design and featuring even more of that lovely brushed aluminium.

There’s a well equipped I/O panel towards the front, with SD card reader, four USB ports, HD audio jacks, and two nicely designed buttons for the power and reset. What’s also worthy of our attention is that there is a three-way switch, which functions as the built-in fan controller.

the base of the chassis features lots of ventilation for any base mounted cooling, as well as the PSU air intake. The PSU benefits from a slide out filter, but the remaining ventilation uses a simple clip-in mesh.

Anidees AI-07M Micro-ATX Chassis Review


Aindees may not be the first name you think of when you go shopping for a new chassis, but we’ve seen a few of their products in the past and we’ve certainly been impressed by their build quality, features and competitive pricing. Their latest chassis, the dual chamber Micro-ATX AI-07M, promises to be a versatile solution that needs a compact system, but still have enough room for many of today’s high-end components such as long graphics cards, lots of storage and water cooling.

  • Dual chamber design divides hot running components, one chamber deliver cooler air to MB, CPU, GPU, another one for HDD and PSU.
  • Chassis comes with four 120mm led fans in the front and also can be upgraded with several additional fans if needed.
  • Featuring several options for placing water cooling, providing excellent cooling solutions.
  • Support max 3* 240 Rad and 1 * 120 Rad.
  • Quiet operation with 200mm fan in the front. (Optional)
  • Support ATX, m-ATX, and Mini-ITX
  • Cable management and CPU retaining hole for easy maintenance.
  • Supports 1 * 5.25″, 4 * 3.5″ or 5 * 2.5″ devices ( 4 * 2.5″ convert from 3.5″ cage)
  • Air cooling support up to 8 x120mm fans plus 1x90mm in the rear side
  • Compact size with 41.5L
  • Support USB 3.0*2, USB 2.0*2 in the front, Audio*1, Mic*1
  • Mesh bezel provides maximum air flow.
  • Removable mesh top cover
  • Dust filters in the front, top, bottom and side panel.
  • Fan Hub and Fan Controller add on shipment from 15.03.2015

The AI-07 is available in four variants, black, white and a windowless or windowed version of each colour. It comes with all the usual bells and whistles you would expect from a modern chassis, such as USB 3.0 support, tool free storage bays, lots of GPU and CPU cooler clearance and more.

Out of the box, the chassis certainly looks great, with a huge side panel window showing off the chassis interior and that little Anidees logo on the bottom right corner.

The right side panel has a large ventilation cut-out on it, this will allow airflow to the PSU and it comes with a magnetic dust filter on the interior, but we’ll see that better in a moment.

The front panel is packed full of features, with the 5.25″ drive bay and the power controls at the top, four USB ports, HD audio ports and most importantly, that massive filtered ventilation panel, behind which you’ll find a 200mm blue LED fan pre-installed; great for lots of airflow at low RPM.

The back of the chassis isn’t exactly lacking in feature either! In the top left corner is a small fan control switch, which connects to an interior fan hub. It features three settings; low, medium and high. In the top right there’s a pair of water/cable routing grommets. Further down you’ll find a 120/140mm fan mount, with a 140mm fan pre-installed, five expansion slots, the PSU mount and another 120/140mm fan mount with another 140mm fan pre-installed. You’ll also notice three thumb screws across the middle, these are used to detach the motherboard tray, which can be completely removed should you feel the need.

The top panel has a fan/radiator mount with an externally mounted dust/debris filter.

Behind the cover, you’ll find dual 120/140mm fan mounts, which could also be used for radiators, dependent on your system configuration.

The base of the chassis has more thumb screws, which can be used to fully remove the other interior components of the chassis, such as the hard drive bays, making the chassis mod friendly.

Overclockers UK Lists the Anidees AI-06 v2 Case Packed With More Features

Isn’t it great when manufacturers listen to feedback and adjust their products accordingly? Giving you something that you want instead of telling you want you want. And yes, it surely is. Anidees is one that did just that and they overhauled and improved on the AI-06 chassis and created the Anidees AI-06 V2 chassis.

The Anidees AI-06 V2 case has the same simplistic premium design as the first version, but it packs a lot more features and functions.

The I/O panel got a complete overhaul and now provides you with two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports along with microphone and headphone jacks. Anidees also added a fan controller and an SD card reader at the same time.

The AI-06 V2 can also hold more drives now. You can add up to eight 3.5-inch hard drives in the cages and hide a 2.5-inch drive behind the motherboard tray.

Watercooling is an important factor and it was slightly overlooked in the first version that only supported on 240mm radiator. The V2 supports three 240mm radiators, one in the top, one in the front and one at the bottom of the chassis.

The version that comes with a window in the side panel got more upgrades. The windows is now tinted and 94% larger than the previous design, allowing you to see even more of the hardware you have inside.

Overclockers UK agrees that it is a great chassis and have already listed it as an option for pre-order. The price of £104.99 isn’t bad either considering that you get an amazing looking chassis packed full of features.

Anidees Introduced the AI-7m mATX Chassis

Anidees has introduced an mATX version of their cube form factor AI-07 chassis dubbed the AI7m. The new case is focused on cooling and maximum configurability as well as available in as both black and white model and with and without window in the sidepanel. The case supports m-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards formats.

The AI-7m has space for up to 8 fans and comes with a 200mm silent fan pre-installed. The dual chamber design puts your main hardware at the top while the PSU and storage drives are tucked away at the bottom, separating the heat-sources and allowing for a better-optimized setup. It is also suitable for water cooling with support for a top 240mm radiator, two 240mm at the front, and one 140mm or 120mm radiator at the rear.


  • Available Colour: Black / White
  • Internal Colour: Black
  • Dimension: (D/W/H) 380 x 288 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 6.35kg
  • Cooling System Top: 2 x 140 / 120mm fan (optional) (Air Cooling) FrontL 1 x 200mm (700 RPM, included) or 2x 140mm fan (900 RPM, include)
  • Cooling System Top: 1 x 240mm Radiator (optional) (Watercooling) Front: 2 x 240mm Radiator (optional)
  • Rear: 1 x 140/120mm Radiator (optional)
  • ODD, HDD Cage, Removable for easy install
  • MB Tray: MB Type m-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Material: Steel t=0.7mm, Plastic
  • Drive Bays: 1 x 5.25″ 4 x 3.5″ hidden 4 x 2.5″ ( 4 convert from 3.5″ HDD Tray)
  • I/O Panel: 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Audio, 1 x MIC, Fan controller (rear)
  • Expansion Slots: 5
  • Power Supply: ATX PS2, up to 186mm deep (optional)
  • Cable routing below MB tray: Yes
  • Maximum Compatibility: Graphics card length: 310 mm CPU cooler height: 180mm

The Anidees AI-7m is available now for a price between £62.99 and £74.99 depending on model.

Thanks to Overclockers UK for providing us with this information

Anidees AI-07 Cube-Case Available Now

While Anidees still isn’t a company that is known among everyone, they’ve created some great cases for a while and also scored several awards for them here on eTeknix. The AI-07 is Anidees newest cube form factor chassis with support for ATX motherboards. It comes with a focus on cooling performance and maximum flexibility. The new case is available in both black and white editions and you’ll also have the choice between a normal and a windowed side-panel. The interior of the case is matte-black in both versions.

The dual chamber design used in this case places your storage drives and power supply in the small chamber behind the motherboard tray while keeping the display worthy parts like motherboard and graphics cards in the big chamber. This allows for a very clean build and the cable management will be a breeze in this case, as you get 95 mm of space behind the motherboard tray. It has front connectors for two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports as well as microphone and headphone jacks.

The interior is designed so no components will interfere with the airflow for any of the other parts and in return gives you maximum cooling ability to each part of your precious computer. To strengthen this aspect, the case allows for a total of up to 8 fans. The front-fan setup in the form of four 120 mm fans mounted in a square effectively provides one fan per critical component; processor, graphics card, storage drives and power supply. You can mount two 120 or 140mm fans at the top of the case while the back side has room for another 120mm and a 90mm fan. For a silent setup, the case also allows for the use of one 200mm fan at the front instead of the default four 120mm fans.

You can mount up to four 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch internal drives. If you have a lot of SSD or 2.5-inch HDD drives, the 3.5-inch trays will also allow you to mount those as well. It has one external 5.25-inch slot for optical drives, fan controllers or any other similar form factor device.

The chassis supports ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX sized motherboards and normal ATX power supplies up to 200mm length. The CPU cooler clearance is set to 174mm and the maximum graphics card length is 348mm. The chassis itself is 288 x 380 x 380mm, weighs 6.35kg and has a volume of 41.5 liters. The materials used are steel and plastic.

The new Anidees AI-07 Cube Case is available now and Overclockers UK  is the first to have them in stock here in the UK. The price starts at an attractive £67.99 for the basic model and £76.99 if you’d like the model with a windowed side panel.

Thank you Anidees for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Anidees

Winner Of The Anidées AI-6B Mid-Tower Computer Case Competition Announced

Our Anidées AI-6B mid-tower giveaway/competition attracted over 750 entries so we would like to thank everyone that participated in this competition. We have picked a random winner from all the entries and the winner is: srob030869, entry number 80 on the forum post. We will contact the winner shortly to request shipping details, we would like to congratulate srob030869 on the win.

If you are interested in seeing any past competition winners then be sure to check out our competition winners page.

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Our current active competitions include:

Win An Anidées AI-6B Mid-Tower Computer Case

The Anidées AI-6B Mid-Tower case has been out for a while now, since late 2011, and we actually reviewed the Anidées AI-6B Mid-Tower back in early 2012. Be sure to check out that review here as we thought this was a really excellent case as it managed to snatch our best award – the eTeknix Editor’s Choice award. Today we are offering you a chance to win this brilliant case. So what do you have to do to win this super sleek looking case from Anidées? Well it is actually really simple. To enter this competition you must do the following:

  • Step 1 – Like the eTeknix Facebook page
  • Step 2 – Visit the forums by clicking on the button below and let us know that you’ve done both of those steps so we can enter you into the competition!

Winner Announced Here

And after all that if you are feeling generous then be sure to like Anidées’ Facebook Page to keep up to date on all their latest product releases and news. This is optional but it is greatly appreciated by us and them!

Rules and regulations:

  • The competition is open worldwide
  • The competition ends at midnight GMT on the 9th of August 2013 and winners will be notified within 7 days of the closing date
  • In the event of a dispute, eTeknix staff hold the final say and no discussions will be entered into
  • Delivery is not in the hands of eTeknix and can take some time to arrive
  • In the event that the prize is unavailable, eTeknix reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value
  • By entering this competition, you adhere to the above rules and regulations
  • Winner(s) will be announced on Friday August 16th and posted on our competition winners page and Facebook Page

Anidees Reveal New AI-4B Mini Tower PC Case

Anidees aren’t exactly the biggest brand name in town when it comes to cases but they are certainly up and coming. Their latest cases is the AI-4B mini tower chassis designed from the ground up to support mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards. The AI-4B takes a lot of its design elements from the AI-6 case by Anidees. It features entirely brushed aluminium top and front panels and a front door that can be unhinged to the left or right depending on preference.

Top panel I/Os include two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 and the usual audio. The AI-4B features strong cable management and a three speed fan control for full customisation. Include are three nano-tech 120mm fans, two 120mm at the front and one 120mm fan at the back. This case can support up to 340mm graphics cards and 168mm CPU coolers. It features anti-vibration mounts for the fans and hard drives as well as removable dust filters.

This case is available immediately for £69.99 in the UK without noise-dampened side-panels or for £79.99 with noise-dampened side-panels. The Anidees AI-4B costs €79.90 (unsilenced) or €89.90 (silenced) and is available immediately from Caseking.

Images courtesy of Caseking

Anidées AI-6B Mid-Tower Chassis Review

With an ever growing market of computing products, it is great to see that not everyone is following the crowd with their designs and specifications. Anidées is one such manufacturer that are fresh onto the field and with the AI-6B as their flagship product, they are out to make a great first impression and claim their right to be a part of the market. Normally when a new manufacturer launches a product onto the market, their presence is understated and their products are sold only with the smaller retailers. is a widely known retailer and their reputation for selling only the best out there has taken them a long way. Anidées have been fortunate enough to have their product listed amongst the big names and for a new company in the current economic climate this is a fantastic and promising start for them.

The Anidées AI-6B has been launched with three variations; a base model that we have here, a ‘silent’ version that comes with sound proofing on the insides of the chassis, and a windowed version with a perspex cutout. Apart from this minor difference, the AI-6B comes with 3 optical drive bays, 7 hard drive bays of which come can be removed to allow for larger graphics cards to be installed, two fans, cable management, reversable front door and a Velcro strap for holding the PSU in place.