Amazon Reveals Dash Buttons for Ordering Specific Items

On today of all days, Amazon has decided to reveal its totally audacious yet completely real new innovation: the Amazon Dash Button. With a Dash Button, Amazon Prime customers can order their favourite goods with just the press of a dedicated button, branded with the product’s logo.

Each Dash Button has an adhesive back, so can be stuck near where the product is usually stored or used in the household. One press of the button pushes an order to your Amazon account; the button remains dormant while the order is being processed, preventing accidental multiples, and any order placed pings a notification to the user’s smartphone, so they can cancel if made by mistake.

The Dash Button follows on from Amazon Dash, a barcode scanning device for Prime users to re-order items from the online shopping giant, and Prime Now, a one-hour delivery service that has already rolled out to four US cities.

Source: BBC