Brutal Doom Developer Now Working on Brutal Doom 64!

Brutal Doom is quite possibly one of the greatest game modification projects we’ve ever seen. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the same Doom we knew and loved from the early days of PC gaming, with the violence and action dialled up to 11. The guns have been made more powerful, the gore effects have been expanded, ragdoll physics have been added, the music improved, the sound tuned and so much more. Let’s take a quick look at the current form of Brutal Doom in the most recent trailer below.

OK, if that video didn’t get you in the mood for some hardcore FPS violence, nothing will. So what is the talented modder SGtMarkIV doing this time? He’s taking Doom 64, often regarded as one of the greatest Doom games of all time, and giving it the Brutal modification it deserves.

To celebrate this announcement, Sergeant_Mark_IV has released the first early alpha screenshots of the project. This may not be as exciting as the video above, but given that he’s quite an active modder and often updates on the progress of his mods regularly, we can no doubt expect to see a featured video in the very near future.

Brutal Doom 64 is expected to have new special effects, improved particles, new lighting, more detailed gore, upgraded sound, extra and improved weapons animations, new monsters and even stuff that was cut from the original Nintendo 64 version. Overall, it may turn out to be the greatest Doom game ever created. Sure, we know there are more modern ones, but they’re just nowhere near as fun as the older ones.

The question is, what other games could be given the brutal makeover? Let us know in the comments which games you would like to see given this extreme treatment.

If you want to play the original Brutal Doom, you can download it from Moddb here.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Release Looks Incredible!

Star Citizen, the crowdfunding juggernaut that has raised seemingly endless amounts of money, has snowballed from an interesting space game to one of the biggest gaming projects in modern history. Constantly revised, improved and revised again, the game is always impressive to see in action and the latest screenshots from redittor Field Marshal Muzyk are no exception.

Powered by the graphical powerhouse that is CryEngine, Star Citizen 2.0 Alpha is really something to behold, and I can already hear some of you crying “there’s no way my graphics card can do this” but we’ll just have to wait and see. This game is pushing the limits of PC gaming technology, but I guess that’s not hard when the developers don’t have to make it portable to consoles or port from console to PC.

I managed to pick up Star Citizen quite a while ago now, and it is a shame in some ways that it’s becoming a victim of its own success and development time seems to be taking forever. Where the game will end up, I don’t know, but screenshots like this certainly bring some of the hype back for the final version, as well as make it seem worth the wait.

Are you looking forward to the final version (if there ever is one) of Star Citizen?

DOOM Closed Alpha PC Requirements Released

The DOOM closed Alpha is currently available to anyone who pre-ordered or bought Wolfenstein: The New Order on or before May 26, 2014. This includes access to the platform of your choice and designed to test the network infrastructure in a real-usage scenario. The Alpha contains the Heatwave multiplayer map and based on 6v6 Team Deathmatch gameplay. There are also 6 weapons, 2 equipment items, a demon and the Gauss Cannon. In terms of the game’s technical requirements, there’s nothing too demanding although recommending an i7 does seem a bit baffling.  Here is the complete list of requirements in full:

Minimum Specification:

64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8.1
Intel Core i5 @ 3.3 GHz or better / AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or better
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB VRAM) / AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB VRAM)
6GB HDD space
Steam account
High speed internet connection

Recommended Specification:

64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8.1
Intel Core i7 @ 3.4GHz or better / AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0GHz or better
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (3GB or more VRAM) / AMD Radeon R9 280 (3GB or more VRAM)
6GB HDD space
Steam account
High speed internet connection

DOOM’s fluid fast-paced gameplay looks extremely promising and provides an old school first-person-shooter experience. Sadly, I didn’t pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order which received excellent reviews and surpassed my expectations.

Are you looking forward to DOOM?

Weaponslist From Upcoming DOOM Closed-Alpha Leaked

DOOM is one of those games that started the modern gaming era for real and the newest addition to the game series is about to hit the closed alpha phase where previous players of Wolfenstein: The new Order can register for access to play. Now a few screenshots of the upcoming Alpha have hit the internet thanks to DSOG, but they sadly don’t show any in-game footage.

We’ve previously been teased with the new game, first with a 3-second trailer during E3 and later on a little early in-game video. This time we get a look at the weapons list, what will be available and what functions they have. The weapons look relative normal for DOOM from a function point of view and fans will be glad that the super shotgun is back, but fans have already called them both boring and lifeless.

We have to keep in mind that this is pre-early-alpha screenshots, so we can expect a lot to change, especially cosmetic, before the game ultimately launches. The closed alpha version of Doom will provide one multiplayer map, Heatwave, that should suit most play styles and allow players to get a feel for the game. The one available mode will be 6vs6 deathmatch in this early version, something that doesn’t remind me a lot of DOOM at all. I’d rather seen a normal deathmatch mode where everyone is against everyone.

Star Citizen Goes Live For Alpha Backers

Star Citizen was originally designed as a crowd-funded game. This means that after some initial work all the funds for the project are raised by people ‘pledging’ money in order to help Chris Roberts finish his dream video game which will see players flying around a universe with their friends in the same or in separate ships, boarding stations and engaging in dogfights that would make science fiction fans chuckle in joy. The game has now passed a whopping one million backers, making the project the most popular crowdfunded project of all time and as a result players are being rewarded.

Previously access was granted by pre-ordering ships and with them early access passes. Now if you’ve backed Star Citizen you have been granted full access to everything that has been released, from the Star Marine (the first person shooter element of the game) and even future releases such as the Alpha 2.0 build that they are currently working on that will not only contain playable missions and quadrillions of cubic kilometres for players to fly around in but also a taste of their persistent universe.

If you already owned an Alpha Access package you will gain 10,000 United Earth Credits to help fund your expeditions into space, and soon you could find yourselves flying amongst the stars of a £60-million crowd-funded game.

Thank you Ars Technica for the information.

Image courtesy of Roberts Space Industries.

Latest Unreal Tournament Build and Pre-Alpha Season Trailer Released

I’m sure a few of you have already been enjoying the pre-alpha build of the new Unreal Tournament, I know I have! And so far, it’s been pretty epic. For those that have been and, of course, for those who have yet to download it, the latest build is now available.

Epic Games have also released a new trailer for their free-to-play arena shooter, showing off the games newly added characters Skaarj and female NEcris with unlockable upgrades. There’s also three new maps in the build, perfect for those who’ve grown a little weary of the current line-up, but most importantly is a modern remake of one of the most iconic maps in Unreal history, Facing Worlds is back!

You’ll also find a new progressions system as well as offline challenges, adding to the already exciting game and we’ll no doubt see many more updates in the not too distant future.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Got an itchy trigger finger and want to take the game for a spin? Head over to the official site to download the game here.

Thank you DSO for providing us with this information.

Star Wars: Battlefront Leaked Alpha Footage Shows Hoth Assault

Footage from the closed alpha build of Star Wars: Battlefront has leaked, showing 10 glorious minutes of the Empire’s assault on the Rebel’s secret base on the ice planet of Hoth. The alpha testing, which began back in July and had thousands of applicants, was opened up to a few lucky EA Origin users in preparation for the game’s full release on 17th November.

The footage shows the 20 vs 20 Walker Assault on Hoth; Imperial Snowtroopers, flanked by hulking AT-ATs and Imperial probe droids, with TIE fighters swooping overhead, storm across snowfields towards the rebel base. We get a thorough look at the detailed map – full of snowy mountains, turrets, and trenches – and the soldier’s equipment during the fast-paced battle, including blasters and jetpacks.

Both Rebel and Imperial perspectives are showcased, and we even follow Snowtroopers as they enter the base through its large hanger bay. Sadly absent is the sight of a Snowspeeder taking down an Imperial walker with its grappling line, but we do get a glimpse of the level’s objectives, which includes taking out the Rebel communications uplink.

EA and DICE are planning to launch the beta version of Star Wars: Battlefront for testing through Origin in early October.

Thank you PCGamesN for providing us with this information.

Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Torrent Leaked

There is still some waiting time until Star Wars: Battlefront officially launches, but it has already made it to Alpha stage. We’ve gotten more and more details over time and it looks like the game actually could live up to the hype that surrounds it.

Just hours after the Alpha launched for a limited number of people, it made its way to torrent sites. That was very quick after launch and some people are speculating if this could be an elaborate marketing strategy. It wouldn’t be the first time that the ‘illegal’ users have been used this way; tell people they aren’t allowed to participate and it is all they want.

Whether this is an actual unintended leak or a clever campaign from EA and Dice to raise the hype around the game even more, we don’t know and we probably never will. What we do know is that what we have been shown so far looks amazing and that the Alpha version is out in the wild.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones to get into the official Alpha selection, if so, then let us know what you think of it so far.

Thank You TweakTown for providing us with this information

Fortnite Game Play Shown Off in New Trailer

I first came across Fortnite back towards the end of 2011 and thought the idea was a good one. At the time, the game market wasn’t as saturated with zombie-survival-building-crafting games as it is now. For some reason, until today this game had fell off my radar.

However, Epic Games have released a new trailer showing gameplay footage that has piqued my interest again. For those not aware of this game, think Team Fortress 2 where you can actually build your own fortress that you have to defend from monsters that appear from the mysterious darkness known as “the Storm”.

The game was originally developed for PC, but at the Apple’s recent World Wide Developer Conference it was shown running on Mac too. There is no news whether or not this will be a console title. It will be a free to play game and will be competing heavily with Team Fortress 2, let’s just hope this won’t be another pay-to-win title. But with TF2 having such a big following it is a large task for Fortnite to knock it off its pedestal.

This game is in alpha at the moment, with what seems like 90% of all other games. You can sign up for testing here but alpha keys seem to be like gold dust, so good luck!

Check out the video below as well as some juicy screenshots!

Eve: Valkyrie Pre-Alpha Registration Ongoing

The world of virtual reality is ever-expanding and what better way than to have a Triple-A game, released by the Sci-Fi experts over at CCP Games, as a launch title for the Oculus Rift? Earlier this year CCP Games announced that the title was beginning registration for Pre-Alpha for Eve Online and Dust 514 players, the latter being somewhat of an unintentional joke as you can make a free Dust 514 account using your PSN account simply by going to That same pre-alpha registration for Valkyrie is still ongoing bearing in mind that the VR title is slated to require a powerhouse PC to be able to play, as mentioned in a previous article here at eTeknix and as stated by CCP Karuck on the Eve Valkyrie forums:

“We haven’t announced any minimum/recommended specs yet, but due to the incredibly heavy demands VR puts on a system (steady 90 fps at very high resolutions, stereo view) I can tell you the requirements will be higher than EVE’s :)” – CCP Karuck

What is known for certain is that the pre-alpha requires, at a minimum, an Oculus Rift DK2, and given the sheer quality of the gameplay video revealed at Eve Fanfest 2015, it’s no wonder that the game has the hardware requirements that it does, being a VR title.

While Eve: Valkyrie does not have an official release date (based on the Oculus Rift’s consumer version release date), you can still register for the pre-alpha if you have an active Eve Online or Dust 514 account, as well as an Oculus Rift DK2, by going to

First Alpha for Eve Valkyrie Requires a Powerhouse PC to Test Out

Fans of Eve Valkyrie with lower PC specs will be extremely disappointed with the news that the first Alpha for the title will require a powerhouse PC to be able to run it. CCP is reaching out to users with PC that are able to run the title at ultra settings, so if your PC doesn’t meet the required specs, bad luck.

“I can tell you for the first alpha test, it’s going to be quite high,” Sigurdur ‘Siggi’ Gunnarsson, Valkyrie’s lead programmer stated. “We’ve already had to do a lot of optimisation to get the game running, what you see today. But we need to do a lot more before we launch the game. The alpha test’s going to be pretty high spec.”

It isn’t quite clear what type of PCs CCP is targeting, but Gunnarsson stated that users with one of the latest NVIDIA 900 series or AMD 200 series graphics cards will be “pretty safe”. The trailer also provides a bit of a tease for players to go out and spend their money on a new graphics card.

Thank you PCGamesN for providing us with this information

Images and Details for Rainbow Six: Siege Leak from the Alpha Build

A Redditor has apparently leaked some information and screenshots from the Rainbow Six: Siege build. Reddit user ‘bDL-Z_ftw’ is the fellow redditor who shared the images, along with a video which unfortunately was taken down real quick.

These are the screenshots which have leaked so far:

And below you can view the details from the Alpha build:

  • Version of the Closed Alpha is 0.1.0

  • The air-plane map, named “Plane”, has the following (named) zones: Seating Journalist, Bathroom, Exterior, Cargo, Cargo Entrance, First Aid, Cargo Room A, Cargo Room B, Military Seating, Stairs Cockpit, Kitchen Prep, Seating Staff,

  • The plane map has the following CAMs in “Support Mode” (after one’s death): Luggage Hold, Cabin Staff, Main Corridor, (plus atleast 2 more)

  • The designated names of different areas (above) will be helpful in planning out a round and in voice-comms

  • The map is huge! The plane is also very huge with detailed in-door environments (with fantastic lighting), multiple floors etc.

  • CTUs: GIGN (atleast 3 CTUs will be in the closed-alpha)

  • Primary Weapons: MP5 MLI (stock color in closed-alpha is golden), P90, 591A1, FAMAS G2, K33 NATO, G36C,

  • Secondary Weapons: NP-9, Model 586, MAC11, 226 MK25, M45 MEUSOC,

  • Gadgets: Barbed Wire (hurts and slows down attackers), Sledgehammer (a breaching hammer to breach through destructible surfaces), Deployable Shield (crouch-height cover that blocks all weapon damage), Breach Charge, Stun Grenade, EMP Grenade (disables any electronics in range), Shock-Drone (disables traps and also shocks enemies), Frag, Bonfire Launcher,

  • Defenders / Attackers Types: Recruit (can be picked by more than one player and has the most customization options), Thatcher (Attacker – UK flag on his arm), Twitch (Attacker – WIP, plus a GIGN tag on his arm), Sledge (Attacker), Ash (Attacker – probably the female operator),(a total of 11 types are available, recruit is common to both Attacker and Defenders, plus 5 unique types for both Attacker / Defender, each)

  • Moreover, each kit has a specific icon

  • Each Defender / Attacker / CTU type has a specific “bonus” ability: Recruit (Croix Rogue – Improved revive ability), Thatcher (Gas Mask – Damage received from smoke is reduced and also no coughing will happen)

  • Knifing is confirmed!

  • Grenade explosion has a deafening effect that lasts around 5 seconds or so

  • Scoring Points: Barricading: +5, Injure: +50, Injure Assist: +50, Confirm Kill: +50, Kill Assist: +75, Kill: +100, Headshot: +50, Gadget Destroyed: +10,

  • Barricading can be destroyed by team-mates

  • When injured, you can move/crawl to get to safety

  • The voice-overs in the video were in English, but the accent was French

  • The animation for climbing up ladders is not yet properly implemented, as it can been in the screenshot that there’s a gap between the player and ladder

  • When hit, your screen gets zoom-blurred for a moment

  • When an enemy player notices and shoots at you, you can see the white hit-direction-indicators on-screen

  • This area shows the health of your player, and probably body-armor type/ status. The shirt icon probably shows that the player isn’t wearing any armour

  • Magazine Reloading: If you have ammo 1/269 and you reload, you get to 31/239 (for the MP5 MLI). Moreover, the reload animation restarts if interrupted by another action

  • DEATH REPLAY (aka 1st-person Kill-Cam) of around 7 seconds is shown after one’s death, which can also be “skipped”

  • Additionally, there’s an END OF ROUND REPLAY as well

  • A decisive round shows “MATCH POINT” on the top of timer-clock

  • DAMAGE LOG (top-right) indicating the damage done by your killer is shown in the DEATH REPLAY screen

  • End-of-Round screen shows ROUND GRAPH (time-line of kills etc.) and ROUND REPORT (scores, K/D, etc.)

  • Some of the stuff shows WIP (work in progress). The textures also read “ALPHA” at some places on the map.

Thank you WCCF for providing us with this information

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Closed Alpha Specifications

So the newest in the line up of the Rainbow Six series has just launched for closed Alpha. Check out the press release below;






Sounds like they have taken Terrorist Hunt very seriously and made an entire game about it; I loved the Terrorist Hunt feature and can’t wait for this to be released. Going by the Alpha specifications, even though they say the requirements will be less for game launch, I think this game will be very demanding.

“Minimum Rainbow Six Siege Closed Alpha PC Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, x64
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-8120 Eight-Core
  • CPU Speed: 3.3 GHz (Recommended), 2.6 GHz (Minimum)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 / R9 280 X
  • VRAM: 2 GB

Note: These specs are the ones required for Alpha testing and are not the final PC specs. We are still working on optimizing the game and the launch specs will be lower than the Alpha specs.”

Halo Mod for Arma 3 Looks Amazing!

A Halo mod for Arma 3 released by Foehammer Studios has just been released under the name of The Eridanus Insurrection. Its description tells us that the mod focuses on the civil war between the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) and the Insurrectionists, who are various groups of rebel factions within the human colonies.

The mod is said to add a multitude of factions, wider variety of weaponry and vehicles and a custom-made terrain for users to play on when the final version is released. Currently, the mod is at its 0.1 alpha stage and can be downloaded from here.

Halo fans should know that the mod will not include Covenants or Master Chief himself. Still, the idea itself seems promising!

Thank you DSOGaming for providing us with this information

Streacom ALPHA PC Cases Announced


Computer component manufacturer Streacom has announced its new line of ALPHA PC cases. Minimalist and sleek, there are five ALPHA chassis being launched, described by Streacom as “a total reboot and lays the foundation for future product compatibility, expansion, and manufacturing processes” with “not a single part from any previous case [being] re-utilized.”

The whole range of ALPHA cases boasts higher precision extrusion, CNC, and tolerances for the aluminium parts, new anodizing processes with a more dust/mark resistant surface, and redesigned drive trays for easier installation, flexibility, and storage options. Each case also features a dedicated optical drive tray for easier fitting and adjustment, optimised venting, PCB-free USB 3.0 ports, and uprated heatpipes and improved mount surfaces for better thermal performance.

According to the Streacom press release, each individual case features the following improvements:

  • FC5 – Redesigned bottom panel with higher strength, improved convection and more drive options
  • F7C – Added supports for 92mm fan and larger side venting for more airflow
  • FC8 – Top panel holes replaced with stealth side panel vent, cleaner looks and reduced internal dust
  • FC8 – Redesigned heatsink, sleeker, more balanced, less industrial looking and much easier to clean
  • F7C & FC8 – Single piece extruded top panel, virtually unbreakable design, better fit
  • F7C & FC8 – Simplified drive tray with easier installation, more drives and more component clearance
  • F7C & FC8 – Dedicated SSD mounting brackets for easier installation
  • FC5, FC9, FC10 – USB ports are now on both sides for better accessibility and balance
  • FC5, FC9, FC10 – Thicker top panel brackets reduces the chance of thread damage
  • FC5, FC9, FC10 – New silicon feet pads for better dampening, grip and surface protection
  • FC9 & FC10 – New drive tray with variable position drive mounting
  • FC10 – Standard width CPI expansion slots for dual card support

Further information on the ALPHA cases – the FC5 AlphaF7C AlphaFC8 AlphaFC9 Alpha, and the FC10 Alpha – can be found on the respective product pages on the Streacom website.

Source: TechPowerUp

Latest Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Screenshots Look Great

Heroes of Might and Magic 7 is still in its alpha phase, but it already looks pretty sweet and is set for a 2015 release time.

The official blog has started off the month by releasing some new screenshots of the environment and areas in works. As a long time fan of the series, I like what I see.

Official disclaimer to the screenshots:

Please take note that in those screenshots:
– We didn’t used default camera angle & high to allow a better overview of environments
– Armies were set randomly and this is an example of big battlegrounds but we have of course a lot of smaller ones (and mediums, and tiny and giant etc.)
– Creatures/Heroes/Items scales are not final at all
– There are glitches and work in progress assets
– Visual quality is not final too

For those who might not know, Heroes of Might and Magic is a traditional turn-based strategy game who’s fantasy element and fundamental game basics have fascinated gamers for several decades.

Hud views:

Full HD versions of the screenshots can be found on the official blog post in case the above should be a tad to small for you.

Thanks to Ubisoft for providing us with this information

The Multiplayer Exploration Game, World of Diving, Now in Steam Early Access

It’s been over a year since we first reported about World of Diving, this was back when the game was launched as an Indigogo campaign. Now the alpha version of this multiplayer underwater exploration game has made it to Steam’s Early Access program, as well as some other game platforms.

Back then Vertigo, the creators of this game, promised to develop it tightly with it’s founding helpers, and they have done just that. Listened to their users feedback and created features based on them. On of the cool things worth mentioning right away about this game, is the virtual reality support it gains via the Oculus Rift. An amazing feature in such an exploration game.


This is not a game about killing stuff or going head-to-head with some killer shark, it’s all about exploration, discovering sunken treasures and ship wrecks. You can take photos and join up in multiplayer with your friends for some cooperation. Of course, like almost any game these days, you can customize your characters appearance to your liking, whether it might be a ripped washboard stomach, a tiny bikini or maybe you’re even one of the few who would chose a full-body suit.

This is an early access alpha game, but already has a lot of features such as a mission editor, a diving base, historical sunken ships and aircrafts to discover and much more. The next update will see German WW2 Battleship the Bismarck added while the eventual full release will boast animal companions and more fully featured multiplayer.

The game is available now on steam for a price of $19.99 / € 19.99 / £ 14.99. A relative high price considering the state of the game, but that’s the deal with early access.

Thank you Steam for providing us with this information.

Images and video courtesy of Vertigo.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha Specs Leaked – $923 Retail Price

Ok, I almost spat out my drink when I saw the rumored price of this phone, $923 (£547) is a ridiculous amount of money to be spending on a phone, bare in mind though contract users, you usually pay more than this by the time your contract ends. The monstrous beast in question is Samsung’s new phone in it’s Galaxy range, the Alpha.

Not much is known about the handset itself other than a few specifications. It’s packing a beefy octa-core Exynos processor which means anything running on this phone will be smooth and quick. It comes with 32Gb of internal storage and a rather nice 12mp rear facing camera and it’ll be running Android 4.2.2 Kitkat, as you’d expect.

The phones screen is rumored to have Samsungs own Super AMOLED screen at a resolution of 1280×720 with a ppi pixel density of 320. So expect nice colours and contrasts with this new handset. other features of the Alpha include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and more. The phone is thought to be officially announced on August 15th this year, so not long to wait until be can confirm what will be powering this beast.

Thanks to Tweaktown for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of Tweaktown.

H1Z1: Early Access PC Version Coming Soon, but no PS4 Release This Year

We are still eagerly awaiting Sony Online Entertainment to reveal the exact release date of their upcoming H1Z1 Early Access Alpha for Steam, but recent updates suggest that the alpha edition release date draws near.

“As for the game, we are currently in a pre-alpha stage of development, and have an Early Access feature list that we are working against to hit launch status. That means every day new items, features and abilities get created and checked into the game world. said Tom Schenck, H1Z1 Technical Director.

New features, items and most interestingly of all a powerful dynamic weather system is now running in builds of the game, offering unique fighting and survival opportunities.

“Our weather system is dynamic; it comes and goes as like a normal weather system does. What makes it different is it actually affects you. We are not just putting the rain in the game because it looks cool, we are putting rain in the game because we want it to put out camp fires. We wanted to make you cold, we want to make sure that when rain comes you’re actually aware of it and you’re going try to survive.” said Adam Clegg

When pushed for details of a release date during an interview with GamingBolt, Adam added;

“As far as the PS4 version is concerned we are actually concentrating on the PC release. No one in the development team is working on the PS4 [version] and we are focused 100% on PC, for now.”

So there you have it, a laser like focus on the PC development and daily updates being tested means that we shouldn’t have long to wait now, but PlayStation 4 owners will just have to find something else to do, because with no one working on their edition, they’ve still got a long wait ahead.

Thank you Ecumenical for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Ecumenical.

Starpoint Gemini 2 ‘Alpha’ Gets Gets Major Steam Early Access Update

Space sim-RPG Starpoint Gemini 2 (PC), presently in the Alpha phase of development on Steam’s Early Access program, has received the final update of the year accompanied by two new gameplay trailers. Developer Little Green Men Games’ first video is a new gameplay trailer depicting the battle-oriented updates and the second trailer showcases the newly implemented community-driven features including the hugely popular ‘Starship Garage.’


Highlighted additions and changes from today’s update include:

  • New Commands: Fire-at-will command in its basic form uses a smart algorithm to switch between targets. This feature is a work in progress and feedback is most welcome
  • Licenses: Licenses are now available for purchase on stations (planets will receive them in the next update). Licenses can only be acquired when you’re allied to a faction
  • New Station: Check out the new station model
  • Bolstered Defenses: Structures can now be guarded. Damaging them can trigger security forces to arrive in its defense
  • Bonuses: Several new bonus modifiers are now functional (Heavy weapon reload, Weapon battery recharge…)

The full change list v0.6005 can be found in the Steam Community Hub.


“We’re already seeing strong sales for Starpoint Gemini 2 during the Steam Early Access program, and there is definitely a very positive and involved atmosphere on the community hub,” said Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder. “The guys at Little Green Man Games have to be commended for managing to constantly staying tuned to the community vibe while simultaneously improving Starpoint Gemini 2, using the tremendous community feedback as well as executing their own development roadmap. Thanks to the Steam Early Access Program, the game is really expanding well beyond what was originally planned and is looking more and more like a polished, immersive and high quality space sim, as the weeks go by. And there is much more to come!”

Thank you Starpoint Gemini for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Starpoint Gemini.

Raijintek Ereboss CPU Cooler Review


Raijintek are a new comer to the PC market and while we have known of their presence for a while it’s only in the last few months that they’ve been bringing products to market. The Ereboss CPU cooler is just one sample of their range and the company intends to launch chassis products also, one of which we even saw at this years Gamescom in Cologne.

Picking the right CPU cooler can be tricky, especially in the low and mid budget price ranges. Finding the right balance of cost vs the performance you want to achieve can be tricky and with so many options on the market from many big, established manufacturers it may be hard for Raijintek to find a place. The Ereboss is Raijinteks answer to the budget friendly end of the market, those looking to get solid performance without spending too much money.

With a price tag £31.99 the Ereboss is affordable and as you can see from the specifications below it packs plenty of support.

The packaging is well designed, featuring a clear image of the cooler and its included fan.

Around the back we have a full run down of the specifications (see above).

In the box I found a great selection of high quality fitting components, as well as a simple to follow installation guide.

The mounting plate is compatible with multiple socket types, but Intel and AMD processors require different top mounts. There is also some bundled thermal paste in the box/

The included fan can be mounted using the rubber pegs, an extra set has been included for those who wish to add an extra fan (sold separately). All the spacers, screws and bolts required for install are really nicely finished with the exception of four plastic caps, but since these install under the mounting kit, they will be out of sight.

Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial Starts Today, Invites Sent

According to a post by one NeoGAF user the Battlefield 4 Alpha begun today. Apparently invites were sent out early today, June 17th, and the Alpha testing will begin later on today. The Alpha test will run for 2 week and is largely just an opportunity to test the mechanics of the game and for DICE to get feedback on game bugs and multiplayer issues.

The alpha trial has been organised by DICE and they have said it will run from 09:00-15:00 PDT or 18:00-00:00 CET each day. It seems likely that most Alpha testers selected are based in the USA due to the way the Alpha test is being run. The trial is reportedly very basic in terms of graphics and includes few textures, may have choppy game play, server lag and server downtime – but this is all to be expected from very early Alpha trials.

Players that join the trial are told they cannot post public information but I know we will see public information emerging over the next few days as gamers get their hands on this hotly anticipated game. The fact the email has been shared already is a good indication of this.

Were you lucky enough to get access to the Battlefield 4 Alpha?

Image courtesy of NeoGAF