CM Storm Alcor Optical Gaming Mouse Review


The Alcor has proven to be a very popular mouse in recent months, when it launched alongside the Mizar we opted to put the Mizar to the test, so it only seemed right that we should follow-up with its brother, the Alcor, for our latest review. Both the mice are named after stars, hence the space-themed promotional video below; pretty cool.

The Alcor offers all the usual features you would expect from a mid-budget gaming mouse. It’s got on the fly DPI adjustments, an ergonomic design for right-handed use, a 4000 DPI Avago 3090 optical sensor and customizable LED lighting; not bad for a mouse that only costs around £30 from most major retailers.

The Alcor comes hard-wired with a gold-plated USB cable, nothing fancy, but it’ll certainly do the job.

Down the left side, you’ll find a pair of switches for back/forward navigation. The switches here are nice and responsive, without being so light that you would trigger them accidentally.

The left side of the mouse is curved inwards, giving you a good thumb rest and extra grip.

There’s nothing notable on the right side of the Alcor, but you can see the swollen shape that should provide you with a comfortable hand position for both palm rest and craw grip play-styles.

In the centre, there are two switches for DPI adjustments, as well as a nice quality scroll wheel with  rubber grip coating for extra control.

Both the left and right mouse buttons are a good size, with a very low front at the end of the mouse; this allows your fingers to curl downwards and could help reduce hand strain.

Around the back, a small CM Storm logo with four colour LED back-lighting.

There are only four small slipmats on the base, but the mouse is very light, so it should still glide very well.

A quick test on the CM Storm Swift-RX mouse pad, it does indeed glide very well!

CM Storm Have Just Launched Two New Gaming Mice

Coolermaster are on a bit of a roll recently, they’ve had one hit product after another and their gaming brand CM Storm is no exception. Now we see them continue pushing forward with the release of two new gaming mice, or should that be old gaming mice?

The new Alcor and Mizar gaming mice are a look back at times when PC gaming was a much less complicated affair, simpler times that need a much more refined and straight forward gaming mouse that’ll just get the job done, but get it done very well.

Classic exterior design combined with high end and modern internal components blends the new and old here, the Alcor is fitted with the Avago 3090 sensor while the Mizar takes the Avago 9800 laser sensor.

The Alcor features a slick optical sensor with a DPI range of up to 4000 DPI over four pre-sets which can be toggled from two switches on the top of the mouse. Omron switches ensure great performance that should last a lifetime and the CM Storm logo features multi-colour LED lighting, perfect for indicating the selected DPI.

The Mizar’s laser sensor can handle up to 8200 DPI, which can be configured through four quick toggle pre-sets right from the mouse, while reinforced rubber side pads ensure maximum grip no matter how frantic your battle gets. Customisation software allows tweaking of DPI, profiles, LED lighting colour and assigning functions and macros to the 7 fully programmable buttons.

The Alcor and Mizar are available right now via the Coolermaster webshop, but will he hitting other UK outlets in the coming weeks. The Alcor is just £29.99 while the Mizar is £39.99, so they certainly sound like great value for money.

Thank you Coolermaster for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Coolermaster.