Airmega Smart Connected Air Purifier @ CES 2016

CES 2016: There’s lots of cool tech on show this year, such as these fantastic looking Airmega air purifiers, which look like something out of Aperture Laboratories! With smart connected features that allow you to monitor air quality, control the air flow, monitor filter lifespan and more. Motion and light sensors will check when you’re sleeping and put the device to sleep, unless the air is in a bad way, then it will keep working, but you can manually control it too.

What’s special is the filters, which are said to last a year each, and can be bought for around $130 for both, this is hundred cheaper than the competition and could be a real cost saver for those living in environments with poor air quality.

We really like this product and can’t wait to see more from this company. The units look great, they’re going to be competitively priced, they’re super efficient and a superb addition to the home for anyone living in inner city areas or with allergies.