Aerocool Aero-500 Windowed Mid-Tower Chassis Review


Aerocool is back on eTeknix once again and today, we’ll be taking a look at their budget friendly mid-tower, the Aerocool Aero-500. There’s a big market for affordable cases with great amounts of component compatibility and the Aero-500 certainly ticks a lot of the right boxes. You’ll find it capable of housing a high-end gaming system, some water cooling, long graphics cards, and much more and that’s sure to make it appeal to a wide range of system builders, especially given its affordable price.

With a long history of creating some fantastic chassis, Aerocool are always a welcome site here at eTeknix. Sure, we love our flagship models with crazy spec and price tags, but every now and then, a down to Earth and affordable product is just as good, especially given that these are the products people are more likely to actually invest in for their own system.


  • Superb gaming case aimed for great airflow performance.
  • Specially designed top metal cover with extended depth to easily install 240mm water cooling system.
  • Bay covers are designed with a simple flip mechanism for easy removal of bay cover without removing the front panel.
  • Support hi-end graphic cards up to 374mm.
  • Supports max. CPU cooler height of 155mm.
  • Supports max. PSU length of 180mm.
  • Magnetic metal mesh sheet on top panel is easy to remove for cleaning and adds style to the chassis.
  • Removable PSU dust filter for easy cleaning.
  • Supports up to 4×3.5” HDD and 2×2.5” HDD/SSD.
  • 1 x USB3.0 + 2 x USB2.0 / HD Audio + Mic.

With support for an (up to) ATX motherboard, a pair of 5.25″ drives, a good amount of 3.5″ and 2.5″ hard drives, seven expansion slots, an ATX PSU, a good size air cooling tower and even a little room for a slim 240mm water cooling radiator; pretty much everything you could hope for from a decent gaming PC build.

First impressions of the Aero-500 are certainly positive, with a huge side panel window giving us a great look at the interior and a pair of easily accessible thumb screws at the back to open it up.

The right side panel has a large recess, which should give us a little extra room for cable routing/management behind the motherboard.

The front panel is certainly my favorite aspect so far, with a huge ventilated section that will provide plenty of cool air to your system, and those stylish 5.25″ drive bay covers with quick release paddles.

The silver parts are only plastic, but they do look like metal tabs; such as the ones found on more expensive Aerocool chassis products. It’s worth pointing out that this i on the import model, as the UK version features black clips.

Around the back, you’ll find a 120mm fan exhaust with a 120mm Aerocool fan pre-installed. Below that, you’ve got a screw guard to the right of the seven expansion slots, and finally a PSU mounting area at the bottom.

The top panel has a large ventilated section with dust filter as well as the main I/O panel.

The dust filter is magnetic too, so you can easily pull it off, give it a clean and quickly get it re-installed.

Towards the front you’ll find two built-in fan controllers, with the options for high, low and off, giving you great control over acoustics and cooling. Aside from that, the usual HD audio jacks, 2 x USB 2.0 and a single USB 3.0 ports.

The base has some large feet, which gives it great stability and some firm rubber grips that will help prevent it sliding around your floor, but also eat up a few (if any) vibrations from your system. There’s a small clip-on dust filter for the PSU; it’s nothing fancy, but it’ll get the job done.

Aerocool Dream Box Chassis Kit Review


What will your next chassis be? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself a few times when you’re planning a build. Do you go for the big and expensive one that’s going to look great and offer lots of space, or do you save on costs and get something more reserved, allowing you more budget for that graphics card you like? How about the Aerocool Dream Box? I can assure you, you’ve likely never thought of having this chassis in your build list, but given that this can be virtually any  shape, size or configuration you desire, it’s certainly one of the most interesting chassis we’ve ever seen land here at eTeknix HQ.

From mini-ITX to E-ATX, the Dream Box can hold any of them. The idea is that you take this “chassis” and built it how you want it. I use the word “chassis” in quotes, because a chassis isn’t exactly what you’re buying here. What this really looks like to me is a several hundred piece Meccano set with a few screw holes to put on a motherboard and PSU, and well, that’s because that’s exactly what it is. Free from the box-like constraints of most chassis, you don’t even have to build a chassis from this, you can build whatever you want. We’ve seen people build helicopters, bridges and more. Today though, we’ll be building a PC case, that’s what we want to see.

“Dream Box” is a revolutionary DIY kit created by Aerocool to give you the flexibility to build a computer case like no other! Furthermore, you can make anything you want out of this DIY kit. The creation can be a table, a lamp, a cup holder, a coat hanger, a toy and the list goes on and on. There are NO LIMITATIONS!! THE ONLY LIMITATION IS YOUR IMAGINATION!! Have fun with “Dream Box” DIY kit!! Make your own creations and make your dreams come true. BE UNIQUE! BE COOL! BE AEROCOOL!

Aerocool provides a guide to building a tower from the parts, but that’s a little boring, so we’re just going to let you watch this video then we’ll move on and “try” make something of our own doing.

The box gives us a few examples on the front, such as a full-tower chassis, a helicopter style mini-ITX build and a headphone stand. I love the bright yellow box too, it certainly stands out.

On the back, another set of random examples of what you can do; a cup holder and a hat and coat stand!

There’s a run down of the components too and well, there are a LOT of components. We’ve got a grand total of 118 parts and around 500 screws; this build isn’t going to be quick, that’s for sure!

Opening the box, you’ll find that every single component is carefully packed in protective foam. This not only keeps the parts safe but also makes them incredibly easy to find while building your system, almost like a custom tool drawer.

All the components come in four of these trays and as you can see, there’s really not much in terms of a chassis here, at least not yet.

All of the components are of a fantastic quality, all aluminium tubing and a gorgeous matte black paint job that gives everything a premium look and feel. Here you can see the longest and shortest poles, as well as the two sizes of mounting plates (used for motherboards and other hardware).

The two mid-size poles, as well as some joint caps and the angle bracket.

More joint adaptors here, offering a wide range of installation options, as well as the ATX PSU support bracket.

Extra fittings allow you to extended poles, angle brackets are self-explanatory, and those C rings are used for mounting virtually anything to the poles; hard drives, fans, motherboards, radiators, you name it.

Finally, we have the I/O panel, a frighteningly empty instruction book and about five hundred screws!

The I/O panel is quite nicely designed, with a thick braided cable keeping all the important stuff neat and tidy, there are four USB ports, HD audio jacks and a nicely designed power and reset button arrangement. so that’s all the basics covered, let’s try to build something!

Aerocool Releases the Dream Box DIY-Kit

Seven months ago Aerocool launched a campaign on Facebook in order to find a name for their new chassis design. The chassis is anything but ordinary, so it is more than fitting that the naming of it took an unusual route too. Users came with their suggestions, and there were a lot, but in the end, it was the Dream Box name that won out and got to be the official product name.

Since then, Aerocool has been hard at work to perfect the chassis and built it to allow the end-user nearly endless build options. The only thing holding you back with this chassis is your imagination and time – and now it can be yours. Aerocool officially released the new chassis and in case you want to know more, we’ll have the full review ready for you tomorrow morning!

This DIY PC chassis kit comes in a box with a total of 118  different parts that allows users to build one of the three PC related chassis models straight out of the box. But this is only the starter kit and you can keep on both building and expand the more you buy. That’s pretty awesome and I am already picturing walls of nested systems built with this DIY kit.

The starter kit includes various components, including aluminum pipes, various connectors with different angles, mounting C-rings for other connections as well as PC-related parts such as mainboard-tray, PSU tray and one I/O panel. The Dream Box can be also used for assembling tables, lamps, cup holders or even all kind of toys and useful gadgets.

Due to the fact that the largest part of the framework is done using the aluminum pipes, a real sturdy and solid base is achieved. All connected joints are further fixed by screws in order to assure high stability. Users are also encouraged to share their builds on Aerocool’s Facebook page in order to inspire others with your own blueprints.

The Aerocool Dream Box DIY kit is available worldwide now and it comes with an MSRP of €134.90 EUR in Europa and $149.90 USD in North America (excluding VAT/Tax).

Aerocool Reveals Xpredator PSU Price and Availability

Aerocool recently revealed the new line of 80Plus Gold certified Xpredator power supplies, but at the time, they didn’t reveal the availability nor the pricing. We now have both these information at hand and will naturally share them with you. The new Aerocool Xpredator 550W, 650W, 750W, and 1000W models will be available at e-tailers and retails starting this week for a price of €75.00, €83.00, €88.50, and €139.00 Euro respectively.

With these four capacity options and a very reasonable price tag for a power supply unit with a gold rated efficiency, these PSUs should become quite popular despite that Aerocool mostly is known for their cooling options and PC chassis. The Xpredator Gold Series power supply units feature a modular design for easy cable management and convenience and the PSU also comes with some removable cable straps for further improvement in the cable management options. They use a single 12 Volts rail for high compatibility and extremely high current output. The maximum voltage deviation of the single rail is at ±3% thanks to the DC-to-DC design.

Aerocool installed a 120mm fan in the PSU which helps with the cooling and noise generation and the top model even comes with a 140mm. The PSUs support both the ATX12V v2.4 as well as EPS v2.92 so you can use them in all your setups. The main 20+4P and CPU 4+4P cable straps are up to 600mm long and sleeved. The removable cable straps, on the other hand, are utilizing black flat cables. You also get all the protections that you’ll want, including OVP, OCP, OPP, UVP, SCP, and SIP.

Vibox Defcon 3 Red Gaming PC Review


Selecting any pre-configured PC can be a daunting experience especially if the end-user feels overwhelmed by the huge array of options. Thankfully, Vibox is one of the leading system builders in the industry and adopts a basic scoring system to help novices gauge the suitability of each configuration. More specifically, the company even outlines typical gaming performance and quantifies the difference between each specification in a transparent manner. This is an essential tool to put people at ease and ensure they purchase the right system for their personal requirements.

Recently, we reviewed the Vibox Element X Green and couldn’t believe how well it performed in a number of demanding games for the price point. Out of all the systems so far, it’s probably the best value proposition I’ve seen and the perfect choice for a console gamer trying out PC gaming for the first time. However, the system’s CPU performance was inhibited somewhat by its AMD FX-6300 processor and wasn’t ideal for non-gaming workloads. The beauty of PC hardware means you can prioritize CPU performance, memory capacity, or graphical grunt. Although, it’s important to create a balanced system and eliminate any bottlenecks.

Vibox decided to send out for review purposes the Defcon 3, which features an Intel 6500 quad-core processor, 8GB DDR4 2800MHz memory and GTX 950 2GB. This basic setup is accompanied by an Aerocool 500 watt 80+ Bronze power supply, 120GB solid state drive, Thermaltake closed-looped liquid cooler, and 1TB data drive. The package is housed in the highly acclaimed, Corsair Carbide Spec-01 chassis and backed by a lifetime support service. As you can see, this particular build opts for a better CPU and lower-end graphics solution. As a result, it will be fascinating to see how it compares to the Element X, and I expect it to perform much better in synthetic benchmarking tasks.


  • Name: Vibox Defcon 3
  • Case: Corsair Carbide Spec-01 Red LED
  • Motherboard: MSI Z170A PC Mate Motherboard
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 6500 Quad Core CPU @ 3.2GHz
  • Processor Cooler: Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performer
  • System Memory:  8GB Patriot Viper Xtreme DDR4 2800MHz
  • Main Boot Drive: Patriot Blast 120GB SSD
  • Additional Storage Drive(s): 1TB Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda SATA 6Gb/s 7200rpm 64MB Cache 8ms
  • Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 950 Gaming 2GB
  • Power Supply: Aerocool Integrator 500W 80+ Bronze
  • Peripherals: None
  • Monitor: None
  • Optical Drive24x DVD-RW Optical Drive
  • Wireless: None
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Warranty: Lifetime Evolution Warranty – Build Charge, Shock-Proof Packaging, Express Delivery, 2 Year Parts Cover, Lifetime Labour & Tech Support
  • Price: £699.92

Packing and Accessories

The system is packaged in a 15Kg box containing precautionary fragile labels and two handles to make the carrying process remarkably easy. Additionally, the cardboard is relatively thick and helps to reduce any impact during shipping.

Once opened, there is a UK power lead, Vibox leaflet and ample supply of padding. Underneath this section, is the main chassis box.

It’s always recommended to reinforce the main chassis with an external box as this holds it in position and stops the chassis’ edges from scraping against anything. As a result, this should reduce the probability of cosmetic damage occurring during transit.

In terms of accessories, the Defcon 3 comes with a user’s guide, hardware manuals, driver disks, DVI to VGA adapter, fan adapter, and standard UK power cable. The user’s guide is superb and walks you through the installation in simple English without using technical jargon. Additionally, it also includes all the contact details you need in case of any system faults.



AeroCool Announces XPredator GM Series 80 Plus Gold PSU Line-Up

Aerocool might not be the most recognizable name in the technology industry but they have a great selection of cases, fan controllers, air coolers, fans, and power supplies. The company was setup back in 2002, and continues to bring great products at affordable pricing. Although, I’ve personally not used any of the items in their line-up. The latest addition is a new range of power supplies rated to an 80 Plus Gold efficiency standard. While this isn’t the greatest rating available, it’s more than enough for the average user and should come at a much cheaper price point. The XPredator series comes in 550W, 650W, 750W, and 1000W models to suit a variety of usage scenarios.

Furthermore, all of the units in this range feature DC-DC switching, a single +12V rail design, active electrical protections, Core C6/C7 power-state support, and active PFC. As you can see from the picture above, each power supply adopts a semi-modular design to help with cable management. The 1000W model utilizes a 140mm fan while the lower wattage versions use a 120mm. Unfortunately, AeroCool didn’t provide any pricing information at this time, but I’m pretty sure these units are aimed at the mainstream gaming market. As a result, they should be pretty affordable.

Vibox Element X Green Gaming PC Review


There’s a common misnomer that PC gaming costs an extortionate amount of money which can deter console players from making the switch. During the last decade, developers haven’t pushed the boundaries of high-end graphical hardware due to a fixation on the console market. Additionally, the current crop of consoles are incredibly weak and struggle to maintain 30 frames-per-second at 1080P. As a result, budget PCs can easily cope with the latest games and graphics cards have a surprisingly long lifespan. On another note, CD Key resellers provide huge discounts on pre-orders which results in average savings between £20-30 compared to the £45-55 console versions. This makes PC gaming affordable and some argue it can be cheaper in the long-term.

One major hurdle newcomers face is the confusing selection of components and lack of building experience. Thankfully, companies like Vibox source the parts to create a balanced system and utilize their engineering team’s skills. Recently, they decided to dispatch the Vibox Element X Green for review purposes which features an AMD FX-6300 processor, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, MSI R9 380 graphics card and 120GB boot SSD. Other notable mentions include an Aerocool Integrator 600W power supply, 1TB data drive, MSI 990FXA-GD65 motherboard, and Thermatake Water 3.0 closed-loop-cooler. This is a fantastic specification considering the affordable price bracket, and I expect it to perform exceedingly well in 1920×1080 gaming benchmarks.


  • Name: Vibox Element X Green Gaming PC
  • Case: Vibox Predator Green Gaming Case
  • Motherboard: MSI 990FXA-GD65 Motherboard
  • Processor: AMD FX-6300 6-Core CPU Overclocked to 4.4GHz
  • Processor Cooler: Thermaltake Water 3.0
  • System Memory: 8GB Patriot DDR3 1600MHz
  • Main Boot Drive: 120GB Patriot Blast SSD
  • Additional Storage Drive(s): 1TB Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB SATA 6GB/s 7200RPM HDD
  • Graphics card: MSI Radeon R9 380 GAMING 2GB GDDR5
  • Power Supply: Aerocool Integrator 600W 80+ Bronze
  • Peripherals: None
  • Monitor: None
  • Optical Drive: 24x DVD-RW
  • Wireless: None
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Warranty:  2 Year Parts Cover, Lifetime Labour & Tech Support
  • Price: £649.22

Packing and Accessories

The system arrived in a durable box with precautionary labels to reduce the chance of damage occurring during transit. I was pleased to see two hand tabs which makes the packaging easier to carry for both the courier and customer.

Once opened, the chassis box is protected on the top and bottom by cardboard covers. These help to reinforce the packaging and prevent the case from moving around in an abrupt manner.

Here we can see the chassis’ box which showcases the unusual design and Vibox branding. The cardboard is quite thick and does a stellar job of keeping the case free from cosmetic defects.

In terms of accessories, the PC is bundled with a DVI-VGA adapter, driver disks, documentation, USB PCI bracket, and UK power plug. The Vibox instructions are fantastic and contain clear diagrams in colour to assist with the initial setup process. The guide also includes information about contacting the customer hotline in case any technical problems arise.



Overclockers UK Launches New Marvel AMD Gaming PC Range

Overclockers UK has launched two brand new PCs in the Marvel range, the Marvel 4K and the Marvel 1080p, and it isn’t hard to guess what gaming resolutions these systems are designed for with names like that. Both systems are AMD based and come at a very reasonable price.

The Marvel 4K is designed to deliver 4K gaming at a very wallet-friendly price point but still utilizing high-grade components. The system is built with an ASUS STRIX Radeon R9 390X 8GB Graphics Card, but with upgrade options that include the Radeon Fury and FuryX 4GB HBM. To provide stable power, Overclockers added the highly recommended Super Flower PSU and a wide range of chassis to choose from. Among the cases are models from Aerocool, Cougar and Bitfenix, giving you the choice of look, style and colours. The Marvel 4K is also equipped with a selection of solid state drives, mechanical drives, or hybrid drives.

The Marvel 1080p is a more modest approach to a system and it’s built around AMD’s APUs. These systems are designed to be an alternative to gaming consoles and can be yours for a very similar price. While APUs might not be the go-to choice for hardcore gamers, they provide more than sufficient power for popular online games like League of Legends.

The Marvel 4K starts from £799.99 and the Marvel 1080p starts at £399.95, depending on customizations you choose. However, if you’re in the market for a Marvel 1080p system, you might want to get on it now as the Marvel 1080p is available with a £70 discount at the moment, reducing the price all the way down to £329.95.

Aerocool Adds Aero-800 and Aero-500 to the PGS-A Series

Aerocool might not be the go-to brand for most when thinking and planning their next system, but it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Aerocool already has quite a few impressive cases on the market and they’ve expanded the lineup with two new ones: The Aerocool Aero-800 and Aero-500 cases that deliver great value for the costs.

The Aero-800 and Aero-500 are part of the PGS-A series just as the already release Aero-1000 is. These cases are however designed for gamers with a limited budget without sacrificing the many great features.

The new mid towers resemble the Aero-1000 quite a bit on the outside, but the insides are different. You can also pick between different colours for each of the two new cases to match the setup and preference that you might have or want.

The Aero-500 will be available in the two most popular colour choices black and white while the Aero-800 will be available in four different colours: Blue, black, white, and grey.

The two cases feature the same clean mesh panels and removable magnetic dust filters that make you system look clean and also stay that way. The front IO panel is located on top on the Aero-500 and on the front on the Aero-800. Both feature two USB 2.0 ports, microphone, and headphone jacks. The Aero-500 also has one USB 3.0 while the Aero-800 has two. You’ll also find a 2-channel 3-step fan controller on the Aero-500.

The PGS-A series has a special focus on being able to provide strong cooling and that includes liquid cooling setups. Both the Aero-800 and Aero-500 support 240mm radiators at the top and front panel. There is of course also the obligatory rear 120mm fan support.

Motherboard support ranges from Mini-ITX over Micro-ATX to standard ATX. The GPU clearance can be up to 390mm in the Aero-800 and 374mm in the Aero-500. Both should be sufficient for pretty much any graphics card. Both cases support CPU coolers with a height up to 155mm.

Aero-800 features two 5.25-inch bays as well as up to five 2.5-inch bays and two 3.5-inch bays. The PSU and HDD area has been separated from the main compartment, allowing better airflow circulation and cable management. Aero-500 on the other hand offers two 5.25-inch bays as well two 2.5-inch bays and four 3.5-inch bays.

The new Aerocool Aero-800 and Aero-500 should be available at etailers and retailers starting this week. The MSRP for the Aero-800 is set to 60.25 EUR and $67.90. The Aero-500 is even cheaper and will be available from 37.72 EUR and $42.50. Prices are excl. VAT and taxes.

AeroCool Wants Your Help to Name Their New DIY Kit

Aerocool has made some funky looking cases in the past and it looks like they don’t have any plans to stop that way of thinking. They are getting ready to release their new “revolutionary” DIY kit, codenamed Magic Box, that gives you the flexibility to build a computer case like no other.

The new DIY kit needs a name and AeroCool wants their customers and fans to name it for them. For this, they kicked off a contest to find just the right name, so let your imaginations run wild. The name that convinces the design team most will win and become the official name for the kit.

The really cool things about they AeroCool DIY kit is that it doesn’t just limit you to building and PC case, you can build pretty much anything you want. The final product can be a table, a lamp, a cup holder, a coat hanger, a toy and the list goes on and on. There aren’t any limitations except for your own imagination (and the amount of DIY pieces you have).

AeroCool will of course hand out rewards for the effort and the first place winner with the name that is picked will win two kits while another five sets will go to five random people who entered with valid suggestions. So be creative and you got a chance for some extra freebies.

The entire event is held via a Facebook post on the official AeroCool page where you can reply with your suggestions and read up on the few conditions to enter. Good Luck.

AeroCool Aero-1000 Mid-Tower Chassis Review


AeroCool is back on eTeknix once again, recently they’ve impressed us with a great range of gaming chassis designs and I’m hoping for a repeat performance from them today. The new chassis, the first entry in their PGS-A series is the Aero-1000 a high-end chassis designed for a wide range of desktop systems; gaming, workstation, or just a nice box for your humble family rig.

As you can see from the specifications below, the Aero-1000 is pretty well equipped. It has room for an ATX motherboard, seven expansion slots, a good amount of storage bays, room for extra long graphics cards and even more space if you remove the top hard drive bays. There’s also three good quality 120mm pre-installed, one in the back and two more in the front.

The left side panel is really nice and has a tall window panel that will allow you to show off your graphics cards and other fun hardware, while keeping the storage bays out of sight.

The right side panel is just a blank panel and just like the left panel, it’s held in place by a pair of thumb screws. At the top of each side panel, there’s a little extra ventilation, which also adds a little bit of visual flair to the edge of the chassis.

The front panel is really nicely designed. The top and bottom overhang a little, giving the front panel a slightly recessed look. There are two 5.25″ drive bays at the top, each with a front removable cover and there’s a huge amount of ventilation at the front with a removable dust cover for easy maintenance.

Around the back, you’ll find a pair of routing grommets right above the rear 120mm fan mount. There’s seven expansion slots available, each fitted with a reusable ventilated cover; more than enough room here for a multi-GPU configuration. The bottom of the chassis houses the PSU and there’s even a small slide-out dust filter for quick and easy maintainance.

The top panel has room for plenty of extra ventilation, with a magnetic dust filter to help keep dust and debris out of your system. There’s an I/O panel near the front, with the usual power buttons, HD audio jacks and a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

The base of the chassis has two full-width feet with four rubber grips, giving the 1000 a stable base as well as good airflow on the underside for the PSU air intake.

Aerocool Releases BattleHawk Value Chassis

Aerocool presented their new BattleHawk chassis as part of its value-for-money PGS-V (Performance Gaming System) series a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t reveal the price nor release date at that time. They’ve caught up on that now and the good news is that if you want one of these new PC cases, then you don’t have to wait long.

The BattleHawk will be available as both black and white coloured versions and offers an aggressive design and a variety of features that you otherwise usually find in more expensive cases such as great cable-routing abilities, removable dust filters, and more.


The BattleHawk has room for a ATX, micro-ATX, or mini-ATX motherboard and that is not a typo. The mini-ATX formfactor might not be so well-known among most people, but it’s a valid standard measuring 15 times 15 centimeters, making it slightly smaller than a mITX motherboard. You can add graphics cards with a length of up to 390mm and CPU coolers with a total height of 155mm, opening up for a great deal of options.

The case comes with two pre-installed 120mm fans where the front features LED lighting. You can add another two 120mm fans to the top panel to further enhance the cooling abilities. There’s no shortage of drive mounting options either with space for up to three 3.5-inchharddrives, two 2.5-inch HDDs or SSDs and it also features two 5.25-inch drive bays for optical drives, fan controllers, or other accessories.

The new Aerocool BattleHawk chassis will be available at etailers and retails starting this week for a suggested manufacturers price of €64,90 EUR / $71,50 USD.

AeroCool Battlehawk Chassis Revealed

The latest chassis from AeroCool is on its way and it already looks like a great solution for those planning a high-end gaming system build! The Battlehawk ATX mid-tower chassis will be available in two colour options, white with black inserts and a blue front panel fan; the Battlehawk White. It will also be available in all black, with a red front panel fan; the Battlehawk Black.

The chassis is made from SECC steel with ABS panels, both chassis have an all-black interior for nice clean looks and measure in at 218 x 455 x 491mm and weighing 4.5KG. There’s also a side panel with tinted black acrylic panel.

There’s a single 5.25″ drive bay and a 3.5″ drive bay on the front panel, which are nicely tucked away behind the sleek front panel door. There’s quite an aggressive shape to the chassis, which should appeal to a gaming audience, although, with a name like Battlehawk, it was hardly doing to have a subtle design.

On the interior, you’ll find three 3.5″ and two 2.5″ drive bays, cable management and a CPU cooler mounting cut-out. There’s room for two 120mm fans in the front, a 120mm in the back and two more 120mm in the top; there’s a single 120mm fan pre-installed in the front and another in the back of the chassis.

Unfortunately, no price or release date just yet, but we expect more information will follow very soon.

Aerocool Launched the Aero-1000 Chassis

Aerocool presented their newest chassis, the Aero-1000, as part of its new PGS-A (Performance Gaming System) series. The A in the series stands for Airflow, which is one main mission here. All the new chassis from the PGS-A series will stand out by extraordinary airflow capabilities, great cable management functions and a lot of space for high-end water-cooling systems.

The Aerocool Aero-1000 will be available in two colour options, a completely black one and a white and black model. The overall design stays the same with huge metal mesh grids in both top and front panel to pull and push all the air needed. The case in itself is made from 0.8mm thick steel to ensure stability and quality.

Aerocool uses very solid steel with 0,8 mm thickness for the chassis to assure great stability. On top is a curved panel that offers extra space for 240 mm or 280 mm water-cooling radiators with a thickness of 35 mm. If the 35mm shouldn’t be enough then the Aero-1000 also supports 45mm thickness radiators in the front panel as well as an additional 120mm radiator in the rear of the chassis.

The Aero-1000 chassis ships with three pre-installed 120mm fans, two in the front and one in the rear. The fans are spinning at 1.200 RPM, create a merely audible 26,5 dBA noise, and provide 36,4 CFM airflow. There is also room for two more 140 or 120mm fans in the top panel for those who need more than the three included. Cleaning should also be easy, as the mesh grid in the front can be removed with just one push for easy access to the dust filters.

Aero-1000 offers two external 5.25-inch bays, five internal 3.5-inch bays, and two 2.5-inch bays. Drives are mounted tool-free for extra convenience and the slide-in trays use anti-vibration rubber insulators to prevent vibrations to travel to the chassis.

Extra long graphics cards aren’t a problem either for the up to 410mm clearance, CPU coolers can be up to 170mm high and the ATX PSU can be up to 220mm long. Plenty of room for most components.

Aerocool’s new Aero-1000 chassis will be available at etailers and retails starting this week. Suggested manufacturers price is set at €79.90 in Europe and $99.00 in USA (excl. Taxes).

Thanks to Aerocool for providing us with this information

Aerocool Presents Cyclops and Cyclops Advanced Value Chassis

Aerocool presents a new value for money chassis for the entry-level market called Cyclops. The Cyclops and Cyclops Advanced midi-towers are part of the PGS-V series that combines great features with a futuristic design and low costs.

Customers have the choice between a red and a black version of the case that’s made of 0.5mm thick steel. The case supports ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX Mainboards as well as VGA cards with a length of up to 390 millimeters and CPU coolers with a height of 155 mm.

There are plenty of openings for your cable management and a cutout behind the CPU area for access to the cooler backplate. It comes with a removable dust filter for the PSU area, an acrylic-window in the side-panel and a special adapter, allowing users to mount a fan or HDD into the exposed 3,5” bay.

The Cyclops chassis comes with one pre-installed 1.200 RPM 120mm case fan at rear and the Advanced version also has a red illumination one in the front. There are two 5.25-inch, three 3.5-inch, and one 2.5-inch drive bays and it has room for another 2.5-inch drive on the rear of the motherboard tray. The front panel features USB 2.0 for the normal version and USB 3.0 for the Advanced.

Aerocool’s Cyclops and Cyclops Advanced chassis are available at etailers and retails starting this week with an MSRP of €40.90 in Europe and $45.90 in the USA (excl. Taxes).

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Aerocool Xpredator Cube Micro-ATX Chassis Review


Aerocool have been working hard this last couple of years, taking their somewhat unknown chassis products and taking them into the big leagues, where they now compete side-by-side with the likes of NZXT and Corsair in the gaming chassis market. Their Xpredator series is easily one of my favourites and Aerocool have done well to carry many of the style points throughout the entire range, such as with the new Xpredator Cube which we’re reviewing today.

Cube chassis are big business right now, with seemingly every chassis manufacturer moving from the once super popular mini-ITX cube chassis and going into the bigger Micro-ATX territory, most likely due to the increasing popularity of enormous graphics cards and dual GPU setups; something you cannot do with a mini-ITX motherboard.

The Xpredator Cube series is available in a wide range of colours and styles; I have the black and orange model at my disposal today.

The Cube is well equipped, with room for long graphics cards, plenty of storage space, good cooling support and more, so let’s get right to it and take a closer look at its overall design.

The left side panel features an extra long window section, which will be perfect for showing off the cooler design on your graphics cards. There’s a good amount of ventilation on the front left edge of the chassis too, but we’ll come back to that in a moment.

More ventilation on the right side, as well as a section near the rear for the PSU air intake.

The aggressive vents on the side of the chassis, as well as the full height of the front panel, allow huge amounts of airflow to any front-mounted cooling.; there’s a 200mm fan pre-installed in the front.

The main I/O is really nicely designed, with a pair of fan controller dials to help you balance cooling performance and noise. You’ll also find a pair of USB 3.0 ports and HD audio jacks; it’s great to see more chassis manufacturers ditching the older USB 2.0 ports.

Around the back, you’ll find an optional 120/140mm fan mount right about the motherboard area; perfect for an AIO cooler. There’s some extra routing grommets in the top right, four expansion slots and another fan mount in the base, this time with a 140mm fan pre-installed. The PSU is mounted on its side and can be installed from by removing the rear bracket and sliding in your PSU.

The top of the chassis features a cool fin setup, which can be closed down using the slider at the side. This means you can close it to keep dust out and noise in, or open it up on a warm day, giving your system a little extra breathing room.

Four large feet on the base, each coated with a ring of rubber to help reduce vibration and to keep your system from sliding around your desktop.

Aerocool Announces Compact GT-RS ATX Cube Chassis

Aerocool announced their latest chassis, this time a ‘futuristic designed’ cube ATX case with a somewhat different design inside. The GT-RS chassis can hold ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ATX motherboards, graphics cards up to 300mm length and CPU coolers up to 121mm height.

It can hold both single and dual fan radiators for those who want to use liquid cooling and comes with one pre-installed fan in the front. Next to the pre-installed fan, users can install another 120mm fan at the front, one at the bottom, and another one at the top. An 80mm fan can further be placed at the rear.

The interior has a dual chamber design to separate the drives from the motherboard and other components. It can hold two 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch drives internally and has one external 5.25-inch and one 3.5-inch bay for card readers, optical drives, or what else comes to mind for them. The two-chamber design also allows for better airflow to the high performing items such as motherboard and GPU.

A fan controller, two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, microphone, and headphone connections can be found at the top of the chassis. The fan controller has two steps but also allows you to change to colour of the included fan between blue and red.

Aerocool’s GT-RS Cube chassis will be available starting this week for an MSRP of €63.90.

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Aerocool Strike-X Cube Micro-ATX Chassis Review


Aerocool is well-known for their funky chassis designs and it looks like today will be no exception. Their latest creation is the Strike-X Cube, a micro-ATX form factor edition of their popular Strike-X chassis series. Aerocool have proven time and time again that they can cram an incredible amount of features into their products at a very competitive price and we’re expecting a similar performance from them today.

The Strike-X Cube chassis may be relatively small, but its capabilities are anything but. You’ll find the chassis is capable of housing a Micro-ATX motherboard, two graphics cards of up to 345mm, tall CPU coolers up to 187mm, up to a 280mm water cooling radiator, a built-in fan controller, removable storage bays and more!

1. Super cube gaming case solidly built with 0.7mm Steel.
2. Unique side bar design to take the strength of chassis to the next level.
3. PSU bracket makes installation of PSU easier.
4. Largely increased airflow front and top panels.
5. Completely removable ODD rack for ease of installing water cooling system.
6. Supports DUAL 240/280mm water cooling radiators.
7. Pre-drilled holes for cable management to reduce cable mess.
8. Pre-drilled holes for water cooling tubes.
9. Supports internal 3×3.5″HDD (also compatible with 2.5”) and 2×2.5″HDD/SSD under ODD rack.
10. Supports dual high-end graphic cards up to 320mm ( 345mm when front 20cm fan removed).
11. Supports max. CPU cooler height of 187mm.
12. Supports all PSU lengths.
13. Super-silent 20cm fan and 14cm fan included for front and rear cooling.
14. Supports up to 1 x 20cm, 2x12cm, or 2x14cm fans on top panel.
15. Supports up to 1x 20cm, 2x12cm or 2x14cm fans on front panel ( 1x20cm pre-installed).
16. Supports up to 2x12cm or 2x14cm fans on rear panel (1x 14cm pre-installed).
17. Magnetic PSU dust filter can be easily removed for cleaning.
18. HDD rack is double-secured by 2 screws to ensure the precious data don’t get damaged during transportation.
19. Shock-proof rubber pads for 3.5″ HDDs and PSU.
20. 2x USB3.0/ HD Audio & MIC.
21. Separate fan positions for exhausting the heat from HDD and motherboard.
22. Large Acrylic window for clear viewing.
23. Includes fan controller knobs controls fan/s up to max. 15W/channel.

The Strike-X Cube is available in both black and white, but we obviously have the white model at our disposal today. The left side panel is really nice, not only does it have a stunning white finish, but there’s also a huge side panel window, which will be perfect for showing off your fancy new graphics card.

The power supply is mounted on its side on the interior of the chassis, to accommodate this, the right side panel has a ventilated section in the bottom right corner which comes fitted with a magnetic dust filter.

The front panel has a very aggressive design, mixing the black mesh with the brilliant white of the exterior panels. There’s some blue LED lighting tucked into the vents on the left and right side, for a little added flair, and you can hardly miss the giant “X” shape that runs across the front of the chassis.

The main I/O panel features the usual power and reset buttons, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, HD audio jacks and a funky dial wheel for adjusting the fan RPM.

Around the back of the chassis, you’ll find a 120/140mm fan mount, although the fan is not included. There’s another 120/140mm fan mount in the base, where you will find a 140mm fan pre-installed. The PSU mount is turned on its side and has a removable bracket that allows you to install the PSU directly from the back of the chassis.

The top panel has a similar design to the front panel, with another large “X” shape acting as the top air vent. The sides of the top panel are raised, forming a pair of carry handles.

There are four large feet on the base with soft rubber grips, more than enough to help reduce vibrations and stop it sliding around your desktop.

Aerocool Strike-X Cube Chassis Revealed

Aerocool are back with their love it or hate it Strike-X chassis series, this time tackling the ever popular cube chassis form factor with the release of their Strike-X Cube Micro ATX PC case. The new chassis keeps much of the styling of the original Strike-X chassis, but squashes it down into a smaller form factor that makes it more suitable for popping next to your big screen TV or carrying it to LAN gaming events; the chassis measures in at just 435 x 280 x 412mm.

The Strike-X Cube supports Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboard, ATX power supplies, 187mm CPU coolers, dual 240 to 280mm radiators, 320mm long graphics cards and even 345mm cards if you remove the front cooling fan! There is room for six fans on the chassis interior, with a 200mm and a 140mm pre-installed. Storage options are well catered for, with room for three 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives, and there is room for an additional two 2.5″ drives under the 5.25″ bay.

If that’s not enough room for you, the optical and HDD bays can be complete removed to make way for modding, extra cable space or what ever takes your creative fancy. The chassis is packed full of extra features such as cable routing holes with rubber grommets, a magnetic and removable PSU dust filter, shock proof rubber pads for hard drives and the PSU, two USB 3.0 ports, HD audio jacks, an integrated fan controller and reinforced side bar handles; making the chassis carry friendly.

The only downside to this chassis is the design, I can’t say I’m a fan of the aesthetics at all, but that really doesn’t matter as I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who love the design and while I may not like the looks, I have to admit that I’m impressed by the number of features packed into this chassis.

The Aerocool Strike-X Cube chassis will be available to order from most major retailers this week with an MSRP $120,90 (US Ex/ Taxes).

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Image courtesy of Aerocool.

Aerocool Xpredator Cube Chassis Revealed

The latest Aerocool chassis is finally here, bringing the mighty Aerocool Xpredator full-tower and compacting it down in to a cube PC form factor. The new chassis features many of the style points that made the original Xpredator so great; the top panel fins, aggressive styling and the bold black/red and black/orange colour themes that are popular favourites for Aerocool.

Cube chassis are very popular right now thanks to their reduced size, making them ideal for taking to LAN gaming events, or even keeping next to your TV as a HTPC style gaming rig. The Xpredator Cube clocks in at just 280 x 418 x 412mm, but it can still hold an impressive amount of hardware despite the smaller form factor. It supports 345mm graphics cards, full size ATX power supply, up to six fans (two pre-installed), cable routing and water cooling, tool free hard drive bays and more.

The case comes equipped with dust-filters, a 200mm fan in the front panel and a 140mm exhaust fan, USB 3.0 support, an integrated fan controller and robust 0.7mm steel construction; more than enough to satisfy the demands of a high-end gaming build.

The Aerocool Xpredator Cube is available now from most major retailers in Black, Black/Orange, Black/Red and White with a MSRP of $125,90 (ex/ Taxes).

Thank you Aerocool for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Aerocool.

Aerocool GT-A Midi-Tower Chassis Now Available

Aerocool are back once again with the latest entry in the GT chassis series. The new GT-A is a midi-tower focused at the gamer and DIY enthusiast market. The chassis comes pretty well equipped despite its moderate price tag, featuring a special top-panel docking station for 2.5″ / 3.5″ drives, a 2 channel fan controller, dual pre-installed and a spacious interior.

Two colour combinations are available, the first is the black and white and the other is the more aggressive looking red and black colour scheme. Both versions come with a window side-panel to allow a view of your system build.

The GT-A supports ATx, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, graphics card of up to 310mm and CPU coolers up to 165 millimeters. There are cable routing cut-outs, cpu cooler mounting cut-outs, tool free drive mounts, washable dust filters and more.

The new chassis are available immediately from most major retailers, with a MSRP of 67.90 EUR for the Black Edition and 69.90 EUR for the White Edition.

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Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

Aerocool Dead Silence DS200 Mid-Tower Chassis Review


Aerocool are back once again with a new entry in their Dead Silence chassis series. We absolutely loved their Dead Silence Cube chassis which we reviewed a few months ago, as it is easily one of the best compact gaming chassis on the market today. Now they’re back with a similar aesthetic and a much bigger form factor with the DS200, a premium grade mid-tower with support for ATX motherboards. Aerocool are certainly one of the more up and coming names in the chassis business, sure they’ve been at it for years and already have some stunning products such as their PGS series, with the BX500 and Xpredator being two of my favourite cases, but it’s in these last two years that they’ve really been putting up a fight against the likes of Corsair, NZXT, Thermaltake, Coolermaster and many more who have long dominated the gaming chassis market.

Aerocools new case comes in a stunning choice of colours, some of which match up nicely with the colours offered on their massively popular Dead Silence fans. The DS200 comes with support for just about everything you could need from a decent gaming chassis, with room for mini-ITX, Micro-ATX and ATX size motherboards, seven expansion slots, room for extra-long graphics cards, plenty of space for storage with dedicated 2.5″ drive bays, built-in fan controller and temperature read-out, cable management a more.

The box is nothing overly fancy, featuring a nice high-contrast image of the chassis front panel as well as a quick run-down of the main specifications.

In the box I found a bundle of components, these included two 5.25″ drive bay adaptor that match the colour and finish of the front panel, all the screws and bolts needed to install all major components, a collection of cable ties and a sticky pad to help secure the thermal monitor sensor.

Also in the box is a replacement top panel, which can be swapped out easily to suit different chassis configurations.

It’s filtered too, so lifting it off and giving it a quick brush should make maintaining the filter nice and easy.

Aerocool Launches DS 200 Midi Tower With Special Insulation and Built-In Fan Controller

Aerocool has launched a new addition to its Dead Silence chassis series, the DS 200, sporting a variety of features, such as having both side-panels equipped with special insulation mats in order to reduce the noise inside the PC. In addition to the latter, the DS 200 also features an integrated fan controller as well as 0.8 mm SECC material.

The company distinguishes the DS series from the rest of the products by granting a variety of color options, having the DS 200 coming in six colors: classy black, black/white, red, orange, blue and green. It is said that all chassis options equipped with a special top-cover which can be removed and replaced by a mesh-style cover in order to boost the airflow capacity. Aerocool even offers an optional side panel window for customers who would like to show off their build.

The built-in fan controller is another interesting feature, having it be located on the topside of the chassis. It is said to support a total of 25W shared by three channels, having the fans be controlled simultaneously. The fan controller is said to have three speed options, namely low, medium and high, while also boasting the capability of stopping a fan channel when needed. The temperature is said to be displayed on the large round display, having to choose from seven color options for the display illumination. Lastly, the I/O panel is said to feature two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, and HD audio and a microphone connector.

On the inside, the DS 200 is said to have enough space for even the latest hardware components, a tool-free rack for both optical and disk drives and support for the ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX. The company states that up to five 3.5″ HDDs or seven 2.5″ HDDs/SSDs can be mounted inside the case, as well as VGA cards with a length of up to 29 cm (41 cm if removing the center 3.5″ cage). When it comes to cooling, the DS 200 is said to offer support for both air and water cooling solutions, having room for big CPU cooler with a length of 17 cm as well as several pass-through openings with rubber protection located in the mainboard tray. Aerocool states that 240 or 280 mm water-cooling solutions can be mounted in the front or the top of the DS 200, having enough room for even a PSU of 22 cm in length.

In terms of noise output, the DS 200 is said to have both side panels insulated with mats, while having all the 2.5″ and 3.5″ bays as well as the PSU equipped with anti-vibration shock-proof rubber. In addition to the latter, two silent case fans are pre-equipped and ready to provide steady airflow out of the box. Aerocool has stated to also introduce the “Lite Edition” option, which includes the DS 200 with standard non-insulated side panels and comes without the center 3.5″ cage and auto-eject front-panel.

When it comes to prices, Aerocool is said to offer the entry-level DS 200 Lite Black Edition at a price of $120.90, the Black Edition at $158.90, while the Red, Orange, Black/White, Blue and Green Editions are said to all come at the same $163.90 price tag. Additionally, the DS 200 Window Panels are said to be sold separately, having a price tag of $13.00.

Images courtesy of Aerocool

Aerocool GT-S White Full Tower Chassis Review


There is a big market out there for PC products that are unique, that have that certain X-factor that really makes them stand out. This is especially true in the gaming market, where custom rigs and flamboyant chassis design often prove popular with those building their own gaming system, there is often a desire to have something awesome next to your desk that you would want to show off to your friends. Aerocool have already produced some pretty epic chassis designs over the last few years, just look at the X-Predator, the BX500 and the Dead Silence Cube, they obviously know how to make a great product that can stand-out, question is, can the do it again?

The GT-S White Edition has been designed to look like a blend of PC case and sports car, maybe even a little bit of Transformer thrown in their for good measure. There is a black edition of the case available, but Aerocool were kind enough to send us the white edition, of course specifications remain the same between each colour choice.

As you can see from the specifications below, the GT-S is a very capable chassis, it has room for a wide range of motherboards all the way up to XL-ATX, which you’ll need if you’re wanting to take full advantage of the 10 expansion slots, making this a tempting choice for quad-GPU configurations. Those looking for plenty of storage will not be disappointed either thanks to a large set of 5.25″, 3.5″ and 2.5″ drive bays.

The packaging is really nicely designed and gives us three clear photos of the chassis design with a sports car inspired theme.

Around the back of the box you’ll find a run down of the major features and selling points of the GT-S, these include support for multiple long GPU’s, tall CPU coolers, heavy-duty design, tool free hard drive bays and pre-installed fans.

In the box you will find a user’s manual that will guide you through the installation process and features of the chassis, and you’ll also find a USB 3.0 to 2.0 adaptor, screws / bolts, cable ties and a 5.25″ front panel adaptor.

Tucked in the side of the packaging was also this white front panel, this goes on the front of the case and we’ll take a look at what that looks like in our build section.

It is very easy to install and uses five strong magnets to hold it in place.

CoolTouch-E and CoolTouch-R Fan Controllers Released By Aerocool

Aerocool Advanced Technologies announced two new single-bay fan controller CoolTouch-E and CoolTouch-R. Both are said to use a touch-panel, hence allowing users to directly interact with the display to make adjustments and changes more naturally. The back side of the CoolTouch fan controller can support up to four case fans, while all important information are presented well sorted on the display in the front. To match most on-market PC chassis, CoolTouch-E and CoolTouch-R are available in both black and white edition colors.

All interactions with the new CoolTouch fan controller seem to be handled by pressing on the designated area on the touch-screen. Users are also able to change the background-color of the LCD touch-panel anytime by pressing the “color” button. Both CoolTouch-E and CoolTouch-R report to offer various background colors: red, green, yellow, blue, light blue, purple and white.

The CoolTouch-E is equipped with a big 100 x 25 mm display, which covers most of the fan controller’s front panel. Each of the four case fan channels can be controlled individually by choosing the preferred channel and then adjusting the fan speed in steps between 0, 50, 75 and 100 percent, while each channel supports fans with a consumption of up to 20 watts. The CoolTouch-E indicates weather a fan is spinning or not and allows users to stop fans by pressing the power button. All common types of fan connectors are supported by the CoolTouch series, including the standard 3-pin and 4-Pin PWM as well as 4-pin Molex connectors.

The Aerocool CoolTouch-R uses a slightly smaller 85 x 25 mm LCD display with touch-support and is said to offer additional functions. Besides the four case fan channels, one temperature sensor has been integrated, allowing users to monitor the temperature of the CPU Cooler, HDD, Chipset, VGA card or the temperature inside the chassis. The sensor can be placed anywhere inside the PC chassis using the supplied adhesive stickers, having temperatures display both in Celsius and Fahrenheit formats. It also provides a built-in card-reader and the USB 3.0 port, located on the right side of the panel, supporting most common storage media types such as SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC/RS MMC and miniSD are supported by the card reader.

Both the Aerocool CoolTouch-E and CoolTouch-R are available in-stores at an estimated price of 24,50 EUR and respectively 32,50 EUR

Aerocool DS Dead Silence 120mm & 140mm Fan Review


Today I take my first look at a cooling product from Aerocool, over the last couple of years I’ve seen plenty of great products from the company with their chassis ranges, and more recently I reviewed their first entry in the DS Dead Silence range with the release of the Dead Silence Cube chassis, which won our Gamers Choice award. We absolutely loved the case and we’re hoping to see a similar attention to detail and performance with their newest product, the DS Dead Silence fans.

These new fans promise to be powerful and silent, it is as simple as that. Aerocool even think they have what it takes to beat out everything else on the market and they aim to do it quieter than brands such as be quiet! So to say that we are eager to put them through their paces would be somewhat of an understatement, if the DS fans live up to their expectations, we could see many system builders investing heavily in what Aerocool have to offer. Of course high performance is not the only thing system builders care about these days, and aesthetics can be a big selling point for many products, fortunately we know that Aerocool have gone all out on this front and created something a little unique to everything else on the market.

The fans are available in a choice of colours, Blue, Red, Black and White, come fitted with LED lighting and are available in either 120mm or 140mm format, which is more than enough to make them compatible with nearly all cases and coolers on the market today. The fans feature a new dual colour and dual material design that certainly looks unique, as well as a fish eye surface design that is said to minimize the air turbulence.


  • Dimensions : 140 X 140 X 25mm
  • Net Weight : 190g
  • Gross Weight : 270g (Retail box included)
  • Bearing System : FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
  • Rated Voltage : 12V
  • Starting Voltage : >= 3.0V
  • Rated Current : 0.2A
  • Power Consumption : 2.4W
  • Power Connector : 3-Pin with signal cable
  • MTBF : 100,000 hours
  • Performance : 12V, 7V
  • Speed : 1000 RPM±10%, 700 RPM±10%
  • Air Flow : 64.8 CFM (109.8 m³/h), 39.8 CFM (67.5m³/h)
  • Air Pressure : 1.21 mm H2O, 0.74 mm H2O
  • Noise : 14.2 dBA, 10.8 dBA

Both the fans come nicely packed to give us a good look at their design, as well as featuring a quick run down of the major features and colour choices on the front of the packaging.

Around the back we have a more detailed run down of the specifications (listed above) as well as a list of the components included in the box.

In the box of the 140mm fan you’ll find a 7v extension cable, a molex to fan adaptor, four anti-vibration mounting plugs and of course the fan.

The 120mm edition comes packed with the same accessories as the 140mm.

Aerocool Announce Dead Silence Fan Series

Aerocool Advanced Technologies recently revealed their new Dead Silence case fan series, featuring a choice of 140 and 120 mm axial-fan models. Dead Silence is not simply a name; it’s the main focus of the newly established products series, which is bringing forth new technology to innovate the cooling market. After an intensive development period, Aerocool Advanced Technologies was able to create an impressive case fan that combines the sturdiness and advantages of plastic with the flexibility and vibration absorption of rubber! And let’s be honest, it’s not often we get big changes in fan design.

Tony Lin, CEO of Aerocool Advanced Technologies stated: “The Dead Silence series stands for great products, providing outstanding performance at ultra-low noise level. Our new DS fan series brings innovation to the market and displays the potential of the Dead Silence series very well.”

Aerocool is first in the world to bring this technology to the market, offering dual-material silent fans in the common sizes of 140 and 120 mm. Both fan models are based on a dual-color design, where plastic is painted black and the rubber parts are painted in a second colour, such as red, blue, black or white, depending on the version! All nine fan-blades are constructed of dual-layer material, providing good airflow while not compromising low-noise operation! Rubber based rear side of the blades is utilizing a “Golf Ball” surface to minimize air-turbulence. Dead Silence fan’s frame design is optimized by implementing four noise absorption chambers and anti-vibration rubber layer on each corner, preventing vibrations to be transferred to the chassis or CPU cooler! In addition, four LEDs are built into the frame to illuminate the fans.

Both 140 and 120 mm Dead Silence case fans are equipped with a high-quality Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB), which stands out with a long life span of 100.000 hours (MTBF), higher precision rotation and an anti-shock function. Smallest model measures 120 x 120 x 25 mm and spins with 1.200 RPM at 12 Volts, while moving 54,8 CMF (92,9 m3/h) of air at merely audible 15,8 dBA. And it gets even better, when used with the supplied 7 Volts adapter, thanks to which fan speed is reduced to moderate 800 RPM – creating constant airflow of 36,7 CFM (62,2 m3/h) at extremely silent 12,1 dBA.

The slightly bigger 140 mm model spins with 1.000 RPM (64,8 CFM / 109,8 m3/h) at only 14,2 dBA. Operating the fan at 7 Volts drops the fan speed to 700 RPM and noise level to inaudible 10,8 dBA. Thanks to the very low 3 Volts spin-up voltage, users can adjust the noise-level and fan speed according to their preference by using the fans in combination with a fan controller.

Scope of delivery was carefully chosen, to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts and silence-fans. All Dead Silence case fans come with four anti-vibration screws, one 3-to-4-pin Molex adapter and an extra low speed fan 3-pin extension cable, which allows permanent operation of the fans at 7 Volts. All cables including the supplied adapters are protected by black sleeve.

Aerocool Dead Silence 120 and 140 mm case fans will be available from etailers and retailers worldwide from January 2014 and we hope to follow up with a full review around that time.

Thank you Aerocool for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Aerocool.