Anonymous Claims CloudFlare Protects Pro-ISIS Sites

Anonymous started a new offensive against ISIS following the terrible attacks on Paris and while we all like that part, it’s hard for me to take them serious in any way. They surely have a few talented people with skills and connections in their group, but for the most part, their skills go as far as pressing a button in a pre-built application in order to launch DDoS attacks on a specific target.

We’ve recently learned that their offensive isn’t going all that good and now they’ve come out and accused CloudFlare of protecting pro-ISIS websites. CloudFlare makes software which prevents denial of service attacks which is the preferred method of attack from the Anonymous group, so this doesn’t come as a big surprise. Terrorists might live with a stone-age mentality, but they do know how to use modern technology. CloudFlare faced similar accusation from the group back in 2013 when they launched an offensive against Al-Qaeda websites.

CloudFlare naturally defends itself against the accusation and as they say, it wouldn’t be a good business model for them. Groups like that will most likely pay with stolen credit card credentials and that is not good for a business. The company also stated that they would cooperate with any law enforcement agency when presented with a legal warrant or court order regarding any of their customers. So maybe Anonymous should forward their evidence to those instances instead of whining on social media about a normal service used by thousands of websites and that works as intended.

Guy Caught Watching Lord of the Rings While Driving at 60mph

A van driver is said to have been caught watching a DVD version of Lord of the Rings while speeding at 60 mph on the M25 near Cobham in Surrey, UK. The police stated they were shocked after stopping him and noticing that he was watching the movie on a portable DVD player placed on the dashboard.

The man, who is said to be from Guildford and in his 30s, now faces points on his driver’s license and a possible court appearance after being accuse of reckless driving. Surrey’s police officers also announced the incident by posting it on Twitter in a most amusing way. The inevitable funny comments followed afterwards.

Surrey police officers have also stated that the incident is very uncommon, even for their experienced motorway patrol officers.

“We stop many drivers for speeding, using mobile phones sometime both every day,” the force said on Twitter. “People watching TV not so often.”

The incident has been a shocker even for us and to top it all off, here is one of our own meme that best fits the scenario above:

Thank you The Telegraph for providing us with this information

LG Executives Accused of Damaging Samsung Washing Machines

In what sounds like a very bizarre story, Samsung has accused several LG Electronics employees, one of them a senior executive, of deliberately sabotaging and damaging washing machines in German retail stores. According to Samsung, the vandalism took place earlier this month, ahead of the major electronics trade fair, IFA 2014, in Berlin.

“It is very unfortunate that Samsung had to request that a high-ranking executive be investigated by the nation’s legal authorities, but this was inevitable, as we concluded that we had to get to the bottom of this incident,” Samsung said.

LG of course denies all accusation of deliberate sabotage and said the damage happened due to weak hinges. While the employees were checking out the competition models in a retail store, the hinges simply broke. After the German police were involved to mediate, LG announced that its employees were going to pay for the four damaged washing machines, though they only agreed responsibility to the damage on two of them.

“If our company had an intention to destroy products of a certain company to tarnish the image of the product, it would be common sense to not have our executives directly carry out such acts,” LG said in a statement. “We hope that this is not an attempt to damage our reputation.”

This is far from the first dispute between the two companies who compete against each other in most fields where electronics are involved, and it’s doubtful it will be the last. LG claim to be the world’s largest manufacturer of washing machines with Samsung coming in second.

Thank you The Telegraph for proving us with this information

Image courtesy of Samsung