Microsoft Has Half a Million Dollars for Five Worthy HoloLens Projects

Microsoft has big plans with their HoloLens and they’re also aware that they might not come up with all its uses on their own. The Redmond giant created five awards each worth a hundred thousand dollars in what they call the Academic Research Request for Proposals.

Along with the $100K comes two HoloLens development kits and it will go to accredited universities, which ones will be announced on October the 6th. Microsoft wants to better understand the role and possible applications for holographic computing in society.

Some of the uses for augmented reality could be data visualizations and 3D models for medical training, but the possibilities are almost endless. These are some of the ideas they’ve already had on the Redmond campus, so it is time to get some fresh ideas.

You need to have what it takes and really bring it to the table as Microsoft stresses that these proposals need to be absolutely complete and that those submitting them be fully capable of carrying out the research or experiments. That means high-value research that later could be featured in some of the world’s finest academic journals and pave the way for a future with more holograms. The deadline for sign-ups is set to September the 5th and the academic institution needs to be US-based.

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