Xigmatek Reveal Maverick S Power Supplies


Xigmatek has just revealed their new Maverick S line of power supplies. The new PSUs are designed to be mid-range products, which offer great value for money. They’re also unique in the sense that they come in the PS3 form factor. PS3 has the same height and width as an ATX class PSU, so they still fit a standard chassis, but they’re not as long, meaning they’re great for compact chassis where space is limited.

The new PSUs measure in at just 150 x 85 x 123mm, with a 120mm PWM controlled fan. There is also a full ATX edition available should you need it. The Maverick are the full ATX, while the Maverick S are the PS3 form factor models.

All of the PSUs come with ATX, EPC and one set of PCIe connectors fixed, with all the other cables being modular. There are three models available; 400w, 500w and 600w. Each features a single +12V rail, active PFC and all the usual electrical protection systems. The Maverick series is 80 Plus Bronze, ATX 2.3 and EPS 2.92 certified, with support for Haswell C6 power states.

No details on price or availability just yet, but we expect them to be very competitive.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

Chieftec A-80 Series 650W Non-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

A little while ago we ran a story about how the brand “Chieftec” were making a return to the UK market: Chieftec had previously been a sizeable player in the UK market selling a variety of cases and power supplies. Since their departure around 8 years ago they’ve been doing well in Asia and North America and now they are looking to get a foothold back in the UK and EU markets. As part of that they have launched a brand new range of power supplies and cases to get things moving. Peter Donnell, one of our senior reviewers, recently took a look at Chieftec’s newest full-tower case offering: the DX-02B. Now I will be taking a look at one of Chieftec’s newest power supply offerings; the CTG-650-80P. The more catchy name for it is the Chieftec A-80 650W power supply and as the “80P” model name suggests it comes with 80 Plus certification, the Bronze one to be exact. Aside from that it isn’t exactly the most exciting power supply in the world: you’ve got 650W of 80 Plus Bronze power with a decent chunk of cables and a fairly plain-Jane OEM style design. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing: Chieftec’s slogan for this product is “Why pay more than necessary?”. I couldn’t agree more, why waste money on painting the power supply, prettying up the cables and adding in loads of accessories when that just adds extra cost. Of course, without all those little extras the price to performance is going to be key here so let’s see exactly how it performs.

Packaging and Contents

Chieftec’s packaging is fairly simple and to the point, there isn’t really anything notable on the box.

The box uses a uniform design and to denote between the model inside a red marker is used, this helps keep the costs down. For more specifications and features the product page is useful.

The accessory pack is also fairly basic, there’s an EU power plug (hopefully UK units will ship with UK power cables or at least adapters), some silver screws and a generic user guide.

be quiet! SFX Power 2 300W Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

When a compact ATX power supply just isn’t compact enough you have to think outside the box, or use a new form factor. The SFX and TFX form factors are two of the most common small form factor power supplies aside from the standard ATX that is so common in desktops. The SFX form factor measures in at 100×125×63.5 mm compared to TFX at 146×83×64mm. SFX is short and stubby while TFX is long and thin. In that sense TFX is more server orientated when server racks tend to be long and thin. Conversely SFX is more orientated towards compact computer systems that are not so obscurely shaped. Very few power supply vendors produce SFX or TFX units for the consumer market due to the fact demand is so low. However, be quiet! being the smart company they are have seen the trend towards SFX and TFX power supplies in recent years as small form factor builds have become more fashionable.

Today we are looking at the be quiet! SFX Power 2 300W power supply which conforms to that minuscule SFX standard. 300 watts may not sound like a lot but with an Intel Core i7 4770K and GTX 750 Ti based system you could run a complete gaming rig off of 100 watts or so. With an extra 200 watts to spare there is scope for anything up to a GTX 770 in theory, providing you don’t overclock either too hard. Lian Li, Thermaltake, SilverStone and many more case vendors produce compact cases taking advantage of SFX PSUs. Therefore what I am getting at is the fact that building a tiny SFX based system has never been easier to do.

be quiet! offer 300 and 400W SFX power supply units: that 400W model gives you a lot of scope to go for a proper high end system. Sadly when we look at the cable options we see that you are limited by the single PCIe 6+2 pin connector. Determined system builders could make do with funneling the 12 volt amps through molex or SATA to PCIe adapters, the quality of the platform should allow this to be viable. However, the main issue will be whether the 12 volt rail is capable of delivering enough amps for a high end graphics card. My recommendation would be no higher than an R9 270 or GTX 750 Ti but you might be able to squeeze out more.

Packaging and Contents

Small power supply, small box. The SFX Power 2 comes with compact packaging and be quiet! are claiming compact and silent energy. Somehow I don’t think this will be the case; generally small fans on small power supplies end up being noisy.

The included accessories are standard for most be quiet! products: a power cable, user manual, set of cable ties and black screws.

Thermaltake Reveal New TR2 Bronze Series of PSUs

Thermaltake have just announced their new TR2 Bronze series of power supplies. The TR2 range consists of a 450W, 500W and a 600W power supply that feature various high-quality components; which we’ve come to expect from premium brands such as Thermaltake.

All models in the new series feature 80 PLUS Bronze certification and are targeted towards the consumer who needs a strong balance between price and performance from their power supply. The TR2 Bronze Series complies with the latest ATX 12V 2.3 Standard, offering utmost reliability and compatibility, as well as ensuring support for start-of-the-art technologies.

All models come equipped with a 120mm silent fan and intelligent temperature control, a single +12V rail, extra long cables and Japanese main capacitors. Details on price and availability haven’t been released yet, but we expect these will be available very soon and that the prices will be highly competitive; we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Thank you Thermaltake for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Thermaltake.

XFX PRO 650W XXX Edition Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

XFX’s PRO series of power supplies are well renowned among the enthusiast community for their great performance and fantastic value for money. Anyone who’s ever heard about XFX’s current PRO series power supplies will know they are made by Seasonic – one of the primary reasons for their high build quality and great performance. The PRO series is divided up into three main categories: the Core Edition, the XXX Edition and the Black Edition. The Core Edition is 80 Plus Bronze with a non-modular design and is the cheapest, the XXX Edition is internally identical to the Core Edition but has a semi-modular design and so is a little more expensive. Finally the Black Edition is typically 80 Plus Gold, is fully modular, comes with a better fan and a hybrid fan option and is the most expensive of them all. To date we have reviewed the XFX PRO 650W Core Edition, the XFX PRO 750W XXX Edition and the XFX PRO 750W Black Edition. All three power supplies excelled in their own way thanks to XFX’s competitive pricing and Seasonic’s fantastic power supply quality and design. Today we have with us another XXX Edition power supply from XFX, more specifically the XFX PRO 650W XXX Edition. This power supply is targeting the more affordable end of the market with its modest 80 Plus Bronze certification and semi-modular design.

Packaging and Contents

The packaging details the single 12 volt rail design of this product as well as the 80 Plus Bronze certification and use of Japanese capacitors.

The back reveals an exploded view of the product and a detailed feature analysis.

Included with the XFX PRO 650W XXX Edition is a users manual, UK power plug (connector will vary by region) and four silver screws for securing the power supply into your case.

be quiet! Power Zone 1000W Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

It is fairly common for high wattage power supplies to boast top-end components, the best performance and as a result of that a very hefty price tag – making them quite inaccessible for most consumers. However, it doesn’t have to be that way: there are affordable options. Enter Be Quiet’s Power Zone range of power supplies which cover 650-1000W with extremely competitive price points. Today we are looking at the 1000W flagship Power Zone power supply which is the power supply that we run on our high-end graphics card test system. One of the key features with the Power Zone units is that they offer a fully modular design, solid power & performance and most importantly competitive price points. To reach this competitive price points some things do have to suffer: this unit is only rated for 80 Plus Bronze and the fan is going to be a fair bit louder than we’d expect from Be Quiet to tame all that extra heat, potentially up to 2900 RPM. Yet the Be Quiet Power Zone series still has all the hallmarks of an enthusiast product so let’s dig in with today’s review and take a closer look at what the Be Quiet Power Zone 1000W PSU has to offer.

Packaging and Contents

The packaging is fairly plain by Be Quiet standards, we can tell this is a value-orientated product from the appearance of the packaging.

The back details the various “Zones” be quiet are claiming for this product. Effectively marketing terms each Zone is used to categorise the product’s main features such as cooling zone (for the fan), green zone (efficiency and certifications) and performance zone (rail design).

The accessory package is fairly modest, there’s a user manual, some cable ties, five screws and a power plug which will reflect your region.

XFX PRO 450W Core Edition Non-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

When you’re building a budget system with fairly minimal power requirements you won’t really find wattages lower than 400-450W for a standard ATX power supply. While getting a cheap power supply may be important to ensuring you can keep costs of a system build down it is also important to remember that you still need a decent quality power supply: if it is stupidly cheap (<$20 or <£15) then chances are it is going to be nasty. That said this is the perfect scenario for something like XFX’s PRO 450W Core Edition power supply which we are testing today. Being a “Core Edition” XFX power supply that means it is both non-modular and Bronze rated making it the lowest cost of all XFX’s product stacks. Starting at just £35~ or $55 it certainly offers great value for money and a viable alternative to cheap unbranded power supplies that are likely to go kaput. Yet this power supply is still a fairly high quality Seasonic design and comes with an impressive 5 year warranty that you wouldn’t expect to find at such a price point. So let’s examine XFX’s PRO 450W Core Edition power supply more closely in today’s review.

Packaging and Contents

The packaging demonstrates XFX’s One Rail design, the efficiency certification and the use of Japanese capacitors.

Around the back we find a bit about XFX’s power supply design philosophy and mention of their 5 year warranty.

Included with this power supply is a user manual, four silver screws for mounting into a case and a power plug that should be appropriate to the region that you buy this unit in.

Seasonic Presents its Latest PSU’s at Computex 2014

PSUs play a great role in desktop configurations and with the new technologies coming out soon, Seasonic saw fit to present their solutions as well. The company has revealed at Computex 2014 its 80 PLUS Platinum series 1050 W and 1200 W, the upgraded 80 PLUS Gold X series 1050 W and 1250 W models, as well as the 80 PLUS Bronze series.

Looking at the 80 PLUS Gold X series, Seasonic appears to have made the series fully modular. What that means is users will not have to deal with a whole bunch of unused cables taking space in their PC case, rather the company has given the ability to choose what cables the user requires and giving him the option to manually attach them. Also, the X series PSUs have been granted the Hybrid Silent Fan Control support, in addition to an upgraded D2D platform.

The latest and most powerful of the series, the 80 PLUS Platinum series, having an up to 92% efficiency, is said to feature a full array of ultra-efficient power supplies, ranging from 400 W to 1200 W, having all models fully modular. A special fanless model will be included in the series which Seasonic believes will be ‘sought’ by many users for its performance and noise level ratio.

Seasonic has introduced a new Honeycomb structure air vents design to both of its PSU series described above, including the 80 PLUS Bronze S12II, with efficiency of up to 85%, allowing for an optimum air circulation and heat dispersion. The S12II also seems to feature black-coloured flat cables and silent 120mm FLuid Dynamic Bearing fans. In addition, the 80 PLUS Bronze M12II Evo features all of the S12II’s characteristics, along with Fluid Dynamic Bearing fans and an extreme silent mode, activated when the PC is not requiring a lot of power to process applications.

Thermaltake Smart M550W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


When it comes to the budget & low wattage PSU market every major vendor has something to offer to cater for the growing demand, and declining TDPs as well as increasing power efficiency on most system components (CPUs, Graphics cards, Storage [SSDs over HDDs], etc) mean having a conservative wattage power supply has never been more appropriate. That said Thermaltake have sent us one of their budget power supply offerings for entry level and mid-range systems. Weighing in with 550W of continuous power with up to 605W of peak power the Thermaltake Smart M550W is an ideal companion for any budget system builder. It offers a quiet 140mm fan, active PFC, a semi-modular design, 3 year warranty and a competitive price point. However, what we really want to know is just how good does it perform? With stiff competition from the likes of Corsair’s CX/TX series, Cooler Master’s GX series, Cougar’s Power-X series, Be Quiet’s Pure Power series, Enermax’s Triathlor series….zzzzzz, you get the idea! There’s a lot of competition for this PSU to fight it out with. Below you can see the key specifications.

Now let’s proceed with the rest of the review.

Antec High Current Gamer 750W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


Antec’s High Current Gamer series has proven to be quite popular with gamers in the market for a functional power supply thanks to its wide variety of wattages, modular offerings and simple strong 12 volt rail designs capable of powering high performance GPUs/CPUs. While they aren’t the cheapest PSUs on the market, that can be put down to the fact they use a high quality Seasonic OEM design compared to rival products which use cheaper CWT and HEC/Compucase OEM designs.

Recently we’ve taken a look at Antec’s High Current Gamer 620W and 850W power supplies, both of which impressed with their performance and functionality though not so much with their price in relation to the competition. That said Antec’s HCG series certainly make good buys if you can get a good deal and value the extra performance, even if you have to pay a bit more for it. Today we have another Antec PSU which sits in the middle of those previous two PSUs, the Antec High Current Gamer M 750W. Being part of the HCG series it has a pair of hefty 12 volt rails, has 80 Plus Bronze efficiency, uses a Seasonic OEM design and the “M” denotes a modular design.

With 750 watts of grunt this PSU will be capable of single and dual graphics card systems with a high performance overclocking-orientated CPU like an AMD FX 8350 or Intel Core i7 4770K, so let’s take a look at what Antec’s High Current Gamer M 750W PSU can offer.

Corsair GS800 (800W) Non-Modular Power Supply Review


Today we take a look at another power supply from Corsair and we have the GS800 (V2) “Gaming Series” power supply in for testing. The GS800 boasts 80 Plus Bronze Certification, a bucket load of connectors, a 3 year warranty and more uniquely customisable LEDs and plastic strips (though the strips are sold separately). The GS800 is in this regard one of the most unique PSUs on the market in that it allows you to customise its colour scheme. Though by default it comes with a blue LED and blue strip to match the blue sticker. The Corsair GS800 uses blue, white and red LEDs which you can see below. These are switched between by using the LED switch on the rear of the power supply, accessible from outside the case.

Other than that there isn’t that much else to discuss because this is pretty much an 80 Plus Bronze non-modular PSU with some extra bells and whistles. Let’s proceed with the testing and see how good the GS800 (V2) from Corsair performs.

XFX Pro 750W XXX Edition Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


XFX’s power supplies are easily getting a reputation for being some of the best value units on the market. While XFX don’t make any of their power supplies themselves, they do use one of the strongest OEMs on the market – Seasonic. We’ve already taken a look at two XFX power supplies; the Pro 650W Core Edition unit and the Pro 750W Black Edition unit. We felt both power supplies were incredibly strong and both walked away with awards, helped greatly by XFX’s extremely aggressive pricing and the overall premium performance of the Seasonic OEM designs used.

Today we have with us the XFX Pro 750W XXX Edition semi-modular power supply. This particular unit operates with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency and is semi-modular. With 750W there is plenty of power for any single or dual GPU configured system as well as enough for a tonne of storage drives. Like with all XFX power supplies it runs “EasyRail” technology essentially meaning all the 12 volt power is loaded onto a single 12 volt rail. Due to the fact this is a Seasonic OEM design XFX are able to offer a 5 year warranty on it…but without any further waffling on my behalf let’s take a look at this product.

Enermax Triathlor 700W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


Enermax’s Triathlor series is one of their budget series of power supplies. The Triathlor series is below the Platimax, MaxRevo and Revolution87+ power supplies but above the NAXN82+ and NAXN Basic power supplies. The Triathlor series still boasts the same Enermax quality and reliability but is instead aimed at providing a more attractive price point. We’ve already taken at Enermax’s 450W Triathlor power supply which we found to be a great power supply even if it was a tad on the expensive side, though you’d expect that as even though the Triathlor series from Enermax is “budget” it is still better than the budget offerings from most other companies. Of course the Enermax Triathlor should be seen more as a mid-range product, though with 80 Plus Bronze certification it is hard to market it as that.

The Enermax ETA700AWT-M Triathlor FC 700W semi-modular power supply we have here today is Enermax’s top Triathlor series PSU. With a semi-modular cabling design, enough power for SLI/CFX and a custom T.B Silence 120mm fan this power supply would do justice to anything high end gaming system. Unlike some of the cheaper competitors out there Enermax’s 700W Triathlor uses a high quality DC to DC converter design, has active PFC and uses Japanese capacitors so should have top notch performance. Without any further ado let’s find out how good the performance actually is.

Cooler Master Launches GX II Series Of PSUs

Cooler Master have just unveiled its second generation of the long-running GX series power supplies. The GX II series, pictured above, was first shown at Computex back in June and the new value orientated gaming series of power supplies will hit the market in 450, 550 and 650W capacities using an 80 Plus Bronze efficiency certification. A single 12 volt rail design, all the usual protection mechanisms, a unique always on USB header and ErP compliant deep sleep states top off some of the key features to the GX II series.

The GX II 450W is targeted a single GPU system builds with a single 6 pin PCIe power connector in addition to the other usual cables. The GX II 550W offers two 6+2 PCIe pin cables in addition to the usual and the GX II 650W features the same with an identical connector set to the GX II 550W. All three units measure in at 150mm x 140mm  x 86mm and have 120mm cooling fans. Pricing is expected to be in the $79 to $109 range.

Image courtesy of eTeknix composite, via TechPowerUp

Enermax Launch Triathlor ECO PSU Series

Enermax have just unveiled their latest series of affordable power supply units. The Triathlor ECO series. This series of power supplies offers up four different wattages (350/450/550/650W) and offers 80 Plus Bronze certification. Additionally their is full support for Haswell C6/C7 sleep states that a lot of current power supplies of a lower-end variety have struggled with.

The new Triathlor ECO series also meet the ErP Lot 6 2013 requirements (<0.5W at standby mode) thanks to a revised and up-to-date 5Vsb design. Enermax have implemented a new “HeatGuard” function that allows the PSU fan to spin for 30 to 60 seconds after shut-down to ensure all components cool down sufficiently. This cooling is done by a 12cm double ball bearing fan.

The Triathlor ECO has a semi modular design and all the cables used are flat black including those few hard-wired into the PSU. This comes as Enermax have responded to consumer feedback about cable management issues. The Triathlor ECO series has automated voltage input regulation to allow between 100 and 240 VAC. The Triathlor ECO PSUs have active PFC, a single 12 volt rail and a battery of safety features & protections such as OVP (Over Voltage), DC UVP (Under Voltage), OPP (Over Power), SCP (Short-Circuit) and SIP (Surge and Inrush current).

Enermax’s Triathlor ECO series is available from next month for  $79.99 (350W); $89.99 (450W); $99.99 (550W) and $109.99 (650W).

Images courtesy of Enermax

Lepa Announces A Trio Of New Power Supply Series

Lepa, a sub-division of Enermax, have just unveiled three new series of power supplies. The GM-MaxGold, BM-MaxBron and MX F1. First up is the BM-MaxBron range (pictured above) and these are a range of 80 Plus Bronze power supplies in 450/700/800/1000W capacities with semi-modular designs. Lepa claim up to 88% efficiency is possible on these power supplies. They appear to use a 120mm fan for cooling. The units use a single 12 volt rail design and have ErP Lot6 certification. Lepa include changeable power supply sleeves which they are calling “Q-Bricks” and these can be swapped out for different colours. Included is a red one and a complimentary black one. These are designed to prevent slipping, scratching and virbration.

Next is the GM-MaxGold series of power supplies in 500/600/700W capacities and with 80 Plus Gold certification. These also use a semi modular design, have a 120mm cooling fan and Lepa claim up to 92% peak efficiency on these units. They are using a DC to DC converter topology and have full Haswell C6/C7 compatibility. These units also feature Lepa’s changeable “Q-Brick” power supply sleeve.

Lastly the MX F1 series pictured above comes in 350/400/600W capacities and has no efficiency certification. These power supplies have a non-modular design and an extended 60cm CPU 8pin cable. There is a quiet 120mm fan and these MX F1 units will be priced very aggressively for the entry level user.

More details can be found at the Lepa website.

Images courtesy of Lepa/Enermax

Be Quiet Pure Power L8 CM 730W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


Be Quiet’s reputation as a premium brand has gone from strength to strength in the PC hardware industry. Be Quiet perhaps became famous for their Dark Rock series of CPU coolers but alongside those they have had huge successes with their Shadow Rock CPU coolers, Silent Wings fans and their power supplies. Be Quiet have an extensive range of power supplies that span all different market segments starting with Dark Power Pro, then Straight Power, then Pure Power, then SFX Power, then TFX Power and then System Power. These roughly follow in order of “how good” they are with Dark Power Pro being the most premium series and System Power being the most basic.

Today we are looking at Be Quiet’s “third tier” of power supplies as we examine the Pure Power L8 CM 730W semi modular power supply from Be Quiet. This power supply some all the premium features we’d expect to see from Be Quiet but at a more affordable price point compared to the higher tier power supplies by sacrificing a higher 80 Plus Gold/Platinum Efficiency standard for the Bronze standard. Despite that the particular unit that we have today is more than capable of powering a whole variety of enthusiast class systems with 1-3 GPUs and even heavy power consuming platforms like Intel’s High End Desktop X79 platform.

Antec High Current Gamer 620W Semi Modular Power Supply Review


The 550-650W market of power supplies is highly competitive these days with it being the “sweet spot” for gaming systems. These “gaming power supplies” should have enough wattage to comfortably power most single and dual GPU systems with a relatively power hungry overclocked CPU and all the other parts required for a gaming system (multiple storage drives, lots of fans and so on). Antec have a series of power supplies specifically designed for this under their High Current Gamer series. The particular model we have here today is the Antec High Current Gamer 620W power supply.

This power supply from Antec captures the sweet spot of the market perfectly with a decent 620 watts of power over a single 12 volt rail, a rugged gamer-looking design, all the industrial-grade protections to keep your gaming PC safe as well as 80 Plus Bronze efficiency and 135mm cooling fan. Additionally it comes with a semi-modular design to allow you to keep cable management under control and only use the cables that you need to use. As it is being thrown into a highly competitive marketplace it has competitive pricing to match. As with most Antec power supplies, the higher end ones at least, this power supply is OEM produced by Seasonic. Let’s proceed with this review and find out how the Antec High Current Gamer 620W power supply performs.

EVGA Announce 600B Power Supply

EVGA have just unveiled their latest budget power supply – the EVGA 600B which joins their recently announced 500B model. The 600B is capable of supplying 600 watts of continuous power at 80 Plus Bronze efficiency levels. EVGA have opted for HEC/Compucase as the OEM supplier of the 600B. The unit uses a single 12 volt rail design and has OPP/UPP/OVP/SCP protections (over power/ under power/ over voltage/ short circuit protections).

The EVGA 600B is Intel Haswell C6/C7 ready and features quiet PWM 120mm fan operation. The unit comes with a 3 year EVGA warranty and customer support.

More details can be seen here. Expect pricing to be aggressive as this unit is based on a budget OEM design.

  • Exceptional 3 year warranty and unparalleled EVGA customer support
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified, with up to 85% efficiency under typical loads
  • High Amperage Single-Rail design for maximum power and efficiency
  • Quiet and Intelligent Auto Fan for near-silent operation
  • Heavy-duty Power Protections provide peace of mind during operation

Image courtesy of EVGA

Be Quiet! Introduce New Power Zone Power Supply Series

Be Quiet have just revealed their latest series of Power Supplies, dubbed Power Zone. These new power supplies are described as “the all-round PSU for high performance, gaming, multimedia and multiple GPU system builds”. The Power Zone power supplies use an active clamp as well as a DC/DC topology. The certification of these units will be 80 Plus Bronze with up to 90% efficiency.

Cooling is provided be a Be Quiet Silent Wings 135mm fan. Be Quiet claim that the use of six poles inside the electric fan motor instead of two or four means the transitions are smoother and thus vibration is greatly reduced. Every power supply has an individually tuned profile based on its wattage and all power supplies have a “COOL OFF” feature that means the power supply spins for up to 3 minutes after shut-down to cool down the components and extend longevity. Users can also connect up to three fans to the power supply and these will vary in speed by the built in thermal profile that uses system load from the power supply to determine fan speed.These new PSUs support up to 3 way SLI/CFX (1000W model), support Intel C6/C7 and have ErP 2013 certification.

Pricing is as follows, note all prices include VAT where applicable:

  • 650W – €105 or $115 US/CA
  • 750W – €125 or $135 US/CA
  • 850W – €149 or $159 US/CA
  • 1000W – €169 or $189 US/CA

Be Quiet have stated that the Power Zone power supplies will all be available by the middle of September. The 1000W and 850W are apparently already available now.

Images courtesy of Be Quiet

XFX Pro 650W Core Edition Non Modular Power Supply Review


After having reviewed XFX’s Pro 750W Black Edition power supply I have high expectations of this next power supply from XFX. The XFX Pro 650W Core Edition power supply that we have here today is XFX’s attempt at a well priced power supply powerful enough for most high end single and dual GPU gaming systems. The raw design, like with all XFX power supplies is based on a Seasonic OEM design. This particular unit boasts 650W over a single 12 volt rail and is cooled by a 135mm fan.

The XFX Pro 650W Core Edition power supply features 80 Plus Bronze Certification and a non modular cable design. Like with all gaming products XFX have gone for a rugged looking black design. XFX state that this power supply is certified for SLI and CrossFire. Additionally XFX say that this product uses Japanese Capacitors and you need not worry yourself about its quality because XFX are backing it with a huge 5 year warranty.

Enermax Triathlor 450W Non-Modular Power Supply Review


While Enermax are more associated with their ultra high performance enthusiast-class power supplies, like the Platimax 850W we reviewed recently, they do have a more budget range of power supplies – notably the Triathlor series. Today we have with us the Triathlor 450W power supply from Enermax. This is a budget orientated non-modular 80 Plus Bronze power supply designed for moderate systems with a single graphics card or two low power graphics cards that only use a single 6 pin PCIe connector. It is actually quite a compact unit thanks to its lower wattage and this allows it to be ideal for micro-ATX and mini ITX systems with constrained spaces for the power supply.

In terms of specifications this unit distributes its power over two 12 volt rails allowing the motherboard and CPU to have their own 12 volt rail separate from the graphics cards and molex/sata devices which are on the second 12 volt rail. The unit boasts a rather advanced Enermax Twister Bearing “Silence” 120mm fan compared to the normal cheap and cheerful ADDA fans we tend to find on the vast majority of power supplies, especially the budget ones. Without any further ado let’s take a look at Enermax’s Triathor 450W and see how well this budget offering stands up in our testing.

Corsair CX500M (V2) Semi Modular Power Supply

Corsair’s CX Series of power supplies have become increasingly popular in the DIY PC market. They offer strong value for money, good build quality, Corsair’s trademark warranty service and offer up 80 Plus Bronze certification at a reasonable price point. Today we are looking at the CX500M power supply which is a modular 80 Plus Bronze 500W power supply from Corsair.

Corsair’s CX500M power supply isn’t as extravagant as some of the power supplies we’ve looked at in the past but that is fine as this power supply is really only aimed at the single GPU gamer with a relatively mid-range system and on a restricted budget. If consumers want something more “high-end” they can obviously opt for Corsair’s more premium HX and AX series of power supplies.

If you’ve been following the pre-built system market you may see that Corsair’s CX500M has gained significant traction in that market inside pre-built systems from vendors like PC Specialist, Overclockers UK, Scan 3XS and so on. That said the CX500M has never been more popular and without any further ado let’s dive in and take a look at this budget offering from Corsair.

Antec High Current Gamer 850W Semi Modular Power Supply Review

Antec have been a veteran of the power supply game for quite some time and today we are taking a look at their High Current Gamer 850W (Semi-)Modular power supply. Antec’s High Current Gamer series was designed with a few key principles in mind. First they’ve opted to minimise the number of rails and maximise current going through each of these rails so most of their High Current Gamer series uses a single or two 12 volt rails. Secondly these power supplies are designed ruggedly with a gamer in mind which means the design isn’t subtle or even that quiet but is more “bells and whistles” with an LED fan and red-accents.

It is pretty simple then to see what the Antec 850W HCG-M power supply is offering. In terms of the rest of its specifications we can see it isn’t that advanced as it only has 80 Plus Bronze Certification. A lower certification level generally means more wastage as “heat” and thus a higher fan speed is needed and so this probably isn’t going to be the quietest unit on the market either. Already we can see that the Antec HCG 850W power supply is going to have to excel in voltage regulation and value for money to be a truly worth power supply – so let’s see how it performs.

Cougar Power X 550W Non-Modular Power Supply Review

Cougar aren’t exactly the first brand name you think of when we mention power supplies. Cougar have made a name for themselves with some uniquely styled cases and fans at affordable price points but their involvement in the power supply market is certainly something relatively new. Cougar’s Power X 550W power supply that we have with us today is one of these brand new power supplies from Cougar. Like a lot of companies selling power supplies Cougar are not actively involved in producing these power supplies as they are produced by HEC/Compucase. That said Cougar are one of the few brands that I know of who actually bring HEC/Compucase OEM power supplies to market (most use Seasonic, FSP, etc) so I am very interested to have a look at this power supply, so without any further ado let us do exactly that!

Be Quiet! Debut Pure Power L8 Power Supplies

While Be Quiet’s Pure Power L8 CM series of power supplies may have hit the market already last year, now Be Quiet is coming out with its Pure Power L8 series. The new series of PSUs from Be Quiet! is 80 Plus Bronze rated in capacities of 300/350/400/500/600/700 Watts. It features all the usual protections like OCP, OVP, OTP, OPP, SCP and UVP and is backed by a three year warranty.

While the Pure Power L8 CM series had a semi-modular design, with the CM probably denoting Cable Management, the Pure Power L8 series is totally non-modular signalling its slightly more budget orientated nature. In terms of pricing we can expect to see prices from €45 for the 300W model and up to €89 for the 700W model. In the USA and Canada Be Quiet! are only making the 500, 600 and 700W models available with prices of $75/$85/$99 respectively.

The big star of the show in terms of these power supplies is Be Quiet’s own patented fan design that allows it to keep the power supplies both quiet and cool. Be Quiet! have also optimised a fan profile for each different capacity of power supply to ensure every unit is a quiet as it can be.

Image courtesy of Be Quiet!

Computex: Be Quiet! Unveil Power Zone Power Supply Series

If there is one complaint that Be Quiet have had about their Dark Power Pro power supplies it is that they are too expensive. Be Quiet has responded to this and at Computex it unveiled a new series of power supplies designed to bring a more accessible price point but retain as many high end features as possible, this new power supply series is called Power Zone.

Be Quiet Power Zone power supplies feature a reinforced 12 volt rail, a SilentWings 135mm cooling fan and 105 degrees celsius rated capacities all backed by a 5 year warranty.

The search for affordability hasn’t skimped on cabling or cable management. With reagrds to cable management you can see the Power Zone power supplies are 100% modular and have clearly labelled power supply cable inputs as well as three connectors for power fans directly from the power supply.

Furthermore, the provided cables are fully sleeved to a high quality and the cable braiding is decent quality. Be Quiet have implemented a “cool off” feature which means the power supply fan runs 3 minutes after shut down to ensure everything cools down to a safe level.

Wattages avaible are 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W and these will all be 80 Plus Bronze Certified. The street price is starting “below €100” and availability begins in August.

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex