Nitero Promises Wireless VR in 2016

One of the big features in 2016 will be virtual reality or VR. Virtual reality is the idea of becoming so immersed into an experience that it seems like you are actually there. The Oculus Rift is arguably the most well-known device to give you this experience, the downside of the experience is traditionally the need for cables. This could all change thanks to Nitero who are working on a solution for wireless VR.

If you wanted to send large amounts of information to a device you have two approaches, you can either send it via a cable, which limits movement but allows you to send data very quickly and at high quality, or you can send it wirelessly. Sending data wirelessly leads to signal issues and tends to be slower, meaning new technology like virtual reality tends to work more on wired connections.

Nitero CEO Pat Kelly is so confident that his company can release a product, with a hardware partner, in the second half of 2016 that involves a wireless VR device, that only “a meteor hitting the Earth” could stop them.

Using 60GHz wireless and video compression techniques (similar to an approach Netflix is using to help stream their library to you), Nitero are looking to send virtual reality data with a “latency in the order of 100’s of microseconds”.

Being able to use new technology is great, not being held back by the cables that will entangle and prove a threat to your safety.