Crucial MX200 M.2 500GB Solid State Drive Review


Crucial launched their MX200 series quite a while ago and you might remember our reviews of the 2.5-inch SATA3 models in the series. Crucial has now supplied us with this M.2 version of the drive and today I am giving it a good spin on our test bench to see if it can perform as good as the 2.5-inch versions did. The Crucial MX200 M.2 SSD that I’m taking a closer look at today is the 500GB version (CT500MX200SSD4), an impressive capacity considering the size and even more so considering the amount of chips used, but that is something you’ll see further into the review.

The MX100 series originally set new standards for SATA SSDs and Crucial continued that with the MX200. It boasts great features and a great performance, and it does all that are a very reasonable price. One of the features that help the MX200 push ahead of many competitors is the Dynamic Write Acceleration technology. It uses an adaptable pool of high-speed, single-level cell flash memory for a consistent and fast performance rather than a fixed cache of multi-level cell flash.

The Crucial MX200 M.2 500GB drive is rated with a sequential speed of up to 550MB/s when reading and 500MB/s when writing. The random read performance is rated at 100K IOPS while the write performance has an impressive 87K IOPS. That is pretty sweet considering that we have a drive that’s only 22mm wide and 80mm long.

Crucial also made sure that the MX200 will survive for a very long time and it comes with a total bytes written (TBW) rating of 160TB. That equals to 87GB per day for a 5 year period, which should be more than sufficient and at that time you’ll want to upgrade with a more modern drive anyway. Sounds like a safe bet and a purchase where you can’t do much wrong.

Once we peel off the sticker, we see that this 500GB SSD only uses two NAND chips, one controller, and one RAM chip. Removing the sticker also removed most of the print on the NAND chips and it was almost impossible to take a photo where it was properly readable. The rear of the module isn’t used at all, which is what I referred to in the beginning. It’s all done with just two NAND chips.

This is the best I could do on the Micron NAND chips used on this drive. It isn’t the world’s best photo, but it appears to read 51C22 NW659 and the Micron logo is clearly visible.

The controller used is the Marvell 88SS9189-BLD2, a great choice for its features. You get AES 256-bit hardware encryption, it is TCG Opal 2.0 and IEEE-1667 compliant, and compatible with Microsoft’s eDrive. Other features include Power Loss and Adaptive Thermal Protection, Active Garbage Collection and TRIM support, ECC error checking code and SMART monitoring technology as well as Exclusive Data Defense.

Crucial backs the MX200 series with a 3-year limited warranty and the drive has a life expectancy of 1.5 million hours mean time before failure. The drive also comes bundled with Acronis True Image HD backup and cloning software.


  • Hardware Encryption
    • AES 256-bit encryption
    • TCG Opal 2.0-compliant
    • IEEE-1667-compliant
    • Compatible with Microsoft eDrive
  • Data Transfer Software – Includes Acronis True Image HD software for free data transfer
  • Redundant Array of Independent NAND (RAIN)
  • Exclusive Data Defense: Adaptive Thermal Protection, Power Loss Protection, and Data Path Protection
  • Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART), Error Correction Code (ECC), TRIM Support, and Active Garbage Collection


An M.2 2280 module doesn’t require much of a packaging at all and it comes in the same type blister package that we know from memory modules; and even that is large for this module. The front carries a sticker with the drive type and capacity while the rear displays the included Acronis True Image HD Software.

Inside the tiny box you’ll find the above-mentioned leaflet with the Acronis True Image HD Software Activation key, which can be downloaded from the internet, two screws in case you misplaced the ones from your motherboard or PCIe adapter card and naturally the M.2 Type 2280 500GB Crucial MX200 SSD.

SP Introduced the Next Generation Portable Armor A85 HDDs

You might remember the pretty amazing Silicon Power Armor A65 that we reviewed not long ago and just that drive has just been upgraded in the form of the new SP Armor A85 and A85M portable and rugged hard drives. The drives utilize a special internal structure design and rigid aluminium exterior to strengthen its protections against all sorts of things, including shock, pressure, water, and dust.

The A85 drive has passed the U.S military’s drop test of MIL-STD 810G Method 516.6 Procedure IV (transit drop test) and the IP68 standard that it can resist water and dust. Added is the pressure resistance where it can withstand a pressure of up to 500kg of force. The droptest includes freefall tests with a height of up to 122cm on 26 different contact points, so your data should be well protected.

The Silicon Power Armor A85 also offers the SP HDD Lock Utility, a free software download for full disk encryption and 256-bit AES encryption with SP Widget for Windows or Mac OS. IT also features the practical cable carry design where the USB 3.0 cable can be easily attached to the rear of the drive. Have everything in one place.

The A85 and A85M drives are backed by a 3-year warranty and are offered in three capacity options of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

Toshiba MQ02 Series 500GB SSHD Review


There are a lot of storage drives on the market to choose from and picking the right drive is a matter of budget and situational needs. Notebook users don’t have as many choices as they’re often limited to the 2.5-inch form factor and today I’m taking a look at such a drive.

We’ve got Toshiba’s latest 2.5-inch Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) on the testbench, the MQ02 series. The Toshiba MQ02ABF05H is an extremely silent 2.5-inch drive SSHD with 500GB capacity, but it is also available as 1 TB version.

The hybrid drives combine two things from different worlds into one, the cheap storage, storage capacity, and reliability of mechanical hard drives and the speed of NAND-based SSDs. The drive will sort the most used files into the flash memory for speedy access while keeping the cold data on the mechanical part of the drive.

This method will provide you with better boot times than traditional hard disks and your most used apps will too. This is an ideal drive to upgrade older notebooks and give them a needed performance boost.

The SSHD’s self-learning algorithm is optimized by Toshiba for 2-bit-per-cell MLC NAND and will continue to develop throughout the lifespan of the drive, constantly improving your PC’s performance. This is also one of the things that make this drive a tough one to benchmark. It will not show its true potential in synthetic tests.

There is a good chance that you’ll take this drive with you on the road inside a laptop and you’ll want your data to be secure while doing so. The MQ02 SSHD features a carriage lock mechanism that prevents the heads from sliding off the ramp and onto the media during power off. Activated automatically upon power down, the lock protects your drive from shocks of up to 900 G.

As with all Toshiba SSHDs, the MQ02 Series is halogen-free and RoHS compatible, making it a very environmentally friendly drive. That is continued in the adaptive power mode and serial ATA devices reduce power consumption without affecting performance. Supporting three levels of idle mode, the SSHD is supremely efficient and only draws up to 2 W during seek.

The mechanical drive has a spindle speed of 5400RPM and comes with 64MB cache. The  NAND part is 8GB big, enough to store a lot of frequent access data.

Toshiba is the only storage vendor that designs and develops both HDD and NAND flash memory that are the two core components of SSHD technology. This gives us a good security that they know what they are doing and that we get a quality drive.

We see a Marvell 88i9412 controller on the PCB along with the Toshiba MLC NAND and the Smooth L7289 spindle motor controller.

Mushkin Launches New ATLAS VITAL Family of Solid-State Drives

Mushkin announced its latest addition to the ATLAS family of products, the new ATLAS VITAL M.2 2280 Series for Ultrabooks, notebooks, and small form-factor PCs. Atlas Vital is said to be suitable for mobile gamers, professionals, or general end-users looking to take their computing experience to the next level with solid state storage.

The drive comes in a quite a few capacity versions, but all in the M.2 2280 form factor. There will be 120GB, 140GB, 250GB, 480GB, and 500GB versions of this SandForce SF-2000 series based solid state drive. It seems like somewhat of a weird choice to go with a SandForce controller these days, as there are far better ones available. It isn’t a bad controller either and the Atlas Vital drive can perform sequential speeds up to 550MB/s while reading and 535MB/s while writing. The random 4K performance is rated up to 86K IOPS for low-latency and high throughput.

The Atlas Vital is aimed at the value-minded users looking to improve their experience over traditional hard drives and that also explains the choice of controller. It is a cheaper controller that allows Mushkin to create a better performing drive at a lower price, but at the costs of a few features.

Mushkin did not announce the availability or price of the drives yet, but those information are sure to follow very soon.

Amazon Accidentally Revealed Nvidia Shield Pro


On Saturday Amazon accidentally revealed a pro model of the upcoming Nvidia Shield Android TV set-top box by listing the new products page, but they were just as quick to remove it again. But the internet doesn’t forget and users are fast to grab information like this. Once it’s out there, it’s out there.

So it looks like Nvidia is planning to release a Pro model of their Shield Android TV box next to the normal version. The difference between the two models will be limited to a single item and that is the storage capacity. Where the Nvidia Shield will come with just 16GB flash storage and an SD-card slot for those who need more, the Nvidia Shield Pro on the other hand looks to come with 500GB internal storage instead.

The pricing wasn’t listed for either model and neither was the release date, but it should be soon. Earlier it has said to be scheduled for a May or June sale date, so it could be any day now. With Amazon, and probably other resellers too, starting to list the products with both product and packaging photos could also point towards an imminent release.

Customers of the new Shield Android TV set-top box will get both an HDMI and USB cable, shield controller and either the 16GB standard or 500GB Pro Shield Android TV packed with the powerful Tegra X1 processor, 3GB RAM, and 4K capabilities.

Thank you PC Perspective for providing us with this information

Seagate Wireless 500GB Mobile Storage Review


Portable storage isn’t just portable storage anymore. There are many different connectors, ports and protocols that can be used and it can all be a little bit confusing at times. Especially if you want to use your storage on multiple different devices at once. Seagate has created the Wireless 500GB Mobile Storage drive for this and it comes with both USB and WiFi capabilities.

With 500GB of storage at your disposal, the Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage allows you to bring along hundreds of movies or thousands of songs, photos, and other files. You can simply stream them via WiFi to your smartphone, tablet or even Smart TV.

There is no need for wires or internet connections, the Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage has a built in hotspot that allows you to connect directly to it – but you can also connect it with the included USB 2.0 cable and microUSB port on the drive.

With 500GB of capacity and a battery that lasts up to 6 hours, the Wireless is as mobile as you are and should last just as long as any mobile device playing movies. Don’t worry about maxing out device capacity or your data usage plan when it’s all in your pocket.

Up to three people can connect to the Seagate Wireless at once and it is compatible with almost any device: Android, Windows 8, iOS, AirPlay, LG Smart TVs, Chromecast, Roku and Kindle fire among others.

The Seagate Wireless even has the ability to automatic backup new files on your device so you always have a safe copy and you can also connect it to the Seagate services.

Pick the colour of your choice, the Seagate Wireless doesn’t just come in a boring black or white scheme, although those are available as well. You can get the drive in black, white, blue, red and green – or get them all to match whatever outfit you might be wearing that day.


  • Capacity: 500GB
  • Interface: WiFi, USB 2.0
  • Dimensions:  125.36mm / 125.36mm / 24.5mm (W/H/D)
  • Weight: 281g
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

LaCie Announced Porsche Design Mobile Drive with USB-C Connector

Apple just announced their new MacBook and there is a lot of talk about the USB-C technology. Android smartphones will also feature the connector soon and Asus has already presented their full lineup of device. But a connector isn’t enough, we also need to attach something to it. For that, LaCie announced the addition of USB-C technology to its Porsche Design Mobile Drive that is available up to 2TB capacity.

For those who don’t know it, LaCie is the premium brand of Seagate and they make some truly beautiful drives for those who want something special. The Porsche Design Mobile Drive has been specially designed with its aluminium finish to match the MacBooks, but it will of course work with any system. It supports Time Machine backups and transfer speeds up to 100 MB/s.

The user-friendly USB-C connector makes it easier than ever to connect these new drives, we all know the three-turn USB connection move. For compatibility, the LaCie drive also comes with an included adapter for USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 ports.

The LaCie Mobile Drive enclosure is made from 3 mm thick solid aluminum and the drive comes backed by a two-year warranty. Availability is set for next quarter with a 500GB slim size model as well as 1TB and 2TB models. No word on pricing yet.

Thanks to LaCie for providing us with this information

Silicon Power Introduces Armor A65 Durable Portable Hard Drive

Silicon Power has launched their latest Armor series portable hard drives, the Armor A65, that comes with almost any protection you could want. It is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof, comes with encryption software and is rigorously tested. The Armor A65 is the first portable hard drive that passes the IP67 standard in the industry that certifies complete protection against dust penetration, has passed the U.S military’s drop test and can stay submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30-minutes.

The Armor A65 consists of two layers of rubber and a middle frame to create a unibody design which makes the casing very resistant and durable. The internal suspension system provides a vibration damping function to reinforce overall stability while the outer rubber cover not only creates a shockproof shell but makes the surface anti-slip and anti-scratch. Featuring advanced 3-layer protection, the rugged Armor A65 is an expert in shock resistance.

A portable hard drive doesn’t just need to be robust, it should also be portable. The Armor A65 has a built-in and attached USB 3.0 cable that reduces the size and makes it easier to carry. To meet different storage needs, the Armor A65 is available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacity options.

“The Armor series has been well received in the market, but we still keep improving to bring innovations to users,” said a SP Industrial Designer. “We tried to make the Armor A65 more out of the ordinary, in either its function or appearance. It is the first portable hard drive in the industry that applies the unibody cup-like design and passes the IP67 dustproof/waterproof standards. Thus, we’re confident that the Armor A65 can withstand any demanding conditions.” SP always takes every detail into consideration; for water and dust are the most common threats to portable hard drives, we especially designed the Armor A65 to remove all of the threats and set a new standard for data safety.”


Armor A65 Product Features:

  • Compliant with the U.S. military drop-test standards MIL-STD 810G Method 516.6 Procedure IV (transit drop test), a freefall test (122cm) on 26 contact points.
  • Industry’s-first to meet IP67 dustproof/waterproof standards
  • Advanced internal hard drive suspension system
  • Delicate cable storage design
  • SP HDD Lock Utility free software download for full disk encryption
    (Note: Please remember your password and keep it safe. If you forget it you will not be able to access your data.)
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface
  • Intelligent LED indicator
  • Easy to plug and use; no external adapter required
  • SP Widget free download software, providing 7 major back-up and security functions

Armor A65 Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 143.4 x 86.7 x 20.7 mm
  • Weight: 242~277g (by capacity)
  • Capacity: 500GB、1TB、2TB
  • Material: Rubber/ Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Interface: USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 compatible
  • Data transfer rates: Max. 5 Gbps (USB 3.0 Mode); Max. 480 Mbps (USB 2.0 Mode)
  • Power supply: DC5V (Power supplied through USB)
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Linux 2.6.31 or later, Mac OS 10.5 or later
  • Operating temperature: 5℃~ 55℃
  • Storage temperature: -40℃~ 70℃
  • Warranty: 3 years

Thanks to Silicon Power for providing us with this information

Crucial BX100 500GB Solid State Drive Review


Crucial recently launched the BX100 and MX200 series solid state drives and we’ve already had a look at the MX200 a little while ago, and today I’m taking the Crucial BX100 500GB drive for a spin on the test bench.

“We designed the MX200 and BX100 to meet the varied needs of the market, making it easier for anyone to move to an SSD, whether they are a seasoned computer enthusiast or an absolute beginner, all while keeping value top of mind,” said Jonathan Weech, senior worldwide product manager, Crucial. “These drives leverage Micron’s years of heritage in storage technology to deliver advanced features and performance, resulting in an unparalleled SSD experience for our consumers.”

The new budget drive from Crucial dubbed the BX100 only appears to be a budget drive on the costs and not on the performance. The drive promises us some impressive performance figures with sequential operations up to 535MB/s reading and 450MB/s when writing – on all file types. The random performance is rated for 90k IOPS when reading and 87k when writing.

It is the first Crucial drive to use the Silicon Motion SM2245EN controller, but one we’ve seen work great in other drives already. Inside the drive, we also find 8 Micron NAND and a Micron RAM cache chip.

The BX100 also has a pretty good feature list with thermal monitoring, data path protection, active garbage collection, TRIM and SMART support as well as Error Correction Code (ECC). The only thing that could be considered missing is the hardware encryption.

It has comes rated with a life expectancy of 1.5 million hours MTBF and an endurance rating of up to 72TB total bytes written (TBW). That would equal 40GB of data being written every day for a five year period – two years longer than the three-year warranty. So the stability and safety on this drive should be guaranteed.

A solid state drive isn’t just faster than a traditional hard drive, it’s also far more reliable as most HDDs only come with an MTBF rating of 0.6 million hours compared to the 1.5 million of the Crucial BX100.

The Crucial BX100 SSD isn’t the fastest drive on the market, but it’s not designed to be. By treating all data the same, the Crucial BX100 allows you to do everything quickly whether you’re saving an image, accessing a ZIP file, or loading a video – on a budget.

The BX100 also comes in 120GB, 250GB and 1TB capacities besides 500GB model that I’m testing today and with a capacity up to 1TB, mechanical hard disk drives seem to become a thing of the past.

We can get enough storage to actually consider the replacement and there is no comparison when it comes to the speed we get. An SSD such as this BX100 will perform over fifteen times faster than a typical hard drive, be two times from reliable, be over double as energy-efficient, and generally be more durable due to better shock resistance and lower heat creation. When we couple that with the budget offering from Crucial, we might have a winner.

G-Technology Launches Rugged Mobile HDDs

G-Technology probably isn’t a company you’ve heard a lot from, but they have enough knowledge in their backs being a part of HGST (WD). They’ve announced the new G-DRIVE ev ATC and the G-DRIVE ev RaW solutions rugged HDDs with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0. G-Technology also announced new Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 all-terrain cases for turning the original G-DRIVE ev, RaW, or ev SSD into a rugged all-terrain storage solution.

“My work as an adventure photographer takes me around the world to remote and sometimes dangerous locations, and keeping my once-in-a-lifetime shots safe is top priority,” said Lucas Gilman, adventure sports photographer and filmmaker. “Working closely with G-Technology, I was able to secure a G-DRIVE ev ATC and took it with me to Peru and Hawaii for recent surfing photo shoots. G-Technology’s newest G-DRIVE ev ATC helped ensure that my irreplaceable images were safe, all while withstanding sandy beaches, bumpy off-road terrain and ocean mist.”

The G-DRIVE ev RaW is a rugged and lightweight portable hard drive that is strong enough to withstand a 1.5-meter drop. It is USB 3.0 bus-powered and designed to go anywhere, providing on-the-go access to photos, videos, music and more. The G-DRIVE ev RaW can be used as a standalone device or used with the Evolutions Series’ G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt or the new ev all-terrain case. The drive comes formatted for Mac to increase out of the box compatibility as Windows users more easy can reformat the drive to their needs. Availability will be this month for an MSRP of $129.95 for 1TB and $99.95 for 500GB.

The G-DRIVE ev ATC kicks it up another notch with a waterproof and floating enclosure (for a limited time) and a resistance for drops from up to two meter height. The case is removable and also compatible with earlier G-DRIVEs as well as purchasable on its Inside it has a 7,200 RPM-based hard drive to maximize transfer speed using Thunderbolt or USB 3.0.

The G-DRIVE ev ATC will also be available later this month with a capacity of 1TB and an MSRP of $229.95 for the Thunderbolt version and $179.95 for the USB 3 version.

Thanks to G-Technology for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of G-Technology

Seagate Celebrates Anniversary with Slimmest Portable HDD

Seagate celebrates Thirty-Five years of storage innovation with the launch of the beautiful Seagate Seven, the world’s slimmest portable hard drive. The new drive is built in an all-metal enclosure that is 7mm high and 82mm wide while weighing 90g. The Seagate Seven doesn’t just look awesome, it’s also useful with its 500GB capacity and USB 3 connection for transfers without bottlenecks.

“Seagate has been providing the world with storage since the modern origins of computing history,” said Mark Whitby, senior vice president of Seagate Branded Group. “Seagate Seven is designed to speak to this history, while looking forward to the future of where storage technology is headed. We believe that Seagate Seven will resonate with those who want the latest trend in mechanical design while inspiring the user to create great experiences and memories.”

The deep draw process used allows for the all-steel enclosure to be shaped in a method that the material could not be any thinner and still hold the structural integrity. The steel encasing also provides a rigidity, which allows for the incredibly thin design to be functional. while the low profile motor technologies used are designed to include extreme Gyro handling capabilities.

The new Seagate Seven 500GB portable hard drive will be available mid to late January for a suggested retail price of $99.99. Pre-orders can already be made at Seagate themselves and Amazon.

Thanks to Seagate for providing us with this information

Images and Video courtesy of Seagate

Seagate Announced New Portable 500GB Wireless HDD

Seagate continues to grow its family of wireless storage solutions with the debut of Seagate Wireless, a 500GB portable wireless drive designed for streaming and offloading of media from mobile devices. The drive is compatible with pretty much any device, but it comes with specialised streaming apps for Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows 8 and Windows RT. It also supports easy streaming to the big-screen with Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, as well asRoku players.

The Wireless drive comes in five colour options to match your favourite themes: Lime green, cool blue, slate grey, fire-engine red and plain white. It has a built-in hotspot that eliminates the need for a router within range, as it sends out its own WiFi signal. The built-in battery has power for up to 6hours of usage between charging and also comes with a USB cable for direct connection.

“Seagate pioneered the product category of wireless storage devices and is pleased at how the category has grown over the years,” said Patrick Connolly, vice president of Seagate branded innovations. “The latest generation of Seagate Wireless extends that legacy and makes the wireless streaming experience broadly available to far more consumers.”

The new Seagate Wireless 500GB drive will be available early February for an MSRP of $129.99 through Amazon, Seagate and other resellers.

Thanks to Seagate for providing us with this information

Images and video courtesy of Seagate

ADATA Launches HV100 External Hard Drive in Three Colours

Adata has announce the arrival of the HV100 External Hard Drive with a sandblasted smudge-free finish available in three colours and three capacities. The HV100 comes with a G-Shock sensor protection and has both the OStoGO and HDDtoGO features that extend the functionality of the drive.

The HV100 will be available in 500GB, 1TB or 2TB sizes and connects through the USB 3.0 interface. The built-in multi-coloured LED will show the connections status, mode, and activity as well as warn you when a severe shock should hit the drive.

The HDDtoGO software enables you to enjoy true mobility and leave no trace behind when working remotely from your office while the OStoGO software allows you install your Windows OS via your external drive. Both handy features to have with a portable drive.

There is no word on pricing or availability yet.

Thanks to AData for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of AData

Buffalo Announce New Type of External Hard Drive With DRAM Caching

Hybrid drives are starting to become a commonplace on the component market as a suitable upgrade solution for those wanting a drive with the capacity of a hard drive, but with read speeds that are more in the regions of a solid state drive. Keeping up with this new trend, Buffalo Technology has unveiled a new class of external hard drive which features a DRAM cache to offer faster read speeds to commonly accessed data.

Unlike an internal hybrid drive however, the HD-PGDU3’s cached area is not a true solid state partition with the cached data being held on volatile DRAM memory which is kept alive by an internal battery. Naturally this means that after a period of time the battery will run out of power and the cached data will be lost, however Buffalo do provide a small battery meter and in addition to providing the cache with power, the battery also ensures that there is no data corruption in the event of the drive being disconnected from the host device too early.

Two models of the drive will be available at launch with 500GB and 1TB capacities with both drives offering 1GB of DRAM cache backed by a lithium-ion battery. USB3.0 connectivity ensures the cached data can be accessed as fast as possible with speed of up to 400MB/s on offer.

There is no word on pricing or availability as of yet, but with Computex on the horizon we suspect any further announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

Source: Techpowerup

ADATA DashDrive HC630 Brings Colour To External Storage

ADATA are very well known for releasing drives that offer up something a little bit different to the typical hard drive in a plastic shell that we typically see on the high street. Such drives include the DashDrive Elite HE720 which offers 5H scratch resistance and the title of the worlds slimmest external hard drive and the DashDrive Durable HD710 which offers up a totally waterproof and shock proof construction, meeting military grade recommendations.

With a catalogue of unique design ideas, it was only a short matter of time before we saw yet another drive appear and this comes in as the DashDrive Choice HC630.

Coming to market with three capacities; 500GB, 750GB and 1TB, the drive which is backed by a full three year warranty has a distinct blue etched pattern to its metal housing and around the edge is a raised plastic surface to protect the etched design from getting damaged when place on a flat surface. Even with the raised surface and protective plastic surround, the 160g drive is still rather compact with dimensions of 115 x 78 x 15mm and inside is a 2.5″ SATA HDD with a USB3.0 interface for fast data transfer speeds. The drive is topped of with a blue LED to compliment the drives colour and when purchased, users can also download a copy of ADATA’s HDDtoGo Software to give added security to their data.

There is no word on pricing and availability at this moment, however we will update this as and when we have more information.

Source and image courtesy of ADATA

Western Digital My Passport Enterprise 500GB USB3.0 External Hard Drive Review

All portable hard drives on the market are in essence the same in generally speaking there is very little that sets each one apart, after all they take your files from one place to another. But waht if you wanted your portable hard drive to give just a little bit more? How about taking not just your files, but your entire desktop with you so that you can plug it into any computer, boot it up and then work in your very own workspace? Well it turns out this option is very much a reality and users of Windows 8 Enterprise have this option at their finger tips but this does mean that they need to have a Windows To Go compatible drive.

Windows To Go is a little picky on what drives it can be installed to and thus in order to use this feature, you need to find a certified product. The vast majority of the certified products however are flash based, but whilst this is great for speed, space is compromised. This is where Western Digital step in with the world’s only Windows To Go certified portable USB3.0 hard drive. Granted the drive is not going to offer to blazing speed that flash can, but it does repay the user with considerably more space to play with out of the box.