Pokémon Starts Celebrations For 20th Anniversary With Legendary Giveaway

Pokémon has become Nintendo’s most well-known franchise, spanning generations of children and pocket monsters, the dream of children all over the world was to capture all the creatures and become the Pokémon master. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the release of the first games and Nintendo wants to make it a big deal. Starting with their latest generation of games.

After announcing the re-release of classic trading cards, Nintendo wants you to celebrate a thousand different ways including new games and additions to some old ones. Every month between now and December you’ll be able to enjoy a new legendary Pokémon on X, Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Red.

In the month of February, you can add the first legendary Pokémon to your collection. Mew, the original legendary Pokémon, will join your party. If you want to add Mew to your collection you will need to visit Game in the UK, Gamestop in the US and EBGames in Canada. Ask at the counter for a code for Mew which you can then add via the Mystery gift option before you load into the game.

With everything from Mew and Celebi to the god Pokémon, Arceus, collecting the entire series will soon be possible, legends and all.

Nintendo Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Pokémon

Most people will remember the little pocket monsters (more commonly known as Pokémon). From the cute little Pikachu to the unstoppable power of Mewtwo, the classics of which many grew up either as parents or children. To celebrate Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary, Nintendo is releasing a whole bunch of Pokémon content to celebrate.

Styled after Tekken Tournament, Pokken Tournament will see you facing your favourite Pokémon off in epic, fast-paced real-time battles. With characters like Charizard and Mewtwo making appearances alongside some of the newer generations. With at least 16 fighters, with Magikarp (we don’t understand either) and Sylveon amongst those that are already named. Initially released as an arcade game in Japan, as with many games it didn’t take long for it to reach the rest of the world.

Set for a March 18th release date worldwide you could be fighting your favourite classics against each other sooner than originally expected.

As we mentioned before this is a big year for Pokémon with it marking 20 years since the series started. To mark this date, Nintendo are releasing a special 3DS with the original Pokémon red and blue pre-installed with interchangeable face plates of the classic Charizard and Blastoise. If this wasn’t enough you will also be able to download the games and Pokémon yellow from the Nintendo store.

If you own Pokémon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire or Omega Red you are in for a treat with monthly mythical Pokémon distributions starting February. With the likes of Celebi and Mew appearing in their announcement video (which you can find below).

If this isn’t enough check out the Pokken tournament website located here to find out more about the game and the action.

Mad Catz Announces TRITTON Katana HD 7.1 Wireless Headset

Mad Catz didn’t just have a new mouse to present us today, they’re also ready with a new headset under the TRITTON brand. The new headset is called the Katana and it is a HD 7.1 Wireless headset, but it isn’t an ordinary one. The Katana is the world’s first headset to draw its audio signal directly through HDMI to deliver eight channels of uncompressed sound for pure high-definition audio quality. With near-universal compatibility across gaming consoles, PCs and smart devices, the Katana HD features state-of-the-art DTS Headphone:X audio technology that faithfully recreates the spatially accurate immersive sound experience from your favorite game.

The TRITTON Katana is the new flagship headset and comes with a flagship pricetag too. It can currently be pre-ordered for $249 and is expected to ship during December 2015.

The headset itself features 50 mm drivers and crystal clear interference-free chat through an omnidirectional boom mic. The earpieces feature intuitive controls to control your audio, mute the mic, tweak the volume or change the EQ settings. The drivers have a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz and the microphone has a frequency response from 20Hz to 5kHz.

Along with the Katana HD 7.1 Wireless Headset and the omnidirectional boom mic, you also get the heart of the operation, the headset nase station with a 1 meter long USB to Micro USB Power Cable. The HDMI pass through is truly a great idea and one that makes the setup a lot easier. No need to worry about multiple audio devices any more.

A 1 meter HDMI cable is also included as you’ll need one extra when using pass through than without. Mad Catz also added a USB to Micro USB headset play-and-charge cable that is 1.5m long and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm chat cable for Xbox One users. No matter what platform you’re using, you’ll be able to use the TRITTON Katana HD Wireless Headset.



  • Wireless Range: 33ft (10m)
  • HDMI with Full Pass-Through
  • Driver Size: 50mm
  • Headset Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 20Hz – 5kHz
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Life: 20 Hours

The Katana headset is available in black and orange as well as white and orange version.

Nintendo 3DS YouTube App Exploit to Disable Region Locking

Nintendo has been heavily criticized for region locking the Wii U and 3DS compared to Microsoft and Sony who adopt a region-free policy. Even more absurd, the 3DS’ predecessor played titles from all regions without any modifications. Region locking is inherently anti-consumer and predominately used to control pricing in an unfair manner. Interestingly, a new hack was discovered by Jordan “smealum” Rabet  via Twitter which exploits part of the official YouTube app’s code.

The mod, codenamed “Tubehax” unblocks the 3DS’ protection and grants access to homebrew software, games from any region and custom-desktop themes. Nintendo are known to remove any kind of vulnerabilities through software updates and will be concerned about this latest revelation. For example, Tubehax can run a variety of emulated games which Nintendo are trying to legitimately sell on the eShop.

Rabet released a YouTube video showing the hack in action and began playing Portal! While the install method is currently unknown, Rabet plans to release a guide very soon. I suppose Nintendo only have themselves to blame after implementing such a draconian form of DRM. While the mod can be used for illegal purposes, it will be fantastic for playing imported Japanese games unavailable in PAL and NTSC regions. However, I’m unsure if digital codes will work on a cross-regional basis.

Thank you Wired for providing us with this information. 

Nintendo NX May Be a Home Console

Nintendo announced a few months ago that they are working on a brand new platform called “NX”. The company hasn’t told us any more details, and never confirmed if we can expect it to be a home console or new portable system.

Recent comments made by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime caught our eye when interviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

“We’ve also said publicly that we are already hard at work on our next home console and that’s another element we’ll be talking about much later.”

It’s pretty obvious what this may mean, it’s a very strong hint and maybe confirmation that this all new Nintendo NX will be a console rather than a handheld device. What will it look like? what will it do? we have no idea.

With any luck, it will pack some of the features of the Wii U, but in a much more hardcore console. Nintendo is very good when it comes to consoles, but they’re nowhere near the same league as Xbox and PS4 when it comes to the latest games. They’re amazing for family and group fun but try to play a fast paced FPS on it and you may as well give up.

What do you think Nintendo are up to behind the scenes?

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Nintendo Says 3DS Won’t Become Region-Free, But the NX Could Be

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has revealed that, despite calls to make its consoles region-free, that the handheld 3DS will remain locked. However, he admitted that there is a chance that the company’s new, in-development console, codenamed the NX, could be region-free.

During a recent investors meeting, Iawata was asked:

“When you were asked if you would lift the region locks at the Financial Results Briefing six months ago, you answered that you would take it into consideration. Please explain the current situation.”

Iwata answered:

“My understanding is that it is not realistic on the existing video game systems because unlocking them after they are already on the market poses a number of hurdles. On the other hand, regarding NX, we understand that many consumers hold such opinions and such suggestions exist in the market, and although we have nothing concrete at the moment, we are internally analyzing what hurdles exist to lifting region locks. That is the situation right now. We acknowledge your request, and I personally want to give it positive consideration.”

Great news about a potential region-free NX, but it’s a shame about the 3DS. Thankfully, for those of us unconcerned about voiding warranties, there is a simple home hack to break the region lock on your 3DS:

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Nintendo to Launch First Smartphone Game This Year – Four More by 2017

Ninendo CEO and president Satoru Iwata has announced that its partnership with publisher DeNA will see five mobile games released by 2017, the first of which will be out this year. Nintendo and DeNA will also release a cross-platform gaming service for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, as well as Nintendo’s 3DS, Wii U, and its in-development NX console.

Iwata insists that Nintendo’s mobile games will not be ports of previous titles, instead being built from scratch. “If we were simply to port software that already has a track record on a dedicated game system, it would not match the play styles of smart devices, and the appropriate business models are different between the two, so we would not anticipate a great result,” Iwata said. “If we did not aim to achieve a significant result, it would be meaningless for us to do it at all. Accordingly, we are going to carefully select appropriate IP and titles for our smart device deployment.”

“Regarding the number of the titles, you may want to know that we will release approximately five titles by the end of the next fiscal year, which is the end of March 2017,” Iwata continued. “You may think it is a small number, but when we aim to make each title a hit, and because we want to thoroughly operate every one of them for a significant amount of time after their releases, this is not a small number at all and should demonstrate our serious commitment to the smart device business.”

The move marks a big shift in strategy for Nintendo, with the company hoping to maintain a level of success after posting a profit for the first time in four years recently.

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Nintendo Makes First Profit in 4 Years

For the first time since 2011, Nintendo has recorded a profit. From business year April 1st 2014 to March 31st 2015, the company revealed a $4.6 billion revenue with an operating profit of £207 million. That’s not an ideal profit margin, but a profit is a profit at the end of the day and it’s a good sign of how Nintendo is progressing after a rough 4 years. The last 3 months have been extremely tough, with the newly revised 3DS not making much of a splash and the Wii U laying dormant in comparison to the PS4 and Xbox One rivals.

Nintendo bosses seem to set themselves very tough targets, which is good for companies to do, but even some know they are unachievable. They predicted sales of the Wii U to be around 3.6 million units, they sold just under at 3.38 million; of which 340,000 sold in the last quarter. A similar story for the 3DS, 9 million revised target, with sales of just 8.73 million and 1.7 million in the last quarter.

Some of the estimations are good though, on the software side; things have picked up for the Wii U thanks to the massive release of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. They set themselves a revised target of 25 million and achieved 24.4 million, but for 3DS smashed the revised target of 61 million to sell 63 million units.

It looks a like a rough road ahead for Nintendo; they predict a drop in 3DS sales and a small uplift in Wii U sales thanks to the upcoming Zelda release. Let’s hope the new venture with mobile gaming company DeNA and the extremely popular Amiibo line take off and push Nintendo back into the race with the top two.

How do you feel about the recent losses that Nintendo has made? Do you think that the new figures are a sign of things to come, or is this just a blip? Let us know in the comments.

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Nintendo’s Amiibo Characters in Short Supply – Nintendo Vows to Meet Demand

Nintendo have never been the best at ensuring that the supply for their products stays above or relative to the demand – like the shortage of Gamecube controller adapters when Super Smash Bros. came out for the Wii U. But now it seems that Nintendo’s Amiibo’s are becoming in short supply, with rarer characters being damn near impossible to find.

The news came after a post on the companies Facebook page, admitting that they had not anticipated the level of demand the small plastic figures would bring and they even acknowledge the fact that some figures are harder to find than others. However, they are claiming that they will be upping the number of units that are produced and shipped to retail with hopes to keep up with the unexpected demand.

Launched in 2014, the small plastic figures allow users to enhance their in-game experience using near field communication with the Wii U and New 3DS, very much similar to DLC except in a physical form. Aside from just improving the gameplay of supported games, it also brings in a very “gotta catch ’em all” vibe, with users trying to get their hands on the most scarce of characters, sometimes paying premium prices.

Unfortunately this popularity has caused increased prices and unhappy customers but with Nintendo promising to improve, we should see stability once again restored in the near future.

Modded 3DS is a PC Remote Desktop

Nintendo 3DS modders are building a homebrew app to turn the handheld gaming console into a PC desktop remote controller. The first preview version shows gameplay footage of Blizzard’s MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

The early build is still far from stable and suffers from stuttering frame rates, but it is still an achievement in itself considering how difficult Nintendo has made it, with tightened security measures and the threat of bricking from firmware updates, to develop homebrew mods for its current-gen hardware.

The first run of Nintendo DS models were a modder’s dream, with keen home programmers creating their own add-on hardware that fit into Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, an option since absent from later DS, 3DS, and 2DS models. Similar innovations in software brought the Homebrew Channel application loader to the Nintendo Wii console, giving the console video playback capabilities, as well as opening the system up to emulators and backwards compatibility with previous Nintendo game ROMs through the wonderful open source Nintendo software, allowing Wii and Wii U owners to play Gamecube games.

The 3DS PC remote desktop app is being developed by GBATemp forum user retrozelda, who has also made the early build available for download.

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Nintendo Making Mii Smartphone App

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the company is working on an app to allow Wii U and 3DS owners to use Mii avatars and the Miiverse social network on their smartphones.

“It would be fun for players to use their Mii characters as icons on social media,” Iwata told Japan’s Nikkei Business Daily. “We are currently developing an application that will allow users to do that.”

This marks a change in strategy for Nintendo, a company that has demonstrated reticence to enter the mobile market in the past. “In the past, I have opposed making smartphone and tablet versions of Nintendo titles,” Iwata said. “Prices for content aimed at smartphones and tablets are falling quickly. I am still wary of the category.”

Source: The Verge

Nintendo’s Spring 2015 amiibo Line-Up Revealed

Nintendo has revealed the six new amiibos – the Japanese gaming company’s series of character toys that offer perks when connected to selected games – due for release this Spring, plus the selection of games they are compatible with.

According to a chart on Nintendo’s website, the new additions will be Ness from SNES classic Earthbound, Fire Emblem’s Robin and Lucina, Pokémon Charizard, plus Wario and Pac-Man.

The new figurines will be compatible with Hyrule Warriors, Mario Party 10, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Robin and Lucina will also work with Code Name: STEAM.

A selection of Mario amiibos, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, are set for release on 20th March.

Source: Polygon

New Nintendo 3DS Coming to US and Europe

Remember that ‘new’ Nintendo 3DS that is slightly more powerful and includes more buttons? Well now it’s coming to Europe and the United States.

Nintendo announced the news in a Nintendo Direct presentation. They said that the US will receive a New 3DS XL, but no New standard 3DS. Europe on the other hand will get both, the bigger XL model and the smaller one. In the US the console will cost $199.99, but no price has been announced for the European model as of yet.

The consoles are indeed faster, with Nintendo claiming that it will load games quicker. It also has better Wi-Fi, allowing faster downloads and it also includes NFC support for those Amiibo figures.

It’s also worth mentioning that the console doesn’t come packaged with a power adaptor – something Nintendo has been doing in Japan for years. Why? Well it lowers the overall cost of the console for the many millions that already have a power adaptor from their old console, perhaps representative of Nintendo’s traditionally conservative Japanese attitude to business. Obviously that is at the inconvience of those who don’t have an adapter, but they don’t cost all that much on their own anyway.

The consoles will be available from February 13th, 2015.

Source: Engadget

Xbox the Most Popular Console for Porn, According to PornHub

Xbox users were the most frequent viewers of pornography in 2014, according to an end of year report by website PornHub. Microsoft’s Xbox consoles – both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, presumably – account for 45.7% of traffic from gaming machines, up 70.5% on last year.

Sony PlayStation users are also well represented, having a 40% share of console traffic, but is down on 2013’s figure by 36.8%. Wii Owners are at 8.2%, while the two handheld devices, the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, are responsible for 8.7% and 1.1% of PornHub views, respectively.

Source: Polygon

New Nintendo 3DS Contains Secret Game

The New Nintendo 3DS, which was recently released in Japan and Australia, contains a hidden game accessible only via the web browser. Simply tap the tune of the Super Mario Bros theme on the ‘new page’ screen of the 3DS’ web browser to be greeted with this Breakout-like game.

The game allows you to break up block representations of your most visited websites.

what happens if you tap out the mario theme in the new 3DS browser?

A video posted by sam byford (@345triangle) on

Source: The Verge

Nintendo to End Sale of 3DS XL In Japan

In a report from Siliconera, it has been suggested that Nintendo is planning to discontinue the sale of the Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan.

The larger version of the company’s 3DS handheld console has been widely successful, selling 234,000 units in Japan, leading some to wonder why Nintendo might want to pull it. t’s also no surprise though, that the release of the New Nintendo 3DS is the most probable reason for the change. The new console is better for gameplay with its dual analog sticks and trigger buttons and has already received great reviews since it was announced. The 3DS has performed better than its home console brother, the Wii U. The handheld is the most popular in its class, beating the more powerful PS Vita with it’s wider library of games.

Source: Polygon

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Sells Nearly 500,000 Copies in Three Days

After a shaky first year, the growth of Nintendo’s Wii U – in the wake of impressive sales of Mario Kart 8, which doubled sales of the console – continues with the success of Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, which has sold over 490,000 copies in just three days since its release, making it the fastest-selling Wii U game in the console’s short history.

Nintendo hope that another rise in console sales – like with Mario Kart 8 – is set to follow Super Smash Bros.’ strong showing. But Nintendo have another potential cash cow ace up their sleeve, that they hope will benefit from proximity to Super Smash Bros., called Amiibo. Amiibo are a series of character figures – such as Link from the Zelda games, or Fox from the eponymous Star Fox series – similar to the Skylander figurines, that can connect to Wii U or 3DS via NFC. They are compatible with Super Smash Bros. and offers players stats boosts and unlockable content.

Source: TechCrunch

After 3 Years, The Nintendo 3DS has Finally Been Hacked

After 3 years of being available, the Nintendo 3DS has finally been exploited to run unofficial software or “homebrew”. The exploit itself was discovered in a pretty much unknown game available for the system – “Cubic Ninja”, a very poor, forgotten title that nobody really cared about prior to the discovery.

The game’s QR function contains a vulnerability that means it is able to run unsigned code, something very rare on a Nintendo system, as these things are typically hard to get by the company’s tough quality control testing.

The title has now skyrocketed in price on eBay and Amazon – a game that previously was available for around $1-2 is now averaging at about $40.

The game runs the ‘Homebrew Channel’, a piece of software akin to Cydia on iOS, that allows DS and 3DS owners to run pretty much anything they like on their console – the video bellow shows a specially made version of Minecraft running, a game that is not officially available for the 3DS.

The length of time it took to find and create an exploit is perhaps testament to how tough Nintendo’s software security measures are.

Source: TechCrunch

Nintendo Unleash More Powerful 3DS for Japan

Nintendo are really throwing some strange moves this generation, first they launch the 3DS which was fairly successful in its own right, but to boost sales they cut it down to the 2DS, a cheaper and more accessible model which distanced its self from the 3D features completely due to a lack of consumer interest in the extra functionality and now they’re back again with a heavily re-tooled 3DS.

The new model will launch in Japan on October 11th and will offer a slightly improved CPU, a second analog nub dubbed the “c-stick” that removes the need for the bulky stick add-on, two new shoulder buttons called ZL and ZR, improved 3D viewing angles and a bigger 3.88 inch screen (vs the old 3.53 inches) and improved battery life. There are loads of little tweaks too, like a revised memory card slot, customization faceplates, recoloured face buttons and more.

The “new” 3DS will set you back around 16,000 YEN for the regular model or 18,800 for the XL model (roughly $154 / $181 respectively).

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Image courtesy of ArsTechnica.

Sonic Boom Announced, New Game, TV Show & Toys For The Speedy Hedgehog

Great news for Sonic fans as SEGA have announced Sonic Boom, a fresh take on the Sonic universe that will include a new game, toys and CG animated television series. Personally I washed my hands with Sonic a while back, the games got worse and worse over the years, with the exception of the HD one they did. My son on the other hand will be happy to hear there is a new game and cartoon on the way!

Sonic and his pals have been tweaked and redesigned for the new series, and the game will be heading exclusively to Wii U and 3DS, which will hopefully give Nintendo the little boost they need right now. The game will serves as a prequel to the accompanying TV series and will features all the usual stars; Sony, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose.


The Cartoon will be heading to Cartoon Network for the 2014/15 season, run for 52 episodes or around 11 minutes each. Expect the toys and merchandise to be your usual wide range of semi-collectables.

Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA chief content officer for Sonic, said “SEGA is constantly looking to feed the appetite of Sonic fans, new and existing alike. The various pieces of the Sonic Boom project, such as its unique look, mix of comedy, and action and its focus on the whole ensemble with Sonic as the star, offer another exciting part of that universe for people to explore and enjoy.  It will be at once familiar but also new.”

With rumours floating around about a new Sonic game for PS4 / Xbox one for 2015, we can only assume that may also have something to do with this series, however SEGA have been quick to deny such things.

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Image courtesy of IGN.

Nintendo Working On A New Next-Gen Console

There are rumors that Nintendo has started working on a next-gen console and the manufacturer has already chosen a system on chip design which is perhaps based on an existing SoC.

Reports are coming in that the company has already started developing a next-gen platform. Latest report (or rumor) comes from a neoGAF user Wsippel who believes that Nintendo is going to launch a new handheld.

“Nintendo apparently started working on a new platform in early 2013 and has already selected a vendor for the SoC after talking to several potential candidates. The SoC might be based on an existing design, but will be changed to fit Nintendo’s requirements. I assume it’s for their next handheld, though.” Wsippel said in a post on neoGAF.

The Wii U console that launched in 2012 did not turn any heads due to many aspects, the most important being the lack of big game titles. Therefore, the Playstation and Xbox still has the upper hand. Other than that, the Wii U had slightly better performance, but nothing mind-blowing. And the Nintendo console cannot even be compared with the latest next-gen consoles.

It’s not a surprise, given the following information, for Nintendo to make a move in bringing a next-gen console of their own on the market. But having it be a handheld version, that might be a bit tricky. They should be taking into account Playstation’s Vita most of all before making this step.

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Remember The Machine That Finds Shiny Pokemon? Well It Just Got Better

Gotta catch all the shiny Pokemon

Late November 2013 a modder by the name of dekuNukem was able to create a machine that was capable of finding the ever elusive shiny Pokemon. The machine called a “hands free shiny finder” spread like wild fire in the Pokemon community, with many (including myself) amazed at how the machine worked. The idea came from when it was found out that an easy way to tell if your about to encounter a shiny Pokemon is by simply looking at the bottom screen just before said encounter. Shiny Pokemon like other rare Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y have a special animation. Simply put a shiny Pokemon encounter will take longer for the bottom screen to load. Armed with this information dekuNukem created a light sensor to measure how long the bottom screen took to load. If a shiny Pokemon was encountered an alarm would sound and the user could come over to the 3DS and try to capture the Pokemon, if the Pokemon is not a shiny the machine makes the character run away and try another encounter.


Well now they have gone a step further with the machine now able to find and catch shiny Pokemon in any situation, (the previous version only allowed shiny Pokemon found in water to be caught) as well as breeding, naming and cloning Pokemon all without human input. An updated video showing off the  Poke-O-Matic can be viewed below.


Some in the Pokemon community claim that this machine takes the fun out of the game, while others who have never found a shiny Pokemon before are hailing it’s design and can’t wait to get their hands on one. What’s your opinion on this interesting piece of DIY technology?

Thanks to Kotaku for the information provided

Image courtesy of Nintendo Life

100% Sales Increase For Nintendo Hardware, 3DS Passes 10 Million Units Sold Milestone

Two games that are among the best reviewed of 2013 launched on Nov. 22: Super Mario 3D World for Wii U and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for Nintendo 3DS. The strong response to these games helped sales of Nintendo hardware systems in November increase by 100 percent over the month prior. This includes nearly 770,000 units of the Nintendo 3DS family, which drove the lifetime total past 10 million to nearly 10.5 million units. Other sales milestones achieved for the month include:

Nintendo 3DS Family of Systems

• Pokémon X and Pokémon Y each sold more than 225,000 combined digital and physical units in their second month on the market. This brought the combined life-to-date total to more than 2.35 million units. On Dec. 4, Nintendo revealed special edition Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Nintendo 2DS bundles that should keep the games’ momentum going through the holidays and into 2014.

• The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, the sixth Nintendo 3DS title to have a Metacritic score of 90 or higher, sold more than 280,000 combined digital and physical units. That figure jumps to more than 405,000 total units when including the special edition Zelda-themed Nintendo 3DS XL system, which comes with a code to download the game.

• A handful of first-party Nintendo 3DS titles saw triple-digit sales percentage increases in November over sales in October. This includes standout 2013 titles such as Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (seventh month on market; 140 percent increase) and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (ninth month; 105 percent increase), and legacy titles such as Paper Mario: Sticker Star (13th month; 280 percent increase), Mario Kart 7 (23rd month; 130 percent increase) and Super Mario 3D Land (24th month; 235 percent increase).

Wii U

• Sales of Wii U hardware increased by more than 340 percent over sales in October.

• Super Mario 3D World for Wii U, currently the highest-rated next-generation title with a Metacritic score of 94, sold more than 215,000 combined digital and physical units in its first eight days on the market.

“This holiday season, Nintendo is offering an unparalleled combination of value and variety,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “In looking at these results, two things are indisputable: Our hardware is gaining momentum at the exact right time and our software catalog is stronger than ever.”

With Sony and Microsoft pushing their new hardware this holiday season it is easy to forget that Nintendo are stick doing well with the Wii U, sure it may not be breaking the headlines like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but the console is still far from a failure and the 3DS is still a big seller to the mobile gaming market thanks to its diverse catalogue of titles and the new budget friendly 2DS model.

*Data regarding physical sales of games in November are from the NPD Group. Data regarding digital downloads of games and combined physical/digital life-to-date numbers are from Nintendo’s internal sales figures. All numbers, unless otherwise stated, are specific to the United States only.

Thank you Nintendo for providing us with this information.

8 3D Sega Classics Will Be Heading To The Nintendo 3DS This Year

Sega have just announced details for their highly anticipated 3D remake of some of their arcade classics, such as Ecco The Dolphin for the Nintendo 3DS. Each of these titles will be priced at a pretty reasonable $5.99/€4.99/£4.49 and they will all be available for download in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Release dates for the titles are as follows:

  • 3D Space Harrier – 11/28/2013
  • 3D Super Hang-On – 11/28/2013
  • 3D Sonic The Hedgehog – 12/5/2013
  • 3D Altered Beast – 12/5/2013
  • 3D Ecco the Dolphin – 12/12/2013
  • 3D Galaxy Force II – 12/12/2013
  • 3D Shinobi III – 12/19/2013
  • 3D Streets of Rage – 12/19/2013

“These games were completely re-built to offer a robust 3D experience that offers more modern gameplay while still keeping true to the original,” commented John Cheng, President and COO, SEGA of America. “We look forward to bringing these classic SEGA titles to Nintendo 3DS for fans – both old and new.”

Many of these games have been ported to new formats over the years but as far as I am concerned there is never need of an excuse to replay Sony, Ecco, Streets of Rage or in fact any of these titles! And if Sega do a good job on the graphics then these could very well be some nice bargains to enjoy of the holiday season.

Thank you Sega for providing us with this information.

Nintendo Announces Zelda Special Edition 3DS XL

A new “Golden” edition Nintendo 3DS XL has been officially announced. Though it has been rumoured for quite some time now that there would be a “Legendary” version released. Mr. Eiji Aonuma officially announced this Special Edition Nintendo 3DS XL and has given a release date for November 22.

As the years have gone by we have seen many golden cartridges for Zelda games, now we are getting a Nintendo 3DS XL. Normally the 3DS XL would retail for $199 this special edition will retail for $219 but will also come with a digital copy of A Link Between Worlds which retails for $39. If you’re in the marked for a new 3DS then this may be the way to go, getting yourself a new Gold and Black Zelda themed handheld system.

A Link Between Worlds is set to release on November 22, the same day that the Nintendo 3DS XL bundle comes out.


“Hello everyone, I am the producer of The Legend of Zelda games, Eiji Aonuma. We have a tradition of making the Zelda series gold. Today, I would like to introduce a new product that follows that tradition. A gold-colored Nintendo 3DS XL that will be on sale the same day as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I am grateful for the fans supporting Zelda over the years. Please enjoy Link’s new adventure with the gold system”

The system is gold-colored just as you may remember the cartridge for The Legend of Zelda on the NES. Keeping true to the tradition the new 3DS XL will Gold on one the front, while the back will be black representing parallel worlds that Link travels to in the game. Both sides will feature the iconic Triforce on the exterior.

The game will be familiar to those who had hours of enjoyment playing A Link to the Past on the SNES, taking place in the same Hyrule after many years have passed. In A Link Between Worlds Link will venture between Hyrule and Lorule using a power that lets him become a drawing on walls. Players will get to solve puzzles and explore dungeons in a new way.

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Hulu Plus Available On The Nintendo 3DS

Hulu has today announced that it will provide access to its library of streamable TV shows and movies to Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS owners. Will this app kill your cable subscription in the future? Who knows.

According to the official blog post, Hulu and Nintendo worked together to provide a solid experience across the various handheld gaming devices, one that “takes advantage of the systems’ dual screen option. This means that users can be viewing Hulu content on the top screen while browsing through content options on the bottom screen. And where browsing is concerned, Hulu ensures that it’s the same user experience Huluers have grown accustomed to, with trays for each category of content including recommendations.

In addition to the above, Hulu users who have both the Nintendo 3DS and a Nintendo Wii or Wii U are in luck. Hulu has built out the 3DS app to automatically swap a show from the Wii to the Nintendo 3DS as you leave the house. Clever. The Hulu app on 3DS also comes with a feature called Smart Play, which lets you instantly resume the last episode you were watching on any device from a single button.

Finally, Hulu has implemented a Kids Lock on the 3DS app that only lets users surf content from Hulu’s kid’s section, which is pretty important considering the demographic of Nintendo 3DS and 2DS users. As with any new sign-up on Hulu, you’ll get a one-week free trial here.

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