Samsung SSD 850 Evo Spotted at IFA 2014

IFA is a really large electronic show with devices from all sorts of categories, from refrigerators to pc components, and everything in between. We’ve reported on some of the incredible monitors seen at the show, like the 98-inch TV with an 8K resolution from LG, or the one of a kind 5K monitor from Dell, and now a new SSD has been spotted there as well.

The Samsung SSD 850 Evo has been rumoured for some time, and now we know it to be a fact. Samsung had it at their booth, though they didn’t make any official announcement regarding it. This is the first drive aimed at the consumer market to feature the new 3bit 3D V-NAND flash technology; the same used by its big brother, the Samsung 850 Pro.

We don’t know many facts about the drive yet, but according to the French site Lesnumeriques, it will use TLC flash instead of MLC flash as used in the Pro model. While able to deliver the same performance, it uses more power and thereby putting more stress on the chips, effectively decreasing the lifespan in comparison. It seems like a logical move though, as it won’t be something that will affect many home-users and they shouldn’t notice any real-world difference before the drive would need be replaced.

More details about availability, pricing and final specification should emerge soon, and we will make sure to keep you updated.

Thank you Lesnumeriques for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Lesnumeriques