AMD’s New R9 395X2 Dual GPU Not Yet Finalized

There is still a little doubt whether AMD will release their new R9 300 series graphics cards at E3 or Computex, but the timeframe sounds about right with all the previously leaked and released information. One part of the information was almost overlooked and it’s quite a vital one. The Fiji VR Dual GPU is apparently still in the drawing board stages.

This means that we might not see the new dual-GPU card at the launch event, but there’s still the single GPU card to look forward too. And let’s face it, most will opt for that card anyway. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to look forward to on AMD’s Radeon R9 395X2 as it is a card that appears to be optimized for virtual reality experiences which is another thing that is expected to hit the market with a big impact soon.

The R9 395×2 is codenamed Fiji VR GPU and that name already gives away the purpose. A VR optimized GPU might be something that could give AMD another leading edge in a market that otherwise has been quite dominated by Nvidia the past years.

“Affinity Multi-GPU for scalable rendering, a technology that allows multiple GPUs to work together to improve frame rates in VR applications by allowing them to assign work to run on specific GPUs. Each GPU renders the viewpoint from one eye, and then composites the outputs into a single stereo 3D image. With this technology, multi-GPU configurations become ideal for high-performance VR rendering, delivering high frame rates for a smoother experience. “

The dual-GPU card is focused on minimizing latency for VR by letting the card use one GPU for each eye. The pure specifications aren’t expected to be much different from the R9 390, except that everything including memory gets a double up. The price is expected to get a slight bonus over double.

I for one am looking forward to both the single and dual GPU cards with HBM memory and can’t wait to see how they’ll perform in all sorts of situations and gaming scenarios.

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AMD’s Next Generation Only Brings One new Chip

We’ve seen rumours about the AMD Radeon R9 300 series for quite some time now. and with the release dates getting closer each day, more and more of these rumours are compiled into more reliable information.

The 390 and 380 series are confirmed for a Q2 2015 release, but the other release times are more or less speculations based on history and leaks, but they seem very likely.

One of the almost sad things bout this is the use of GCN 1.1 (Graphic Core Next) in the 380 and 380x and it shows us that we’ll only really get one new chip in this generation – the Fiji used in the 390 and 390x cards.

Where the R9 380 series will be a rebranded R9 290, the 370 will be a rebrand of the current R9 285 – but when we say rebrand it just means that they will use the same chip architecture. Clock speeds and other aspects might have been tuned and optimised.

So, the wait is almost over for those who want to get their hands on AMD’s next gen cards with HBM memory.

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