AMD Radeon R7 and R9 Price Guide


The AMD Radeon R7 and R9 300 series if officially live and we get to have a look at the market prices, the only thing that really matters to anyone. Manufacturers suggested retail prices are just that, suggested, and they rarely stay that way for long thanks to competition.

The R7 360 and R7 370 cards are the starter models and they come quite cheap. Almost all the current R7 360 models come at the same price and that is £89.99. You can pick between Sapphire’s OC card, HIS iCooler, XFX DD Dual Fan, MSI Gaming, or Powercolor’s R7 360. The only one that costs a little more is Asus Strix version that will set you back £99.99.

The R7 370 costs a little more and also variates a bit more in price depending on what model you pick. The cheapest 2GB model is MSI’s R7 370 Gaming for £114.95 and that is followed by HIS, Powercolor, Sapphire, and lastly ASUS that will set you back £137.99. Looking at the 4GB models it starts at £139.99 for the Sapphire’s Nitro, XFX DD, and MSI Gaming cards and again ends with Asus Strix model that will cost you £155.99.

Looking at the 4GB models it starts at £139.99 for the Sapphire’s Nitro, XFX DD, and MSI Gaming cards and again ends with Asus Strix model that will cost you £155.99.

Moving on to the R9 series, we first find the R9 380 that also comes in two different versions. The 2GB model starts at £149.99 for HIS’ IceQ X2 card and tops at MSI’s Gaming card for £158.99. The 4GB models all costs £179.99 and come from XFX, Sapphire, Gigabyte, Powercolor, and MSI.

The 4GB models all cost £179.99 and come from XFX, Sapphire, Gigabyte, Powercolor, and MSI.

The last two cards in the series are the R9 390 and 390x graphics cards and both come with 8GB VRAM. The R9 390 starts at £259.99 for the HIS IceQ X2 and tops out at £289.99 for Gigabyte’s G1 Gaming card. The R9 390X follows a similar way with HIS being the cheapest for just £339.95 and Asus being the top of the list with £379.99.

All prices were taken from Overclockers UK current listings and you can head right on over to them if you want to order one or just have a closer look. The complete R7 listing is here and the R9 listing is here.

EXCLUSIVE: AMD 300 Series & Fiji Slideshow Leaked

With the impending launch upon us, we thought that it was only right that we shared some information that was anonymously sent to us by an eTeknix reader.

Enjoy the slides from this AMD presentation. We can only assume that these will be used at any press briefings in the upcoming day or so in Germany and the USA.

E3 Confirmed as AMD 300 Series Release

We are so desperate to find out about the new AMD graphics cards, it’s starting to get annoying with all of the teasers coming through; either specifications or an image or two. Well now we have solid confirmation that AMD will not be showcasing any of the new 300 series at Computex; instead they will be hosting an event alongside E3. The reason behind this is unknown, maybe they want to focus more on the gamer’s than the hardware? This information has been cemented thanks to a new countdown clock that has been set up on the PC Gaming Show website.

Today we saw the announcement and release of the AMD A10-7870k APU; so it looks like the event will primarily focus on just the graphics cards. We can assume that there will be a few computers set up with the top of the range R9 390x, showcasing benchmarks with the HBM memory.18 days can’t come quick enough, I’m starting to itch with anticipation. We will keep everyone updated with the proceedings of E3 and a full review will be posted as soon as possible after launch. Are you excited for the launch? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to VideoCardz for providing us with this information.

HP Back to School Specials Feature AMD R9 380 GPU

Switching education level from one school to another, or even just switching the grade can require you to upgrade the hardware you use for it and each year manufacturers and resellers launch their back to school promotions for just this situation. Usually, you get either an extra good price or extra good bundle if you can verify your that you’re currently taking some form of education.

HP did so too, but that isn’t really the big news here. The interesting part is that they outed the AMD Radeon R9 380 graphics card as an option for their new premium Tower PCs, the HP Envy Tower series.

“Powerful and stylish, the HP ENVY Tower is designed for content creators who need high-performance processors and strong graphics capabilities for editing videos and photos. For performance, customers have the choice of up to NVIDIA GTX 980 or AMD Radeon R9 380 discrete graphics “

Sadly the actual product page doesn’t load so we don’t know any more details about this GPU, whether it is from the actual new 300 series or if it’s just a rebrand. There are theories of rebrands of the R9 285, 280, and 280x, but if any of them are true, then most likely the 285 one. Anything else would be suicide for AMD at this point considering the advances and features added between the generations.

When we look at the released information and the R9 380 being mentioned as equal option to the Nvidia GTX 980, we can guess that if it’s a rebrand, then it’ll be an optimized version in order to keep up with the GTX 980.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information

PC Gamers to be Represented at E3

E3, that glorious event where game creators come together to blow our minds with what they have in store for gamers in the upcoming year. Last year we had the likes of Battlefield Hardline gracing the stage, but it’s always targeted for the same audience; console gamers.

This year is slightly different, yes at E3 there have been stalls with some PC paraphernalia tucked in a corner, but this year creators have come together to offer a PC gamers only event. PC hardware has never been so bang-for-buck powerful; just look at the NVIDIA GTX 960, absolutely smashing the mid-range budgets at 1080p for under £200. Developers have come to understand that and have now embraced it.

PC Gaming Show, presented by AMD and PC Gamer, the event will be hosted on June 16th in downtown Los Angeles. Kicking off in the Blasco Teater at 5PM PT, developers such as Blizzard, Square Enix, Devolver Digital and Bohemia Interactive will present some of their upcoming releases; alongside speakers like Cliff Bleszinski and Dean Hall. Now don’t worry, we will have coverage of the event on our website, but there will be a live stream via Twitch so you can see what exactly is going on.

We’ve already heard an E3 rumour story that AMD will be showcasing the hugely anticipated 300 series graphics cards; so maybe this is a fully tuned event to incorporate that.

Are you looking forward to any games or hardware to be announced at E3? Will you be watching with live stream or just catching up on news stories that interest you? Let us know in the comments.

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