Breaking News: Overclockers Slash AMD Graphics Prices, Including 295X2

Are you sat there stroking your wallet, wondering if you should make an impulse purchase of a bleeding edge bit of technology? Then I have some great news for you, because if you were struggling to make your mind up due to the high price of something like the AMD Radeon R9 295X2, which usually costs £999, then you’re going to freak out when you see that Overclockers UK have crashed the price of their Sapphire R9 295X2 by a whopping 32%, bringing the unit down to a much more reasonable £699.95. The downside of this great deal? They’ve only got 100 units available, so it’s likely a bad idea to sleep on it.

“Even better, the Sapphire R9-295X2 comes with the AMD Gold reward giving the customer a choice of 3 FREE GAMES including the recently launched Never Settle Forever Space Edition which includes Alien:Isolation and Star Citizen. The price is less than buying two R9-290X separately, so this really is a world class deal.” said OCUK

The 295X2 is certainly the star of the show in this sale, but let’s not forget that there are several other crazy deals going on that warrant your attention. Just look at the image below, Sapphire Radeon R9 290 and 290X cards from £259.99! 34″ 21:9 monitor and a 28″ 4K display for crazy prices, as well as huge discounts of GPU water blocks for the 295X2 and high-end Super Flower power supplies.

Time for an upgrade? Let us know if you were lucky enough to grab one of these deals!

Win AMD’s VP Roy Taylor’s AMD R9 295×2 by Playing Battlefield

There is one thing I think we all can agree on, we like to game. What do we like more then to game? Well that’s an easy one, free hardware to game on. And how about you could win it simply by playing one of your favourite first person shooter games? Yes you read right, you can win an AMD Radeon R9 295×2 Graphics card by playing Battlefield 4.

AMD VP Roy Taylor is a big Battlefield 4 addict with over 300 hours of logged game time, and he has now teamed up with PC Perspective to generously give away his own personal 295×2 graphics card for the whole thing. hat’s the catch? You have to play Battlefield 4 with him and the Fragging Frogs during a special giveaway event. The winner will be selected randomly from those that play BUT to make things more interesting we will offering in-game “opportunities” to increase your changes of winning.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone here about this card, but in case you should have missed it in the past. It performs 11.5 terra flops with its 5632 stream processors, 8 GB total memory on dual 512-bit interface. The entire thing is kept cool with a closed loop liquid cooling system from Asetek.

Rules for the participation:

  • You must post to the thread on their forum (You can find it here)
  • Space will be limited on our Battlefield 4 server so everyone may not be able to participate.
  • TRY TO BE ON TIME – You must arrive by 1:15 PM ET or your spot in the game can NOT be guaranteed.
  • You must join Teamspeak for the event
  • You must play for the majority of the time we play Battlefield 4
  • Participants must reside in North America
  • Everyone who participates will receive 1 (one) raffle ticket entry
  • Anyone who knifes ROY (leonidoo in game) or SAM (Warsam71 in game) from AMD will get +5 additional raffle ticket entries !!!
  • Other opportunities (some kept secret) may be available to receive additional entries
  • The winner will be announced shortly after the event

Sadly the event is only open to people who reside in North America and I expect it to be crowded to get a slot, but it’s still a great deal and a fun way to earn a new GPU. And thumbs up to Roy for giving away his own card.

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AMD Slashes a Third of the Radeon R9 295X2 Price-Tag in New Promotion

AMD has launched a new promotional deal where it cuts about a third of the price on it’s dual GPU flagship R9 295X2, bringing it down to just $999. Unlike NVIDIA’s Titan Z price cut, this one isn’t just for OEM partners, but also you (the consumer). Any one can take advantage of the new price, but it will be limited to selected retailers. This is great news for all us consumers, cause we also get a chance this time around.

It shouldn’t take long before AMD’s partners have their new deals up and running on their end, and we should see some cheap priced systems with these within a couple of days. The new deal won’t last forever though, so those in the market for this upgrade shouldn’t wait to long. With the usual Radeon rewards package included, this is a great deal that is hard to walk past for any one who want 4K or multi-monitor gaming.

If you need a little refreshment on the cards specifications, it is based on a pair of 28 nm “Hawaii” GPUs and has a total of 5,760 Graphics CoreNext 1.1 stream processors, 352 TMUs and 128 ROPs as well as 8 GB of memory across its two 512-bit wide GDDR5 memory interfaces.

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XFX and Eclipse Computers Booth at Insomnia i52

XFX and Eclipse computers are sharing a pretty cool booth here at Insomnia i52, it’s packed full of awesome gaming rigs from Eclipse Computers in a wide range of chassis such as the NZXT H440, the InWin 904 and the Aerocool DS Dead Silence Cube, giving visitors to the booth a great chance to see the kind of builds and quality they offer in their rigs.

They’ve got a triple  monitor gaming PC with a racing wheel setup too, but unfortunately for the XFX team someone got crazy and snapped the clams on the wheel, leaving it out of commission for a while… I didn’t even get a go on it before it broke!

They’ve rolled out their truly unique Type 01 Bravo chassis, the build is nothing fancy, but it does feature the gargantuan Radeon R9 295X2, a card that never fails to impress. While also having a range of XFX products such as their popular PSUs on display for you to come and check out.

Powercolour Devil13 Graphics Card at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Powercolor pulled out the big guns at Computex, with their Devil 13 Dual Core R9 290X 8GB GDDR5 graphics card. This thing is an absolute monster, easily one of the biggest GPUs ever created and certainly one of the heaviest I’ve ever picked up.

It features an engine clock of 1000MHz, memory clock of 1350MHz x 2 (5.4 Gbps), a dual 512 bit interface, and all the usual bells and whistles such as DL DVI-D/DL DVI-D/HDMI/DP and PCIE 3.0. Expect the price to be enough to make your bank balance go into nuclear meltdown, and that’s assuming you have a system that can run it, given that this beast needs no less than four 8-pin PCI-e power connections and will chew through 1000W of power, yikes!

Of course, if you’re wanting air cooled extreme 4K gaming performance, then you’re going to have to pay for such a privilege.

Lichdom: Battlemage Seen Running On R9 295X2 4K Eyefinity

The AMD Radeon R9 295X2 is no ordinary graphics card, it’s the flagship of the AMD army right now and feature two Hawaii 295X cores on a single PCB, for some seriously powerful dual-GPU action. The card is kept cool by a custom 120mm all-in-one water cooler and the whole thing will set you back a staggering $1500. When it comes to gaming in 4K, this is the kind of GPU you want at your disposal,  but when it comes to gaming in triple monitor 4K Eyefinity, you’ll often need even more power than this.

The R9 295X2 is a very powerful card, something that has been recently demonstrated by one of AMD’s lead testers, Jason Megit. He tweeted “Testing Lichdom Battlemage at a super high resolution ;). Preparations for the next trip. ” along side two pictures of a gaming PC build which was running Lichdom: Battlemage. The game is running at 11520 x 2160 pixels, that’s a 3 display Eyefinity setup using Ultra HD monitors that can push 3840 x 2160 each!

Lichdom: Battlemage is powered by the ever popular CryEngine 3, the same engine that powers the gorgeous Crysis 3. The game is available for pre-order on Steam for $19.99, so if you have a few spare UHD monitors and a R9 295X2 at your disposal, you could always give it a try for yourself. I am of course curious what the FPS was on this, as I imagine even the mighty 295X2 has trouble keeping a smooth frame rate at this resolution.

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Sapphire Reveals First Ever Factory Overclocked R9 295X2

As if the Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card wasn’t powerful enough, the team at Sapphire tech have gone and given it a power boost, making the first ever factory overclocked R9 295X2 graphics card on the market. The R9 295X2 OC from Sapphire doesn’t break away from the reference design set by AMD, but the clock speeds have been tweaked from the reference of 1018MHz to a much nicer 1030 MHz, while the reference 5.00 GHz memory speed has been tweaked up to 5.20 GHz.

Literally everything else on the card is stock, as AMD aren’t letting people tinker with the design just yet, not unless you do it yourself via aftermarket parts of course. It’s not the biggest overclock ever, but Sapphire are obviously confident enough that they can provide you with a card that will run at this higher speed, while doing it yourself may prove that your card doesn’t overclock as well as the one they sold you.

The company hasn’t revealed pricing just yet, but I wouldn’t expect it to cost too much more than the difference, which is already a damn expensive bit of hardware, so an extra $50 (just my guess) is hardly a deal breaker…

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AMD Unleash The Catalyst 14.4 Release Candidate

The latest release candidate for AMD’s catalyst driver has been released, bringing the graphics driver software up to version 14.4. With the new update we can expect improved support for the latest card in the AMD gang, the Radeon R9 295X2, full Open GL 4.4 support and a few tweaks and fixes to Crossfire, Mantle and a various gaming titles.

With the Radeon R9 295X2 now available, we expect AMD will be making a lot of tweaks and improvements towards that cards improvements over the coming weeks and months given that its the new flagship card and first drivers hardly ever do a new GPU justice. Of course the flagship range is one thing, but 14.4 RC drivers offer support all the way back to the HD 5000 range.

Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Annon 2080, Titanfall and Metro: Last Light all get improved Crossfire support, and those who like to tap into the multiscreen goodness of Eyefinity and 4K will be happy to hear of fixes for 3 x 1 mode on 4K panels, with other general improvements to clean up stuttering in some applications with mid-resolutions and V-Sync via Eyefinity.

Battlefield 4 has been giving a few tweaks in Mantle, fixing performance slowdown when task switching and fuzzy images when playing in rotated SLS resolution on A10 Kaveri systems.

AMD Catalyst 14.4 is available right here.

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Aqua Radeon R9 295X2 Full Water Cooling Cover Announced

Have you got huge piles of money that you’re just dying to spend on your new gaming rig? Perhaps the water cooling configuration of AMD’s latest dual-graphics card monster isn’t powerful enough for you and you’re brand new $1500 GPU? Well German based cooling nuts Aqua have the perfect solution for you with the release of their brand new water cooling block for the AMD Radeon R9 295X2, the Kryographics Vesuvius.

The new block looks stunning and while looks aren’t everything it is certainly a big win over the rather ugly Asetek cooling option which comes pre-installed, it also promises to provide direct cooling directly to the GPUs, all RAM chips, voltage regulators and the PCI bridge chip, so huge gains in cooling performance should be obtainable.

Milled from 2.72gk of high-purity electrolytic copper, which has been polished to perfection is topped off with a single piece milled Plexiglas cover, which has been mounted using a stainless steel frame to allow for even pressure distribution.

Available for around 169 EUR the block or 184.90 EUR for the nickel plated edition (coming soon), it certainly isn’t cheap, but when you’re spending big on a compatible graphics card, radiators, pumps and more, then you’re likely Scrooge McDuck anyway.

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New AMD Never Settle Forever Gaming Bundle Launching Next Week

AMD have had massive success from their Never Settle bundles, offering gamers a huge saving on their graphics cards by bundling many of today’s top gaming titles. Of course some of those games are getting a little older now, but that’s spurred AMD to go back to the drawing board and make a few tweaks to their playlist, and they’ll be relaunching the revised bundle on the 21st of this month.

The bundle will be divided over three tiers, those who buy a R9 295X2, R9 290(x) or R9 280(x) will be entitled to pick three games, R9 270(x) and R7 260 purchasers can pick two games and finally R5 250 and R7 240 will allow you one title from the list. The keys that are bundled with the cards can be activated up until August 2014.

The latest title to the list will be Murdered: Soul Suspect, which is not yet released, but will pre-activate for download in June and you’ll also not the addition of 4 indie games which will be available in packs of two (of your choosing).

The rest is pretty much the same, so you can still expect the big hitters such as Tomb Raider and Hitman, but BioShock, Crysis and Far Cry are unfortunately gone in favour of Thief, which now supports both AMD TrueAudio and Mantle.

Check out the list below for full details and thank you for providing us with this chart.

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Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2 Comes In Metal Suitcase

With the AMD Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card now fully upon us, it can be tricky to pick which model is right for you, especially given that there are a few GPU manufacturers out there who sell the card. We’ll actually it is rather simple, because all their doing is taking a reference card, putting their brand sticker on the side and shipping it out to customers, all you have to worry about is who will give you the best customer support and warranty. Of course there is usually one company out there offering just a little more for your money, today that company is Sapphire.

Sapphire are shipping their Radeon R9 295X2 graphics cards in the signature metal suitcases, similar to the ones which were sent out to journalists with their graphics card samples inside. Obviously this makes no difference what so ever to the already incredibly powerful graphics card, but Sapphire have a great track history for customer support (at least from my experiences) and if their willing to throw in a bad-ass metal suitcase for my GPU, then that’s where I would rather spend my money.

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First Retail Asus Radeon R9 295X2 Pictured

It looks like the guys over at WCCFtech have got their hands on some images of the new R9 295X2, AMD’s latest dual Hawaii based graphics card which is set to be launched very soon. We’ve already seen images and specifications for the new card, but now we see the first card from a manufacturer other than AMD reference.

OK so this is still a reference card design, as you can see it just features the Asus sticker on the fan, another on the radiator and Asus packaging. The only real difference for the consumer maybe price and warranty, which typically varies from brand to brand.

One thing we do like about the new packaging is that it confirms that the 295X2 is in fact an 8GB GDDR5 equipped card, as we did have some rumours that it was 16GB, but of course 8GB is more than enough, 16GB is just crazy. The card is also DirectX 11.2 ready, features the Hydra cooler which was specially made by Asatek and is expected to cost around $1500.

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Images courtesy of WCCFTech.

AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Stripped Down, New Images Leaked

It looks like the team over at Videocardz are happy to leak even more information on the upcoming Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card. The 295X2 is set to be the latest and greatest card from AMD, featuring two graphics 290x graphics cores and a high end hybrid cooling solution.

As you can see from the pictures here the card features two Hawaii based GPUs, each with their own 5+1 phase power delivery systems, a PLX chip that will handle the on-board CrossFire between the two cores and support for XDMA CrossFire which will allow you to hook up two R9 295X2 cards, technically quad-GPU’s.

The dual slot design of the card means that mounting it shouldn’t be much of an issue, and while we don’t have official sizes it’s obviously quite a long graphics cards. A single 92mm fan cools the ram and the VRM from the centre of the card and you’ll also find a pair of liquid cooling pumps running in tandem via a 120mm water cooling radiator, something that was said to be custom made by Asetek as part of AMD’s Project Hydra cooling system for this card.

Rumour has it that the card will set you back $1500, half of the price of the Nvidia GTX Titan Black, no doubt each card will have their own set of strength and weaknesses when we finally get to put them side by side on our test bench.

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Final Specifications And First Images OF R9 295X2 Leaked

While the new card from AMD isn’t due to be fully revealed (officially) for another week, that hasn’t stopped a few leaks from getting through the cracks in the internet, just like every other major hardware reveal. As you may already know, the Radeon R9 295×2 is a single GPU that features two 290X cores on one PCB, offering massive power gains from its two full-Hawaii XT cores.

While the specifications above are just a rumoured leak, this close to the reveal we have little reason to doubt they’re as close to final as can be. As you can see above we have 5632 SPs, up to 4-8GB GDDR5, which can be doubled in a 4+4 or 8+8 format on a per GPU basis. A huge memory bus, dual 8-pin power connections and a retail price that is half of the Titan Z. Does this card have any hope of competing with the Titan Z? Nope, not really, but in terms of price vs performance it could smash Nvidia into the ground.

The cards have already started to surface in the tech world, but that hasn’t stopped someone from leaking two images of what is belived to be the new card and the water cooler that has been rumoured. We long suspected the card would be water cooled, especially given that the 290X Radeon cores run very hot, putting two on one card runs the risk of the card melting through the Earths crust without sufficient cooling.

Only one week to go and well know for certain what this card is capable of and with this and the Titan Z hitting the market, it’s going to be a very exciting month for ultra-high-end graphics cards.

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AMD Continues To Tease R9 295X2 On Twitter

AMD recently revealed their new Radeon R9 295X2 dual GPU that will offer significant performance boosts when compared to the current R9 290X offering. Unfortunately we don’t know what the graphics card even looks like, nor do we know how much it is going to cost! With AMD teasing us with this information slowly overtime, they’ve left them self open for a beating from Nvidia, who fully detailed and launched the monstrously expensive, but ridiculously powerful Titan Z last week.

AMD have taken to twitter to tweet a sneaky image of part of the GPU. While some reports think that the Radeon logo, as well as the bolts around the outer edge suggest that it is water cooled, given that it’s often the design of water cooling blocks, I think otherwise. I think we’ve looking at the back edge of the card from a top down perspective and the the rest of the card is obscured from view. I will however admit that I hope it is water cooled, the R9 290X wasn’t exactly a cool running card, two of them on the same PCB may actually melt through the Earth’s crust.

Will it compete with the Titan Z in terms of performance, or will they just beat Nvidia when it comes to price vs performance? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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AMD “Hawaii” R9 295X2 Dual GPU Leaked?

Tahiti based Ares GPU pictured

There have been a few quiet whispers and rumours about this legendary card for a while now, especially given that it’s not the first time we’ve seen dual GPU cards, it’s more a matter of “when will it be released” than “will it ever be released.” With Hawaii based hardware not well established in terms of the number of GPU’s available to the market, it’s about time AMD kicked things up a few notches.

The flagship dual-GPU card is believed to run a pair of 28nm “Hawaii” cores, and since Dutch publication BouweenPC has been digging in dark corners for information we now know that the card is to be called the Radeon R9 295X2. Both the cores are expect to have a clock speed of no less than 1000 MHz and will feature hybrid cooling prevent them from melting through the Earth’s crust.

Hybrid air and liquid cooling is nothing new for graphics cards, just look at the insane Asus Republic of Gamers ARES II graphics card. The new dual GPU card will benefit from two GPU liquid cooling blocks, while relying on airflow to cool other components such as the VRM and memory.

There is no doubt in my mind that this card is out there, and you can expect more details start cropping up over the next few weeks. As for pricing, expect it to be a fantastically big number, because flagship dual GPU cards with water cooling do not come cheap.

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